The Top 6 Security Compliance Software

Discover the top security compliance software solutions that facilitate adherence to security standards and regulations by providing compliance assessment, reporting, and remediation capabilities.

The Top 6 Security Compliance Software include:
  • 1. AuditBoard Security Compliance Management
  • 2. Coupa Information Security (InfoSec) Compliance
  • 4. ManageEngine AD Audit Plus
  • 5. Resolver Compliance & Regulation Management
  • 6. ServiceNow Governance Risk and Compliance

Security compliance software provides organizations with an efficient and effective way to manage their security policies, procedures, and controls. Ensuring compliance with industry standards and government regulations is crucial to maintaining a secure business environment and avoiding penalties. Security compliance software aids organizations in streamlining the process of identifying, analyzing, monitoring, and reporting on their security controls and risks. It often comes with automation tools and integration capabilities to support existing workflows. 

As the need for better security and increased regulatory compliance grows, the market for security compliance software has become increasingly competitive. With many software vendors offering comprehensive solutions to help manage cybersecurity risk, it can be challenging to find the one that best fits your organization’s needs.

In this guide, we will present the top security compliance software providers. We will provide an overview of each security compliance solution, discuss its key features, and highlight the pros and cons. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of the top security compliance software options available and be able to make an informed decision when choosing a solution for your organization. 

AuditBoard Logo

AuditBoard is a comprehensive cloud-based platform designed to help businesses streamline their security compliance management processes. It is utilized by over 40% of Fortune 500 companies to enhance audit, risk, ESG, and compliance management procedures across organizations.

The platform offers a centralized asset inventory management system, allowing users to track and manage key assets while connecting framework requirements, risks, and controls. AuditBoard’s can adhere to multiple frameworks, thereby ensuring that users can link requirements, controls, and risks across various standards. This helps reduce redundancies and can quickly scale compliance programs. Additionally, the platform simplifies policy management by integrating with Microsoft Word, allowing for seamless policy updating, communication, and maintenance.

Lastly, AuditBoard generates insightful reports for better understanding and monitoring of a company’s overall compliance posture. Executive-level dashboards and detailed reports provide valuable insights into risk management, while the automated report generation saves administrative time. By utilizing AuditBoard, businesses can efficiently manage their audit, risk, IT security, and ESG programs, and maintain a secure, compliant environment.

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Coupa Logo

Coupa Software is a cloud-based platform that specializes in business spend management (BSM), providing companies around the world with visibility and control for more efficient spending. One of the offerings of Coupa is their Information Security (InfoSec) Compliance solution.

The InfoSec Compliance solution focuses on automating the identification of risks, allowing for continuous monitoring of supplier cybersecurity risks. This shifts the traditional one-time or annual risk review process to a more streamlined and efficient approach. Additionally, Coupa’s platform allows for seamless integration with data from providers such as BitSight or Risk Recon to provide timely alerts and actionable data.

By thoroughly identifying third-party relationships which pose inherent InfoSec risks, Coupa’s platform emphasizes the protection of sensitive information. It helps implement plans to address these risks as well as monitoring third parties to ensure they are implementing the appropriate safeguards. The platform ensures compliance with contractual terms for off-boarding, allowing for an easier transition and maintaining auditable records.

Coupa offers automated documentation and reporting features for risks and risk remediation. This includes a Risk Register, Vendor Action Plan, Assessment Summary, and Failed Controls reports. Together these tools help to streamline the assessment process and satisfy both internal and external regulatory reviews.

Coupa Logo

Egnyte is a content governance platform that offers smart content collaboration and governance solutions for businesses across various industries, including those with strict regulations. Founded in 2008 with headquarters in Mountain View, CA, Egnyte is a privately held company. The platform focuses on GDPR and CCPA compliance, providing businesses with control and visibility over their structured and unstructured personal data across cloud and on-premises repositories.

Egnyte’s all-in-one solution helps organizations govern company-wide data, reduce privacy risk exposure, and achieve compliance with less overhead. Key features of Egnyte include data discovery, data classification, and data mapping. This helps businesses to identify and label personal data. The platform also handles content lifecycle management, secures access control, and stores records to ensure controlled access to sensitive information. PII protection, localization, and incident response capabilities further support organizations in meeting their compliance obligations.

Fulfilling compliance obligations is another major feature of the Egnyte solution. The platform automates intake and response for subject access requests (SAR/DSAR), manages user consent, and helps businesses develop and track privacy impact assessments (PIAs) through predefined workflows. This comprehensive approach enables organizations to maintain compliance and minimize the complexity associated with GDPR and CCPA regulations.

ManageEngine logo

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is a comprehensive IT auditing solution providing full visibility into all activities within the Windows Server ecosystem. The platform ensures security and compliance for Windows-based systems, focusing on essential areas such as Azure AD, file servers, Windows Server, and Windows workstation monitoring.

ADAudit Plus offers in-depth tracking of Azure sign-ins, account lockouts, group membership changes, roles, devices, and applications. It also monitors and audits file accesses and permission changes across various file server environments, including Windows, NetApp, EMC, Synology, Hitachi, Huawei, and Amazon FSx for Windows. Additionally, it covers Windows Server monitoring, which includes the inspection of local log-ins, changes to users, groups, security policies, file integrity, and federation server activity.

With its numerous features, ADAudit Plus enables account lockout analysis, real-time change notifications, file change monitoring, Windows login monitoring, and compliance auditing. The platform utilizes user behavior analytics (UBA) and instant alerts to detect and mitigate potential threats and provides audit-ready reports for various IT mandates. The solution is available in two editions – Standard and Professional – each with its unique offerings and pricing structure.

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Resolver Logo

Resolver is a compliance and regulation management software solution operated by Kroll, a company that employs over 5,000 experts worldwide. Resolver is designed to enhance efficiency and reduce costs by enabling organizations to have better control over their compliance processes.

Key features of Resolver include automating regulatory change management with curated content streams. Whenever there is a change in regulations, compliance teams are notified, allowing them to understand the impacts and take appropriate action. The software also helps to prioritize high-risk regulations by quantifying and visualizing the relationships between various regulations and associated risks. This enables professionals to strategically adjust their focus depending on the organization’s key risk indicators.

Resolver aims to reduce compliance fatigue through its fully integrated GRC platform, which facilitates information sharing across Risk, Compliance, and Audit teams. This integration eliminates repetitive requests and allows teams to focus on providing strategic insights. Resolver’s advanced BI and data visualization tools allow for easy report generation, from board reports to status reports and any related regulatory compliance and risk reports.

The software also offers a way to prove compliance for regulators by providing detailed documentation of mitigation, measurement, and requirement enforcement activities through regulator-centric reports.

Resolver supports multiple regulatory requirements, including the California Consumer Privacy Act, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and more. With features such as process automation, data warehousing, workflow automation, analytics, and automated reporting, Resolver offers a comprehensive solution for organizations’ compliance management needs.

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ServiceNow Logo

ServiceNow provides a Regulatory Change Management solution designed to help organizations keep up with their constantly evolving regulatory landscape. This solution allows businesses to streamline the handling of regulatory developments through automated workflows, task management, and access to current regulations through third-party integrations. As a result, organizations can better anticipate and manage potential risks, thus avoiding non-compliance fines and reputational damage.

The platform offers a single taxonomy for all regulatory content, providing the ability to create and manage a standardized regulatory taxonomy that is independent of any regulatory intelligence provider. This enables organizations to maintain a consistent taxonomy across multiple data sources. By tracking changes to regulatory obligations, businesses can gain better visibility into their regulatory horizon, thus enabling them to react to any changes before they take effect. ServiceNow’s robust workflow management system allows users to assess the applicability of regulatory events, determine their impact, and map these events to internal policies, processes, and controls.

ServiceNow’s Regulatory Change Management solution also includes task management features, enabling risk and compliance teams to plan and execute changes to policies, processes, risks, and controls. Additionally, the platform provides real-time reports and dashboards, offering increased transparency of regulatory compliance across the organization.

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The Top Security Compliance Software