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The Top 10 Digital Risk Protection Solutions

Explore the top digital risk protection solutions. Examine features such as threat intelligence, vulnerability management, and incident response.

The Top 10 Digital Risk Protection Solutions Include:
  • 1. BlueVoyant Sky: DRP
  • 2. CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence
  • 3. Digital Shadows SearchLight
  • 4. PhishLabs Digital Risk Protection
  • 5. Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection
  • 6. Rapid7 Threat Command
  • 7. Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud
  • 8. ReliaQuest Digital Risk Protection
  • 9. UpGuard BreachSight
  • 10. ZeroFox

Digital Risk Protection (DRP) solutions identify and mitigate cybersecurity risks to an organization’s digital assets, such as accounts, domains, apps, and cloud infrastructure. This includes monitoring your digital channels for cyber-threats, such as phishing attacks or ransomware. The solutions can identify, track, then analyze the threat in conjunction with threat intelligence and incident response tools to alert security teams to potential risks before they occur.

DRP tools are important to help security teams prevent advanced cyber-attacks which aim to exploit the digital channels we all rely on to obtain data, extort organizations, and spread harmful malware, such as ransomware. Common features of these digital risk protection solutions include protection against brand impersonation and social engineering attacks, threat content monitoring, dark web scanning, automated harmful content remediation, account takeover protection, and even app management capabilities. 

In this guide, we’ll cover the top cloud-based digital risk protection solutions for organizations. We’ll give an overview of each solution, the features on offer, pricing information, and our editorial comments to help you find the right digital risk protection solution to secure your team. 

BlueVoyant logo

BlueVoyant is a network security company founded in 2017, offering a cloud-native, unified platform for both internal and external cyber defenses. They offer an end-to-end digital risk protection solution, which detects and mitigates against risks to your digital assets, leveraging threat intelligence, and comprehensive data sets.

BlueVoyant Sky: DRP Features:

  • Brand protection, including automated takedown of phishing sites and spoofed domains within 24 hours of detection
  • Maps your attack surface to identify at risk digital assets
  • Automated alerting, with machine learning and human processes used to minimize false positives
  • Scans the dark web to identify data leakage and stolen PII, engaging directly with cyber-crime groups to provide deeper analysis of threats
  • Scans the dark web to identify mentions of VIP personnel to identify and remediate against stolen credentials

BlueVoyant Sky: DRP Pricing: Pricing information for BlueVoyant can be obtained by contacting the vendor directly.

Expert Insights’ Comments: BlueVoyant offers a fully featured DRP solution, which can bring organizations confidence that their digital systems are being proactively monitored, and any online risks that emerge can be quickly identified and remediated against. They protect over 700 global clients and can also offer services to help large corporate organizations with incident response planning, attack simulation, compliance readiness, managed detection and response.

Crowdstrike Logo

CrowdStrike are a market leading cybersecurity provider, with a cloud-based threat intelligence and endpoint protection (EPP) solution designed to protect cloud workloads and data. CrowdStrike’s Falcon Intelligence solution leverages real-time threat intelligence to identify indicators of attack. This, combined with human analysis, provides actionable insights to help security teams quickly identify and resolve vulnerabilities and prevent data breaches.

CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence Features:

  • Automated investigation of incidents, for faster response and mitigation with contextual reporting and analysis
  • Integrates with CrowdStrike solutions for powerful intelligence alongside advanced endpoint protection
  • Highlights indicators of compromised devices such as malware detected on endpoints
  • Comprehensive threat intelligence reports and strategic insights with threat actor profiles
  • Monitors digital assets – such as social media profiles and domains – for signs of DDoS attacks or malicious activities

CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence Pricing: CrowdStrike offers a number of bundles for its endpoint protection suite. At time of writing, Falcon Intelligence is included in the Falcon Pro bundle, along with Next-Gen Anti-Virus, Device Control and Host Firewall Control, for $8.99 per endpoint/per month, with a minimum commitment of five endpoints.

Expert Insights’ Comments: CrowdStrike offer a powerful suite of anti-virus and endpoint protection solutions, which we rate highly. The Falcon Intelligence solution bolsters this service, providing in-depth reporting and triage, combined with core DRP functionality, such as monitoring social media sites and botnets for signs of malicious activity against your organization. This is a strong solution for teams looking for DRP alongside EPP capabilities.

Digital Shadows Logo

Digital Shadows is a threat intelligence provider that prevents digital risks by identifying external threats and mitigating against them. Digital Shadows’ SearchLight solution is a dedicated threat intelligence tool that is designed to help security teams quickly analyze and respond to threats. Alongside this, Digital Shadows also offer custom advisory services, and custom intelligence services for white glove support and deployment. Digital Shadows was acquired by security operations provider ReliaQuest in June 2022.

Digital Shadows SearchLight Features: 

  • Adaptive model, aligned with your organization’s specific risk profile
  • Monitors a wide range of data sources, including dark web, social media, file stores, and more
  • Comprehensive reporting, alerting, and vulnerability intelligence
  • Reduces remediation time with an automated response playbooks
  • APIs and integrations with other security tools available
  • Custom intelligence, managed takedown, and advisory services available

Digital Shadows SearchLight Pricing: This solution is available in three packages: Essentials, Extend, and Elevate. Pricing can be requested by contacting the provider directly.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Dark Shadows SearchLight is a comprehensive and highly actionable threat intelligence solution. It provides tailored intelligence for teams across diverse sources, such as the dark web, social media, and DNS Zone files. The solution uses advanced data analytics to ensure risks to assets are properly assessed to prevent overloading security teams with alerts. This solution is a strong choice for teams prioritizing faster remediation, and custom intelligence with advisory services.


Fortra (formerly HelpSystems) provides a comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity solutions, including data security, email security managed services, and threat intelligence. In 2021, Fortra acquired PhishLabs, a leading provider of cyber threat intelligence and digital asset protection. Fortra’s PhishLabs Digital Risk Protection Solution offers tailored threat intelligence, with rapid threat mitigation.

PhishLabs Digital Risk Protection Features:

  • Continuous monitoring of dark web, social media, public, and private feeds
  • Advanced algorithms and threat assessment provide actionable intelligence
  • Rapid remediation, with kill switches, network take down, and browser blocking
  • Easy-to-manage web app and APIs for integrations
  • Global takedown network includes integrations with tools and DMCA strikes to help remediate against brand impersonation attempts 

PhishLabs Digital Risk Protection Pricing: Contact Fortra PhishLabs directly to request a quotation for this solution.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Fortra PhishLabs Digital Risk Protection is a comprehensive solution for preventing harm to your brand and digital assets. It prevents brand impersonation, data leakage, and other threats by monitoring the web, social media channels, and other data feeds. Advanced algorithms are used to analyze data, which is then vetted by experts. Fortra PhishLabs Digital Risk Protection is a strong choice for companies prioritizing rapid remediation of brand impersonation, thanks to the platform’s robust “Global Takedown Network”.

Proofpoint Logo

Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection enables organizations to protect their brand and customers against malicious activity, across websites, social media channels and the dark web. It acts as a holistic security service for all digital channels where customers interact with your band. Proofpoint is known for its market leading email security services and is powered by a global threat intelligence platform that spans email, social, and mobile channels. The intelligence network is powered by data from more than 100 million email inboxes, 200 million social-media accounts, and 7 million mobile apps.

Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection Features: 

  • Social and domain impersonation protection with visibility into malicious domains and fraudulent social media accounts
  • Logo and branding protection
  • Integrations with internal and third-party takedown services to quickly remove content
  • Identifies and removes malicious phishing domains using Proofpoint’s “Virtual Takedown Service”
  • Automated content remediation for social media posts and comments, and publishing application policies to prevent malicious content being posted from your channels by hackers

Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection Pricing: Pricing for this solution is available by contacting Proofpoint directly.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection is a digital risk and brand protection tool that is ideal for organizations looking to secure their logos, social media channels, websites and domains against malicious actors and phishing impersonation. It continuously monitors threats across digital channels based on its leading global intelligence network. The solution also automates content remediation by initiating takedown processes, thereby preventing account takeover, and enforcing publishing policies to stop unauthorized posts being made to your channels.

Rapid7 Logo

Rapid7 Threat Command is a digital risk protection and threat intelligence solution that enables organizations to mitigate external threats and gain visibility into potential digital assets vulnerabilities. Threat Command utilizes advanced investigation and mapping capabilities to provide highly contextualized alerts, allowing for quick and efficient detection of potential threats then triggering automated alert responses across your environment. Rapid7 is a leading cybersecurity provider known for its network security solutions and services.

Rapid7 Threat Command Features:

  • Dark web scanning with contextual alerting if malicious activity is detected
  • Team of threat detection experts who actively monitor threats
  • Rapid remediation and removal of harmful content, with a takedown rate of 85% in under 24 hours
  • Comprehensive investigation and threat mapping with dynamic asset tracking
  • Powerful automation and integrations so intelligence extends across your security stack

Rapid7 Threat Command Pricing: Contact Rapid7 directly for pricing information.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Threat Command is an all-in-one solution for digital risk protection and threat intelligence. It has automated remediation capabilities, can carry out powerful investigations, and has sophisticated threat mapping capabilities, powered by both human and machine systems. This comprehensive service is a strong choice for teams that are looking for actionable threat intelligence in an intuitive, scalable system.

Recorded Future Logo

Recorded Future is a leading provider of cybersecurity threat intelligence, delivered through their leading Intelligence Cloud platform. This solution combines data collection, with large scalable analysis to provide comprehensive coverage over an organizations digital risk. It uses analyst-drive integrations and real-time context to help security teams mitigate against threats with speed and reducing alerting noise. The solution offers a number of modules, enabling teams to build custom threat intelligence services driven by organizational need.

Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud Features: 

  • Brand intelligence – phishing impersonation detection, compromised credential detection, unauthorized logo usage detection, and dark web monitoring
  • Actionable, real-time alerting with visual evidence, and industry specific risk assessment
  • Internal threat intelligence monitoring and integrations to improve workflows across your security stack, including SIEM, SOAR, and EDRO solutions
  • Comprehensive view over your threat landscape with real-time insights, vulnerability intelligence, and advanced search and insights
  • Comprehensive payment and identity fraud intelligence that uses geopolitical intelligence

Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud Pricing: Recorded Future is a modular solution which can be fully customized to meet your unique needs. Contact the Recorded Future directly for pricing information.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Intelligence Cloud is a comprehensive threat intelligence and digital risk protection solution that can provide an organization with multiple benefits. The service is modular, enabling teams to prioritize key features such as brand protection, vulnerability protection, or even a specific intelligence type like geopolitical threat scanning. The service provides actionable, real-time contexts to threats with visual evidence to help teams prioritize remediation steps. It will, for example, show a screenshot of impersonation website to help determine what take-down action should be taken.

ReliaQuest GreyMatter

ReliaQuest is a cybersecurity company that offers a range of security products and services, including security incident management, threat intelligence, and security automation. The company’s GreyMatter platform is a security operations platform that provides a unified view of your organization’s security posture. It will then produce actionable threat intelligence, carry out threat hunting, attack and breach simulations, and digital risk protection. ReliaQuest is a trusted cybersecurity provider with high retention rates among large global enterprises.

ReliaQuest Digital Risk Protection Features:

  • Detects online brand and domain impersonation scams, protecting against 38 pre-defined risks
  • Monitors social media profiles for fraudulent and malicious activity
  • Detects phishing and business email compromise attempts
  • Prevents data loss and credential or document theft by monitoring online file stores, forums, and dark web sites
  • Reduces triage and alerting time by 70% with automated playbooks and asset-based alerting

Expert Insights’ Comments: ReliaQuest is a trusted brand in the threat intelligence and security operations space. They work with teams to identify key digital assets that should be protected – these include key employees and can monitor a wide range of data sources to prevent brand impersonation and fraudulent activity. The solution is integrated as part of ReliaQuest’s powerful GreyMatter platform, meaning we would recommend this DRP service for teams looking for digital asset protection alongside a wider platform for threat hunting and security operations.

UpGuard Logo

Upguard is a third party risk and attack surface management software provider, with a portfolio of products that help organizations continuously monitor and protect digital assets. The solution can also be deployed to assess third-party vendor risk, thereby preventing supply chain attacks. Upguard BreachSight is their digital risk protection solution which mitigates against data breaches, discovers compromised credentials, and protects customer data with instant security assessments and continuous threat monitoring. 

UpGuard BreachSight Features:

  • Data leak protection to protect brands, digital assets, and customer data
  • Continuous monitoring of billions of data records across your attack surface
  • Credential theft monitoring, with in depth-context on data leaks to improve remediation times
  • Monitors third-party vendors for data breaches and malicious activities
  • In-depth reporting and benchmarked security rating for delivering insights

UpGuard BreachSight Pricing: UpGuard is available in four packages: Starter, Professional, Corporate,and Enterprise. Data leak detection features are available as part of the Corporate package. At time of writing, pricing for the Starter solution sits at $18,999/yr, with the Corporate package starting at $83,999/yr.

Expert Insights’ Comments: UpGuard is a powerful threat intelligence platform with a comprehensive data leak detection engine which helps to prevent harm to digital assets by continuously monitoring for comprised credentials and data. This solution is a strong option for teams looking to protect both their own corporate data and that of their customers. A key selling point is that it also manages third-party vendor data exposure – this is a crucial feature as supply chain attacks are on the rise.

Zerofox Logo

An industry leader in the brand protection and dark web monitoring space, ZeroFox specializes in providing fully managed protection, threat intelligence, and takedown services across a range of public channels on the surface, deep, and dark web. This is achieved thanks to the powerful combination of AI, deep learning technologies, and its expert threat hunting team. Together, these assets deliver the right intelligence on potential threats and automatically remediate them. 

ZeroFox Features:

  • Collects data relating to dark web, brand, compromised credentials fraud, malware, vulnerability, geopolitical, physical, strategic, and third-party intelligence
  • Analyzes data using AI, machine learning, and human intelligence to produce relevant and actionable threat intelligence
  • Helps quickly analyze, triage, and contextualize alerts
  • Perform unlimited takedowns and disruptions
  • Augments threat hunting capabilities and breach response

ZeroFox Pricing: Contact the ZeroFox team for pricing information.

Expert Insights’ Comments: ZeroFox is a powerful threat intelligence solution that specializes in brand protection and takedown services. It combines AI and human analysis to deliver accurate intelligence and remediation against threats. We recommend this service to mid-sized and large enterprises who need strong brand protection and dark web monitoring.

Top 10 Digital Risk Protection Solutions In 2023