Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR)

The Top 10 SOAR Solutions

Discover the best SOAR solutions for business based on their top features, key differentiators, use cases, and pricing packages.

The Top 10 SOAR Solutions include:
  • 1. Chronicle SOAR
  • 2. Cyware SOAR
  • 3. Devo SOAR
  • 4. Fortinet FortiSOAR
  • 5. IBM QRadar SOAR
  • 6. Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR
  • 7. Rapid7 InsightConnect
  • 8. ServiceNow Security Incident Response (SIR)
  • 9. Splunk SOAR
  • 10. Swimlane SOAR

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) tools combine inputs and alerts from your whole security stack, into a single, manageable solution. These tools allow you to extend your network visibility, thereby making it easier to identify and remediate threats. 

SOAR tools leverage human intelligence, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to identify the most urgent threats and triage vast quantities of data into manageable and meaningful insights. SOC teams can use this intelligence to design playbooks that ensures a response is carried out in the most effective way. SOAR tools can be configured in a range of ways, to suit a range of use cases.

When looking for a SOAR solution, some of the key things to look for include:

  • Alert triage and investigation
  • Intelligence management
  • Case management
  • Pre-built and customizable playbooks
  • Reporting dashboards and analytics

In this article, we’ll explore the key features and highlights of the best SOAR tools on the market. We’ll highlight the things that set each solution apart from other tools and suggest what type of organization they are best suited to.

Chronicle Logo

Chronicle SOAR, originally known as Siemplify, is a part of Google’s Cloud services. It offers businesses and managed service providers (MSPs) a unified platform for data accumulation and security alerts via automation, orchestration, incident response, and integrated threat intelligence. This solution integrates with Chronicle SIEM, ensuring that both systems effectively utilize the most recent data.

Chronicle SOAR is equipped with a comprehensive suite of features. It allows efficient management of cases through alert ingestion, grouping, prioritization, assignment, and investigation. Users can build playbooks with no coding required, promoting consistent response processes and task automation. It is designed to support effective investigation of threats by focusing on root causes instead of individual alerts. Integrated threat intelligence across the entirety of the detection and response lifecycle helps enhance insights. The platform also allows smooth collaboration and transparency between incident responses and offers a raw log scan function that can dive into unprocessed data for fresh insights.

The solution is widely recognized for its simplicity in deployment and effectiveness in operation, providing detailed insights about network status and security threats. Chronicle SOAR is suitable for organizations of all sizes due to its extensive features and easy implementation. The system is particularly suited to MSP clients as it is effective at managing larger and more sophisticated organizations.

Cyware Logo

Cyware’s SOAR solution is designed to optimize security operations, automate workflows, and accelerate threat response. The platform enables teams to seamlessly build automated workflows that reduce alert fatigue and contain threats.

Cyware SOAR provides customizable automation playbooks that users can create using more than 100 pre-built templates, with a drag-and-drop builder. This enables low-code security automation capabilities. Through Cyware’s App Marketplace, organizations can quickly integrate 300+ pre-built apps into their Security, IT, and DevOps infrastructure to allow rapid threat detection, investigation, and response.

The platform’s automated case and threat management capability enables security teams to manage and triage incidents, malware, vulnerabilities, and threat actors via a single, unified interface. The platform also enables automation from cloud to on-premises environments, integrating all technologies deployed on these platforms using the lightweight agent.

Cyware SOAR is especially beneficial for automated phishing analysis and response, incident management, vulnerability management, malware management, and automated threat hunting, among other use-cases. Additional services provided by Cyware include Cyber Fusion Center solutions that help break technology and team silos, and a Threat Intelligence Platform for complete threat intelligence lifecycle management.

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Devo Logo

Devo, originally a subsidiary of LogicHub, is a cybersecurity firm established in 2011. It targets the production of intelligence-driven threat detection and response systems. One of their key products is Devo SOAR, a solution designed to offer comprehensive automation for security processes, thereby optimizing team efficiency, cooperation, and efficacy. The product delivers a solid range of capabilities, including prioritized alerts and robust triaging.

Devo SOAR delivers automation through the entire threat life cycle, as well as over 300 preconfigured integrations that simplify integration processes. It includes pre-fabricated and customizable playbooks, the latter requiring no coding knowledge for editing. Other noteworthy features include efficient alert triaging and an intuitive case management system that adapts to any workflow.

Devo SOAR’s HyperStream technology offers real-time analytics, swiftly handling large volumes of data, and actionable intelligence, meeting organizational needs to fortify their security operations center (SOC). With its quick, complete data ingestion and threat actor-fast speed, the platform enhances security team visibility, performance, and behavioral analytics. The solution eliminates tedious, repetitive task performance by executing real-time alert investigation. It also maximizes precision and context in streaming alerts across all environments at large scales.

Fortinet is a leading cybersecurity company based in California that offers a variety of solutions including firewall, intrusion prevention, and endpoint solutions. FortiSOAR is designed to collect data from various sources and transform it into usable, actionable intelligence.

Fortinet FortiSOAR is equipped with a wealth of features. It boasts over 350 integrations and offers more than 3,000 automated workflow actions. Its 160 customizable playbooks come ready to use straight out of the box. Advanced threat intelligence management is facilitated through its integration with FortiGuard. The solution also includes a mobile application for alerts and executed actions, as well as a role-based dashboard for metrics tracking, performance analysis, report generation, and incident management.

This solution serves as a central hub to streamline and speed up workflows and responses, allowing the team to focus better on threat protection. Among the capabilities that Fortinet FortiSOAR offers are incident response, case and workforce management, threat intelligence management, asset and vulnerability management, compliance validation and reporting, as well as a no/low-code playbook creation option. It is designed to function smoothly across different deployment options – SaaS, on-premises, multi-tenant, dedicated, and shared-tenant, catering to the diverse needs of global enterprises and MSSP.

IBM logo

IBM is a cybersecurity and technology company renowned for developing efficient products across numerous sectors. QRadar is a Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) solution that is designed to aid organizations in assessing and mitigating developing cybersecurity threats within their networks. This solution boasts several pre-packaged remediation playbooks that expedite the resolution of cybersecurity issues.

QRadar provides intuitive dashboards and metrics tracking to enhance admin visibility. It also offers drag-and-drop automation coupled with in-app guidance to aid decision-making. The IBM Security App Exchange provides hundreds of free configurations for integration. QRadar aids in planning and preparation to facilitate a swift response during an attack. The solution also offers comprehensive case management tools to ensure relevant users receive actionable notifications. Additionally, it includes tools to aid in comprehending and visualizing relationships across incidents.

QRadar operates in alignment with more than 180 international privacy and data breach regulations. It ensures efficient incident response with its open platform which consolidates alerts from various data sources into a singular dashboard. This streamlines the process of investigation and remediation. QRadar automates artifact correlation, case prioritization, and investigation, bridging the skill gaps. When responding to privacy breaches, QRadar integrates reporting tasks into overall incident response playbooks, enabling cooperation between privacy, HR, and legal teams.

Palo Alto Logo

Based in California, Palo Alto Networks ranks as a global front-runner in enterprise security. Its Cortex XSOAR platform delivers threat prevention, offering comprehensive response and intelligence management capabilities.

Cortex XSOAR delivers over 750 integrations and 680 content packs and can function either completely automated or under SOC supervision. It features a dedicated “war room” for data point correlation, facilitating real-time human investigation. Moreover, it can ingest data from all significant SIEM solutions. With the addition of the Threat Intelligence Management (TIM) module, it provides critical context to alerts. The platform’s integrations can either be customized or directly downloaded from the Cortex XSOAR marketplace.

Palo Alto Networks has optimized Cortex XSOAR for incident response, urging SOC teams to prioritize automation. By incorporating automation into incident response workflows, organizations can efficiently reduce alert noise, eliminate repetitive tasks, map external threats to SOC incidents and augment analyst investigation and collaboration. Cortex XSOAR offers automation content packs for a vast range of usage scenarios, enabling quick deployment and identifying critical aspects of corporate security. As organizations continue to scale, Cortex XSOAR remains a strong and consistent tool in enhancing enterprise-wide security.

Rapid7 Logo

Rapid7, headquartered in Boston, offers cybersecurity services with their innovative cloud-based SOAR solution, InsightConnect. This platform enhances visibility and automates the process within the digital space, helping businesses manage their cybersecurity more easily.

InsightConnect provides over 200 plugins and customizable workflows whilst seamlessly integrating with various applications including Slack and Microsoft Teams. It offers Pro Automation for third-party products, automating responses to threats including phishing and ransomware. It also aids in vulnerability management through cohesive teamwork and strategic human decision-making where required.

InsightConnect simplifies and accelerates processes around the clock, with a myriad of plugins designed to link IT and security systems. By reducing the reliance on scripting and automating critical tasks, it enables security teams to focus on more significant challenges without losing their expertise.

InsightConnect assists in incident response, phishing investigations, and vulnerability management. It efficiently responds to suspicious activities, manages phishing threats by handling malicious emails and phishers, whilst facilitates communication through ITSM solutions like ServiceNow and JIRA to ensure collaboration with IT, development, and other teams.

Finally, in the face of escalating malware threats such as ransomware and trojans, InsightConnect offers prompt investigation and containment of malware to prevent severe damage to your organization. By automating and integrating existing systems, and accelerating vulnerability management, Rapid7’s InsightConnect provides a comprehensive solution to secure digital environments effectively.

ServiceNow Logo

ServiceNow was established in 2004 and offers digital workflows and IT business management solutions. Within its array of services is the Security Incident Response (SIR), a component of the Security Operations (SecOps) platform. SIR is a comprehensive and cloud-based solution for SOC teams. It facilitates management of security incidents, augments team collaboration and streamlines workflows. The Security Operations platform also integrates vulnerability management, threat intelligence, and configuration compliance tools.

ServiceNow’s SIR comes with a versatile suite of features. It automates workflow and coordinates incident response, provides a rich library of playbooks and orchestrations tailored for various scenarios, and offers AI tools for incident investigations. Other notable features include MITRE ATT&CK mapping adding context to the investigation, a virtual “war room” for enhanced team collaboration, and real-time reporting capabilities with a granular approach.

ServiceNow provides three product categories: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. The Standard package offers either SIR or Vulnerability Response, Professional package offers additional features such as vulnerability management, event management, and performance analytics. The Enterprise package combines both the SIR and Vulnerability Response functionalities. ServiceNow’s SIR is specifically recommended for organizations of mid to large scale requiring a robust SOAR solution that is complemented by the complete functionalities of the SecOps bundle.

Splunk Logo

Splunk, established in 2003, is a renowned software provider offering a robust data platform to aid organizations in monitoring, analyzing, and searching data. Splunk SOAR, formerly known as Splunk Phantom, is a feature-rich solution that boosts efficient engagement and collaboration via security orchestration and response workflows.

This solution integrates with over 350 different tools and comes equipped with 100 ready-to-use playbooks. Splunk SOAR’s code-free visual editor, coupled with powerful case management capabilities, optimizes security workflows. The solution also boasts intelligence provided by Splunk’s in-house cybersecurity research team, SURGe.

What sets Splunk SOAR apart is its user-friendly mobile app that enables SOC teams to tackle threats, initiate playbooks, manage alerts, and engage in collaboration from any location and at any time. Ease of integration is another advantageous aspect as the solution houses a vast library of third-party tools making it highly compatible across different systems. The flexible deployment architecture supports cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

Splunk SOAR is designed to boost efficiency by automating manual tasks, thereby enabling security analysts to focus on higher priority objectives. The response time is remarkably speedy owing to automated security tasks and workflows that drastically reduce the mean time to respond (MTTR). Beyond just being a software, Splunk SOAR emerges as a practical solution that combines infrastructure orchestration, playbook automation, case management, and integrated threat intelligence to streamline processes and tools, offering a comprehensive package for enterprise scale security operations.

Swimlane is a prominent SOAR provider established in Colorado, known for its focus on security automation. The low-code platform amasses data and alerts from a multitude of sources, thereby automating operational workflows and incident responses. Remediation playbooks can be effortlessly generated and visualized due to its low-code nature. Swimlane’s platform has the flexibility of being deployed either on-premises or via a cloud, allowing scalability and ease of rollout. Pricing is determined on a per-user basis.

Key features of Swimlane include easily-configurable playbooks for managing and coordinating workflows, robust case management, advanced reporting dashboards, and an open and customizable platform. The open interface enables Security Operations Center (SOC) teams to design the tools they need to tackle a variety of challenges and use cases. Additionally, Swimlane offers hundreds of ready-to-use integrations.

Swimlane’s product also extends its reach beyond SOC automation, targeting every function within the security domain across diverse operations such as SecOps, Fraud, OT, Cloud, Compliance, and Audit. The platform applies AI-enabled low-code security automation and promises a substantial return on investment. Swimlane’s security automation platform is quick to set up and contributes to mitigating alert fatigue, reducing SecOps complexity, and addressing the security talent shortage. Flexible security automation is offered to a range of industries including OT environments, financial services, the federal government, and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), with the aim of serving individual business needs.

The Top 10 SOAR Solutions