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The Top 10 Operational Technology (OT) Security Solutions

OT security solutions secure operational technology systems—including industrial control systems and critical infrastructure—from cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

The Top 10 Operational Technology (OT) Security Solutions include:
  • 1. Claroty
  • 2. Darktrace Unified OT Protection
  • 3. Dragos
  • 4. Forescout Continuum
  • 5. Fortinet Security Fabric
  • 6. Microsoft Defender for IoT
  • 7. Nozomi Networks
  • 8. SCADAfence
  • 9. Tenable OT Security
  • 10. Waterfall Security

Operational technology (OT) security solutions are essential for protecting OT systems from cyber threats. OT systems are made up of hardware and software that control physical processes, manage equipment, and monitor assets in industries such as manufacturing, energy, transportation, and utilities. As these systems become more interconnected with IT networks, they also become vulnerable to cyberattacks that can result in significant operational, financial, and physical safety risks.

OT security solutions help organizations identify and mitigate risks associated with the increasing convergence of OT and IT systems. They enable organizations to implement policies, procedures, and technical measures that safeguard OT environments from unauthorized access, malware infections, and other cyber threats. The most robust OT security solutions also support compliance requirements, provide network visibility, ensure system integrity, and facilitate incident response and recovery processes.

With the rising concerns related to cyber attacks on critical infrastructure, the OT security market is becoming highly competitive, with numerous vendors offering specialized solutions catered to specific industries or compliance regulations. In this article, we’ll explore the top OT security solutions currently on the market. We’ll highlight the key use cases and features of each solution, including asset inventory, network segmentation, identity and access controls, threat detection and response, and vulnerability management. 

Claroty logo

Claroty is a cybersecurity provider that specializes in securing organizations’ interconnected XIoT environments. Their flagship platform consists of four key tools: xDome, Edge, Secure Remote Access (SRA), and Continuous Threat Detection (CTD). xDome is a modular SaaS-based solution that supports the entire cybersecurity journey; Edge provides full visibility into the environment in minutes; SRA delivers secure, reliable, and frictionless remote access for both internal and third-party personnel; and CTD offers comprehensive cybersecurity controls for various environments.

Claroty’s platform emphasizes asset discovery as a foundation for cyber resilience. The platform provides detailed XIoT asset inventories to reduce operational risk. This is combined with network protection and threat detection, which fortifies the environment with effective vulnerability and risk management and enables rapid response to identified threats.

Claroty also addresses change management, driving safety and process integrity to help organizations improve operational resilience. Additionally, the platform offers in-built secure remote access, which eliminates the risk and inefficiency associated with traditional methods, ensuring operational continuity without compromising security. Claroty also allows tracking of device utilization, helping organizations make informed decisions regarding device lifecycle management.

Claroty logo
new darktrace logo

Darktrace Unified OT Protection is a cybersecurity solution that safeguards industrial environments from known and unknown threats at every level of the Purdue model. Using self-learning AI, the platform monitors the normal behavior of your operational technology (OT) and IT/OT ecosystems as a baseline to detect and mitigate risks in their early stages.

Darktrace offers in-depth visibility throughout an organization’s infrastructure, discovering and identifying assets while pinpointing deviations that may indicate a cyber-threat. With Darktrace RESPOND/OT, the platform can take targeted actions to prevent emerging threats, while maintaining compliance with operational restrictions. This solution aids security teams by bridging the IT/OT knowledge gap and accelerating the investigation and remediation process.

Darktrace maps to MITRE, NIST, and other cybersecurity frameworks to help organizations adhere to compliance standards. The system achieves expansive OT network visibility through SPAN or TAP connections and can perform deep packet inspection for specialized OT protocols and prevalent IT protocols. This capability allows the solution to learn and understand activity patterns of encrypted and proprietary OT protocols.

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Dragos Logo

Dragos is a cybersecurity solution designed to shield industrial control systems (ICSs) from advanced threats. The Dragos platform provides a safe and comprehensive asset visibility in operational technology (OT) environments. Additionally, the platform simplifies and prioritizes vulnerability management by offering continuous and automated collection and analysis of specific vulnerabilities in the user’s environment.

In terms of threat detection, Dragos rapidly identifies malicious behavior on ICS/OT networks, providing in-depth context for alerts and minimizing false positives. The platform extends threat detection beyond basic signature analysis, employing composite threat detections based on real-world threat group activities. The Dragos Platform also includes expert-authored playbooks that guide security teams through investigations, improving response time and efficiency.

Dragos offers managed threat hunting and strategic alert review to maximize platform deployment success, strengthening cybersecurity teams in OT environments. The platform’s collaborative asset identification, threat detection, and collective defense features enable users to understand real-world threats and enhance their cybersecurity posture across the industrial community.

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Forescout logo

Forescout Continuum is a comprehensive solution that automates the discovery, assessment, and governance of OT, IoT, and IT assets to minimize cyber and operational risk. The platform provides complete visibility into OT/ICS networks, utilizing over 30 passive and active discovery techniques to identify cyber assets, evaluate their posture, and detect anomalies. This enables organizations to effectively manage and monitor their OT networks and devices, reducing the likelihood of security incidents or operational disruptions.

Forescout Continuum features an extensive Industrial threat library and ICS-specific Indicator of Compromise (IOC) & Vulnerabilities (CVE) database, which is regularly updated to detect advanced cyberattacks, network misconfigurations, and operational errors. Forescout’s powerful reporting and analytics tools simplify compliance with key standards, such as NERC CIP, EU NIS Directive, NIST CSF, and IEC 62443, and provide real-time threat detection and incident response capabilities. Additionally, the platform automates response workflows, streamlining the integration of IT and security products for increased situational awareness.

Forescout Continuum offers flexible deployment options and seamless integration with existing network infrastructure, SIEM/SOC, asset management, and other security tools. This facilitates information-sharing and automated workflows, enabling organizations to efficiently address potential threats and keep mission-critical assets online.

Forescout logo
fortinet logo

Fortinet Security Fabric is a comprehensive solution designed to offer security for converged IT/OT ecosystems, with capabilities extended to operational technology (OT) networks in various industries. These include tools tailored for industries such as oil and gas, transportation, energy, power and utilities, and manufacturing. Fortinet’s Security Fabric solution is supported by a dedicated team of OT professionals.

This solution offers industrial-grade firewalls, switches, and access points with essential features designed for outdoor use. These include dual power supplies with heat sinks, redundant power supplies, and DIN rail mounting capabilities. The Security Fabric includes various products like FortiSandbox, FortiDeceptor, and FortiEDR, which have been optimized for operational technology environments, with FortiEDR deployable in hybrid settings.

Fortinet’s Security Fabric offers specialized OT threat intelligence, monitoring over 70 OT protocols and 500 known vulnerability signatures and providing a robust defense against sophisticated threats. Integration with Fabric Connectors, API, and DevOps tools allows businesses to achieve advanced, end-to-end security across their infrastructure. Finally, Fortinet’s open ecosystem approach encourages collaboration with OT Fabric-Ready Partner solutions, enhancing the adaptability and effectiveness of industrial organizations’ cybersecurity measures.

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Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Defender for IoT detects and protects OT devices and prevents vulnerabilities in various industrial infrastructures. It can be used to secure organizations’ entire IoT/OT environment, including devices that may not have built-in security features. Defender for IoT offers real-time asset discovery, vulnerability management, and threat protection for IoT and OT systems, including Industrial Control Systems (ICSs).

Microsoft Defender for IoT provides context-aware visibility into IoT and OT assets, granting comprehensive information about each device, including communication protocols and behaviors. It promotes risk-based security posture management by prioritizing risk for a more effective approach to reducing an organization’s cyberattack surface area. Defender for IoT utilizes behavioral analytics for cyberthreat detection, allowing for accelerated incident response and a unified view of the entire attack process. This includes attacks that begin on the IT network and extend into sensitive, business-critical networks and OT environments.

Microsoft Defender for IoT caters to both IoT and OT devices, such as purpose-built devices for enterprise processes and critical infrastructure systems. The solution combines passive and active agentless network monitoring to obtain a complete asset inventory and context, while its risk-based vulnerability management helps improve security posture and minimize cyberattack surface. The platform enables organizations to identify cyberattacks using IoT-aware and OT-aware cyberthreat intelligence, behavioral analytics, and machine learning, effectively safeguarding devices and systems across various industries.

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Nozomi networks

Nozomi Networks is a provider of OT, IoT, and critical infrastructure visibility and security solutions. Their flagship platform consists of three integrated security tools: Vantage, Guardian, and Arc, all of which are managed through a central interface.

Vantage is a cloud management tool that unifies security monitoring and risk management across multiple assets and sites. It offers asset management, vulnerability assessment, threat detection, and response through a single pane of glass.

Guardian is a security sensor that passively observes local network traffic to deliver comprehensive OT and IoT asset visibility and monitoring. It continuously monitors network activity, discovers new assets, and detects cybersecurity threats and operational issues.

Arc is an endpoint sensor for Windows, Linux, and MacOS, offering enhanced data collection and asset visibility. It identifies compromised endpoints, monitors log files, user activity, and USB drives, and provides continuous visibility and monitoring.

Nozomi Networks’ platform provides automatic asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, advanced anomaly and threat detection, as well as guided remediation with built-in playbooks. The platform is designed to reduce administrative overhead and accelerate cyber incident response, ensuring that businesses can adequately protect their networks and critical infrastructure.

Nozomi networks
SCADAFense logo

The SCADAfence platform is a combination of passive and active network monitoring solutions, offering continuous monitoring of OT networks using deep packet inspection, and providing real-time alerts on potential security breaches and anomalous events. SCADAfence secures millions of devices worldwide.

SCADAfence provides complete asset visibility and management, generating an accurate and detailed inventory of all devices connected to an OT network and automatically updating through passive scanning and optional active discovery. The platform also enables efficient management of potential attack vectors while calculating asset criticality based on process and safety impact.

This real-time detection and response system uses the Governance Portal to aggregate information across multiple sites, incorporate events from other security systems, map them to regulations and inform external systems such as SIEM and ticketing platforms. SCADAfence also offers remote user monitoring solution, which monitors all remote users’ activities, enabling safe access to OT networks and integrating with existing IT network remote monitoring solutions.

In addition, SCADAfence offers advanced support for the MITRE ATT&CK Framework by mapping events to the MITRE ATT&CK for ICS model, providing a unified view of a company’s security posture and suggesting mitigation steps for identified risks.

SCADAfence is a highly customizable platform; it can be tailored to suit an organization’s specific needs, offering configurable dashboards, alerts, and critical health indicators to provide a comprehensive overview of an organization’s security posture.

SCADAFense logo
Tenable Logo

Tenable OT Security is an advanced OT security solution providing in-depth asset visibility for better risk management. It effectively identifies assets within OT environments, enhances communication among IT and OT security teams, and enables them to prioritize actions based on risk.

With a comprehensive set of security tools and reports, Tenable OT Security offers high levels of visibility across both IT and OT operations. The solution features advanced threat detection capabilities, proactively identifying vulnerabilities in OT environments. With context-rich alerts, security teams can rapidly respond to and mitigate threats that could impact operations The platform’s integration with the Tenable product portfolio and other leading IT security tools provides further global situational awareness across all sites and assets.

Tenable OT Security also offers risk-based vulnerability management. The solution generates vulnerability and risk levels for each ICS network asset, providing detailed insights and mitigation suggestions. This helps personnel prioritize remediation efforts to prevent potential exploitation by attackers. In addition to asset management, Tenable OT Security offers configuration snapshots, enabling users to compare current and previous snapshots of devices to better understand changes in the OT environment and, if necessary, roll back to a previous state.

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Waterfall Security Logo

Waterfall Security provides security solutions designed to protect industries and infrastructures. Waterfall’s Unidirectional Security Gateways consist of hardware and software which offer absolute protection and comprehensive network visibility. The hardware allows information transfer from industrial and control networks to external networks while physically preventing online cyber attacks from entering the protected network. The software connectors replicate servers and simulate devices, enabling enterprise users and applications to have bidirectional access to OT data from the duplicated servers, with all shareable data available within the replicas.

Waterfall’s Unidirectional Security Gateways deliver extensive OT connectivity and visibility while remaining resilient against cyber-attacks. Waterfall defends against OT ransomware attacks by eliminating network entry points that these attacks utilize. The Unidirectional Gateways also enable secure connections to the cloud, providing a safe method of sharing OT data without compromising security. Finally, Waterfall’s tamper-proof repository ensures the integrity of logs and other security record-keeping, protecting against cyber-attacks that attempt to modify or remove such records.

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Top 10 Operational Technology (OT) Security Solutions