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What Is Application Security Testing?

Application Security Testing is a broad process that involves multiple processes and services to help organizations test their mobile and web applications for security vulnerabilities and bugs.

The services in this category analyze examine and test applications for security vulnerabilities, and there are multiple ways of doing this. Some vendors use technological approaches which can be delivered to customers as a tool or as a subscription service. Other vendors have taken a more innovative approach with a new form of crowdsourced application security testing, which involves allowing computer researchers, or ‘white hat hackers’ from all over the world to test apps and help find vulnerabilities.

Why Is Application Security Testing And DevSecOps Important?

Organizations and developers use these tools to help them identify bugs and security vulnerabilities in their applications. Using a third party solutions allows threats to be more easily simulated, and helps discover more threats faster than if developers only tested apps for security vulnerabilities internally.

Typically, developers and organizations will utilize these services after an application has been developed. These solutions are part of the rigorous security testing process to prevent malicious attacks from compromising applications. The solutions will usually provide comprehensive reporting, so that when vulnerabilities are found within applications, developers can quickly and easily find them and fix them, before applications are released.

Application Security Testing is part of the philosophy of DevSecOps. This is the process of integrating security practices with DevOps. With the move towards DevSecOps, more of the security responsibilities shift to developers. This means that they need to give security requirements the same time as functional requirements. Application Security Solutions allow developers to more easily create secure apps, without increasing the development time.

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