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What Is A DMARC Solution?

Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance Solutions, better known as DMARC solutions, are a technology which makes email communication safer.

Email is extremely insecure, and it can be difficult to tell whether an email has come a valid sender address or domain. For example, a hacker can exploit Outlook to use the exact same email address a bank would use but be on a completely different domain entirely. DMARC is an authentication service which authenticates email domains to stop this exact situation.

DMARC is a policy layer for email which helps to ensure that emails meet two standards: DomainKeys IdentifiedMail (DKIM) and Sender-Policy Framework (SPF). These standards help to make sure that emails are not phishing attacks and that emails sent from your domain are compliant with DMARC regulations, so that they are not flagged as being fraudulent or unsafe email communications.

DMARC tools in this category scan all emails to ensure that emails coming in and out of an email network meet SPF and DKIM standards, integrate with tools like a Secure Email Gateway to block email attacks and help to stop phishing emails that are not DMARC compliant from entering an email network.

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