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The Top 9 Breach And Attack Simulation Solutions

Discover the top Breach and Attack Simulation Solutions offering features like vulnerability scanning, attack planning, and user awareness training.

The Top 9 Breach And Attack Simulation Solutions Include:
  • 1. AttackIQ
  • 2. Cymulate Breach and Attack Simulation
  • 3. Fortinet FortiTester
  • 4. Mandiant Red Team Assessment
  • 5. NetSPI Breach and Attack Simulation
  • 6. Picus Security
  • 7. RedScan Breach and Attack Simulation
  • 8. ReliaQuest GreyMatter Verify
  • 9. SafeBreach Breach and Attack Simulation Platform

Breach and Attack Simulations (BAS) solutions assess the effectiveness of an organization’s security posture, by mimicking real-world cyber-attack techniques. This highlights vulnerabilities that can be found within an organization, enabling them to be addressed and mitigated before a real attack can take place. The best Breach and Attack Simulation solutions can simulate cutting edge cyber-attack methodologies to provide a comprehensive report into the resilience of your cybersecurity strategy.

Breach and Attack simulations solutions typically operate in three stages. First, simulation and testing, which can involve red teaming, penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, often leveraging the MITRE ATT&CK framework -a global database of cyber-criminal tactics and techniques. Second, reporting and evolution, which involves detailed insights and actionable recommendations for improving network security strategies. Finally, implementation and ongoing evolution, where recommendations are implementing, and continuous evaluations take place to mitigate any other vulnerabilities which may arise.

There are many benefits to implementing a robust Breach and Attack Simulation solution. The recommendations they can provide to improve your security strategy can massively reduce your risk of data compromise, which can be extremely expensive and hugely damaging to brand reputation. BAS tools can also be important to qualify for cyber-insurance policies, and to meet compliance criteria.

For these reasons, there has been increased demand for BAS and the market has become competitive. To help you find the right tool, we have curated a list of the top Breach and Attack Simulation solutions. This guide delves into their key features, such as threat emulation, reporting granularity, and ease of integration, all based on our comprehensive market research.


AttackIQ specializes in breach and attack simulation products, designed to validate security control measures. Their core emulation platform replicates adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures in line with the MITRE ATT&CK framework, offering data-driven insights into the performance of a security program. AttackIQ Breach and Attack Simulation Platform includes three products: Flex, Ready! And Enterprise.

AttackIQ Flex is an on-demand, agentless test service that emulates adversary behavior, providing security control performance metrics and mitigation strategies. The service has a unique pricing model focused on results rather than the number of tests or licenses. AttackIQ Ready! is a managed breach and attack simulation service based on the main AttackIQ platform. It conducts regular validation and offers reports, remediation guidance, and access to AttackIQ’s research. The service tests the effectiveness of various key security controls within the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

AttackIQ Enterprise combines their simulation platform with a co-managed service, granting customers adaptability and the capacity to integrate the software to their distinct needs. This includes continuous security validation, regular reports, remediation advice, and access to the research team around the clock. AttackIQ offer enhanced efficiency in security testing, adaptable testing options, and quicker risk identification and mitigation.


Cymulate provides continuous threat exposure management, catering to both technical and business needs through scoping, discovery, prioritization, validation, and mobilization. Cymulate Breach and Attack Simulation offers validation of security controls by realistically testing them and the overarching security architecture. It assesses immediate threats and determines the capability of the security controls to counteract them. Additionally, it enhances security operations and incident response through the constant and automated validation of security operations processes.

Cymulate conducts safe threat activities in live environments to authenticate the efficacy of security controls. It tests the security structure for exposure risks, offers continuous validation of security operations processes, and assists businesses in rationalizing investments and benchmarking cyber performance. Cymulate offers integrated support for MITRE attack reporting.

This security assessment is underpinned by a layered defense that undergoes continuous testing to ensure controls function optimally. Cymulate’s simulation evaluates threat detection and alerts to confirm the correct operation of controls and checks if threats can bypass them. Every vector is scored individually and aggregated to provide a comprehensive risk assessment based on recognized industry frameworks.

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Fortinet FortiTester is a network security testing tool designed to assess the efficacy of network security devices and applications. It simulates various traffic types, inclusive of malicious traffic, to evaluate how security devices respond to potential threats. FortiTester can support diverse traffic, from SSL and DDoS to custom traffic, ensuring security infrastructures are adept at managing advanced threats while optimizing performance.

FortiTester offers MITRE ATT&CK simulation testing, CVE-based IPS tests, and DDoS traffic generation. This is supplemented by the inclusion of Web/IOT attacks, the FortiGuard Malware strike pack, and PCAP replay capabilities. The platform is further enhanced with a comprehensive API, fully equipped to facilitate automation across testing, simulation, and reporting phases.

FortiTester is a comprehensive tool that aids enterprises and service providers in maintaining a secure and resilient network infrastructure. By combining network performance testing and breach attack simulation, it evaluates the people, processes, and technology pivotal to an organization’s security.

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Google Cloud’s Mandiant service offers Red Team Operations designed to emulate real-world cyberattacks on an organization’s environment. Their approach begins with initial reconnaissance, utilizing both proprietary intelligence repositories and open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools. After gathering sufficient information, the team endeavors to gain access by exploiting potential vulnerabilities or through social engineering tactics, mimicking techniques employed by actual cyber adversaries. Upon gaining access, Mandiant’s red team seeks to escalate privileges and establish persistence in the environment, setting up a command-and-control infrastructure analogous to that of real attackers. Their aim is to accomplish set objectives while ensuring minimal disruptions.

Red Team Operations serve two primary purposes for organizations: testing the detection and response capabilities of their security teams and raising awareness about potential vulnerabilities. By simulating genuine cyber threats, organizations can better understand their weak points and enhance their defense mechanisms. The deliverables provided by Mandiant post-operation include executive summaries, detailed technical reports, fact-based risk analysis, immediate tactical recommendations, long-term strategic improvement suggestions, and insights from the simulated real-world incident experience.


NetSPI provide a broad spectrum of penetration testing, attack surface management, and breach and attack simulation services. Their approach blends technological advancements with the expertise of global cybersecurity professionals. The company’s main office is in Minneapolis, MN, but they have a global presence with offices in the U.S., Canada, the UK, and India.

NetSPI offers a comprehensive detective control platform that allows organizations to design and execute tailored procedures. This platform, complemented by their professional pen-testers, emulates genuine attack behaviors, thereby rigorously testing detective controls. Their services help organizations fortify their defenses against threats like ransomware, data loss, fraud, and information leaks. They meticulously validate various controls such as endpoint, network, and Active Directory controls, among others. They also pinpoint detection shortcomings, from disabled or misconfigured controls to gaps in the kill chain.

Results come with comprehensive descriptions, actionable recommendations, and resource links, allowing easy comprehension and replication. Their real-time dashboards help businesses gauge their security stance, benchmark against peers, and discern their security ROI. NetSPI’s platform, combined with their expert teams and tested methodologies, equips organizations to enhance their resilience against potential threats, fostering informed decision-making and bolstering defense mechanisms.


Picus Security specializes in Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) through their solution, the Picus Complete Security Control Validation Platform. This platform continuously validates the effectiveness of security measures against cyber-attacks, providing insights for mitigation. It serves organizations globally with offices in North America, Europe, and APAC and has a robust network of channel and alliance partners.

The platform’s core functions include automatically assessing and enhancing cyber resilience, measuring the effectiveness of current security controls, identifying and removing potential attack routes to critical systems and users, and improving detection and response mechanisms. The platform offers a continuous view of an organization’s defense readiness against current threats and automates previously manual validation processes.
This automation allows teams to prioritize remediation over discovery.

The system also provides metrics necessary for data-driven decisions, assisting organizations in becoming more threat-centric and showcasing value to stakeholders. The platform is fully aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK framework.


Redscan specializes in Managed Detection and Response, Penetration Testing, and Red Teaming. Redscan was acquired in 2021 by Kroll, a global leader in governance, risk, and transparency services and digital products.

Kroll’s proprietary FAST Attack Simulations are designed to boost cyber resilience. These custom simulations combine unparalleled incident forensics experience with top security frameworks to evaluate an organization’s readiness against contemporary attack patterns. This assists organizations in gauging their detection and response capabilities and prioritizing security enhancements.

Kroll crafts simulations based on industry standards like the MITRE ATT&CK framework. The team also provides expert guidance on the findings, helping organizations identify next steps to fortify security. These simulations not only detect vulnerabilities but also inform discussions among leadership about balancing innovation, speed, and security.

ReliaQuest GreyMatter

ReliaQuest is known for its security operations platform, GreyMatter. This cloud-native platform, streamlines detection, investigation, and response across various digital environments – including cloud, endpoint, and on-premises applications. ReliaQuest supports over 700 customers globally, striving to fortify security for renowned enterprise brands.

GreyMatter Verify feature offers automated breach and attack simulation. This functionality lets security teams replicate potential breaches, simulating the tactics that malicious entities might employ, in turn, highlighting possible vulnerabilities. The solution maps its threat coverage with established security frameworks, including MITRE ATT&CK. The solution offers integrations across a vast array of more than 80 security tools, along with various cloud and on-premises applications, highlighting any potential weak spots that could jeopardize an effective attack response.

Businesses that have integrated ReliaQuest’s platform have observed notable improvements, including a 58% reduction in alert triage and response times, a 70% decrease in false positives, and a 35% enhancement in total cost of ownership.

ReliaQuest GreyMatter

SafeBreach offers a breach and attack simulation (BAS) platform designed to evaluate the effectiveness of an organization’s security measures. Through the simulation of breach scenarios across the entire cyber kill chain, the platform determines the areas of security that are functioning as anticipated and where vulnerabilities might exist. This process assists teams in pinpointing security risks and facilitates informed decision-making to bolster organizational protection.

The platform incorporates SafeBeach’s Hacker’s Playbook, featuring over 24,000 documented attack methods. This aims to mimic the hacker’s perspective, regularly assessing the reliability of existing security protocols against sophisticated threats. With the platform, users can select and initiate preconfigured attack scenarios or design bespoke attacks for future tests. SafeBreach aggregates and presents performance data, offering insights into the organization’s security stance, vulnerable network segments, and potential threat entities.

SafeBreach provides comprehensive dashboards offering a snapshot of your organization’s security health, covering various metrics, including those based on the MITRE ATT&CKTM framework. SafeBreach integrates with numerous technology partners, enhancing the contextual data for vulnerability prioritization and remediation resource allocation.

Top 9 Breach And Attack Simulation Solutions