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Top 5 Active Directory Recovery Tools

Explore the top Active Directory Recovery tools, their capabilities, and features like granular rollback, comprehensive recovery, and regular backups.

The Top 5 Active Directory Recovery Tools Include:
  • 1. ManageEngine ADManager Plus
  • 2. Microsoft Azure Backup
  • 3. Netwrix Recovery for Active Directory
  • 4. Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory
  • 5. Semperis Active Directory Forest Recovery

Active Directory (AD) is a database and set of services connecting users to the network resources necessary for executing their daily tasks. This directory service runs on Microsoft Windows Servers and allows admins to manage permissions and control access to those network resources. This ensures that only the right users are granted access to certain areas. This service allows for higher levels of control over IT environments, leading to easier collaboration with enhanced security.

Active Directory is suitable for organizations of all sizes, across a wide number of use cases. These organizations, while enjoying the benefits of using this service, should ensure that they have an effective third-party Active Directory Recovery tool in place. As AD is an incredibly effective tool, if it were to become compromised during an attack, the consequences could be extensive. 

Active Directory provides a range of core services needed for employees to carry out their work tasks in the IT ecosystem. This includes logging into their workstations, running applications, accessing data, and delivering services to customers. So, when disaster strikes – whether that be a human error, a natural disaster, or a cyberattack – your whole organization could feel the effects. This downtime can be highly disruptive and costly for the business.

The best way to minimize this downtime and avoid any issues is to have a comprehensive Active Directory Disaster Recovery solution in place to facilitate speedy recovery. These solutions achieve this by storing user data, logging changes, and monitoring user activities. Ultimately, this puts organizations in a better position to get through recovery process quicker, ensuring that there is as little downtime as possible.

To help you find the right Active Directory Recovery Tool for your organizations we have put together a list of options to consider.

ManageEngine logo

ManageEngine is the Enterprise IT management software division of ZOHO Corp, offering a broad suite of solutions to manage IT operations. ManageEngine ADManager Plus is their Windows Active Directory management and reporting solution. It offers backup and restore capabilities for Active Directory, and acts like a healthcare center for your AD by helping you to both solve and uncover the source of any problems with your AD environment.

ManageEngine ADManager Plus Features:

  • Incremental backup – streamlines the backup process by only backing up changes made since the last backup
  • Regularly performs full backups of all objects present in the domain
  • Complete or granular recovery options
  • DNS backup and recovery
  • Delegate AD backup and recovery rights to specific units and keep track of changes via audit reports

Plans And Pricing: AD Manager Plus comes in two editions, which are Standard and Professional. All licenses are either annual subscriptions or domain-based with unlimited number of devices. Pricing will vary depending on features and number of help desk technicians you require. A breakdown of pricing can be found on the ManageEngine website.

Expert Insights’ Comments: ManageEngine ADManager Plus simplifies tasks such as provisioning users, cleansing stale accounts, providing just-in-time (JIT) access, managing new technology file system (NTFS), and share permissions. We would recommend this solution to any organizations interested in really understanding what goes on in their AD environment and gaining visibility into actions taken.

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Azure Backup Logo

Microsoft Azure Backup is a secure, one-click backup solution that is scalable and will meet your specific backup storage needs. This solution is part of Azure Recovery Services. and offers users simple and reliable methods of managing and protecting data. There is limitless storage, making this a cost effective long-term solution.

Microsoft Azure Backup Features:

  • Centralized management – allows for monitoring, operating, governance, and optimization of data protection at scale
  • Application consistency – backup and restore data from virtual machines (VMs)
  • Multiple workload support – back up Azure Virtual Machines, on-premises servers, SQL Server, and SAP HANA on Azure Files
  • Store backups in locally redundant storage (LRS), zone redundant storage (ZRS), geo-redundant storage (GRS)

Microsoft Azure Backup Pricing: There is an estimated cost calculator on the Microsoft Azure website. For an actual price quote, contact a sales specialist via their website.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Microsoft Azure Backup supports organizations in managing their data at scale, securing their backups, reducing costs associated with additional backup infrastructure, and protecting diverse workloads. This is a strong, well rated solution, which we would recommend to organizations with a particular interest in scalability, simplicity, and cost effectiveness in their Azure AD recovery tool.

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netwrix logo

Netwrix is an IT security software company who work to support organizations in controlling and managing their sensitive, regulated, and business critical data, wherever it resides. Their solution, Netwrix Recovery for Active Directory, works to simplify the process of reverting unwanted changes and restoring domain control for swift recovery and minimal costly downtime for business operations.

Netwrix Recovery for Active Directory Features:

  • Comprehensive recovery – recover deleted user and computer objects, DNS entries, GPOs, etc.
  • Granular rollback – easily search the full timeline of changes to an object and roll back unwanted alterations, to the previous backup or to an older version
  • Protect your AD forest backups from data theft with encryption
  • Track Access Control Lists (ACLs) and other critical changes – makes it easy to increase or decrease a user’s privilege if altered
  • Control when AD backups are created – ensure you meet any recovery point objectives or compliance regulation
  • Perform backup and recovery tasks from AD users with a fully integrated Microsoft management console

Netwrix Recovery for Active Directory Pricing: Contact Netwrix directly for pricing information.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Netwrix’s solution allows organizations to reduce the chances of security breaches and the resulting loss of data. It will also prevent network downtime after an attack, and ensure faster, more efficient troubleshooting and remediation. Users praise the simple installation and configuration of this solution, as well as the excellent rollback feature. We would recommend Netwrix Recovery for Active Directory to organizations looking for a comprehensive solution that can overcome the limitations of the AD Recycle Bin.

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Quest is a software solutions provider whose solutions empower and protect users and data and help to bolster security while streamlining IT operations. Their solution, Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory, enables organizations to back up Active Directory at the object and attribute level, while also allowing users to pinpoint alterations to their AD environment at a granular level.

Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory Features:

  • Comprehensive recovery – restore any object in AD with reduced downtime, without the need to restart domain controllers
  • Highlights changes made since the last AD back up with comparison reporting – compare multiple backups for deletions or changes
  • Change Auditor identifies which user has made recent changes
  • Recovery roadmap – generates a detailed playbook for an effective recovery process
  • Recovery console fault tolerance – share configuration data between recovery consoles for faster restoration of operations in the event of an unexpected interruption
  • Delegated recovery – assign tasks to specific user to reduce recovery time and senior level resource requirements

Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory Pricing: Contact the Quest sales team directly for a pricing quote.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory allows users to compare backups to uncover any differences at the object level and ensure the recovery process is quick. Current users paise how backups can be performed with reduced user impact, as well as the highly detailed log of incidents which allows for granular control over backup and recovery. We would recommend this solution to organizations that are interested in AD recovery and want clear insights into all actions, their impact, and what to roll back.

Semperis Logo

Semperis is an enterprise identity protection company who support the quick recovery of organizations from accidental or malicious changes affecting Azure Active Directory. The solution arms organizations with the capability to automatically restore their AD environment. Semperis AD Forest Recovery promises fast, safe, and easy recovery from cyber disasters.

Semperis Active Directory Forest Recovery Features:

  • Anywhere recovery lets you restore AD to any site – physical or virtual, on premises and in the cloud
  • Clean restore – prevents the re-introduction of rootkits and other malware
  • With advance automation the whole recovery process can be streamlined
  • Eliminate the need to develop and maintain scripts or manually update configuration information
  • Backup verification and notification of any anomalies
  • Quickly set up a recovery environment using a PowerShell-based tool to prepare virtual machines for a full ADFR recovery

Semperis Active Directory Forest Recovery Pricing: Semperis offer a personalized demo, which you can request on their website. Contact Semperis directly for pricing information.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Semperis Active Directory Forest Recovery is a powerful solution designed to help businesses expedite their recovery from any downtime. Current users rate the solutions well, praising the ease of deployment, and user-friendly interface. We would recommend this solution to organizations looking for a solution that is feature rich and capable of delivering quick and efficient recovery.

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