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What is Dark Web Monitoring?

The Dark Web is a well-known term for the parts of the internet that aren’t indexed by mainstream search engines. It can only be accessed by specialist browsers that route web traffic through a series of proxies, making all users on the Dark Web completely anonymous and very difficult to trace. Due to this, the Dark Web has become a well known place for hackers to post stolen credentials and financial information, or to network and plan attacks.

Dark Web Monitoring Platforms help to combat this threat by monitoring the Dark Web for signs of stolen credentials. Companies use these platforms to proactively look for signs that their accounts or sensitive information have been compromise. These platforms treat the Dark Web as a search engine and looks for information like stolen account details, financial information and passwords. Some vendors may allow you to manually search this data base and set automated searches to allow regular updates. Other vendors offer a more managed approach, and monitor the Dark Web for you, saving time and ensuring proactive protection.

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