Compare The Top Cloud Backup and Recovery Platforms

What Is Cloud Backup And Recovery?

Cloud data solutions are focused on backing up files, databases, emails and content from cloud based applications. These tools are widely used by organizations to secure information that was created on, or is stored in, the cloud. Their core use case is to allow businesses to backup and recover data stored in the cloud. This is crucial in case hardware fails, files are accidentally or maliciously deleted, or to help recover data in the event of a ransomware attack. This category covers a variety of different solutions, aimed at different company sizes from SMBs to larger organizations.

The best cloud backup and recovery platforms will allow businesses to recover data in the case of a disaster, will be available anytime, and will be easily integrated with existing cloud applications and endpoint devices, with a secure and stable global cloud infrastructure. Although commonly associated with enterprise organizations, businesses of any size should consider a cloud backup and recovery platform.

They key features of a cloud backup and recovery tool are:

  • Stores backups files and data online or in the cloud
  • Integrates with applications and endpoints to automatically back up files and data
  • Provides access to files and data so organizations can easily recover lost data

Compare Cloud Backup And Recovery Solutions