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The Top 6 Alternatives To SentinelOne

Compare the best alternatives to SentinelOne. Explore capabilities such as threat intelligence, device control, and sandboxing.

The Top 6 Alternatives To SentinelOne Include:
  • 1. Heimdal Endpoint Detection and Response
  • 2. Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus
  • 3. Cisco Secure Endpoint
  • 4. CrowdStrike Falcon Complete
  • 5. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • 6. Trend Micro Apex One

SentinelOne offer a comprehensive endpoint protection, detection, and response platform which enables effective threat hunting across complex enterprise architecture. The solution provides in-depth visibility, threat detection, and advanced remediation techniques designed to protection your endpoints from a world of dangers.

Endpoint protection solutions offer robust security for corporate devices against malware, malicious apps, and security incidents. They provide centralized visibility and management for all devices, then allow administrators to investigate and remediate threats. This enables efficient and effective handling of security threats.

SentinelOne’s solution is a strong endpoint protection offering, but it is not the only option on the market. Here is our list of the top SentinelOne alternatives.

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Heimdal Logo

Heimdal is leading provider of cloud-based cybersecurity solutions that help businesses prevent, detect, and remediate endpoint, identity, web, email, and application threats. Heimdal’s solutions are all delivered via single, holistic platform, meaning that IT and security teams needn’t juggle multiple disparate tools or intelligence feeds. Their EDR solution, Heimdal Endpoint Detection and Response, enables businesses to prevent known viruses and malware threats, as well as detect and remediate sophisticated, zero-day threats such as vulnerability exploits, brute force attacks, and social engineering.

Heimdal Endpoint Detection and Response Features:

  • Prevents endpoint threats using a combination of next-gen antivirus, privileged access management and application control, patch management, DNS filtering, and encryption
  • Uses machine learning-driven intelligence to proactively monitor your environment for known and zero-day threats
  • Crowdsources intelligence from across Heimdal’s solution portfolio, enabling a holistic, transparent approach to security
  • Automates remediation workflows for certain tasks such as patching, to enable admins to focus on remediating more complex threats
  • Cloud-based deployment ensures flexibility and scalability

Pricing And Plans:

Pricing for Heimdal Endpoint Detection and Response is available directly via their sales team. Heimdal also offers a free demo of their solution, which you can sign up for on their website.

Expert Insights’ Comments:

Heimdal Endpoint Detection and Response is quick to deploy and easy to manage via its intuitive, modern interface. One of the platform’s greatest differentiators is its modular architecture, which enables admins to easily add on further security modules to extend the platform’s capabilities from EDR to XDR, covering email and network security as well as endpoint. This ensures complete visibility, without the need to manage and synchronize multiple threat intelligence feeds. Overall, we recommend Heimdal Endpoint Detection and Response to any organization looking for a strong threat detection and response tool that they can use to protect their entire environment – not just their endpoints.

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Avast Logo

Avast are global leaders in cyber security, providing security solutions to businesses and consumers designed to protect against the broad range of cyber threats. Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus is their business endpoint security software suite. It protects organizations through effective deployment of antivirus, firewall, email gateway, sandboxing, and anti-spam tools. This solution is available as a standalone product or as part of the Business Hub, depending on whether you wish to protect a small number of devices or secure multiple devices from one platform.

Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus Features:

  • Scans every downloaded file for malware and malicious content
  • Protects against DNS hijacking, ensuring fraudulent website cannot be displayed
  • Inspects incoming and outgoing emails for malware
  • Security Browser Extension scans sites for authenticity and blocks malicious adds
  • Uses a virtual, isolated environment to allow access to unknown applications, websites, and to download files
  • SharePoint Server Protection ensures that malware is not uploaded to cloud environments

Pricing And Plans: Contact Avast directly for pricing information.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus is an enterprise-grade solution capable of securing users and connections in open and private networks. The solutions is easy to use whilst still having a strong functionality. We would recommend this solution to SMBs who are looking for a product capable of delivering comprehensive protection for their data, devices, and employees.

Avast Logo
Cisco Logo

Founded in 1984, Cisco is an American multinational technology conglomerate who offer innovative, industry leading products and solutions. Their endpoint solution, Cisco Secure Endpoint, works to support businesses in protecting their endpoints, emails, and web traffic across multiple platforms. The solution utilizes security features like continuous tracking, anti-malware protection, and sandboxing.

Cisco Secure Endpoint Features:

  • Advanced endpoint protection across control points
  • Integrated risk-based vulnerability management
  • USB device control – with visibility of events and blocked devices
  • Integrated XDR capabilities provide a unified view, simplified incident management, and automated playbooks
  • Human-driven threat hunting which maps to the MITRE ATT&CK framework

Pricing And Plans: Cisco Secure Endpoint offers three tiers. These include Secure Endpoint Essentials which comes with standard security features. Secure Endpoint Advantage with expands upon these features with additional capabilities, and Secure Endpoint Premier which is the most advanced of the three options. Contact Cisco directly for pricing information and test out the solutions for 30-days with their free trial.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Cisco Secure Endpoint effectively blocks attacks and supports organizations to respond to cybersecurity threats quickly and confidently. The solution receives positive ratings from users who praise the ease of use, easy installation, and advanced feature-set. We would recommend Cisco Secure Endpoint for organizations looking to protect their endpoints with minimal friction, without compromising on security.

Crowdstrike Logo

CrowdStrike is a global cybersecurity leader who offer advanced solutions to protect critical network areas – endpoints, cloud environments, identities, and data. CrowdStrike Falcon Complete is their AI powered, cloud-delivered endpoint protection solution. It provides fully managed 24/7 protection for endpoints, cloud workloads and identities, effectively supporting superior protection, enhanced performance, and reduced complexity for organization.

CrowdStrike Falcon Complete Features:

  • Reduces cost and complexity by requiring no hardware, additional software, or configurations
  • Real-time visibility and insight into endpoints within your environment
  • Blocks attacks while capturing and recording endpoints in real-time for fast threat detection
  • IT policy enforcement using identity, behavioral and risk analytics
  • Scalable and effective threat hunting
  • 24/7 monitoring and response
  • Remediation in under 60 minutes

Plans And Pricing: To inquire about pricing for CrowdStrike Falcon Complete please contact CrowdStrike directly via their website.

Expert Insights’ Comments: CrowdStrike Falcon Complete is an endpoint protection suite that works to unify the technologies, intelligence, and expertise required to effectively prevent breaches. Users highlight the solution’s ease of use, anomaly detection capabilities, and extensive visibility. We would recommend this solution to companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 to SMBs, who are looking for comprehensive protection for endpoints.

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft is a leading computer software vendor, founded in 1975, whose Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is an enterprise level endpoint security platform. It helps organizations to scale their security resources, evolve how they defend their network devices and operating systems. Ultimately, the solution is well suited to effectively protect organizations from today’s most prevalent cyber threats.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Features:

  • Discover, prioritize, and remediate any misconfigurations or vulnerabilities with threat vulnerability management
  • Discover unmanaged or unauthorized endpoints with integrated workflows
  • Investigate alerts and remediate complex threats automatically
  • Reduce your attack surface by preventing sophisticated threats and malware from entering the network
  • Detect and respond to advanced attacks with deep threat monitoring
  • Mobile threat defense capabilities

Pricing And Plans: There are two Microsoft Defender for Endpoint plans to choose from. The first is Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P1, which focuses on prevention and comes with unified security tools, centralized management, firewall, and anti-malware technology. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P2 expands on the features listed for P1. In this instance, it adds automated investigation and remediation, sandboxing, and threat intelligence to the package. For pricing information contact Microsoft directly.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Microsoft’s enterprise endpoint security platform offers a strong set of capabilities that work towards protecting endpoints and boosting organization-wide security. Users of the solution rate it highly and praise the quick response and remediation capabilities. We would recommend this solution to organizations interested in intelligent, automated, and integrated security.

Trend Micro Logo

Trend Micro are a global cybersecurity leader and are particularly strong in the cloud and enterprise cybersecurity sectors. Their endpoint security solution – Trend Micro Apex One – aims to secure businesses against evolving endpoint security threats through automated threat detection and response. The solution comes with multiple deployment options, including hybrid options and aims to minimize threat exposure while giving actionable insights and controls to admin teams.

Trend Micro Apex One Features:

  • Ability to block threats and lockdown network areas with Application Control
  • Behavior monitoring at the endpoint can identify unusual activity to the operating system or installed apps
  • Damage cleanup services ensures that file-based and network viruses are fully removed from a network
  • Device control – regulates access to external storage devices
  • Apex One Firewall – uses stateful inspections and high-performance network virus scans
  • Web reputation technology to proactively protect endpoints against malicious sites

Pricing And Plans: For information on pricing, contact Trend Micro directly.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Trend Micro Apex One is an endpoint protection solution which layers a range of detection capabilities alongside investigations and response, so endpoints are protected at every stage. Users rate it highly and praise its robust capabilities and reliable service. Thanks to the solution’s flexible deployment options, we would recommend it to larger organizations with workforces requiring security across a mixture of cloud-based and on-premises solutions.

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The Top Alternatives To SentinelOne