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The Top 10 Web Application Security Solutions

Web application security solutions protect web applications from security threats including vulnerabilities, attacks, and unauthorized access, ensuring the integrity and availability of web assets.

The Top 10 Web Application Security Solutions Include:
  • 1. Aikido Security
  • 2. Acunetix
  • 3. Checkmarx SAST
  • 4. Fortify by OpenText
  • 5. HCL AppScan
  • 6. Invicti Website Security Scanner
  • 7. PortSwigger Burp Suite
  • 8. Snyk Website Security Scanner
  • 9. Synopsys WhiteHat Dynamic
  • 10. Veracode

Web Application Security solutions are essential for protecting web applications, services, and data exchanges against threats and potential vulnerabilities. As web applications become more sophisticated and complex, the need for robust security solutions that are capable of addressing a broader range of security threats only increases. Web Application Security solutions help developers and IT teams identify, analyze, and remediate vulnerabilities within web applications, ensuring that online platforms are secure and comply with industry standards and regulations.

Web Application Security solutions include tools such as Web Application Firewalls (WAF), Security Assessment and Vulnerability Management, Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP), API Security solutions, and other cutting-edge tools and technologies that work together to protect modern web applications. These solutions employ various techniques, including static and dynamic code analysis, penetration testing, and behavioral monitoring to uncover vulnerabilities and provide real-time protection.

As businesses adopt digital transformation and rely heavily on online platforms, choosing the right Web Application Security solution is critical to maintaining security and improving customer trust. This guide will explore the top 10 Web Application Security solutions in the market today, examining their features and overall effectiveness based on our user experiences and industry feedback.

Aikido Logo

Aikido Security is an all-in-one web application security platform for software development teams. Aikido integrates across your existing tech stacks and language, offering fast and flexible for any configuration. With its ability to tie into your existing task management, messaging tool, compliance suite, and Continuous Integration (CI), Aikido ensures you can monitor and solve issues without leaving your current toolset.

Aikido integrates powerful application scanning features, including Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), open source dependency scanning, secrets detection, Static code analysis (SAST), Infrastructure-as-Code scanning (IaC), and container scanning, in one comprehensive security platform. Aikido also provides continuous surface monitoring (DAST), open source license scanning, malware detection in dependencies, and end-of-life runtime scanning capabilities.

Aikido focuses on helping teams identify vulnerabilities without wasting time on unnecessary alerts and false positives. The platform provides efficient and accurate alerting, with deduplication of repeated alerts, automatic triaging and custom rules to filter irrelevant alerts. Aikido also translates Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures (CVEs) into easy-to-understand natural language, allowing teams to build for a speedy and effective response to threats.

Aikido ensures data privacy by running scans within temporary environments and disposing of them after analysis. The platform cannot change any source code, requiring read-only access to protect your information. Aikido has invested in the security of its own platform and is compliant with AICPA’s SOC 2 Type II & ISO 27001:2022 requirements. We recommend Aikido as a reliable security tool for software development teams looking for web application security testing.

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Acunetix Logo

Acunetix by Invicti is a web application security testing tool designed to help small and mid-sized organizations enhance their online security and protect sensitive data. Acunetix enables its users to identify more than 7,000 potential vulnerabilities, including SQL Injections and Cross-site Scripting attacks. It also supports scanning of HTML5 and JavaScript Single Page Applications (SPAs), allowing for a thorough assessment of various website files—even those with custom authentication methods and session management.

Acunetix supports the export of discovered vulnerabilities to popular security tools (like web application firewalls), which can apply virtual patches to vulnerabilities in production. This feature provides users with the time necessary for a complete and careful remediation process. In addition to highlighting vulnerabilities, Acunetix offers actionable insights and recommendations that users can implement to correct the identified issues. The platform also facilitates the retesting of fixes and the compliance reporting for standards like PCI DSS, OWASP Top 10, ISO 27001, and HIPAA.

With seamless integration of popular issue trackers such as Atlassian Jira, GitHub, GitLab, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Bugzilla, and Mantis, Acunetix ensures a comprehensive and efficient approach to web application security.

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Checkmarx Logo

Checkmarx SAST is a static analysis solution that is designed to identify security vulnerabilities in custom code for development, DevOps, and security teams. This enterprise-grade solution scans source code early in the software development life cycle (SDLC), offering insights for vulnerability remediation. As a leading provider in the Enterprise AppSec space, Checkmarx’s unique cloud-native platform secures every phase of development, optimizing the DevSecTrust process.

With its ability to perform fast and accurate incremental or full scans, Checkmarx SAST provides flexibility, accuracy, integration, and coverage. The solution supports numerous programming languages and frameworks, without the need for specialized configurations. Moreover, Checkmarx SAST is compatible with a wide range of mainstream IDEs, source code management platforms, and CI servers, allowing for seamless integration with the tools developers are already using. Checkmarx SAST offers customizable queries to reduce false positives, categorizes detected vulnerabilities by severity level, and provides remediation guidance for efficient issue resolution.

Overall, Checkmarx SAST allows developers to identify and fix vulnerabilities within their codebases and open source components. The solution helps detect risks during functional testing and offers integrated, targeted AppSec training to support continuous enhancement of development teams’ security knowledge and practices.

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Fortify Logo

Fortify, a software security vendor, was founded in California in 2003 and later became a subsidiary of OpenText in 2022. Fortify specializes in providing application security solutions to ensure the safety and reliability of applications throughout their lifecycle. The company offers a diverse range of security services tailored to different types of applications, including APIs, web apps, mobile apps, infrastructure as code, containers, and clients and embedded systems.

Fortify’s comprehensive Application Security Testing (AST) portfolio aims to provide fast and frictionless security without compromising on quality, covering all aspects of app development from cloud-native to modernization. Their extensive Fortify platform is a holistic and inclusive solution, designed to facilitate a smooth application security journey for businesses at all stages of growth. The platform comprises various components, such as Static Code Analyzer for automated static code analysis, WebInspect for dynamic testing of running applications, and software composition analysis for remediation, reporting, and analytics of open source and custom code.

Fortify also offers AppSec services, with a team of security experts on hand to assist clients in enhancing their application security processes and strategies. With Fortify, organizations can confidently build and maintain secure applications, protecting their digital assets and user experience.

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HCL Software Logo

HCL AppScan is a versatile application security testing platform used by organizations, ranging from startups to large enterprises, allowing them to secure their applications and maintain data safety. With a focus on helping developers, DevOps, and security teams, AppScan offers a suite of technologies to quickly identify and remediate application vulnerabilities throughout the software development lifecycle.

The platform provides multiple testing tools, including dynamic analysis (DAST) for testing applications and APIs while they’re running; static analysis (SAST) to examine source code for potential vulnerabilities; interactive analysis (IAST) for monitoring applications and APIs without hindering development; and software composition analysis (SCA) to detect vulnerabilities in open-source software components. HCL AppScan supports seamless integration with IDEs and CI/CD pipelines, enabling developers to write more secure code from the start. The platform offers customizable sliders to balance speed and accuracy and incremental scanning for examining only the newly added code, ensuring continuous security throughout the SDLC. With auto-fix capabilities and machine learning to reduce false positives, AppScan helps prioritize vulnerabilities for targeted remediation.

HCL AppScan delivers real-time visibility into security measures with centralized dashboards, aggregated scan results, and customizable lenses for risk posture and compliance.

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Invicti Logo

Invicti Security offers a web application security scanner that delivers a comprehensive outlook on an organization’s web application portfolio. It incorporates powerful automation and integrations to achieve extensive coverage of numerous applications, making it an essential security tool for businesses with a large online presence.

The Invicti vulnerability scanner utilizes a Chrome-based crawling engine to access web applications, services, and APIs through HTTP or HTTPS. It can detect a wide range of web application vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS), as well as critical and zero-day vulnerabilities. The scanner is more than just an automated website security tool; it also features built-in workflows, reporting capabilities, and seamless integration with issue tracking systems and SDLC, DevOps, and CI/CD environments. With Invicti’s web application security solution, businesses can automatically identify vulnerabilities in their web applications, web services, and web APIs, including those that use JavaScript and other client-side technologies.

Additionally, it provides valuable insight into the security state of all web applications, thanks to managerial and compliance reports for standards such as PCI DSS and OWASP Top 10. Overall, Invicti Security aids enterprises in building more secure web applications while saving time and resources.

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PortSwigger Logo

PortSwigger Burp Suite is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution designed to help businesses of all sizes identify and address vulnerabilities in their applications. It can detect a wide range of security issues, from classic bugs to the latest vulnerabilities.

The platform is designed for easy deployment and simplicity, allowing users to perform dynamic scans across thousands of sites, manage scanning at scale, and set up sites individually using just a URL. Additionally, it offers intuitive dashboards for tracking trends over time, exporting scan reports to other tools, and generating reports for compliance standards. Integration with various CI/CD platforms, Jira, GitLab, Trello, and a rich GraphQL API enables businesses to seamlessly incorporate security within their software development processes. Features such as role-based access control (RBAC) and single sign-on (SSO) facilitate team management, while integration with issue tracking platforms like Jira encourages collaboration between developers and AppSec teams.

Users can leverage custom scan configurations and Burp extensions to hunt down complex bugs, while minimizing false positives. With support from a trusted cybersecurity research team and used by over 16,000 organizations worldwide, Burp Suite is a reliable solution for modern web security.

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Snyk Logo

Snyk Website Security Scanner is a developer-focused tool designed to help secure website applications by scanning code and infrastructure for vulnerabilities. With its user-friendly interface, Snyk simplifies the process of identifying and addressing security issues in website code.

Snyk offers a range of features for securing websites, including proprietary code protection for popular web ecosystems such as JS, Python, and PHP. Additionally, it scans open-source dependencies through Snyk Open Source, helping identify and resolve vulnerabilities with ease. The platform also streamlines the process of vulnerability fixes, enabling users to apply required upgrades and patches via one-click pull requests. Powered by the Snyk Vulnerability Database, this website security scanner provides users with advanced security intelligence designed to help them handle open-source and container vulnerabilities efficiently.

By making it simple for developers to build secure applications, Snyk Website Security Scanner is a valuable asset for safeguarding website code and infrastructure.

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Synoposys Logo

Synopsys WhiteHat Dynamic is a dynamic application security testing (DAST) solution that helps organizations efficiently identify security vulnerabilities in web applications. This cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering simplifies the implementation process and scales rapidly according to security testing requirements, making it suitable for businesses with large application portfolios.

With continuous scanning capabilities, WhiteHat Dynamic automatically tests new code changes as they are made, ensuring that the latest functionalities are secure without the need for a separate testing environment. The solution is designed to be production-safe, enabling safe scanning of live applications. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and expert security analysis, this DAST tool minimizes false positives, reducing the time spent on vulnerability triage. WhiteHat Dynamic offers personalized remediation guidance from their team of application security experts, enabling developers to focus on fixing identified issues rather than wasting time on false positives.

The platform provides real-time data tracking and visibility into the overall security status of websites through the WhiteHat Security Index, a single score indicating the security health of web applications.

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Veracode Logo

Veracode is a prominent application security provider that offers services and solutions that help safeguard the software used by businesses today. The Veracode Software Security Platform consistently uncovers flaws and vulnerabilities throughout the entire software development lifecycle, using advanced AI trained on a trusted dataset gained from analyzing trillions of lines of code, ensuring customers can quickly rectify flaws with high accuracy.

One of Veracode’s primary focuses is web application security, as these applications are frequently targeted in security breaches. Veracode offers a range of web application testing solutions to help development teams meet security standards, such as the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 list, which highlights the most critical security flaws to prioritize. Veracode Dynamic Analysis is a unified solution for discovering, securing, and monitoring all web applications, even those that may have been overlooked or forgotten. Veracode Static Analysis identifies and resolves application security flaws quickly, allowing developers to evaluate code in major frameworks and languages without requiring access to source code. Veracode Software Composition Analysis builds an inventory of third-party components and detects vulnerabilities in both open-source and commercial code.

Overall, Veracode equips organizations with the tools and solutions necessary to confidently develop, purchase, and assemble secure applications.

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The Top 10 Web Application Security Solutions