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AIG CyberEdge

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AIG CyberEdge Overview

AIG is world-leading global insurance company that operates in over 70 jurisdictions and offers insurance for a range of industries. AIG use in-house cyber risk advisors to ensure your organization is secure, and to resolve incidents if you are attacked.

AIG offer coverage up to $100M, with no minimum retention time, and organizations in North America receive tools and services valued at $25,000. The company has also teamed up with CyberAcuView – a collaborative network to drive cybersecurity innovation which means that you’ll also benefit from advanced analysis of cyber related-data, compiled by seven of the largest cyber insurance firms.

AIG compiles a comprehensive risk summary for each organization. This identifies your current level of risk (and compares this with peer organizations) – this includes the probability of suffering an attack and the expected loss if this were to occur.

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Cybersecurity Insurance

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New York, NY

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