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Firesec Overview

Firesec was established in 2016 and aims to gather intelligence at an enterprise level for cybersecurity management, CISOs, security consultants, and auditors. The solution gathers data from a wide range of technologies such as firewalls, routers, and proxies. This broad visibility gives you accurate and immediate insights into how effectively your network is operating. With Firesec, you can ensure that your organization achieves compliance, reduces upgrade costs, and improves productivity. Firesec is an invaluable business solution, as well as a cybersecurity one. You can choose the compliance policies that are most relevant to you, then ensure your network is optimized for the way that your organization operates. This makes Firesec a good solution for organizations looking for a range of benefits – achieve compliance, gain visibility across your networks, and optimize configurations.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

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