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The Top 5 Virtual IT Labs Software

Virtual IT labs software enables the creation, management, and deployment of virtual environments for IT training, testing, and development, offering scalability and cost-effectiveness.

The Top 5 Virtual IT Lab Software Solutions include:
  • 1. Azure Lab Services
  • 2. CloudShare
  • 3. ReadyTech Virtual IT Labs
  • 4. Skytap Virtual IT Labs
  • 5. VMware Lab Platform

Virtual IT labs are cloud-based services that enable you to build and manage a virtual IT lab environment. This can be used for various purposes including user training, software testing, and product demonstrations. These solutions offer a more cost-effective alternative to traditional physical IT labs, enabling rapid provisioning of resources, scalability, and improved collaboration among team members. 

Virtual IT labs can be used for software development and testing, simulating cyber-attacks, and testing vulnerabilities in educational institutions, such as universities teaching software development. The benefits of using virtual IT labs include reduced hardware and maintenance costs, streamlined provisioning and deployment of technologies, simplified management of resources, enhanced security, and the ability to offer hands-on training and demonstrations to clients or customer support. 

There are numerous virtual IT labs software providers offering a wide range of features and capabilities. In this article, we will cover the top virtual IT lab software platforms for business, based on factors such as available features, supported technologies, integration capabilities, pricing, and user feedback.

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Azure Lab Services enables teams to set up virtual IT labs for a range of purposes, including classes, training sessions, hackathons, and hands-on demos. The service can be used to create preconfigured virtual machines for specific scenarios and provides on-demand or scheduled access to these machines.

The solution provides customizable set-up templates for provisioning virtual machines to be used across multiple labs. Admins can grant individual users access to lab resources, enabling them to see a list of available virtual machines and connect to them without requiring an Azure subscription. The platform also optimizes and tracks costs with usage-control features such as designated usage times, recurring automatic shutdowns, and start times, allowing managers to effectively handle lab budgets.

As a managed service, Azure Lab Services automatically takes care of provisioning, managing infrastructure, and scaling up to hundreds of virtual machines for the lab. With this comprehensive solution, users only pay for active usage in their labs, making billing easy to calculate.

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CloudShare is a leading provider of virtual labs designed to create engaging sales demos, proofs of concept (PoCs), and training scenarios. CloudShare’s offering allows organizations to accelerate growth while maintaining a streamlined virtual environment setup process.

CloudShare’s virtual IT labs software can be used for multiple use cases, included building out virtual training labs for software development teams, and virtual environments for delivering engaging sales demos. The labs are designed for simple, fast setup and ease of use with no coding required. CloudShare emphasizes its “play and break” philosophy, in which users can interact with virtual replicas of products in a risk-free environment. Should any issues arise, a reset button is readily available.

CloudShare seamlessly integrates with existing sales and LMS tools and can operate on any infrastructure, whether on-premise or in a public cloud. Automation, cost control, and analytics are central features of the platform, enabling users to optimize performance and maintain budgetary alignment. This comprehensive offering is trusted by more than 500 enterprise customers across more than 100 countries.

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ReadyTech offers virtual IT labs for IT education, training, and technology testing purposes. They provide tailored lab setups according to specific requirements, including the use of custom equipment and hosting on various platforms.

ReadyTech’s Axis platform enables seamless integration with major cloud providers, such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. The user-friendly interface allows training staff to manage course templates, lab plans, and class schedules with ease. Axis is a cost-effective solution for running virtual IT labs, as it enables scheduled lab access and automatically terminates resources when they are no longer in use. It supports both instructor-led and self-paced learning with on-demand lab access and secure connectivity via ReadyTech’s HyperView technology.

ReadyTech also offers alternative lab hosting options for those not wishing to use AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. Their global infrastructure ensures excellent performance and connectivity for users worldwide. ReadyTech has 25 years of experience in the training industry and provides sophisticated yet easy-to-use online training software.

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Skytap Virtual IT Labs is a cloud-based platform designed for creating scalable virtual training sessions, sales demos, and proofs of concept (POCs) for enterprise software solutions and applications. Skytap offers flexible and easily provisioned virtual training options for teams, customers, and partners. With Skytap, businesses can deliver customized instructor-led or self-guided training with hands-on exercises for groups of any size.

The platform provides global, on-demand access to training content without requiring any additional IT support. This ease of accessibility reduces training costs, allowing businesses to scale resources without investing in extra infrastructure or personnel. Skytap also offers admin tools for enhanced control and visibility over virtual classrooms, including support for Learning Management Systems (LMS).

In addition to virtual training, Skytap also allows teams to build virtual hands-on sales demos and realistic POCs. The platform allows sales teams to quickly provision self-guided demos tailored to the customer’s needs, ensuring a consistent and impactful experience every time. Skytap also includes advanced management features, such as single sign-on for large groups and customizable templates for personalizing demos.

Overall, Skytap Virtual IT Labs provides businesses with a versatile and scalable solution for delivering high-quality training and product demonstrations in a modern, remote work environment.

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VMware Lab Platform (VLP) is a cloud-based service that enables the creation, management, and delivery of feature-rich IT labs for various purposes, including self-paced training, instructor-led training, and live lab events.

VLP is accessible from anywhere without the need for installers or plugins, as it operates through a modern HTML5 browser. It supports complex multi-VM configurations and various guest operating systems. VLP is capable of delivering as many labs and VMs as required, scaling according to user needs.

Some common use cases for VLP include on-demand IT training, software and hardware evaluation, sales demonstrations, and providing isolated IT labs for security training. Additional features include the Event Management Module, which simplifies large-scale event administration, and support for both in-person and virtual instructor-led training.

VMware Lab Platform is available in multiple regions, with cloud hosting in the US West, Europe, and Asia Pacific. It supports SAML for administrative roles and offers integration options with LTI-compliant LMS or its API for end-user management and entitlements.

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The Top Virtual IT Labs Software