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The Top 7 SaaS Operations Management Software

SaaS operations management software assists in managing and optimizing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, ensuring performance, security, and cost-effectiveness.

The Top 7 SaaS Operations Management Software Solutions include:
  • 1. Apptio Cloudability
  • 2. AvePoint
  • 3. BetterCloud
  • 4. Cledara
  • 5. SailPoint SaaS Management
  • 6. Substly
  • 7. Zluri

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) operations management solutions provide businesses with the tools and functionality to optimize their day-to-day operational tasks and activities. These solutions make it easy for businesses to manage their applications in the cloud, streamline workflows, enforce policies, and ensure security. Implementing SaaS operations management software has numerous benefits including increased flexibility, scalability, ease of collaboration, and decreased infrastructure costs.

SaaS operations management platforms typically offer a broad range of functionalities, from managing user access and permissions, to monitoring app performance, compliance, and security. They also aid in automating processes and workflows, thereby allowing organizations to maximize productivity and minimize errors. Additionally, these platforms often integrate with popular third-party applications and tools to ensure seamless management of the IT ecosystem.

The SaaS operations management market is diverse and competitive, with various vendors offering robust and efficient solutions catering to different business needs and sizes. To help organizations in choosing the right SaaS operations management tool, we have compiled a list of the top solutions on the market. This list is based on features, integrations, ease of use, customer feedback, and overall performance.

Apptio Logo

Apptio Cloudability SaaS is a portfolio management solution that is designed to help businesses understand, manage, optimize, and govern their SaaS portfolios. This enables teams to make data-driven investment decisions without disrupting business performance.

Cloudability SaaS provides a single view for tracking resource consumption of both SaaS and on-premises applications across the organization. This allows businesses to identify all SaaS applications in use, eliminate shadow IT, map license costs, and understand usage in relation to specific end-users. The solution can break down costs by user, license, and department, as well as monitoring on-prem and cloud renewal dates with alert notifications.

The platform enables timely adjustments to meet business needs by identifying inactive or underutilized application licenses, discovering redundant apps, and comparing pricing in real-time. This ensures data-driven renewals and can proactively right-size contracts for maximum efficiency. Additionally, Apptio Cloudability SaaS helps businesses respond to security incidents and risks by tracking apps with GDPR, SOC2 compliance issues, and employee-related risks, organizing applications by risk type, and removing shadow IT data concerns from the environment.

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AvePoint is a SaaS management company focused on enhancing digital workplace experiences and providing IT scalability and control. Its solutions aim to simplify the management, control, and protection of multi-SaaS applications and data. This helps to address the challenge faced by organizations across sectors using an average of 125 different SaaS applications.

AvePoint’s solutions focus on improving operational efficiency, increasing visibility, and enabling security and compliance. By automating repetitive processes and implementing event or manual workflow triggers, AvePoint helps organizations scale their digital workplace management. The platform also enables quick updates to licenses and entitlements, ensuring users have appropriate access levels. In addition, AvePoint automates service requests with dynamic profiles.

To provide a clear view of usage across multi-SaaS applications, AvePoint offers increased visibility into workplace operations. It also enables security and compliance through secure collaboration, lifecycle management, and proactive risk monitoring. AvePoint’s SaaS management solutions effectively help organizations maintain a secure, efficient, and compliant digital workplace.

BetterCloud Logo

BetterCloud is a SaaS management platform that is designed to automate user lifecycle processes and daily operations in a multi-SaaS environment. This platform helps to eliminate a substantial amount of SaaS management work, streamlining onboarding and offboarding processes for businesses.

By integrating data from trusted sources such as BambooHR or Workday, BetterCloud ensures that new hires gain immediate access to essential resources. This automation reduces the time spent on manual onboarding procedures and helps to increase overall productivity.

Offboarding is also improved using BetterCloud, as it automatically removes users’ access to applications and groups, while transferring files and resources. This reduces the risk of data leakage due to manual or incomplete offboarding processes. In addition, BetterCloud can be integrated with your ITSM platform, eliminating the need for manual help desk ticket resolution and day-to-day operations. This allows your team to focus on strategic projects that can drive business growth.

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Cledara Logo

Cledara is a SaaS management platform that allows businesses to view and manage all their software subscriptions from a single location, promoting collaboration and reducing duplicate or unused services. The platform offers a clear view of all software subscriptions, streamlining the process of requesting new subscriptions and managing onboarding and offboarding.

The platform also features a lightweight procurement process, enabling teams to choose the software they need, while maintaining control through an approval system. Cledara provides real-time reporting and analytics, giving users a comprehensive picture of subscriptions and users, as well as assisting with identifying potential savings and future budget projections.

Cledara’s platform integrates renewal management features that enable businesses to evaluate renewals ahead of time and efficiently forecast upcoming payments. By offering unique virtual cards with set spending limits for each subscription, Cledara ensures complete control over software expenses. These virtual cards can be easily canceled, increasing flexibility and security for businesses.

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SailPoint Logo

SailPoint SaaS Management is a security platform that provides comprehensive visibility across an organization’s entire software environment, including rogue SaaS and shadow IT. This platform centralizes and automates the visibility of software environments, assisting Security and IT teams in understanding user access and activities within SaaS apps.

SailPoint SaaS Management tackles the challenge of shadow IT and enables a more intelligent access decision process by understanding how users access applications. This insight supports better security, compliance, and cost reduction related to unused or unnecessary access within the SailPoint Identity Platform. Its AI-enabled features also enhance recommendations, access modeling, access requests, and provisioning.

The platform easily integrates with existing applications, expanding visibility on their usage. You can use a free trial of the SailPoint SaaS Management platform before investing and rolling it out across your entire organization. Future enhancements include incorporating AI to strengthen access management, support for just-in-time access, and additional revocation features.

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Substly Logo

Substly is a comprehensive SaaS management platform that is designed to help businesses keep track of their tech stack and optimize spending. The platform provides a unified view of all digital services, allowing companies to make data-driven decisions and streamline budgeting.

One of the key features of Substly is its robust security measures, aimed at preventing unauthorized access to company and customer data. By tracking employee access to various accounts, businesses can promptly cancel licenses when an employee leaves the company. This ensures that company data remains safe and licenses are used efficiently.

Additionally, Substly offers timely notifications for managing licenses and subscription renewals, making the offboarding process seamless and efficient. The platform also encourages collaboration across teams by enabling system owners to manage their services and licenses. This reduces dependence on individual employees and helps when facilitating regular audits.

In summary, Substly is a user-friendly and secure platform that is designed to help businesses visualize all their SaaS solutions in one place, optimize spending, and enhance data security. It fosters collaboration among teams and simplifies various operational tasks, resulting in improved efficiency and resource management.

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Zluri Logo

Zluri is a comprehensive SaaS management platform that is designed to assist businesses in discovering all of their apps, optimizing SaaS spending, and managing all aspects of their software in a single location. Through its comprehensive app discovery engine, Zluri offers complete visibility, incorporating single sign-ons, over 800 integrations, and access to more than 250,000 apps.

The platform provides usage-based license and app optimization, helping companies reduce expenses and eliminate redundant applications. By utilizing deep learning models and artificial intelligence, Zluri helps businesses forecast future license needs and prevent unnecessary spending. Centralized contract management streamlines the process of categorizing and tracking licenses, contracts, and renewals, while also offering complete visibility across all apps.

Zluri’s smart app discovery and usage analysis capabilities enable businesses to identify underutilized apps and licenses, leading to potential savings and optimization. The platform also simplifies Microsoft 365 management, assisting with rightsizing and managing licenses, tracking usage, adoption, and automating manual tasks. Zluri also automates employee onboarding and offboarding through intuitive, purpose-built workflows, while its application utilization data feature allows for in-depth analysis and strategic decisions to improve license ROI.

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The Top SaaS Operations Management Software