Compare The Top Cyber Threat Intelligence Platforms

What is Cyber Threat Intelligence?

Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is a broad term for a set of timely, relevant, and actionable insights on incoming or potential cyberthreats facing your organization. Using this intelligence, you can preempt and thwart attacks by implementing the right solutions and protections before they strike or are able to cause damage.

Cyber threat intelligence solutions are designed to support you in collecting, analyzing, and disseminating threat data, sometimes also automating initial response to incoming incidents. These solutions can come in many shapes and forms, but the most robust will combine human intelligence and expert teams of researchers with AI and machine learning to produce tailored, timely, and actionable intelligence based on the real- life threats you currently face.

Automation is also often a key feature of cyber threat intelligence solutions, with many solutions automating threat data collection, processing, and dissemination, as well as incident response. This helps reduce the strain on security analysts and enable them to focus their efforts on more meaningful work. The following solutions all offer cloud-based deployment, with many also offering an on-premises if needed.

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