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What Is Cloud Migration Software?

Cloud migration software helps companies to move their legacy software from legacy on-premise systems to new systems in the cloud, such as moving from on-premises Exchange to Office 365, or to Google. This software helps companies to move all files emails, calendars and documents, over to new systems. It also transfers fewer tangible data, such as policies, structures and permissions. While moving legacy data over to new systems, these solutions also allow users to archiving old data that is no longer needed. They can also provide features for data encryption and data back-up, to help ensure data is protected in case anything goes wrong during cloud transfers.

The main benefit of using these technologies is that they help organizations to save a lot of time and stress when switching to a cloud based system. Rather than needing to spend a lot of time manually migrating files, it can be done very quickly, without impacting user productivity, while also archiving, backing-up and reorganizing files.

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