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The Top 10 Shared Inbox Tools

Explore the top Shared Inbox Tools offering collaborative email management, shared mailbox access, and workflow automation features to streamline team communication and productivity.

The Top 10 Shared Inbox Tools include:
  • 1. Drag
  • 2. Freshdesk
  • 3. Front
  • 4. Gmelius
  • 5. Groove
  • 6. Help Scout
  • 7. Helpwise
  • 8. Hiver
  • 9. HubSpot Smart CRM
  • 10. Missive

Shared Inbox tools are a simple concept, they allow multiple users to access and manage a single email account or communication channel. It is worth noting that many shared inbox tools will facilitate unified messaging across multiple channels such as text. 

All messages are compiled into a single channel that can be accessed by multiple users. This spreads the efficiency across team members, ensuring that knowledge is shared, leading to better outcomes. If a team member responds to an email or a query, the response is visible to all members. This saves teams from duplication of efforts and keeps everyone on the same page. Shared inboxes also allow the tagging of emails, assignment of tasks, and setting up of team chats, enhancing the team’s productivity.

Shared Inbox tools reduce the burden on teams, ensuring that they can manage communications with ease. By leveraging shared workspace tools, businesses reduce the chances of missing out on important communication, ensure timely responses, evenly distribute work, and maintain transparency. 

There is an array of shared inbox tools available today that vary in terms of features, capabilities, scale, and price points. The choice of the right shared inbox tool is dependent on factors like the team size, nature of tasks, extent of collaboration required, communication channel, and the complexity of workflow. This guide explores the top shared inbox tools, based on features like integration capabilities, communication management, task assignment flexibility, and scalability.

Drag Logo

Drag is a comprehensive collaboration tool designed specifically for Google Workspace and Gmail to create a unified inbox. The tool allows users to manage and share company emails from within Gmail, making it an excellent fit for organizations looking to streamline and enhance their email processes.

Drag’s shared inbox is designed to be visually engaging and easy to use. Users can manage emails individually or connect entire accounts and Google Groups to Drag boards. These boards are fully customizable with kanban or list views and filters, allowing teams to work in a way that suits their needs. Additionally, Drag offers automated workflows including to-do lists, notes, and files management. It offers flexibility with different permission levels, allowing users to control who has access to specific emails or tasks. This ensures accountability and that standards are maintained.

Additional features of Drag include email templates, tracking, sequencing, and notes. With email templates, users can quickly access pre-set templates, reducing the need to rewrite the same email to common queries. Email Tracking provides critical insights into when and how often the user reads the emails. Email Sequencing automates the process of sending follow-ups, while Email Notes provide a way to add context to emails or tasks.

With advanced collaboration and automation capabilities, Drag effectively simplifies email handling for Google Workspace and Gmail users while improving productivity and efficiency.

Drag Logo
Freshworks Logo

Freshdesk is a powerful and user-friendly customer support and CRM solution that provides a shared mailbox for managing customer support tickets, sales enquiries and more. It supports native integrations with more than 1000 enterprise applications.

Freshdesk offers a cost effective and secure shared inbox feature set. It provides an effective way of handling customer queries, such as filtering them to suitable agents, and reducing response times. It does this via automated messaging and creating canned responses on its dashboard, enabling quick replies.

In addition to a shared email inbox that allows enhanced inter-team communication, Freshdesk offers omnichannel capacity for customer interaction, ranging from social platforms to email. Freshdesk also offers effective automation tools that not only save time, but also increases productivity by auto-assigning tickets. This leads to better workflow management and allows for better resource distribution. The platform is also equipped with interactive chatbots, customer forums, and help widgets, meaning that customer inquiries can be addressed efficiently.

With a range of budget-friendly pricing options, Freshdesk offers a scalable and efficient shared inbox that promotes secure and swift customer management with a focus on reducing response times and facilitating seamless collaboration.

Freshworks Logo
Front Logo

Front is a comprehensive platform for managing customer communications. It integrates a variety of communication channels – including email, SMS, social media, live chat, and WhatsApp – into one unified interface, so teams can easily manage all channels in one place.

Front facilitates automated workflows, allowing you to efficiently organize and prioritize conversations, and provides unified reporting dashboards that give you valuable insights into team performance and customer satisfaction. Additionally, Front offers an extensive history view of all past customer interactions, providing the necessary context to address new inquiries efficiently.

Front includes enhanced collaboration tools that allow teams to share responsibilities, draft responses together and ensure smooth customer interaction. At the same time, built-in time-saving features, such as views, message templates, powerful searching capabilities, scheduling, snoozing, and embedded AI result in a comprehensive communication management solution.

Overall, Front is a versatile, easy-to-use, and efficient platform for managing multi-channel customer communications. It not only streamlines your daily communication tasks, but also provides valuable insights and tools to enhance your team’s productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

Front Logo
Gmelius Logo

Gmelius is a collaborative inbox solution designed for Gmail users that simplifies the management of shared email accounts like support@ or invoices@. This platform eliminates the need for shifting between Google Groups and other help desks by bringing all communications into one shared inbox ecosystem. The improves productivity and reduces workload, resulting in a better environment for your teams.

Thanks to seamless integration within the Gmail environment, Gmelius leads to less time and money spent on migration, administration, and training. It provides a unique, scalable architecture that is suitable for small and large enterprises alike; it has the capacity to house thousands of active collaborative inboxes. Gmelius implements a strict privacy model which ensures the content of your emails is never stored by Gmelius.

In addition to shared inboxing, Gmelius’ features include the ability to monitor team workload, assign emails and tasks with a single click or @mention, and enforce Service Level Agreement (SLA) policies for faster operations. Kanban views within the inbox aid in visualizing and streamlining processes, while its complete analytics suite offers data-driven insights on departmental charges and individual performance.

Overall, Gmelius provides a comprehensive solution for collaborative inbox management within Gmail. It ensures visibility, streamlines processes, enforces privacy, and offers a suite of tools for productivity, all within a familiar ecosystem. Its adaptability to meet varied organizational needs further enhances its value as a trusted tool for efficient inbox management.

Gmelius Logo
Groove Logo

Groove is a shared inbox solution that is designed to simplify customer support while facilitating smooth and productive communication. It consolidates a range of tools within one platform, enabling seamless team collaboration and efficient management of customer interactions. Connections can be integrated from Gmail, Slack, Shopify, Stripe, and social media platforms like Facebook for a unified inbox experience.

Groove helps to manage assignments for clearer task responsibilities, private notes for internal team discussions, collision detection to prevent multiple responses to the same query, and the @mentions function for quick team coordination. With built-in automation capabilities such as workflow rules, conversation tagging, instant replies for frequently asked questions, and customizable views via smart folders, Groove eliminates repetitive tasks, thereby freeing up more time for customer engagement.

Groove also provides a centralized dashboard for tracking key performance indicators, featuring inbox metrics, team analytics, conversation insights, and an unlimited reporting history.

Overall, Groove streamlines your customer support efforts in a single, easily manageable platform. It allows you to utilize tools for collaborative problem-solving, proactive customer engagement, and performance tracking. It makes support both effective and fluid, driving better outcomes for your team and your customers.

Groove Logo
HelpScout Logo

Help Scout is an all-inclusive conversation management tool that is designed to streamline customer service workflows. It offers a robust shared inbox that can handle numerous customer interactions across various channels including email, chat, Instagram, and Facebook. The software ensures that all conversations remain organized by using tags, folders, and team assignments.

Key features of Help Scout include its AI-assist capabilities that enhance responses, saved replies for common questions, automatic creation of customer profiles, and an integrated help content insertion function. It also delivers a real-time collision detection feature which reveals when another operator is viewing or responding to a request. A shared library of answers ensures that staff can use their time efficiently.

In summary, Help Scout is a comprehensive conversation management solution that prioritizes team collaboration, automated processes, and efficient communication handling. It is designed for businesses seeking to increase response rate, improve customer satisfaction, and provide efficient service across multiple platforms.

HelpScout Logo
Helpwise Logo

Helpwise offers a Universal Inbox feature, making all customer queries accessible from a single dashboard, eliminating the tedious internal forwarding of emails. The platform aims to improve customer experience through optimized team communication and efficiency.

Helpwise’s platform centralizes the management of customer communications from various channels. This comprehensive approach allows teams to label conversations with tags and analyze performance metrics, giving them insights into their communications. Additionally, conversations can be delegated to team members using the Assign Conversations feature; this promotes accountability and enhances team coordination by ensuring that work is not repeated. Notes and Mentions allow swift internal communication for resolving customer queries promptly.

Helpwise also incorporates intelligent automation capabilities. Its Smart Assign feature and automation rules automatically delegate conversations to team members based on preset conditions. This ensures that the right person is on hand to answer the most relevant enquiries. Helpwise also enables users to establish chatbot support, reducing the team’s workload.

In summary, Helpwise offers a comprehensive communication management tool that combines collaboration, centralization, and automation. It is an efficient platform that helps teams provide personalized customer interactions, while enhancing productivity.

Helpwise Logo

Hiver is a shared inbox solution that is specifically designed to streamline email management. This software is particularly suitable for team members working within shared inboxes like support@ and info@. Its primary function is to categorize, track, and assign incoming emails directly from Gmail, ensuring no email gets overlooked.

Hiver provides a range of important features like ‘Shared Drafts’ and ‘Collision Alerts,’ fostering real-time collaborative e-mail responses. These tools ensure that multiple users do not respond to the same email, resulting in enhancing productivity. Other important functions include automated email assignments based on predefined conditions. It will also prioritize emails based on their importance and urgency.

By identifying performance gaps, Hiver is able to assist your organization as it evolves, ensuring that customer service is always delivered. Functions such as SLA Rules and Business Hours support teams respond to inquiries within a comprehensive timeframe, while tools like ‘Email Notes’ encourage team communication without overcomplicating CC/BCC/forward actions.

Overall, Hiver is a robust solution for efficient organization, assignment, and management of shared inboxes. Its broad range of features improve team responses, streamline email solutions, promote team collaboration, and provide business solutions using powerful automation functions and deep performance analysis.


HubSpot Smart CRM is a dynamic platform that is aimed at improving the conversation management of businesses. The shared inbox connects various messaging tools including live chat, Facebook Messenger, chatbots, and team emails within a single inbox. This unification allows companies to streamline personalized interactions with prospects and customers, enhancing their experiences, while reducing workload. Any emails sent to a HubSpot account are automatically saved, allowing multiple users to view it and keep track of progress.

HubSpot Smart CRM allows automatic email routing and assignment, with the option to apply filters to simplify sorting through conversations. The platform can also integrate automated chatbots that are designed to qualify leads, arrange meetings, and answer standard customer questions, allowing your team to engage in more important discussions.

In summary, HubSpot Smart CRM empowers businesses to manage customer relations more effectively by offering immediate responses, enhanced team collaboration, and personalization carried out by intelligent chatbots. Adopting the HubSpot CRM streamlines communication processes, releases valuable time, and improves overall customer experience.

Missive Logo

Missive is a team inbox and chat app designed to foster advanced collaboration within teams. The application acts as a hub for a range of communication channels, both shared and private. The platform allows you to manage and collaborate over various message sources including email accounts, Google groups, distribution lists, SMS, live chats, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and custom API accounts.

One of Missive’s key aims is to streamline teamwork. It provides visibility over who is working on what; this ensures accountability and checks that work is not duplicated. The application offers a clear and efficient way to handle messages – viewing the team inbox and triaging messages. The team inbox displays all unattended messages, while users can assign messages to themselves or to colleagues.

One of Missive’s benefit’s is its ability to manage conversations, ensuring that progress is mapped. When an assignee sends out a draft, they can also close the assignment. If at any time a new reply is received on a closed thread, the conversation moves back to the assignee’s inbox and only the assignee gets notified.

Overall, Missive provides a useful platform for collaborative communication, boosting efficiency, focusing tasks, and promoting clarity in team operations. This tool not only fosters better team collaboration but assures efficient incident response through its structured message handling and assignment features.

Missive Logo
The Top 10 Shared Inbox Tools