Cloud Backup And Recovery

The Top 6 Endpoint Backup Solutions

Explore the top endpoint backup solutions to support your organization to recover from data loss or damage.

The Top 6 Endpoint Backup Solutions Include:
  • 1. Acronis Cyber Protect
  • 2. Carbonite Recover
  • 3. Commvault Backup And Recovery
  • 4. Dell Avamar Data Protection Software
  • 5. Druva inSync Enterprise Endpoint Data Backup
  • 6. Veeam Endpoint Backup

Endpoint devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets are essential tools in today’s modern business world, especially now that remote and hybrid working have become so widely adopted. According to Forbes Advisor, 12.7% of full-time employees are working from home as of 2023, with a further 28.2% using a hybrid work model. 

While these devices are essential to keep us connected and facilitate our daily work, they also pose a cybersecurity risk, and open employees up to potential data loss, ransomware attacks, theft, accidental deletion, hardware failure, and corruption through malware attacks. Having an effective backup solution in place means that you have a way of mitigating these threats. If an attack does happen, you are able to restore valuable information, meaning you can resume working productively again. Many compliance and regulatory bodies also expect you to implement data protection and backup due to its effectiveness.

Recovery is just as important as preventing an attack in the first place – you can lose data without being attacked if an insider knowingly or unknowingly deletes data. Your entire business network – including employee devices – store a wealth of valuable and critical information. If lost, this could have a severe negative impact business operations. It makes sense, then, to put recovery solutions into place to help mitigate some of the potential for damage if your endpoints are targeted.

To help you find the right endpoint backup solution that suits your organization’s needs, we have put together a list of the best options to consider. In this article, we’ll introduce each solution and vendor, cover some of the key capabilities, then provide a recommendation for what type of organization we think would benefit most from implementing each one. 

Acronis logo

Acronis was founded in 2003 and provides unified data protection and cybersecurity via their award-winning technologies. Acronis Cyber Protect is their cloud backup solution that provides security features such as zero knowledge encryption, anti-ransomware capabilities, and AI based behavioral detection. This solution promises to safeguard data by natively integrating data protection and cybersecurity, effectively streamlining endpoint protection. The solution includes features such as forensic backup, safe recovery, global threat monitoring and alerts, global and local allowlists from backups, continuous data protection, antimalware and antivirus, and fail-safe patching.

Acronis Cyber Protect brings together three Acronis products in one convenient bundle, which include backup and recovery, security, and endpoint protection management. This is a feature rich solution with a varied set of capabilities, capabilities that go beyond business-grade backup and cloud storage by including advanced security and device management features that are particularly useful for organizations with remote and hybrid workers to support. We would recommend Acronis Cyber Protect to larger organizations with both the need and the resources to implement such a comprehensive solution to protect their endpoints from threats and data loss.

Carbonite Logo

Carbonite in an American company, founded in 2006, that provides an online backup service designed to simplify the administrative tasks associated with deploying data protection. It aims to offer comprehensive, automatic backup capabilities for all endpoint devices and the data that resides there. This solution provides users with features such as incremental restore, global deduplication, policy-controlled backups, and advanced admin control. Carbonite also promises an easy deployment process and provides secure protection for data with 256-bit AES encryption in motion and at rest. Mitigation features include global location tracking, remote data wipe, and poison pill.

Carbonite Recover is a comprehensive, automatic backup solution for all your endpoints and the valuable data that resides on them. It provides centralized management and control features, deployment is easy, and configuration options are flexible to minimize the impact of backup workloads traveling across the network. This solution provides organizations with scalable, flexible, enterprise-grade endpoint backup for their mobile workforce, as well as the ability to back up and selectively recover Microsoft 356 data. We would recommend Carbonite Recover to anyone looking for comprehensive endpoint backup capabilities and an automated, silent, centralized installation and operation.

Commvault logo

Commvault is an American data protection and data management software company founded in 1996. Their solution, Commvault Backup and Recovery, provides users with enterprise-grade protection and automated backup and recovery for virtual machines, databases, containers, applications, files, and endpoints. This solution comes with an impressive list of capabilities; the backup specific features include customized schedules, deduplicated data, auto discovery, customized retention for recovery and compliance, configurable encryption both at-rest and in-transit, and policy-driven automation, monitoring, and reporting.

Commvault’s technology supports organizations in reducing the burden on database administrators, while streamlining business processes, making them more productive. The platform facilitates business planning to improve business outcomes and offers users increased visibility and role-based access control that helps to enable self-service and restrict unauthorized access while also minimizing data sprawl. We would recommend Commvault backup and recovery to organizations looking for a robust product that is comprehensive and provides visibility with a single dashboard.

Dell Technologies logo

Dell Technologies is a multinational technology company that provides individuals and organizations with computer hardware and software, data storage, and IT services. Dell Avamar Data Protection Software is their data protection solution, designed for physical, virtual, and cloud environments. The platform provides comprehensive backup and recovery across the IT ecosystem and can effectively scale from daily backup protection for endpoints to high-performance protection for large enterprises. It offers flexible storage options and optimization, with cost effective backup to object storage in the cloud.

Dell Avamar Data Protection Software provides quick and efficient backup and recovery via a complete software and hardware solution that is equipped with integrated variable-length deduplication technology and provides users with flexible deployment options for daily backups in a dispersed environment. This, alongside the optimized incremental or daily backups, makes Dell a strong option for small, medium, or enterprise organizations that prioritize scalability and flexibility in their endpoint backup solution.

Dell Technologies logo
Druva Logo

Founded in 2008, Druva is a software solutions company that provides SaaS-based data protection and management products. Druva inSync Enterprise Endpoint Data Backup is their solution for simplifying endpoint data protection, ensuring regulatory compliance, and improving data visibility for today’s mobile workforces. The solution provides cloud endpoint backup and recovery, has self-service restore, an incremental forever backup model, and provides global source-side deduplication. It also provides cloud-based centralized management, role-based access control, integrates mass deployment for endpoints, and offers strong security features such as customer-only access to customer data and advanced encryption for data at rest and in transit.

Druva’s endpoint data management capabilities include data loss prevention with remote wipe, ransomware protection and recovery, and quick and simple OS migration. This solution is flexible and capable of adapting to the needs of your organization. It is also simple to use and straightforward to navigate, making it a very user-friendly option that causes minimal disruption to end users. We would recommend Druva inSync Enterprise Endpoint Data Backup to organizations of any size that are interested in utilizing a comprehensive endpoint backup solution to support their security needs, whilst having minimal impact on the productivity of their users.

Veeam Logo

Veeam Software is a backup and data management platform that protects data across all environments, including cloud, virtual, and physical. Veeam Endpoint Backup is a simple, straightforward solution that enables organizations to back up Windows-based desktops and laptops without hassle. This solution provides image-based backups across the entire device, while excluding unnecessary files automatically. It allows you to select individual files and folders to back up, as well as letting you utilize block-level backup for selected drives or volumes on your computer.

Veeam Endpoint Backup is a strong solution for scheduling automatic backups of your entire system, as well as specific volumes or chosen folders. It offers a range of recovery options and includes proprietary diagnostic tools, as well as some useful Microsoft Windows diagnostic tools, to support organization in troubleshooting issues and accomplishing various advanced administrative tasks. This solution is easy to use and is an excellent choice for any organizations that are looking for an endpoint backup solution with effective scheduling. Admins have a good deal of control over configuration and management of the service.

The Top 6 Endpoint Backup Solutions