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The Top 10 Cloud Analytics Solutions

Compare the top cloud analytics solutions. Examine cloud analytics features such as big data processing, machine learning, and user-friendly dashboards.

The Top 10 Cloud Analytics Solutions Include:
  • 1. Amazon QuickSight
  • 2. Board
  • 3. Domo
  • 4. IBM Cognos Analytics
  • 5. Microsoft Power BI
  • 6. Oracle Analytics Platform
  • 7. Salesforce CRM Analytics
  • 8. Sisense Fusion
  • 9. TIBCO Spotfire 12
  • 10. Qlik Sense

Cloud analytics refers to solutions, processes and actions that analyze, store and process private and public cloud data. It gets the “cloud” moniker as it aggregates data from a wide range of cloud environments, is usually cloud in its makeup, and is often used by users while they’re in the cloud to analyze, share, and upload information. Cloud analytics can help organizations make data-driven decisions, improve operational efficiency, and gain competitive advantage.

Cloud analytics solutions have become more and more popular as organizations across the world are starting to catch on to the value of business metrics and data and how this information can be consolidated, contextualized, and used to improve a company’s tools, processes, and more in order to be more successful. 

Cloud analytics solutions combine artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other powerful tools in order to aggregate this data and present it in a clear and concise way for users. A lot of these solutions are often interactive, with users able to create their own dashboards and pull bits of information relevant to whatever they’re searching for, with the ability to export and share these findings to anyone it may concern.

AWS Logo

Amazon QuickSight is a cloud-friendly business intelligence and analytics solution. Flexible, adaptable, and easily integrated, the solution works in a variety of environments, including cloud and multi-cloud. It aggregates data from both cloud and on-prem data sources. Included in a fully stacked package, Amazon QuickSight offers users paginated reports, embedded analytics, natural and language queries, delivered through interactive and consolidated dashboards.

Amazon QuickSight Features:

  • Global collaboration and multi tenancy, and is localized in ten languages including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese
  • QuickSight Mobile application for iOS and Android
  • APIs to manage users, datasets, and assets and can provide programmatic access to BI assets such as dashboards, analysis, and reports
  • Analysis and machine learning capabilities provide forecasting, natural language querying, and anomaly detection
  • Highly customizable; users can create, publish, and share own dashboards and reports
  • APIs can be used to migrate from legacy BI solutions to Amazon QuickSight

Pricing: The platform uses a pay-per-use system. Exact pricing is supplied via a quotation request. A free trial is available.

Expert Insights’ Comments: The Amazon QuickSight platform is an intelligent, API-driven tool with extensive customization capabilities for both admins and users to create and manage their own data sets. Clean and intuitive, the platform easily and clearly displays data and is easy for users to pull additional information as and when they need. It can be used to build visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis, and more. Users praise the Amazon QuickSight for its speed when onboarding, often being set up with a few clicks. Serverless architecture enables complete scalability, with admins able to apply the solution to hundreds of thousands of users without having to create their own servers. We would recommend Amazon QuickSight for SMBs and enterprises.

Board Logo

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, Board is a cloud-based analytics and business intelligence platform that offers flexibility and scalability. It helps to consolidate strategy, finance, and operations in a clear, accessible way so companies can produce actionable insights and drive business forward. Deployment is flexible, with on-premise, on-hosting or on-cloud all supported. The platform is low-maintenance, with regular updates scheduled to be performed automatically with no input needed from admins and users. It is quick and simple to set up and deploy, with low-code or no-code customization. It can be deployed either on-premise, on-hosting or on-cloud.

Board Features:

  • 26 data centers across 5 continents, allowing admins to choose where to host data to ensure low-latency and high UX
  • A drag and drop UI so users can easily build and customize reports
  • Multi-user concurrent data entry
  • Real-time modeling
  • Can create agile departmental planning solutions connected to the enterprise
  • Can enable self-service analyses based on validated corporate data and external data sources

Pricing: The platform follows a pay for what you use model. Exact pricing is supplied via a quotation request.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Board is a comprehensive cloud analytics solution that is intuitive and easy to use and manage. It offers easy customization and a set of fully stacked features such as granular security, server clustering, multi-language capabilities, HTML 5, and on-the-fly calculated metrics. Users praise the solution for its ease of onboarding and simplified nature of the tool, leaving it easy for users to use within your organization. It can consolidate all necessary data into one place consistently. We would recommend it for SMBs and enterprises.

Domo logo

Domo is a fully-stacked cloud analytics solution that offers an easy, low-code consolidation of reporting, self-service analytics, data sharing and embedded analytics, and data apps. Domo helps users to discover, collate, and rationalize data sources and help users add more informed data contextualization and devise the best course of action from there, all from one platform. The platform is built in the cloud, and can easily connect itself to data from other clouds, such as Snowflake or Redshift. Data integration is offered via over 1000 connectors that tap into cloud or on-prem systems.

Domo Features:

  • Visualization technology with over 150 chart types for data visualizations
  • Plug-and-play capabilities, including for Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Google Ads
  • Over 1,000 connectors that can connect to cloud or on-premises systems, with the option to combine them using built-in, drag-and-drop ETL
  • Access data through native iOS and Android Domo apps
  • Page and chart filtering
  • Artificial intelligence-leveraged automated data discovery

Pricing: Three versions of the product are available. The starter plan is free. For the Enterprise and Professional plan pricing, this is supplied after a quotation request.

Expert Insights’ Comments: The Domo cloud analytics solution is a fantastic tool for clear data aggregation and analysis. Navigation and use of the tool is simplified through the use of Domo’s centralized data governance tools. Highly intuitive, the solution offers a strong degree of customization with admins able to choose from thousands of custom maps or integrate their own, as well as building data visualizations through a simplified drag-and-drop interface. Users like the platform for its ease of use and navigation; as well as its assistance and targeted knowledge-based articles to help users. Accessible, intelligent, and scalable, we would recommend Domo for SMBs and enterprises.

IBM logo

IBM’s cloud analytics solution offers web-based data modeling, interactive dashboards and full enterprise reports, with data exploration and prediction capabilities. The predictive feature is particularly rich, with predictive forecasting, decision trees, an AI assistant and much more. It is an intuitive and intelligent platform, which offers a high degree of customization, ease of use, and artificial intelligence. Users can quickly create dashboards to create auto-generated visualizations, which can then be further customized and refined before being shared through email or Slack. Users can ask and prompt the platform’s AI assistant in plain language, with the assistant producing an answer and results in a clear and concise visualization. Cloud-based, it is easily integrated with other platforms and tools.

IBM Cognos Analytics Features:

  • Artificial intelligence bolstered by data visualization
  • Import data from CSV files and spreadsheets
  • Data accessible 24/7 through the platform’s mobile app
  • Web based data modeling
  • Data discovery and cleansing features
  • KPI Monitoring
  • 64-bit in-memory optimized query generation with pattern intelligence, in-memory calculations and aggregate operations, and more

Pricing: A range of pricing plans are available to suit business sizes and needs. A free trial is also available. Pricing is supplied via a quotation request.

Expert Insights’ Comments: IBM Cognos Analytics is highly regarded by users as one of the best solutions on the market, and it is easy to see why. Feature-rich and intelligent, the platform leverages IBM Watson, an integration that offers advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities and assists users with finding hidden insights and patterns in their data. Clean and intuitive for all users in your organization, users can quickly create interactive dashboards with all the data and information they need. This information can be easily shared and exported. The platform also maintains strict compliance and includes robust security features to ensure that data is kept confidential and secure. Accessible and scalable, with a range of pricing plans, we would recommend IBM Cognos Analytics all types and sizes of companies.

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud analytics and data visualization tool that aids organizations in assessing and collating data and information and using it to produce actionable insights. Organizations can develop their understanding through business intelligence, with Microsoft Power BI offering hundreds of data visualizations, bulti-in AI features, Excel integrations, and out-of-the-box and customizable data connectors. Users can use Microsoft Power BI to apply sensitivity labels to data, meet privacy and regulatory requirements, extend data loss prevention and governance to users, and more. It is a cloud-based solution.

Microsoft Power BI Features:

  • Data and information is easily accessible on the go via the Microsoft Power BI integrated app
  • Bring-your-ow- key feature to help meet data security compliance and requirements
  • Single pane of glass view across enterprise data
  • Paginated (RDL) reports
  • Embed APIs and controls
  • Metrics for content creation, consumption, and publishing
  • Application lifecycle management

Pricing: Microsoft Power BI has two plans, pro and premium, which start at $13.70 per user/month and $27.50 per user/month, respectively. Different and more advanced features are available for each.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Microsoft Power BI leverages data from a wealth of sources before leveraging them with contextualization and analytics. Users can easily connect to these rich data sources and use the features and tools provided to transform this data into actionable insights, produce interactive reports, and create dashboards. Highly integrated with a range of sources, Microsoft Power BI can be connected to Excel and SQL Server, amongst other tools. Users praise Microsoft Power BI for it’s simplified user interface and ease of navigation, meaning that even inexperienced or unskilled users can quickly find their way. We would recommend Microsoft Power BI for companies in the small to mid-market range.

Oracle Logo

Oracle is a leading vendor in the cloud security and applications space. Their cloud analytics solution is an adaptable and robust platform, with an accompanying app for insights and data on the go. Users can easily explore data through customizable dashboards and build their own reports. It provides users with prompts and suggestions and creates a journey of data discovery to help enhance business. Oracle prides itself on being easy to use for users, with all users able to use the embedded ML to build custom models. The platform leverages machine learning in order to help users discover hidden patterns and insights from data.

Oracle Analytics Platform Features:

  • Data flows help to provide business users with a code-free capability to transform data sets into the information they need for analytics
  • “Explain” feature examines datasets to identify any relevant business drivers, insights, and data anomalies
  • Single source of truth for important data using a semantic layer
  • Governed self-service discovery
  • Search and voice-driven analytics
  • Optimized connectivity to on-prem data warehouses using the Data Gateway feature

Pricing: The Oracle Analytics Platform follows a pay per use pricing model.Analytics Cloud (OAC) has flexible pricing available as either consumption of OCPU/hour or as user/month. Named user subscriptions start at $162.30/month (OAC Professional Edition with ten named users).

Expert Insights’ Comments: The Oracle Analytics Platform offers flexible, scalable, and intuitive data analytics and intelligence, while also ensuring granular security to keep your data safe. It is a smart solution that leverages machine learning for prompts and insights so users, regardless of experience, can make the most out of the data found. Users like the solution for its particularly robust report generation and publishing search engine features. Automation and artificial intelligence is built into the product to deliver timely and consistent updates. We would recommend the Oracle Analytics Platform for SMBs and enterprises. Easily integrated, it works especially well with other Oracle solutions and tools.

Salesforce logo

Salesforce CRM Analytics offers a full set of analytics which includes descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analysis for its CRM platform. In addition to pulling data and information from a multitude of sources, the platform also offers intelligent recommendations to help assist with faster decisions and get results. While highly customizable, the solution also offers some “out-of-the-box” capabilities, such as dashboards and KPIs which can be used for most industries and user job roles so users can get started as quickly as possible, with the option for more targeted customization further down the line. Cloud-based, Salesforce offers powerful data management tools that can quickly detect, process, and sync data from anywhere.

Salesforce CRM Analytics Features:

  • Self-contained ETL functionality
  • Visual data prep
  • Sales Analytics and Service Analytics
  • Model performance reports
  • Embed real-time scoring in apps and workflows
  • Query and data APIs
  • Data pipeline orchestration/manager and visual data prep

Pricing: Salesforce CRM Analytics begins at $75 per user per month. A range of plans are available and not all contain the same features. A quotation request can provide better insight.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Salesforce CRM Analytics, is a powerful solution that can handle mass reams of data and produce quality reports and actionable information and prompts. It offers a report generator, customizable APIs, and compatibility and integration with a wide range of third-party applications. Users praise the solution for its clean interface and comprehensve features. The solution is easily and quickly scalable for enterprises, with data trust able to be advanced through the leveraging of permissions and policies embedded in the platform’s workflow as and when is needed.

Sisense Logo

Sisense is a singular platform that combines three powerful solutions to deliver robust cloud analytics and reporting: Sisense Fusion Analytics, Sisense Infusion Apps, and Sisense Fusion Embed. It offers a straightforward and clean way of simplifying data so that anyone in your organization can make use of intelligence and insights, while offering customizable experiences that can be done at scale. Sisense Fusion is an AI-driven analytics cloud platform that offers a high degree of customization. The platform consolidates data from a range of broad-range sources into a single repository for easy analysis and retrieval. It connects cloud, in-app, and on-prem data.

Sisense Fusion Features:

  • Drag and drop interface
  • Visual-based data modeling and dashboard creation
  • Advanced questioning in a natural language feature
  • Integrated workflows and business apps
  • Can mix live and cached data models to enhance speed and control resource use
  • Built-in widgets and approved plugins
  • Dashboards can be shared online with multiple users

Pricing: Pricing is supplied via a quotation request.

Expert Insights’ Comments: The Sisense Fusion platform prides is easy to use, with users able to generate reports, analyze data, explore options and insights, and collaborate with team members either with or without code. It blends application technology, embedding and analytics to create a powerful and intuitive business intelligence tool. It is a highly customizable, integrated tool that offers low and no-code options, striving to be as easy and as fuss free as possible. It allows for users to share dashboards with multiple users at a time, enhancing collaboration. Users have praised the service for its accessibility, ease of use, shareability, and data modeling features.

Tibco logo

TIBCO Spotfire is a cloud-based business intelligence and analytics software tool that helps users analyze data at-rest and data in-motion for users to develop strategies and actionable insights. This analysis of data at all points allows for your users to predict trends through utilizing advanced analytic capabilities and embedded data science. The platform consolidates predictive analytics, geolocation analytics, and streaming analytics all into one platform.

TIBCO Spotfire 12 Features:

  • Natural Language Query
  • Visualization recommendations and data action recommendations
  • K-means clustering and hierarchical clustering
  • Sharing and collaboration supported through exporting features such as to PowerPoint, to Image, to PDF, and custom
  • User and group administration
  • Predictive modeling

Pricing: A range of editions for the solution are available. Pricing is supplied via a quotation request.

Expert Insights’ Comments: TIBCO Spotfire 12 is an advanced cloud analytics and intelligence solution that helps users drive solutions and decisions forward faster. It combines NLQ powered search, AI-driven recommendations, and direct manipulation to create an interactive and pervasive data intel and analytics tool. It offers valuable predictive analysis and visual analytics, which delivers interactive visual displays with graphs. It offers powerful data mining, statistical analysis, and predictive modeling. Users have priased the solution for it’s modern interface, interactive visualizations, and ability to handle mass amounts of data. We would recommend TIBCO Spotfire 12 for SMBs to enterprises.

Qlik Logo

Qlik Sense is an analytics and reporting solution which combines visualizations, artificial intelligence, active analytics, and dashboards, delivered through a hybrid cloud platform. Key features of the platform include natural language analytics, custom and embedded analytics, and AI-powered insights. It is powered by its Associative Analytics Engine, an intuitive engine which searches all data, provides faster insights, allows users to combine all their data sources, and maps all the relationships in the data.

Qlik Sense Features:

  • Self-service visualization
  • Dashboarding/guided analytics
  • Governed self-service analytics
  • Visual data prep and advanced data prep
  • Platform built on open APIs
  • Freeform associative exploration

Pricing: A free trial is available. Pricing is supplied via a quotation request.

Expert Insights’ Comments:

Qlik Sense is an AI-driven analytics solution that offers fast and straightforward access to data, analytics, and reporting. It is a very customizable solution, offering open APIs to connect data. It offers guided and self-service analytics. Users can easily pull and create interactive data visualizations, dashboard analysis, charts, and graphs. A range of third-party integrations are available and it works well with a wide range of data sources and connectors. Users praise the solution for its ease of use, initial deployment, and level of customization. We would recommend Qlik Sense for the small to mid market range.

Top 10 Cloud Analytics Solutions