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The Top 10 SASE Solutions For Business

Discover the best SASE solutions on the market. Explore features such as network connectivity controls, security policy controls, threat detection capabilities, and reporting and analytics.

The Top 10 SASE Solutions include:
  • 1. Twingate
  • 2. NordLayer
  • 3. Cato SASE Cloud with SSE 360
  • 4. Cisco Umbrella Cloud Security Service
  • 5. Cloudflare SSE & SASE
  • 6. Forcepoint ONE Data-First SASE
  • 7. Fortinet FortiSASE
  • 8. Prisma SASE by Palo Alto
  • 9. VMware SASE
  • 10. Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a cloud architecture model that combines multiple network and security functions and delivers them as a single, unified cloud service. This enables organizations to easily and effectively secure their entire network infrastructure—no matter where network components are located—using one set of networking and security policies. In other words, with SASE, businesses that have embraced a remote or hybrid work model, BYOD, and/or the use of third-party cloud applications can ensure the security of all those geographically distributed network components just as easily as those on-prem. 

To do this, SASE models combine five key components: SD-WAN, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS), Secure Web Gateway (SWG), and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). Some SASE providers also bundle additional security tools into their SASE solutions, such as email security or DNS filtering. The SASE solution then delivers all of this functionality as a single service at the network edge, as opposed to the traditional method of delivering it to the data center. This enables organizations using a SASE solution to deliver universal, consolidated security and connectivity to all of their endpoints, applications, and users. 

In this article, we’ll explore the top SASE solutions designed to help you manage and secure your network infrastructure. We’ll highlight the key use cases and features of each solution, including network connectivity controls, security policy controls, threat detection capabilities, and reporting and analytics. 

Twingate Logo

Twingate is a California-based tech company specializing in network access security. Their robust Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution serves as an on-ramp for your existing SASE/SSE solution, offering complete and adaptive protection. Admins can enforce least-privilege access policies to establish a strong connection between endpoints and the corporate network. The solution easily integrates into your existing cloud-based environment, allowing for quick deployment without the need to change IP addresses or firewall walls, and without remapping network names.

Twingate can establish a direct peer-to-peer connection to protected resources, verifying all requests before granting access to users’ destinations. Identity and access are verified twice, with authorization confirmed through a second or third component before traffic is allowed to pass to another component or resource. The solution also implements a “universal 2FA” approach, enabling secure access to anything, including services without native 2FA such as SSH and RDP.

Other notable aspects of this product include direct peer-to-peer connections positioned behind your firewall, granular access policies, and strong logging and analytics features. Twingate offers a single and consolidated view of the network and access rules, defining and determining access by role. Role categories can assign access levels to employees, contractors, third-party vendors, and more, with specific rules for job functions and departments.

Overall, Twingate’s ZTNA provides pervasive, adaptive, and robust protection tailored to your company’s needs, offering a strong addition to your existing environment. It is highly accessible and recommended for SMBs and enterprises.

NordLayer logo

NordSecurity is a leading provider of online privacy and security solutions, trusted by over 15 million users globally. NordLayer is their remote access solution for businesses. Built in line with the principle of zero trust, NordLayer helps businesses secure remote access to their corporate networks. The solution also provides each of its customers with a dedicated account manager to maximize the value of their investment.

NordLayer’s one-click approach secures all data traffic with AES 256-bit encryption from the moment the user clicks on the gateway. The auto-connect feature provides a constant and immediate network connection for authorized and authenticated users, with network segmentation to ensure users can only access the areas of the network they need to do their job. Users can connect to the VPN with their existing business credentials or third-party multi-factor and biometric authentication, such as Azure AD, Google Workspace, Okta, and OneLogin, or single sign-on, without sacrificing security for convenience. If the connection to the server breaks, the Kill Switch feature automatically cuts off all internet traffic, ensuring that no unauthorized actors can access user data. From NordLayer’s single, centralized dashboard, admins can manage user accounts, permissions, and gateways, as well as access additional support from their designated account manager.

NordLayer provides an extensive set of network security capabilities within its Zero Trust security framework. A significant component of this is their robust cloud firewall that merges packet inspection with stateful network traffic analysis, intrusion deterrence, and threat awareness. Additionally, the device posture security component keeps an eye on all devices linked to the network, allowing administrators to establish policies and notifications to restrict access from non-compliant devices.

Alongside the platform’s remote access technology, NordLayer offers excellent support via live chat and email. The support team promises to respond to all inquiries within three hours, ensuring that customers receive prompt assistance. As NordLayer is a cloud-based solution, it’s highly scalable and can provide protection within a few hours of purchase. With three available plans – Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise – NordLayer is an accessible and user-friendly security solution for businesses of any size looking for quick setup and strong protection.

cato networks logo

Cato SASE Cloud with SSE 360 is a cloud-native security stack that converges Secure Web Gateway, Cloud Access Security Broker, Data Loss Prevention, Remote Browser Isolation, Zero Trust Network Access, and Firewall-as-a-Service with Advanced Threat Prevention. Alongside the solution’s security technologies, Cato also provides a comprehensive managed threat detection and response service.

Users can access on-premises and cloud applications securely through Cato SASE Cloud, which provides zero trust network access using a variety of devices. Traffic is inspected by Cato’s security stack to prevent malware propagation.

Cato SASE Cloud with SSE 360 provides zero trust network access to on-prem and cloud applications for remote employees. Cato customers can ensure all their users can connect securely to their network using the Cato Socket SD-WAN device, which connects to the nearest Cato point of presence (PoP) and offers traffic management capabilities, including QoS prioritization, dynamic path selection, and packet duplication. By optimally routing traffic to public cloud applications, Cato can accelerate end-to-end throughput and protect users from threats, attacks, and data loss. The solution can also decrypt and inspect all enterprise traffic, with security policies and events managed through Cato’s management application. The same application provides a cloud-based, self-service platform for network and security policy configuration, analytics, and control. This eliminates the need for customers to submit tickets for changes, while Cato maintains the underlying platform to ensure ongoing stability and security.

Cato SASE Cloud with SSE 360 integrates seamlessly with major cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud through secure IPSec tunnels or a Cato vSocket virtual appliance. This makes the solution straightforward to deploy and easy to integrate with existing infrastructure.  Overall, we recommend Cato SASE Cloud with SSE 360 as a strong option for organizations looking for a SASE/SSE solution with a strong managed services offering.

cato networks logo
Cisco Logo

Cisco Umbrella is a comprehensive cloud security service that offers solutions for businesses of all sizes. The service includes DNS-layer security, secure web gateway, firewall, cloud access security broker (CASB) functionality, and integration with Cisco SD-WAN.

Cisco Umbrella’s DNS-layer security improves visibility and protects users on and off the network by stopping threats before they reach endpoints. The secure web gateway provides full visibility and control over web traffic, ensuring protection against malware. The firewall logs all activity and blocks unwanted traffic, while the cloud access security broker detects and reports on cloud applications in use to manage cloud adoption and reduce risk. In addition to the solution’s security technologies, Umbrella offers interactive threat intelligence, powered by Cisco Talos, to provide real-time context on various threats, enabling faster incident investigation and response.

Cisco Umbrella’s seamless integration with Cisco SD-WAN allows for optimal connectivity and efficient cloud security and protection against internet threats for branch users, connected devices, and app usage. Cisco Umbrella’s packages provide varying levels of sophistication and capabilities for increased flexibility, visibility, and control, making it suitable and accessible to organizations of all sizes, and the platform also supports easy API integration that accelerates initial deployment and ongoing incident response.

Cloudflare Logo

Cloudflare provides secure hybrid work solutions designed to defend against threats, protect data, and simplify any-to-any connectivity for businesses on their path to consolidation. Their SSE & SASE solution delivers a simple and flexible architecture, with features like Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), a Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Remote Browser Isolation (RBI), and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that help businesses modernize their digital infrastructure while maintaining robust security.

In addition to the core features outlined above, expected of a SASE solution, Cloudflare also offers cloud email security for phishing prevention and email attack protection; data loss prevention (DLP) for inspecting HTTP/S traffic and preventing sensitive data exfiltration; a “Magic WAN” for connecting and securing branch offices, data centers, and cloud VPCs; and a “Magic Firewall” for enforcing network security policies across an entire WAN without creating bottlenecks.

Cloudflare’s SSE & SASE solution ensures reliable, scalable connectivity with consistent protection from any location, enabled by one network and control plane with built-in security. The company is known for its ability to quickly build and deploy features, rapidly adopting new internet and security standards to help clients stay ahead of evolving business needs.

Forcepoint logo

Forcepoint ONE Data-First SASE is a unified cloud service that aims to empower faster and safer work from anywhere. It offers a variety of features, including secure access to numerous cloud applications, identity-based access control for adopting Zero Trust principles, and consistent visibility for compliance with global data and privacy regulations. Additionally, Forcepoint ONE Data-First SASE allows users to replace aging and disparate infrastructure, benefiting from the AWS hyperscaler platform and real-time economic value readings driven by security posture.

Key components of Forcepoint ONE Data-First SASE include Forcepoint ONE CASB, which secures access to over 800,000 cloud apps; Forcepoint ONE ZTNA, which provides remote access to private web apps without VPN; Forcepoint ONE SWG, which safeguards users browsing the web at fast speeds while adopting Zero Trust web access; Forcepoint ONE DLP, which offers industry-leading data security with DLP SaaS; FlexEdge Secure SD-WAN, which securely connects offices and remote sites with fast internet speeds and maximum resiliency; and Forcepoint Insights, which analyzes security posture in real-time using live telemetry from Forcepoint ONE security products.

Overall, we recommend Forcepoint ONE Data-First SASE as a strong SASE solution that’s highly adept in blocking a wide range of threats, including known and zero-day threats. It safeguards applications from anomalous behavior, which could lead to potential data leaks, whilst ensuring only legitimate, authorized users can access company resources—and that they can do so quickly and securely.

fortinet logo

Fortinet FortiSASE is a comprehensive security solution designed for a hybrid workforce, providing a consistent security posture and optimal user experience for users working from anywhere. It combines several features such as an AI-powered Secure Web Gateway, Zero-Trust Network Access, Cloud Access Security Broker, Firewall-as-a-Service, and Secure SD-WAN on a single operating system, all managed by a single console.

FortiSASE takes a single-vendor approach, integrating cloud-delivered SD-WAN connectivity with a cloud-delivered security service edge, which extends the convergence of networking and security from the network edge to work-from-anywhere users. It offers high ROI through consolidation and an improved digital user experience, with a robust network of over 100 global SASE locations for broad coverage and scalability. FortiSASE provides comprehensive control, visibility, and analytics with its intuitive user interface, delivering consistent protection for on-premises and remote users while reducing gaps and configuration overhead. The FortiGuard AI-powered Security Services counter threats in real time, and the integration with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN ensures a reliable user experience at any scale.

Overall, FortiSASE offers secure internet access, secure private access, and secure SaaS access, all supported by various technical support services and professional services to help design, deploy, and maintain a best-practice-based solution to meet network or security objectives.

Palo Alto Logo

Palo Alto’s Prisma SASE is a cloud-delivered solution designed to provide comprehensive security for both remote and on-site workers. At its core, Prisma SASE utilizes Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to protect all application traffic while securing access and data. This helps to significantly reduce the risk of data breaches by ensuring strong security measures are in place regardless of a user’s location.

In addition to securing the access of applications, Prisma SASE also offers branch transformation through Prisma SD-WAN. Palo Alto’s SD-WAN solution provides always-on monitoring for networks and applications, integrated IoT security, and an on-premises controller to secure branch locations without compromising compliance requirements. This enables a more digitized and hyperconnected approach to branch security. Prisma SASE also incorporates an AI Operations (AIOps) solution, known as Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM), which leverages AI-based problem detection and predictive analytics to automate complex IT operations, improve productivity, and reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR). This helps IT teams better manage and secure their networks with minimal manual intervention.

In summary, Palo Alto’s Prisma SASE offers a robust cloud-security solution that combines ZTNA, SD-WAN, and AIOps to ensure high levels of security for both remote and on-site workers. With its focus on proactive visibility, data protection, and seamless user experiences, Prisma SASE ensures a secure and efficient working environment for organizations of all sizes.

VMWare Logo

VMware SASE is a comprehensive solution that offers secure, reliable, and optimized access to both traditional and modern applications for mobile clients, branches, and campuses. It consolidates Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN), security services, and edge computing into a unified platform, managed through a single user interface.

VMware SASE achieves faster access to cloud and SaaS applications by directing traffic straight to them without backhauling through traditional data centers. In addition, it is prepared for multi-cloud environments, securely connecting users and branches to the cloud and streamlining connectivity with over 200 points of presence (PoPs) globally. These PoPs offer direct connections to cloud and SaaS providers for low-latency handoff without the need for IT to deploy SD-WAN resources. VMware SASE also comes with robust security features, such as an industry-leading Secure Web Gateway platform and an ICSA-certified network firewall to safeguard users from inbound threats. The solution’s Dynamic Multipath Optimization™ (DMPO) technology ensures a reliable user experience by adapting to network issues in real-time, providing high bandwidth, and reducing latency for critical applications. Lastly, VMware SASE’s integrated AIOps capabilities aid in identifying network issues, even in multi-vendor settings, enabling users to take appropriate remedial actions and minimize operational effort.

Zscaler logo

Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange is a cloud-native SASE platform designed for performance and scalability. As a globally distributed system, it ensures users have quick access to their applications by peering with hundreds of partners in major internet exchanges worldwide. The solution consists of three key components: Zscaler Internet Access for protection against threats and leakage, Zscaler Private Access for authorized access to applications and data, and Zscaler Business-to-Business for secure B2B app access.

Zscaler prioritizes security by building it into the core of the platform. From Secure Web Gateway (SWG) to Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), all connections are inspected regardless of the user, endpoint, app, or encryption. Further features of the platform include its native multi-tenant cloud architecture, full inspection of encrypted traffic through a proxy-based architecture, and close proximity of security and policy to users to eliminate unnecessary backhauling. In addition, ZTNA restricts access, providing native app segmentation while maintaining a zero-attack surface by not exposing network identities to the internet.

Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange aims to reduce IT costs and complexity, offering easy deployment and management. Designed to be scalable, it allows secure digital transformation without relying on legacy architectures or VPNs. The Zero Trust Exchange also aims to deliver an excellent user experience by bringing security policy enforcement close to users across more than 150 points of presence worldwide, ensuring optimal bandwidth and low latency. Overall, we recommend Zscaler’s SASE solution to any organization looking for comprehensive security that also offers a streamlined end user experience.

The Top 10 SASE Solutions For Business