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The Top 7 Voice Over IP (IP Telephony) Solutions

Voice over IP (VoIP), sometimes called IP telephony, uses the internet to transport voice and video calls. Explore the top VoIP solutions, their key features, and the type of organization who would benefit from their use.

The Top 7 IP Telephony Solutions Include:
  • 1. Acefone
  • 2. GoTo Connect
  • 3. JustCall
  • 4. Line2
  • 5. Nextiva
  • 6. Ooma Enterprise Communication
  • 7. Zoom Phone

Voice over IP (VoIP), or IP Telephony, is the term that is used to describe voice and video calling that uses the internet protocol’s packet-switched connection. Rather than using traditional public phone lines – the circuit-switched connections of public switched telephone networks (PSTN) – IP telephony uses the internet. Messages are transformed into digital signals that can be transported as data packets.

VoIP solutions allow organizations to streamline their communications channels into a single interface without having to worry about phone signal, users in remote locations, or having to pull up account data. 

In this article, we’ll cover some of the top VoIP solutions currently on the market. We’ll explore the top features of each solution, such as conference calling, call balancing, and call forwarding. We’ll also suggest what type of organizations would benefit most from its implementation.

Acefone Logo

Acefone is a British based cloud telephony company that provides a range of services including VoIP, free phone numbers, and call centre capabilities. Their cloud phone system empowers organizations to connect with their customers in a variety of methods. The solution offers uninterrupted high-definition (HD) calling, enabling organizations to improve the quality of their communication.

Acefone Features:

  • HD video calls on-premises and at remote locations
  • Optimized for low bandwidth to ensure you don’t experience lags
  • Provides local numbers, vanity numbers, and free phone numbers
  • 99% network uptime
  • Expand functionality through integration with CRMs and third-party applications

Pricing And Plans: Acefone offer two pricing models plans: Business and Premium. When paying annually, the Business plan costs $14.99/user/month. The Premium plan costs $16.99/user/month, and includes call recording, unlimited ring groups, and integrations with premium apps.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Acefone is an effective VoIP solution with a customer service team that takes the time to understand your organization and needs to ensure the solution works effectively for you. The number of integrations with third-party products makes this solution easy to deploy and configure. We would recommend Acefone or small- to mid-sized organizations that need a reliable and consistent IP telephony solution.

Acefone Logo
GoTo Logo

GoTo is a business communication and IT support company based in Boston, MA. Their product range covers remote desktop management, virtual conferencing platforms, and IP telephony. Connect is their integrated communications solution that hosts IP calling, as well as messaging and meetings capabilities.

GoTo Connect Features:

  • Add toll-free phone numbers or port your current number
  • Implement an organizational phone tree directory with unlimited extensions
  • Integrate with common apps like Slack and Salesforce
  • Unlimited call forwarding and extensions
  • Switch between desktop and mobile devices mid-call

Pricing And Plans: There are three pricing options for GoTo Connect: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Basic costs $27.00/user/month and allows you to call from any device, port existing numbers, and uses smart call routing. Standard costs $32.00/user/month add adds unlimited dial plans, ring groups, and auto attendance recorded greetings. Their Premium offering ($43.00/user/month) gives you 5,000 free minutes, as well as extensive customizable cloud contact centre features.

Expert Insights’ Comments: GoTo Connect is a user-focused solution that expands the flexibility and capabilities of legacy phone networks. The unified admin portal makes it easy to configure policies and manage device settings. GoTo Connect also gives you the ability to switch between desktop and mobile devices mid-call, ensuring that you have the flexibility to work as you wish. We would recommend GoTo Connect for mid-to-large organizations looking for an effective and ergonomic VoIP solution.

GoTo Logo
JustCall Logo

Powered by SaaSLabs, JustCall is based in Palo Alto, CA and provides cloud phone systems for sales teams. JustCall offers several solutions that focus on cloud communication and collaboration, and business automation. Their internet-based communication solution gives your organization the power to easily manage all your communications across multiple territories and communications methods.

  • Ability to implement and manage a toll-free number in US, UK, and Canada
  • Automated text message service simplifies routine follow-up messages, appointment reminders, and client feedback
  • Custom caller ID and ability to choose a phone number that suits you (spelling your company name, for example)
  • Virtual call centre gives sales teams flexibility to work from anywhere

Pricing And Plans: JustCall offer two pricing plans: Standard and Premium. The following prices reflect a 20% discount when subscribing to an annual plan. Standard, costing $30/user/month, gives you ring groups, call analytics, and call tracking. The Premium plan, costing $60/user/month, adds multi-level IVR, wide number of integrations, and custom workflows. For custom plans, contact JustCall directly.

Expert Insights’ Comments: JustCall is an internet-based call management solution that is easy to set up and manage. The solution allows you to handle a varying (and fluctuating) volume of customer interactions with ease. We would recommend this solution to SMEs who need a straightforward solution that is easily configurable, without compromising on capability. This is primarily a solution for communicating and connecting with customers (sales and service teams), rather than for managing internal communications.

JustCall Logo
Line2 Logo

Line2 is a business phone and communications platform that is based in San Francisco, CA. Their platform is predominantly an IP telephony solution that gives organizations greater control over call handling and management. The solution is robust and reliable.

Line2 Features:

  • Effective call blocking – prevent telemarketers, auto-diallers, and other unwanted calls
  • Use a pre-recorded message to screen calls
  • Voicemail transcription – automatically transcribe conversations and send the results via email
  • Automated call forwarding (and sequencing) so customers can always find a call handler
  • Screen calls by caller ID to better prioritize your time

Pricing And Plans: You can subscribe to Line2 monthly or yearly. If you choose a monthly contract, you will be billed $15.99/month. For annual subscriptions, the cost will be $13.75/month.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Line2 is a straightforward and functional solution that gives you greater control over your calls and telecommunications. There are solutions with a more expansive feature list than Line2, however they also have bigger price tags. Line2 is a good solution for small organizations who need to gain some control over their IT telecommunications, without advanced features, for a reasonable price.

Line2 Logo
Nextiva Logo

Nextiva offers a range of customer experience and communications solutions. Their VoIP solution allows you to streamline your business communications through cloud-based calls. The company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and regularly receives positive feedback and industry recognition. Their VoIP product ecosystem empowers organizations to streamline their communications workflow.

Nextiva Features:

  • Enhanced privacy and security with TLS & SRTP encryption
  • Unifies different communications methods – including video and messaging
  • Unlimited calling, faxing, and messaging nationwide
  • HD audio conferencing for multiple participants
  • Call tracking and real-time analytics
  • Easy integration with common productivity applications like Google, Microsoft, and SalesForce
  • Highlights key customer information for call handlers

Pricing And Plans: There are three pricing plans on offer: Essential, Professional, and Enterprise. Essential costs $18.95/user/month and includes toll-free numbers, team chat, and file sharing. Professionalcosts $22.95/user/month and includes unlimited conferencing calls, screen sharing, and multi-level auto attendant. The Enterprise plan costs $32.95/user/month and includes call recording, voicemail transcription, and video conferencing with unlimited participants.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Nextiva is a reliable solution that offers a range of useful features. One of these features is Nextiva Call Pop – this highlights key customer information to give call handlers all essential details. Nextiva is a highly versatile solution, making it ideal for mid-sized organizations who need a reliable solution that they can fit to their way of working.

Nextiva Logo
Ooma Logo

Ooma is an enterprise communications company that manages VoIP solutions, as well as legacy plain old telephone service (POTS) replacement solutions. The company is based in Sunnyvale, CA, and was founded in 2004. Enterprise Communication is Ooma’s IP telephony solution, built with security and compliance in mind.

Ooma Enterprise Communication Features:

  • Direct routing for Microsoft Teams
  • Caller ID mapping and TouchID verification to increase security and accelerate customer service
  • SIP and IP trunking allows multiple users to user the network efficiently, without suffering downtime or lag
  • Integrates with workplace apps like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Freshdesk
  • Drag and drop call flows

Pricing And Plans: Ooma’s Business Telephony solution costs $19.99/user/month.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Ooma is a great option for teams that are predominantly virtual but need to manage a few telephone numbers for their customers. Set up and installation is easy, with a host of user-friendly features like drag-and-drop call flows and routing for Microsoft Teams. We would recommend this solution to small organizations that need a reliable phone service, without the need for extensive capacity.

Ooma Logo
Zoom Logo

Zoom is a communications provider best known for its video conferencing software. Beyond Zoom conference calling, Zoom offers Zoom Phone – an expanded, feature-rich VoIP solution. Zoom offers a range of pricing plans, ensuring that this solution can fit many use cases.

Zoom Phone Features:

  • Straight forward, centralized management allows you to intelligently monitor business interactions
  • Digital Whiteboard encourages collaboration across disparate teams
  • Integrations with third-party email and calendar applications
  • Intelligent call routing and management
  • Auto phone attendant allows you to reduce administrative workload

Pricing And Plans: The Pay As You Go plan costs £96/user/year and gives you extension to extension, inbound, and outbound calling capabilities. The Pro Global Select plan is available in 40+ territories and costs £192/user/year. With this plan you can call from multiple devices, make unlimited domestic calls, and use a streamlined management portal.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Zoom is a reliable solution that has expanded rapidly over the past few years. As a result, their feature-set is now expansive and robust. We would recommend Zoom Phone for organizations of all sizes, particularly those that are looking for an intuitive solution that is simple to set up and manage.

Zoom Logo
The Top 10 Voice Over IP (IP Telephony) Solutions