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The Top 10 Data Governance Software

Discover the top 10 best data governance software solutions. Explore features such as workflow automation, data lineage, risk assessment, and compliance reporting.

The Top 10 Data Governance Software Include:
  • 1. Alation Data Governance
  • 2. Ataccama ONE
  • 3. Atlan Data Governance
  • 4. Collibra Data Governance
  • 5. erwin by Quest
  • 6. IBM Data Governance
  • 7. OneTrust Privacy and Data Governance Cloud
  • 8. Precisely Data Integrity Suite
  • 9. SAP Master Data Governance (MDG)
  • 10. Satori Data Classification & Discovery

Data governance software enable data analysts and engineers to monitor and manage data assets more effectively. There are many key benefits to implementing data governance solutions: they can help to improve the quality of your data, they can save time and management by automating key data processes, they can improve data security by implementing access controls, and they can reduce the risk of compliance breaches with access policies. 

Data governance software help organizations manage all aspects of data governance. This includes data cataloguing and discovery and data classification and tracking. Data management tools also ensure data is accurate and complete, with automated processes to remove fake data, or flag potential errors within data sets. Automated is a key feature of data governance software, streamlining workflows and reporting to make it easier for teams to manage vast quantities of data.

Data governance software can also improve security processes by implementing access controls, data access policies and auditing. This can prevent costly and reputation-harming data breaches. Many organizations must follow strict data privacy and compliance laws, such as GDPR. Data governance solutions can help organizations more easily ensure and demonstrate compliance where required.

The data governance space is competitive, with several vendors offering comprehensive data governance solutions that offer a variety of features and capabilities to enable teams to implement, enforce and automate data governance policies. To help you find the right solution, we have shortlisted the top 10 data governance solutions. In this guide, we’ll explore their key features, such as data discovery, data compliance and data security, based on our own market research.


Alation is a leader in enterprise data intelligence solutions, specializing in self-service analytics, cloud transformation, and data governance. Trusted by over 450 prominent enterprises, including Cisco, Nasdaq, Pfizer, Salesforce, and Virgin Australia, Alation empowers organizations to cultivate data-driven decision-making and foster a robust data culture.

Alation’s Active Data Governance App is a comprehensive solution designed to propel your data governance initiatives to new heights. This app seamlessly integrates automation-driven best practices, ensuring the seamless deployment and continuous enhancement of your Active Data Governance program. By synergizing predefined data governance processes with autonomous functionalities and supportive business practices, the app facilitates the initiation and definition of your governance endeavors.

With Alation, you can swiftly establish a robust Data Governance Framework, institute resilient stewardship processes, and expedite the adoption of cutting-edge data governance practices. Experience the acceleration of Active Data Governance delivery and embark on a journey towards elevated data stewardship, empowerment, and decision-making precision.


Ataccama specializes in data quality, master data management, data governance, and big data solutions. Used across international financial, commercial, and government sectors, Ataccama’s offerings are known for their tangible business value and proven execution capabilities.

Ataccama ONE is a transformative platform that seamlessly integrates Data Governance, Data Quality, and Master Data Management. Powered by AI, this solution operates across hybrid and cloud environments, enabling faster management without compromising on integrity, security, or governance. This modular platform serves as an all-encompassing solution catering to diverse data management and governance requirements.

Ataccama’s technology is adaptable and compatible with both traditional and expansive big data sources, offering native integration with your preferred platforms. Ataccama’s solutions provide strong performance and reliability.


Atlan Data Governance offers advanced solutions in the data governance space. Acknowledged by Forrester and Gartner, Atlan has gained recognition for its excellence. Renowned companies such as WeWork, Plaid, and Ralph Lauren rely on Atlan’s expertise.

Atlan Data Governance offers a range of key features designed to enhance data management and security. Users can apply custom classifications, including PII, Confidential, or tags, to sensitive assets. The automation capabilities of Playbooks enable the identification of PII, HIPAA, and GDPR data, streamlining data compliance processes. With an Automated Propagation feature, users can effortlessly extend custom classifications across various data flows. Additionally, the platform provides masking & hashing policies, allowing for data security enhancement through personalized masking solutions.

Atlan facilitates precise data access policies tailored to your projects and teams. Purpose-driven policies curate data assets based on business domains and project context, ensuring optimal data relevance. Persona-based access policies offer personalized user roles, aligning with various team functions. These roles seamlessly integrate with custom classifications like PII and GDPR, guaranteeing secure and efficient data management.


Collibra specializes in trusted data solutions. With a global presence across multiple countries, including the U.S., Belgium, Australia, Czech Republic, France, Poland, and the U.K., Collibra’s Data Intelligence Cloud offers adaptable governance, continuous data quality, and inherent privacy features.

Collibra Data Governance offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance data reliability and governance processes. With a focus on operationalizing data governance workflows, Collibra facilitates the distribution of trustworthy data throughout the organization. This is complemented by specialized support for AI governance, enabling intelligent data utilization in AI projects.

Centralized policy management streamlines the creation, review, and updates of data policies, ensuring uniform adoption and compliance across the enterprise. Collaborative governance is facilitated through intuitive workflows, promoting a team-oriented approach to data management. Collibra’s emphasis on embedded privacy by design not only reduces compliance costs but also ensures that data activities align with privacy requirements.
Documenting metadata details and offering a data helpdesk for issue management further contribute to enhancing trust in data.

Erwin by Quest

erwin by Quest is a leading enterprise modeling and data intelligence portfolio. Serving IT, data governance, and business teams, erwin empowers organizations to uncover, comprehend, manage, and distribute valuable, trusted data across the enterprise. This fosters collaboration, driving insights, innovation, risk management, and business transformation. The comprehensive suite encompasses data modeling, cataloging, quality, literacy, and a data marketplace, offering an integrated and automated data management, governance, and intelligence approach.

The erwin Data Intelligence suite features essential solutions to elevate organizational data management. Seamlessly integrating data cataloging, quality assessment, literacy, and a marketplace, it ensures comprehensive data awareness and accessibility, adhering to established data policies.

The suite includes a rich collection of data connectors, enabling automated metadata integration and streamlined development. Leveraging metadata from erwin Data Catalog, erwin Data Quality automates data profiling, evaluation, scoring, and visualization. The suite accommodates continuous data monitoring, behavioral analysis, and remediation, enhancing data quality efforts.

Erwin by Quest
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IBM Data Governance offers a solution that enhances data outcomes and addresses privacy and compliance obligations. By automating governance and privacy protocols, it fortifies data trust, protection, and compliance.

Key features include active metadata application, ensuring new datasets receive appropriate metadata for consistent comprehension and data reliability. Utilizing AI and ML, IBM’s regulatory policy auto-extraction examines regulatory documents, establishes rulesets, and automatically applies them to data from diverse sources, be it company, industry, or governmental regulations. The platform also provides automated data quality assessments and scoring, AI-driven dataset recommendations, and robust search methods, streamlining data selection.

Data safeguards are enforced dynamically to adhere to data privacy requisites, employing advanced de-identification methods to secure sensitive information. The solution also assesses data privacy risks, eliminating subjectivity by automatically scanning data assets for re-identification risk.

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OneTrust Privacy and Data Governance Cloud is a comprehensive trust intelligence cloud platform that empowers organizations to leverage trust as a tangible competitive advantage. Serving over 14,000 customers, including half of the Global 2,000, OneTrust facilitates responsible data use, privacy protection, cybersecurity implementation, social impact realization, and trust-building within organizations.

OneTrust offers privacy and data governance automation, helping organizations comprehend their data landscape, meet regulatory obligations, and operationalize risk mitigation. Proactive privacy programs, risk detection, and embedding privacy and data security by default into business processes enable trusted data usage.

The OneTrust Privacy and Data Governance Cloud platform encompasses privacy management, data discovery and security enhancement, as well as consent and preferences synchronization to reinforce privacy, regulatory compliance, and effective data management.

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Precisely is a global leader in data integrity, empowering 12,000 customers across 100+ countries. The Precisely Data Integrity Suite comprises modular, interoperable products that ensure accuracy, consistency, and context in data, enhancing business decisions and outcomes.

Central to the suite is the Data Governance module, a user-friendly module within the Precisely Data Integrity Suite. It facilitates the discovery, comprehension, trust, and utilization of critical data throughout an organization, resulting in improved insights, operations, and regulatory adherence. The solution is easy implementation and adaptable. The module seamlessly integrates with other suite modules, on-premises products, and existing technology ecosystems.

Leveraging machine learning, automated metadata harvesting, and AI-driven semantic techniques, the solution enhances team productivity. The suite facilitates better business outcomes through trusted data usage, timely analytics, risk reduction, value generation, informed decision-making, and collaborative data stewardship. Precisely’s Data Integrity Suite empowers organizations to harness data’s potential, enabling informed actions and outcomes.

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SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) provides a unified and trusted perspective of your business data, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making. This solution facilitates central management of master data using the SAP Business Technology Platform, promoting consistency and accuracy.

With this solution, teams can formulate an integrated master data management strategy spanning diverse domains, streamlining data governance, enhancing accuracy, and minimizing ownership costs. MDG supports various deployment options—on-premises, private, and public cloud—and accommodates all master data domains and implementation approaches. Offering prebuilt data models, business rules, workflows, and user interfaces, it seamlessly enables SAP and third-party systems within hybrid landscapes.

With MDG, master data specialists can swiftly generate high-quality “Business Partner” profiles, identify and merge duplicate records, ensure data quality, and seamlessly execute bulk updates for SAP and third-party data sources. MDG empowers organizations to establish a single source of truth through consolidation, enables collaborative data governance with central ownership and validated values, and supports data quality monitoring using defined business rules.

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Satori offers comprehensive Data Classification & Discovery capabilities. It automatically identifies and categorizes data assets, encompassing sensitive information such as PII, PHI, and financial data, across diverse data repositories. This process is facilitated by the dynamic application of security policies during data access, removing the need for manual configuration and addressing potential “shadow data” concerns, thereby ensuring consistent access controls across all data stores. Satori’s system provides continuous monitoring, detecting sensitive data in real-time and maintaining an updated data inventory.

This dynamic mapping enhances operational efficiency, reduces risk exposure, and simplifies management processes.By directly assigning security policies to sensitive data types, guided by factors like ownership, user access, and purpose, Satori’s approach significantly reduces exposure risks and accelerates data access. Furthermore, Satori seamlessly integrates data catalogs, leveraging updated data classification and aligned security policies to ensure streamlined and precise metadata management within an organization’s data ecosystem.

Satori also offers the flexibility to customize classification taxonomies, including institution-specific or localized data types, ensuring continuous discovery tailored to unique organizational requirements. Satori is committed to facilitating secure, compliant, and efficient data access, supporting organizations in harnessing their data potential.

Top 10 Data Governance Software