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The Top 6 Security Incident Response Solutions

Discover the top security incident and response solutions. Explore key features such as risk-based alerts, automated actions, and user and entity behavior analytics.

The Top 6 Security Incident Response Solutions Include:
  • 1. IBM Security QRadar SOAR
  • 2. NetWitness XDR
  • 3. Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR
  • 4. Rapid7 InsightIDR
  • 5. Splunk Enterprise Security
  • 6. Trellix Helix

Security incident response solutions are tools that help organizations respond to and recover from security incidents, such as data breaches, cyber-attacks or insider threats. Like a snowball rolling downhill, if unaddressed, security incidents may start off small, but can very quickly grow in scope and severity. Failing to respond to a security incident appropriately may result in data being compromised, user credentials lost, as well as costly and reputation-damaging downtime. Having a solution in place that is designed to manage the response to security incidents can save your organizations from facing these consequences.

There are a variety of tools and technologies that an organization might employ to manage their security incident response. The exact type of solution will depend on the organization’s specific needs and the security incidents they are most likely to encounter. A good security incident response solution will typically give users the ability to:

  • Detect incidents quickly
  • Track and manage incidents effectively
  • Integrate with threat intelligence sources for real-time threat and vulnerability information
  • Collaborate and communicate amongst incident responders, security teams, and stakeholders
  • Use automation and orchestration capabilities to manage repetitive tasks
  • Use reporting and analysis capabilities to give admin visibility

In this article, we will explore the top solutions designed to support organizations in managing their security incidents response. We’ll offer some background information on the providers, explore some of the key features offered by each solution, and offer our recommendations of who we think each solution would be best suited to. 

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IBM are an American multinational technology company and a provider of software and hardware, as well as hosted and consultancy services. IBM Security QRadar SOAR can effectively integrate with your organization’s existing security stack. It can provide orchestration and automation of incident response, ensuring that security alerts are actionable. The solution also provides incident intelligence and context to facilitate an effective and targeted response to complex cyber threats.

IBM Security QRadar SOAR Features:

  • Create detailed tasks and workflows to quickly process and enrich threat data without code for faster response times and accelerated decision making
  • Robust case management capabilities
  • Dynamic and configurable playbooks which can adapt and change in relation to an incident, as facts evolve
  • Track metrics and KPIs for incidents and users – these include mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR)
  • Supports compliance regulation by tracking over 170 global regulations, including GDPR, PIPEDA, HIPAA, CCPA, amongst others

Pricing And Plans: IBM operates a usage-based pricing model for Security QRadar SOAR. This is a scalable option that allows organizations to start small, and scale up as required. For further pricing details and plan options, contact IBM directly.

Expert Insights’ Comments: IBM Security QRadar SOAR facilitates multiple integrations with other security tools via IBM’s extensive orchestrations and automation ecosystem. Users praise the solution for its comprehensive capabilities and ease of use. We would recommend IBM Security QRadar SOAR to organizations interested in a scalable solution that delivers effective and targeted incident response.

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NetWitness is a network security company that was acquired by EMC Corporation, and later integrated into their RSA Security product line. NetWitness XDR is a comprehensive extended detection and response solution that accelerates threat detection and response through extensive data collection. The tool then analyzes and enriches the data with business context and threat intelligence.

NetWitness XDR Features:

  • Visibility into complex, hybrid IT infrastructures so IT teams can effectively detect sophisticated threats
  • Orchestration and automation capabilities improve quality of analysis through prioritization and security team coordination
  • Advanced threat detection ensures that attacks are detected quickly and can identify connected incidents to understand the full attack scope
  • ML-powered behavior analytics allows for early detection of anomalies, thereby preventing external and internal threats at the earliest opportunity

Pricing And Plans: For information on pricing and plans, or to begin a product demo, contact NetWitness directly.

Expert Insights’ Comments: NetWitness XDR gives security analysts the ability to prioritize, respond, reconstruct, survey, and investigate threats entering their environments. These extensive features allow them to respond appropriately, precisely, and swiftly. We would recommend this solution to organizations looking for a product with a strong feature-set that remails intuitive, easy to use, and highly navigable.

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Founded in 2005, Palo Alto Networks is an American multinational cybersecurity company headquartered in California. Cortex XSOAR is their comprehensive security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) platform. It works by unifying case management automation, real-time collaboration, and threat intelligence management to support security teams in handling events across the incident lifecycle.

Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR Features:

  • Improve investigation quality by using collaborative workspaces, ML, and correlating with comprehensive databases
  • Automated repeatable steps enable you to standardize and scale incident response
  • Unified security functions facilitate intelligence gathering from multiple products via a single console
  • Custom incident layouts
  • Extensive dashboards and reports

Pricing And Plans: Cortex XSOAR offers a 30-day free trial. For pricing information, contact them directly.

Expert Insights’ Comments: This solution weaves native threat intelligence into a unified workflow, matching alerts to their sources and, in doing so, compiling threat intelligence data which allows an appropriate response to be made automatically. Past users praise the automation and the extensive list of integrations. The built-in collaborative features, such as War Room, ensure that teamwork can be at the promoted. We would recommend this solution to organizations looking for an intelligent solution that can address complex incidents quickly and effectively.

Rapid7 Logo

Founded in 2000, Rapid7 is a network security firm that has developed advanced tools for assessing security risk and identifying network attacks. Their solution, Rapid7 InsightIDR, provides incident detection and response, authentication monitoring, and endpoint visibility. The solution is cloud-native, meaning that is can scale as your organization grows, thereby continuing to keep your organization safe.

Rapid7 InsightIDR Features:

  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities
  • Network traffic analysis helps you to identify suspicious activity
  • User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) improves the speed and quality of your investigation and response to out-of-character activities
  • Security information and event management is at the core of InsightIDR, allowing users to analyze complex data for faster insights
  • Embedded threat intelligence – including information gathered from Rapid7’s open-source community
  • Advanced attack surface mapping gives you insight into the details of an attack

Pricing And Plans: Pricing starts at $4.89/month/asset with a 500-asset minimum, billed annually (international prices may vary). You can request a customized quote by contacting Rapid7 directly.

Expert Insights’ Comments: InsightIDR supports a robust library of third-party integrations to supplement its out-of-the-box endpoint, network, and user coverage. This solution auto-enriches every log line with user and asset details, then correlates events with multiple data sources. This also means that every alert has a detailed, intuitive, visual investigation timeline. We would recommend Rapid7 InsightIDR to organizations looking for a feature rich solution, capable of arming them with actionable insights that can lead to more effective incident resolution.

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Splunk is an American software company who specialize in providing search, monitoring, and analysis tools. Their solution, Splunk Enterprise Security, is a security information and event management (SIEM) service that provides visibility into security-relevant threats. The solution uses investigation and comparison capabilities to allow users to assess data from security systems, devices, and applications. Security analysts can gain quick insight into incidents and resolve various security threat.

Splunk Enterprise Security Features:

  • Threat topology – gauge the extent of an incident by mapping all associated risk and threat objects
  • Management dashboard – provides high level insights into real-time notable events across the security operations center
  • Risk based alerting – attributes risk to users and systems, then generates alerts in response to risk and behavioral thresholds being exceeded
  • Threat intelligence and SOAR – enables teams to seamlessly share information to accelerate incident investigation and response
  • Investigation workbench – centralizes threat intelligence, security context, and relevant data, including users and devices, for fast and accurate assessments of incidents.

Pricing And Plans: Contact Splunk directly for more information on pricing and plans.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Splunk Enterprise Security delivers data-driven insights that provide users with a full-breadth of visibility. Past users praise the solution as user friendly and easy to deploy (the solution comes with flexible deployment options for cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployment). We would recommend this solution to organizations looking to accelerate threat detection and investigation by highlighting high priority threat to the environment so appropriate action can be taken quickly.

Trellix Logo

Trellix (formally FireEye and McAfee Enterprise) is a cybersecurity company that the has developed several hardware, software, and MSP services designed to detect and prevent cybersecurity attacks. Trellix Helix is a cloud-hosted security operations platform designed to empower organizations to take control over security incidents, from alert to fix. This is a smart and adaptive platform, capable of predicting and preventing emerging threats, identifying their cause, and providing and effective response in real-time.

Trellix Helix Features:

  • Integrated security insights allow you to correlate data and apply frontline intelligence and analytics
  • Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) features with pre-built playbooks created by cybersecurity experts
  • Investigative workbench lets you facilitate security operations (including alert management, search analysis, investigation etc.) from a single interface
  • Apply advanced detection analysis and remediation techniques
  • User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) allows you to contextualize alerts with ML for identification of risky activities
  • Integrate security from a library of more than 650 data sources

Pricing And Plans: Contact Trellix directly for pricing information.

Expert Insights’ Comments: Trellix Helix is a security incident response solution that elevates and empowers security operations by helping to unify security, boost efficiency, and reduce risk. Users rate the solution well and praise the ease of use and extensive incident management capabilities. We would recommend Trellix Helix to organizations looking to gain insight into who is targeting your organization as well as responding to threats.

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The Top 6 Security Incident Response Solutions