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The Top 10 Remote Browser Isolation Solutions For Business

Remote browser isolation adds a layer of security to your existing web security tools. Here’s some of the best solution on the market.

The Top 10 Remote Browser Isolation Products For Business include:
  • 1. Authentic8 Silo Zero Trust Web Browsing Isolation
  • 2. Cisco Remote Browser Isolation
  • 3. Cigloo Secure Remote Browsing
  • 4. Cloudflare Browser Isolation
  • 5. Ericom Remote Browser Isolation
  • 6. Forcepoint Remote Browser Isolation
  • 7. Menlo Security
  • 8. Netskope Remote Browser Isolation
  • 9. Skyhigh Security
  • 10. Zscaler Cloud Browser Isolation

Remote browser isolation (RBI) is a web security tool that allows users to visit any website freely without having to run the risk of installing malware or other attacks on their device. Remote browser isolation specifically means that a user’s browsing session is removed from the environment to a remote virtual one, with a real-time visual playback being presented to the user so they do not directly interact with the webpage at all. Deployment for RBI can be flexible, with this remote server primarily being offered as a cloud service but some vendors also offering on-prem options.

RBI is a critical security tool for a lot of organizations that require their users to frequently visit the web for their work. Browsing the web can be dangerous, with plenty of sites containing harmful code that is ready to run on your users’ devices as soon as they visit the page, or fake login pages that harvest users’ credentials. Some organizations block the websites in question, but that can hinder your users’ work and negatively impact productivity.

On top of that, maintaining block and allow lists also takes up a lot of IT resource. RBI, however, enables users to visit and view all pages without hinderance, while ensuring that any threats are isolated entirely from that user’s environment. RBI can also be seen as an extra layer of defense against phishing tactics, preventing harmful code from running once a user clicks a malicious link in their inbox. When phishing remains one of the most prevalent attacks organizations are facing today, this can make RBI a worthwhile investment for a lot of organizations.

Authentic8 Logo

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Redwood City, California is Authentic8–a cybersecurity company specializing in browser isolation solutions. The platform offers strong RBI, providing total isolation from harmful code by using cloud-based browser rendering with the device totally isolated from the site so no web code–harmful or safe–executes on the user’s device. The solution leverages a zero trust approach to ensure full protection from threats. Users can navigate the web through a one-time-use browser environment that is rendered entirely within the cloud. These “one-time-use” environments still maintain a user’s bookmarks and credentials for ease when traversing the web.

Authentic8 Silo is easily integrable with other web security tools your organization has in place, including secure web gateways, firewalls, and SASE solutions. The solution can integrate well with your company’s existing IT stack, which includes any directory services, SIEM, and identity management platforms. It is also highly customizable, with admins able to define and configure policy groupings for both users and groups, which can be enforced per device and location. Admins can also access log data of their users’ isolated sessions, as well as add and delete users due to the platform’s flexible capacity.

Further features worth noting here are end-to-end data encryption, SAML/SSO integration, role-based access permission configuration capabilities, and the logging of all user activity for further inspection. Overall, Authentic8’s RBI platform is a strong contributor to this list, with extensive configurations and insights for admin teams. We would recommend it for SMBs.

Cisco Logo

From industry giant Cisco is Cisco Remote Browser Isolation. The company is a stalwart in the cybersecurity arena. Cisco’s RBI solution is a powerful tool that is robust in blocking unknown and known to be malicious threats during a user’s browsing session through a total cloud-based browser isolation service. It offers prevention from web-based attacks without compromising on your users’ productivity and experience as they navigate the web. All web traffic is isolated in a remote browsing environment in the cloud, ensuring total separation between your user’s local environment and web-based threats. Cisco RBI offers protection from advanced threats such as zero-day malware that becomes harmful upon download and execution. It can isolate uncategorized websites, security categories, communication and collaboration apps, selected content categories, and chosen destinations.

Cisco RBI deploys quickly, with no need to alter existing browser configurations or add additional plug-ins–ensuring there is no impact on the users during deployment. It is also a highly scalable solution, making it appealing for large organizations or organizations with a changing influx of users, as this scalability can help to protect additional users on all devices, operation systems, and browsers. Admins are granted high levels of customization, with the ability to construct granular controls for different risk profiles–tailoring this per user or per group. Reporting and analytics are extensive. Admins are granted all of this through a single, unified dashboard.

The solution is offered as an add-on to Cisco’s Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) and works best as an extra layer of defense to your already in place web gateway solution. As such, we would recommend Cisco’s RBI solution to mid to large enterprises, and particularly companies that are already using Cisco’s web security tools.

Cigloo Logo

Based in Israel, Cigloo is a cloud-focused cybersecurity company that specializes in isolation solutions, including browser, mail, and file isolation. The platform delivers browsing policy enforcement, performance utilizations, and identity protection without impacting the users’ experiences. Isolation is delivered remotely, with the platform creating a cloud-based, secure remote browser environment so your company’s network–and data–is entirely isolated from the web and therefore from any web-borne vulnerabilities and threats. All web content is treated as suspicious and is therefore handled in this remote and isolated environment in order to combat sophisticated and unknown threats, as well as anything potentially deemed risky.

Admins have a singular management console to streamline assessment, configuration, deployment, and management. Granular controls are also available and customizable, with users able to create browsing policy groups per individuals, groups, user location, browser location, application browser compatibility, timestamps, and URL categories. The solution provides a seamless user experience, with browser personalization, saved bookmarks, and credentials all preserved for the user–meaning they can continue their day as normal after the platform has been deployed. The platform is also highly integrable with all browsers. Impact on performance can be mitigated by admins being able to separate websites that consume a lot of bandwidth from important applications in order to reduce latency.

As Cigloo’s platform offers total isolation between your users, data, network and the web, it helps your organization meet compliance requirements. We would recommend Cigloo’s remote browser isolation solution for SMBs looking to protect their data against web-based threats such as malware and phishing pages.

Cloudflare Logo

From San Francisco is Cloudflare, a leading cybersecurity specialist. Cloudflare’s contribution to this list is their Cloudflare Browser Isolation solution, a cloud-native tool that isolates users’ sessions entirely from their local network, instead carrying out all browsing activity in a remote server in the cloud. It’s an entirely cloud-native platform, running in the cloud away from your company’s endpoints and network, completely insulating your users’ devices from being susceptible to attack.

Cloudflare Browser Isolation is a powerful, intuitive solution that is adept in preventing threats from affecting your network, including zero-day threats and malware. The product has a high level of compatibility, working with any websites and any browser, as well as delivering high performance and low latency. The solution is particularly robust in filtering out threats as it prevents any harmful code from being deployed on visited sites that are deemed high-risk or low-risk, and any uncategorized sites. Zero trust browsing policies can also be managed in the same place admins can manage application access, making deployment and management easier for admins.

The product has two deployment options: device client, which will send user traffic from devices to Cloudflare’s network for filtering and inspection, and clientless deployment, where users will be sent to an isolated session via an isolated hyperlink that won’t expose the user’s public IP or device. We would recommend the solution for both SMBs and enterprises looking for protection against web-based threats.

ericom logo

Invoking the principle of zero trust, from Ericom is the Ericom Remote Browser Isolation platform, which treats all web content as having harmful code whether it does or not—in order to protect company data and user devices. All website content is rendered in an entirely remote one-time use container located in the cloud. It ensures that sophisticated threats, known and unknown vulnerabilities, zero-day attacks, and more can’t affect your organization.

User productivity is not impacted by blocked websites as the platform provides safe access to uncategorized URLs and new domains. The solution adds an extra layer of protection to your email security as it protects endpoints after a user clicks a malicious link that they have received in their email inbox, by rendering those URLs in a secure, remote sandbox. Credential theft is warded against by safe rendering information being delivered to endpoints in read-only mode, so users cannot enter their credentials into malicious sites.

The solution is delivered through Ericom Global Cloud, an elastic and expansive cloud service with the capacity to scale to your number of users easily. It’s highly integrable with your existing workflows, merging well with your current SWGs and firewalls. Deployment is fuss-free, with no installation required on endpoints, meaning it does not impact your users’ work. The platform supports all browsers, operating systems, and devices.

Admins receive extensive policy controls for website data sharing functionality, as well as broad, customizable, and granular controls for creating policies based on individual users, groups, and more. Further features worth noting include embedded URL filtering with threat intelligence feeds, website category-based policy management, and full reporting and logging on user and browsing activity. We would recommend Ericom for small- to medium-sized businesses.

Forcepoint logo

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Austin, Texas is industry giant, Forcepoint. In early 2022, they unveiled their “smart RBI” in the form of Forcepoint Remote Browser Isolation–an adaptive and intuitive RBI solution that takes a zero trust approach by treating all websites as malicious and harmful from the get-go, ensuring that the product takes no risks with your users’ web sessions. Forcepoint’s RBI is highly successful in blocking threats from websites and phishing attempts, as well as protecting company data as the solution ensures that company data is not left in the browser caches of endpoints.

The product’s isolation modes deliver secure streaming and rendering, ensuring high quality yet secure tech delivering the streaming and seamless browsing sessions. The Smart Isolation feature optimizes RBI delivery, which helps enhance security and performance by intuitively switching between the two isolation modes depending on the particular website’s risk or what would be the most efficient at that time. Admins will also find that they have extensive data sovereignty controls, which means they can control how much personally identifiable information (PII) can be retained and for how long. Redirection features will quickly determine whether a link should stay in an RBI session or if it should be redirected to Forcepoint for policy enforcement and assessment. Further features that are useful and worth noting are antivirus scanning and document sanitization for safely downloading files.

Overall, Forcepoint’s RBI solution is a powerful platform with an integrated and navigable dashboard and strong integration capabilities. Deployment can either be on-prem or cloud, making it flexible for all companies’ needs. We would recommend it for SMBs and enterprises of most backgrounds.

Menlo Security logo

Californian-native Menlo Security is a computer and network security specialist that offers an isolated, cloud-native security platform. Again, working on the principle of zero trust, the platform is highly adept in blocking advanced and unknown threats by treating all web content as malicious. Designed as merely an add-on that doesn’t increase latency, Menlo Security’s RBI delivers cloud isolation that is performed entirely away from your company’s network, so the user’s session is performed in a remote environment. Native web content is discarded after the session via stateless web sessions. It offers Smart DOM, DOM reconstruction, and accurate rendering.

As Menlo’s solution is cloud-based, it is highly scalable and flexible, meaning that the platform can support a large number of users or influx of traffic for remote web browsing, online documents, business applications, and even SaaS applications. The platform also grants admins extensive visibility and granular control, with admins able to set policies for individual users, groups, file types, or even certain types of web content. These policies can also be further customized to specify how the content should be displayed. User experience is enhanced by lack of pixelation on screen and unhindered scrolling.

Another notable feature includes strong data loss prevention capabilities, which restricts document uploads, integration with third-party LP, and granular policy control for SaaS apps. The solution also integrates seamlessly with single sign on and identity and access management solutions with SAML support for user authentication. We would recommend the solution for SMBs, enterprises, and financial organizations.

Netskope Logo

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is leading cybersecurity figure Netskope. Their contribution to the RBI sphere is Netskope Remote Browser Isolation, a cloud-based service that takes a more fluid approach than an out-and-out zero trust approach. Rather than blocking all content to be on the safe side, Netskope’s RBI platform allows all safe sites to be interacted with as normal, with known harmful sites immediately blocked, and risky sites isolated in a separate environment within a singular, isolated cloud platform, which is managed through a singular console and policy engine.

All users receive their own separate container which helps to prevent cross-site scripting and other threats. The solution provides fast pixel rendering for safe delivery, immediately pixel rendering content from uncategorized websites and immediately blocking any file uploads or downloads to these unknown sites. Copy, paste, and print functions are also limited in these instances.

Overall, the solution is invisible to users and doesn’t impact their workflows, with no installation on endpoints needed. The platform can also be extended to mobile devices. Admins have their handling of the platform streamlined through a singular platform and console, making configuration and management easy to perform.

The solution is robust in outright blocking harmful sites while isolating potentially risky ones. It is best suited to industries where blocked sites are the norm and won’t impact user productivity as much. We would recommend the solution for SMBs and enterprises, but specifically for organizations with strict requirements such as governmental, financial, healthcare, educational, K-12 schools, oil and gas, and utilities.

Skyhigh Security logo

Based in San Jose, California, is Security Service Edge (SSE) specialist Skyhigh Security. They offer a consolidated platform of a number of web security tools that can be purchased together or individually. Remote browser isolation is one of the several solutions they offer. It offers air-tight security from web-based attacks and harmful code by entirely isolating the user’s session in a cloud-based, remote environment. Skyhigh’s RBI will render a webpage in an interactive visual stream via pixel rendering technology–with no code executed locally.

Skyhigh’s RBI has no impact on your users’ work, with no training or changes in behavior on behalf of the users necessary. Latency impact on users’ browsing sessions is minimal, with the solution responding to click and navigation on an isolated web session immediately. Streaming is also unhindered and delivered in real-time. Unknown websites are blocked immediately. The solution also comes with integrated DLP to make sure that admins are granted full visibility and data retention, with admins able to see how data is accessed and shared through these isolated web sessions.

The solution offers in-depth reporting and insights into user browsing activity, offering full visibility for admins. Policies can be highly customized and implemented across all isolated and non-isolated traffic. The full version of the product can isolate all web traffic for specific users and groups. Reporting is also extensive.

It’s worth noting that Skyhigh Security’s RBI product is also offered as an add-on for their Skyhigh Security Service Edge (SSE) platform and can easily be managed from within the SSE platform. We would recommend Skyhigh Security’s RBI product for enterprise level organizations and SMBs, the latter of which will find the solution has affordable licensing.

Zscaler logo

Zscaler is a highly esteemed security company, known for its browser isolation technology. The company was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in San Jose, California. They offer a zero trust remote browser isolation solution that delivers strong protection against web borne threats and harmful code, and prevention against data leakage via the web. Safe browsing is provided by way of a totally isolated browser session, creating space between users and the sites they visit. Applications are also further protected from being compromised or suffer data leakage by implementing browser code controls and streaming sessions to users. Zero trust is delivered by reducing the attack surface area and only letting users interact through isolated sessions–no matter how risky or safe a web page may be.

As the product utilizes a zero trust principle, the solution is highly adept in blocking a range of sophisticated and unknown threats such as zero-day attacks, patient-zero infections, malware, ransomware, and others. Downloadable documents on web pages can be safely rendered as PDFs, so any sophisticated attacks that become harmful after download can’t infect your network.

 Zscaler’s isolation solution is also successful in delivering this web security to your remote users as well. The platform secures SaaS and private application access for your remote users, any contractors, and your third-party partners on any unmanaged devices that are connected to your network.

It’s highly integratable with your existing workstack and works seamlessly with all browsers, including Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Powerful yet adaptable, we would recommend Zscaler’s remote browser isolation solution for SMBs and enterprises alike.

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