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The Top 10 Vulnerability Scanning Software Solutions

Discover the top 10 vulnerability scanning software with features like automated scans, threat intelligence feeds, and patch management.

The Top 10 Vulnerability Scanning Software Solutions include:

Vulnerability scanning plays a critical role in maintaining the security of any organization’s IT infrastructure. Vulnerability scanners detect, evaluate, and report potential security threats present in software, hardware, and network devices. They enable organizations to proactively identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, improving their security posture, and minimizing the potential for data breaches and cyberattacks.

There are multiple vendors that have developed vulnerability scanning tools, catering to a diverse range of organizations and use-cases. Whether it’s small businesses or large enterprises, there is a vulnerability scanning solution designed for your organization. These tools offer advanced features such as automated scanning, third-party integrations, graphical interfaces, and comprehensive reporting to help IT security teams identify, prioritize, and address potential risks in a timely manner.

This guide will explore the top 10 vulnerability scanning tools currently available, examining their key features, ease of use, scalability, and overall effectiveness. We have taken customer feedback and expert opinions into account, giving you a comprehensive and holistic view of each platform.

Intruder Logo

Intruder is a proactive security monitoring and vulnerability scanning platform. Intruder provides a user-friendly and straightforward cloud-based solution for finding and resolving software vulnerabilities. The platform continuously scans your internet facing assets, identifies weaknesses, and provides clear advice to rectify security gaps.

The Intruder platform ensures that your attack surface is consistently monitored, including web infrastructure and APIs. It provides real-time alerts for potential vulnerabilities, allowing you to understand and track areas of concern. Alerts are prioritized and false positives automatically removed so teams can focus on critical issues. Intruder’s online vulnerability scanner is designed with simplicity in mind, and can be set up and operated in just a few minutes.

Intruder provides a realistic perspective of your attack surface by successfully integrating network surveillance, automated vulnerability scans, and proactive threat response in one platform. Crucially, findings are always action-oriented and the results are indexed by context, with detailed reporting for compliance purposes. The platform is equipped to undertake regular vulnerability and emerging proactive threat monitoring that minimizes exposure. This can be easily integrated into your CI/CD pipeline for efficient DevOps functioning

Intruder ensures adherence to compliance requirements. It offers compliant audit-ready reports, which can be readily presented to auditors, stakeholders, and customers. Expert Insights recommends Intruder as an easy to deploy and manage vulnerability scanning solution, with external, internal and cloud vulnerability scanning, as well as detailed reporting and compliance capabilities.

ManageEngine logo

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus is a vulnerability scanning, compliance and remediation tool designed to provide comprehensive visibility into security risks such as security misconfigurations, web server misconfigurations, and harmful software. The solution also supports remediation and mitigation of detected vulnerabilities. The platform supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Vulnerability Manager Plus works by continuously scanning all local and remote endpoints, discovering new devices as they are added. It scans for and detects vulnerabilities based on ongoing assessment of software, configurations and more. The solution can then support teams in mitigating security and compliance gaps.

Vulnerabilities are prioritized based on several factors, including severity, age and ease-of-remediation. Compliance objectives can be set in line with industry benches, and patches can be automatically sent out using ManageEngine’s patch management capabilities. This can be automated using pre-build patching scripts for instant remediation of vulnerabilities where possible. 

Overall, ManageEngine offers a comprehensive solution for vulnerability scanning, assessment and remediation. It has been used by leading brands and is available in three editions – a free version for up to 20 wordstations, a Professional version, and an Enterprise version which includes automated patch deployment.

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Acunetix Logo

Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner is a comprehensive web application security testing solution that provides built-in vulnerability assessment and management tools. It can be used as a standalone application or integrated with market-leading software development tools. By incorporating Acunetix into your security infrastructure, you can significantly enhance your cybersecurity posture and reduce security risks, while conserving resources.

Enterprises can use Acunetix to automate and integrate their vulnerability management, incorporating web vulnerability tests into their SecDevOps processes. Acunetix integrates easily with CI/CD pipeline tools like Jenkins as well as third-party issue trackers like Jira, GitLab, GitHub, TFS, Bugzilla, and Mantis. Acunetix also offers an API for connecting with other security controls and third-party or in-house developed software.

Acunetix is an efficient and quick vulnerability scanning tool that has undergone continuous improvement since 2005. The scanning engine, written in C++, enables comprehensive scanning of complex web applications, especially those using significant amounts of JavaScript code. Acunetix is known for its low false-positive rate, which saves resources during further penetration testing. To increase scanning efficiency, you can deploy multiple scanning engines locally.

Acunetix can be installed locally on Linux, macOS, and Windows operating systems or used as a cloud product. It detects web application vulnerabilities, web server configuration issues, malware, and other security threats. Acunetix also integrates with OpenVAS, an open-source network security scanner that allows you to manage your web and network vulnerabilities together using a single dashboard.

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HCL Software Logo

HCL AppScan is a comprehensive security suite that offers application security solutions tailored for developers, DevOps, security teams, and CISOs. It helps businesses protect their applications by detecting vulnerabilities and offering remediation solutions throughout the software development lifecycle. With a variety of deployment options (including on-premises, on-cloud, and hybrid), HCL AppScan accommodates various business needs.

The software supports over 30 code languages and integrates seamlessly into IDEs and CI/CD pipelines, encouraging developers to write secure code from the start. By employing machine learning techniques, HCL AppScan reduces false positives and auto-fix capabilities, making it easier to prioritize remediation tasks. The customizable sliders in the software provide a balance between speed and accuracy, allowing for continuous security in the SDLC.

HCL AppScan delivers real-time security monitoring through aggregated scan results, centralized dashboards, and customizable lenses for risk posture and compliance. The software also includes cloud security features, scanning dockers containers, and container images to ensure no vulnerabilities are introduced by third-party components. API testing is available to secure vulnerable third-party components and detect issues in the IDE. With these advanced features, HCL AppScan bolsters application security and helps organizations around the world protect their data.

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Invicti Logo

Invicti is a web vulnerability management solution that emphasizes automation, scalability, and integration. The platform is powered by a cutting-edge web vulnerability scanner that utilizes Proof-Based Scanning technology to accurately identify and verify vulnerabilities, whilst reducing false positives. The platform is effective when integrated within the SDLC or employed as a standalone solution.

Invicti can seamlessly integrate with prominent CI/CD solutions and issue trackers to be used in DevSecOps environments. Such integration allows users to eliminate security vulnerabilities early in the development process, saving time and resources. The platform’s Proof-Based Scanning technology enables fully scalable vulnerability scanning processes by automatically exploiting detected security vulnerabilities safely, and providing proof of exploitability.

The platform uses black-box scanning technology, with on-premises and hosted deployments allowing it to detect a wide range of security vulnerabilities. The scanner is capable of handling complex JavaScript/Ajax-based applications and can identify thousands of OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities in web pages, web applications, web services, and APIs. Additionally, Invicti checks web server configurations on commercial and open-source web servers such as Apache, Nginx, and IIS to ensure there are no misconfigurations that might lead to security issues. With Invicti, users can incorporate security automation at every step of the SDLC, achieving improved security with less manual effort.

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PortSwigger Logo

Burp Scanner is a web vulnerability scanner (developed by PortSwigger), which is integrated into both Burp Suite Enterprise Edition and Burp Suite Professional. It is a reliable solution trusted by over 70,000 users spread across more than 16,000 organizations, and offers automatic vulnerability detection in web applications, including JavaScript-heavy applications that other scanners may struggle with.

The advanced crawling algorithm employed by Burp Scanner enables it to successfully navigate obstacles such as CSRF tokens, deliver stateful functionality, and manage volatile URLs. It is specifically designed to handle dynamic content, unstable internet connections, and diverse API definitions. This results in fewer failed scans and more discovered attack surfaces. Burp Scanner’s location fingerprinting techniques significantly reduce the number of requests made during testing, resulting in time and effort savings.

PortSwigger’s security research team are continually improving the capabilities of Burp Scanner to detect a wide range of existing vulnerabilities. Users can customize scan configurations and focus on specific issues (including those listed in the OWASP Top 10). Burp Scanner also includes an automated OAST (out-of-band application security testing) feature which reveals issues like asynchronous SQL injection and blind SSRF that are often missed by traditional scanners.

Burp Scanner is known for its excellent signal-to-noise ratio, providing maximum coverage with minimal false positives. This reliable and versatile web vulnerability scanner is a valuable tool for web application security, trusted by numerous organizations across the globe.

PortSwigger Logo
Qualys Logo

Qualys Vulnerability Management (VMDR) is a comprehensive solution for managing cyber risk in businesses. It provides businesses with increased visibility and insight into their cyber risk exposure. This results in efficient and effective prioritization of vulnerabilities, assets, and risk. With Qualys, organizations are able to proactively mitigate risk and track their risk reduction progress over time. VMDR addresses the needs of modern IT, OT, and IoT environments, providing asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, and prioritization.

VMDR offers a single solution for risk-based vulnerability management that seamlessly integrates with configuration management databases and patch management solutions. This allows for quick discovery, prioritization, and automatic remediation of vulnerabilities at scale, reducing overall risk. The platform also integrates with ITSM solutions (like ServiceNow) to automate and operationalize end-to-end vulnerability management.

Qualys Cloud Platform, combined with its lightweight Cloud Agent, Virtual Scanners, and Network Analysis capabilities, brings together the essential elements of effective vulnerability management into a single, unified application that is backed by powerful orchestration workflows. This enables organizations to automatically discover all assets in their environment, continuously assess them for vulnerabilities, and apply the latest threat intelligence analysis to prioritize and remediate risks. By offering all these capabilities in a single, streamlined workflow, Qualys VMDR significantly accelerates an organization’s ability to respond to threats and prevent potential exploitation.

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Rapid7 Logo

InsightVM is a comprehensive vulnerability management solution designed to help businesses identify, prioritize, and remediate risks in their network infrastructure and endpoints. The platform provides complete network scanning capabilities to discover risks across all endpoints and on-premises infrastructure, enabling IT and DevOps teams to efficiently address vulnerabilities with detailed remediation guidance.

InsightVM includes a lightweight endpoint agent, live dashboards for real-time risk tracking and visualization, and an active risk scoring system. The platform also offers integrated remediation projects, attack surface monitoring (with Project Sonar), integrated threat feeds, as well as goals and SLAs for proactive security management. It has easy-to-use RESTful API and policy assessment tools for greater flexibility and compliance.

InsightVM promotes unified endpoint assessment with its universal Insight Agent. This collects data for InsightVM, InsightIDR, and InsightOps, providing live intelligence on network and user risks across multiple solutions. By integrating with other security tools, InsightVM maximizes the value of existing technology investments, ensuring holistic security management for organizations. InsightVM empowers businesses to better understand and address risks within on-premises environments and remote endpoints. This fosters alignment across traditionally siloed teams for more impactful and proactive vulnerability management.

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Tenable Logo

Tenable Nessus is a widely trusted vulnerability assessment solution for businesses looking to secure their modern attack surfaces. By extending beyond traditional IT assets, Nessus allows organizations to fortify web applications, gain visibility into their internet-connected attack surfaces, and secure their cloud infrastructure.

Nessus delivers unlimited IT vulnerability assessments, configuration, compliance, and security audits, with the flexibility to be used anywhere. Users benefit from configurable reports, community support, web application scans, external attack surface scans, cloud infrastructure scans, and over 500 prebuilt scanning policies. The platform also offers advanced support and on-demand training.

Designed with security practitioners in mind, Nessus offers features such as multi- platform deployment, dynamic plugin compilation (for increased efficiency and accuracy), web application scanning, internet-facing attack surface visibility, and secure cloud infrastructure insights before deployment. The solution’s customizable reporting, troubleshooting, and grouping capabilities enhance the user experience and make assessing, prioritizing, and remediation of issues more manageable and efficient.

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Wiz vulnerability management solution is designed to uncover vulnerabilities across various clouds and workloads, including virtual machines, serverless functions, containers, and appliances, without the need for agents or external scans. Through its one-time cloud-native API deployment, the platform continuously assesses workloads and manages potential risks. The solution eliminates the need for endless agent enforcement, reduces blind spots, and prioritizes vulnerabilities based on environmental risk.

The platform delivers a deep assessment feature that detects hidden nested log4j dependencies and CISA KEV exploitable vulnerabilities across a wide range of technologies. Additionally, the platform aids in prioritizing remediation efforts by focusing on exposed resources or those with the largest blast radius.

Wiz’s agentless scanning technology offers a single cloud-native API connector for vulnerability assessment across multiple cloud platforms and technologies. It supports more than 70,000 vulnerabilities spanning over 30 operating systems and thousands of applications. The Threat Center enables users to identify workload exposure to the latest vulnerabilities and take remediation action swiftly. The solution can also be integrated into the CI/CD pipeline, scanning VM and container images to prevent vulnerable resources from entering production.

Overall, this vulnerability management solution provides comprehensive, agentless, and cloud-native management for a wide range of workloads and platforms. It focuses on reducing alert fatigue by prioritizing vulnerabilities based on contextual risk and offers continuous operating system and application configuration monitoring according to CIS benchmarks.

The Top 10 Vulnerability Scanning Software Solutions