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The Top 10 Secure Web Gateway (SWG) Solutions

Discover the top secure web gateway solutions. Compare key features including URL filtering, HTTPs inspection, anti-virus, and application control.

The Top 10 Secure Web Gateway Solutions Include:
  • 1. Zscaler Secure Internet Access
  • 2. Skyhigh Security Secure Web Gateway
  • 3. Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud SWG
  • 4. Netskope Next Gen Secure Web Gateway
  • 5. Menlo Security Secure Web Gateway
  • 6. Forcepoint ONE SWG
  • 7. Cloudflare Gateway
  • 8. Cisco Umbrella
  • 9. Check Point Harmony
  • 10. Akamai Secure Internet Access Enterprise

Secure Web Gateways (SWGs) protect users from malicious content like harmful websites and URLs when browsing the web. They enable admins to configure granular policies and prevent users from accessing harmful web application. These solutions sit between the user and the internet, filtering web traffic at the application level. 

Implementing a SWG should be a top priority for security and IT teams. Internet security risks are constantly growing, which, in turn, increases the demand for SWGs – analysts are predicting a 20% growth in the web gateway market by 2025. Key features of SWGs include URL filtering, application controls, web content filtering, antivirus, and data loss protection. They can be hosted on-premises, but are now more commonly deployed in the cloud, which enables faster deployment.

Enterprise organizations will often implement SWGs as part of a broader SSE (Security Services Edge) platform, which should also include CASBZTNA, and DLP functionality. For the purposes of this list, we will include both pure-play SWG vendors, and broader SASE solutions with SWG components. We have separate article for secure web filtering and DNS filtering solutions.

Zscaler logo

Zscaler are a leading network security and zero trust provider offering cloud-delivered security solutions for thousands of enterprises and government agencies globally. Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) delivers secure internet and SaaS access, including a SWG, CASB, DLP, and firewall technologies. Key features of the secure web gateway component include URL filtering, anti-virus, data loss prevention, SSL inspection, and malware sandboxing, with AI-powered advanced threat detection to eliminate ransomware, malware, and phishing.

Zscaler uses advanced AI to detect zero-day phishing websites and protect users against fake landing pages. The platform automatically identifies and isolates suspicious websites with browser isolation technologies, and enables admins to configure dynamic, risk-based access policies. The solution will analyze the context of each request before connecting the user to the internet or SaaS applications. The platform also integrates with identity, SIEM, SOAR, and endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions.

Zscaler is popular with users, and has a high market share, protecting more than 40% of the Fortune 500. We recommend this service to mid-sized and larger organizations across all industries.

SkyHigh Security Logo

Skyhigh Security are a leading, cloud-native, security provider. They offer a comprehensive SSE product portfolio, including secure web gateway, private access, cloud firewall CASB, data loss prevention, and remote browser isolation. This is available in a single consolidated service – the Skyhigh Cloud Platform – which provides unified protection across the web, cloud apps, and email. Skyhigh Security was formed after McAfee Enterprise split its cloud and endpoint businesses into the Skyhigh and Trellix brands.

Skyhigh’s Secure Web Gateway solution delivers intelligent web security, leveraging Skyhigh’s remote browser isolation, CASB, and DLP features. The service provides advanced zero-day malware protection, adaptive policy enforcement, and enhanced shadow IT control to help admins better secure cloud applications. The service also provides enhanced protection and security controls for Office 365 and provides automated incident response, alongside granular application visibility and controls. Skyhigh operate a strong global threat intelligence platform, enabling real-time protection against phishing sites.

Skyhigh Security offer a strong SWG platform, which we recommend for enterprises looking for a comprehensive SSE offering, alongside other key technologies such as a cloud firewall, CASB, and data loss prevention.

Palo Alto Logo

Palo Alto Networks are a global leader in the cybersecurity space, offering an integrated cloud web security platform that protects tens of thousands of organizations globally across clouds, networks, and mobile devices. Palo Alto Prisma Cloud SWG protects against advanced web and SaaS threats, including phishing and ransomware. The platform is AI powered and integrated tightly with the broader Palo Alto Prisma Access security stack – this includes DLP and CASB capabilities.

Cloud SWG delivers comprehensive web and SaaS security with advanced URL filtering, DNS security, malware analysis, user behavioral monitoring, and remote browser isolation. The platform is highly scalable and enables flexible policies and onboarding. The solution protects data across all internet traffic and applications and can help to ensure compliance and prevent advanced web threats.

Prisma is a leading SASE platform, recognized by industry analysts and popular with enterprise users. We recommend this service to enterprise organizations across all industries.

Netskope Logo

Netskope are a global leader in web security and Zero Trust Network Access. They offer cloud, data, and network security solutions for thousands of global customers, including more than 25 of the Fortune 100. Netskope’s Next Gen Secure Web Gateway solution prevents malware, advanced threats, and filters harmful or inappropriate URLs across all users and devices.

Netskope enables granular policy controls, leveraging contextual understanding of content and risk ratings for all users and applications, and enforcing acceptable use with URL filtering. The platform is managed via a single cloud-console with shared policies for the web access, cloud, and SaaS applications. The data loss protection features enable admins to manage website, URLs, custom apps, and thousands of cloud applications. Netskope also offer an add-on module for advanced analytics, providing pre-defined, customizable dashboards with over 500 attributes of metadata for web and cloud activity.

Netskope is a leading service across all industries and verticals. This service is a strong option to consider for mid-sized and large organizations looking to secure web and SaaS applications and enforce acceptable use policies.

Menlo Security logo

Menlo Security offer a cloud security platform that is designed to provide maximum protection against web-based malware threats. The platform delivers core SWG capabilities, alongside CASB, DLP, Proxy, firewall-as-a-service, and remote browser isolation, in a single platform. It also includes policy management, reporting, and analytics capabilities. The platform is designed to protect against advanced cloud threats, with high performance and scale.

Menlo’s Adaptive Clientless Rendering technology provides secure remote browser isolation, ensuring that users are always protected when clicking, browsing, and downloading web content. This is achieved by executing all active and risky web content in a remote cloud-based browser. This works across all devices – desktop, laptop, and mobile. This ensures users a protected against phishing sites, and ransomware downloads; these features extend across SaaS applications. The service has flexible deployment options and is available as both on-premises and as a cloud service.

Menlo Security protect millions of users and execute billions of isolation sessions monthly. This service is well suited for enterprise organizations, particularly those in the federal, state & local government, finance, and education industries, looking for secure internet isolation.

Forcepoint Logo

Forcepoint is a global security leader, offering an all-in-one cloud-based network security platform, used by more than 14,000 customers across 150 countries. Forcepoint ONE is a comprehensive SSE solution, offering a consolidated, unified, cloud-native platform that includes CASB, SWG, ZTNA, and remote browser isolation capabilities. This ensures that cloud services can be secured, with internet browsing, private apps, and emails protected by Forcepoint’s SD-Wan service. Forcepoint One SWG is a powerful secure web gateway delivered as part of this comprehensive platform. It secures access to all websites and prevents malicious web downloads.

 Forcepoint’s SWG enables secure access with high-speed performance, protecting against unsafe, compromised, or phishing web pages and downloads with remote browser isolation across all devices. This ensures that mobile and desktop users are protected, whether in the office or at home. The service secures data with over 190 pre-built data security policies, which can be applied both in the cloud and across endpoint devices.

Deployed as part of the Forcepoint ONE platform, this solution delivers comprehensive cloud security. Forcepoint is popular with users, and we recommend the service for organizations of all sizes, particularly those in the government, healthcare, and finance sectors.

Cloudflare Logo

Cloudflare is a leading internet infrastructure and security company that protects millions of users, across millions of companies around the world. Cloudflare Gateway is a SWG solution that effectively protects against ransomware, phishing, and other attacks, by leveraging threat intelligence and extensive visibility across internet traffic. The platform enables admins to build custom network and DNS filtering policies for all users, in the office or at home. The service is available as part of Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform, which also includes ZTNA, cloud email security, remote browser isolation, CASB, and DLP solutions.

Cloudflare Gateway provides comprehensive threat protection, with DNS filtering, granular security categories, and remote browser isolation. Cloudflare have extensive threat intelligence, and provide strong protection against phishing sites and ransomware, without compromising on web performance. The platform is easy to manage, with simplified policy building and compliance controls.

Cloudflare offers a powerful SWG solution, which is a good choice for organizations currently using Cloudflare for website-based protection. The service is also a strong fit for SMBs, who can take advantage of a free pricing tier for up to fifty users. This subscription plan includes the Secure Web Gateway, Zero Trust Network Access, and the Inline-Only Cloud Access Security Broker features.

Cisco Logo

Cisco Umbrella is a market leading secure web gateway and SSE solution that protects more than 24,000 companies globally. Umbrella is a comprehensive Zero Trust and SASE solution, and includes a SWG, DNS filtering, CASB, DLP, a cloud-delivered firewall, remote browser isolation, integrated identity controls, and ZTNA with Cisco’s IAM service, Duo Security.  Cisco also offers SD-Wan capabilities – with Meraki – to facilitate network architecture for hybrid workplaces and remote workers.

Cisco Umbrella’s Secure Web Gateway is fully cloud-based, providing full proxy capabilities that ensure strong web performance. The service logs, inspects, and controls all web traffic to prevent advanced web-based threats. Admins have full visibility into web-traffic, comprehensive anti-virus and anti-malware protection, content control, and granular cloud application controls. The service protects users across all devices, wherever they are based.

Cisco Umbrella is one of the most widely used, and highly regarded, secure web gateway services on the marketing, blocking more than 20 billion web threats daily. The service is a strong choice for organizations of all sizes, across all industries, including MSPs and MSSPs.

Check Point

Check Point is a global leader in the cybersecurity space, protecting over 100,000 customers with a multi-level network security offering. The platform extends across cloud, network, mobile, and email systems. Check Point’s Harmony solution is a comprehensive, unified security solution that protect users and devices. It includes endpoint protection, email security (leveraging Check Point’s acquisition of cloud email security provider Avanan), and full stack SASE capabilities comprising Check Point’s next-generation firewall, intrusion prevention, DLP, ZTNA, and a leading SWG service.

Check Point’s SWG is a comprehensive platform that protects remote and office-based employees against web and cloud threats. The platform is fully-cloud based, offering unified policy controls for admins to manage, both, individual users and remote offices. The service provides strong protection against emerging phishing sites as well as known and unknown malware, leveraging Check Point’s market leading malware detection and sandboxing capabilities. Admins can enforce policies across any websites or applications, with URL filtering and application control for more than 8,999+ apps. The service is also highly scalable and easy to deploy.

Check Point is a strong option to consider for organizations of all sizes and industries looking to secure web access alongside deploying comprehensive security controls across the endpoint and email channels.

Akamai Logo

Akamai are a leading software and internet security provider that processes seven trillion DNS queries every single day. Akamai’s Secure Internet Access Enterprise solution is a proxy-based secure web gateway that enables users and devices to safely connect and interact with cloud applications. The service is cloud-based, with simplified policy management controls and multilayered defenses, including real-time intelligence and advanced malware detection engines.

Akami Secure provides strong protection against zero-day malware and phishing websites. This is made possible by leveraging Akamai’s extensive threat intelligence and advanced malware detection engines. The solution also provides data loss prevention, and it will automatically block content uploads containing sensitive data to ensure compliance with PCI DSS and HIPAA regulations. The service also offers CASB functionality, with cloud-application controls and risk-scoring. The platform provides comprehensive reporting and analytics over web traffic. Admins are given the ability to configure acceptable use policies and enforce them across the network.

Akamai offer a powerful SWG service, which is a strong option for organizations of all sizes looking to implement powerful web security controls and acceptable employee usage policies, for remote and hybrid workforces.

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The Top 10 Secure Web Gateway (SWG) Solutions