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ESET Secure Authentication is a feature-rich, straightforward multifactor authentication solution.

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Updated Mar 28, 2023


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ESET Secure Authentication is a feature-rich, straightforward multifactor authentication solution which supplies organizations with an added layer of security and protect users from the dangers associated with poor password practices. Users praise the ease of setup, which benefits from being quick and not overly complex. The solution generally works well but some users occasional issues with functionality and a lacking in adequate tech support.

  • Straightforward and easy setup
  • Can be integrated into Windows OS
  • Push notification/approval through the app is very useful

  • Push notifications are sometimes delayed
  • Issues with tech support


ESET Secure Authentication is a mobile-based identity and data protection solution designed to provide an easy way for businesses of all sizes to implement multi-factor authentication across commonly utilized systems like Remote Desktop, VPNs, Outlook Web Access, Office 365, operating systems login and more. The solution provides users with a variety of useful features and works to support businesses in securing access to important data, preventing data breaches, and managing compliance requirements. ESET Secure Authentication uses two-factor, one-time password authentication for access the company’s VPN or OWA (Outlook Web App) which are randomly generated and cannot be easily predicted or reused.

ESET Secure Authentication – Two-Factor Made Simple for Users and Admins


10-Minute Setup

ESET Secure Authentication gives organizations the ability to provision multiple users as one, effectively minimizing the time needed to set up. The goal for ESET was to create an application that required no dedicated IT staff, so businesses of all sizes – even those with no IT professionals on hand – could set up and configure without losing a lot of time to the process.

Push Authentication

ESET Secure Authentication allows users to authenticate with a single tap, without needing to retype the one-time password. This is a time saver and equips users with an easy, unobtrusive way to maintain good password hygiene. Works with iOS and Android smartphones.

Cloud Support

ESET Secure Authentication supports web/cloud services like Google Apps, Office 365, Dropbox and others, vis ADFS 3.0 or SAML protocol integration, in addition to on-premises applications.

Remote Management

ESET Secure Authentication use their own streamlined management console with is accessible via a web browser. This solution integrates with Active Directory but can also be deployed in non-AD environments. No additional training or professional services are needed to set up and deploy this product once it has been installed.

ESET Secure Authentication – Push Authentication

Ease Of Use

Many reviewers state ease of use as one of their key compliments to the ESET Secure Authentication solution. They report satisfactions with how easy the software is to use, install, and update, even for very low-tech users who could be easily assisted over the phone as the solution does not have to be set up on everyone’s phones individually. The lack of jumping through hoops required for the setup and how simple it is for users to use were also sited as reason to choose this solution over competitors.


ESET Secure Authentication pricing is a flat rate model and starts at $52.30 (not including VAT) per device, per year.

Final Verdict

ESET Secure Authentication is a straightforward, user friendly multi-factor authentication solution which provides organizations with a quick and effective way to securely authenticated their users and protect their critical data. Overall, the solution is well rated by past users who praise the user-friendly push notifications for both Android and iOS and the fast roll out. We would recommend this solution to small and medium sized businesses in need of a reliable authentications solution that doesn’t require a dedicated IT team to get setup, is seamless and easy to use, and is fully compliant with all regulations.

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