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The Top 7 Resource Scheduling Solutions

Explore the top 7 Resource Scheduling Solutions offering intuitive scheduling interfaces, resource allocation, and real-time availability tracking to optimize resource utilization and project planning.

The Top 7 Resource Scheduling Solutions include:
  • 1. BigTime
  • 2. Float
  • 3. Kantata Professional Services
  • 4. Paymo
  • 5. Resource Guru
  • 6. Smartsheet
  • 7.

Resource scheduling solutions help businesses utilize their resources effectively and efficiently. They provide features and dashboards to help you manage and allocate resources, such as personnel, equipment, and facilities, across various projects, tasks, or departments. Using a resource scheduling solution can lead to improved productivity, project success rates and even profitability.

Resource scheduling tools work by registering, scheduling, and tracking the usage data of different resources. In case a resource is overbooked or under-utilized, the app would send an alerts or recommendation for appropriate allocation. This approach helps you find and avoid any potential problems and bottlenecks, enabling proactive resource management and effective decision making.

The resource scheduling software market is dynamic, with a competitive set of providers offering comprehensive solutions. These platforms can be integrated with features such as time-tracking, project management, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence.

In these guide, we’ll explore the leading resource scheduling solution providers and their respective offerings. Inclusion on this list is based on product functionalities, such as integration capabilities, user interface, scalability, and support services, based on our own research and real-world customer feedback.

BigTime Logo

BigTime is a resource scheduling and project management platform designed to optimize productivity within businesses. It offers a comprehensive view of staff availability, assists in identifying gaps in your workforce, and optimizes staff scheduling for better outcomes.

Key features of this solution include personalized data entry options for timesheets, custom invoicing, real-time project tracking, and detailed dashboards for plans and progress analytics. Additionally, BigTime offers advanced integration capabilities to connect your preferred tools, ensuring the smooth handover of work between teams.

Other benefits of BigTime include flexible planning and capacity optimization, reduced bench-time, ease of scheduling, and simplified allocation of resources. The software uses automated processes to reduce administrative costs and speed up issue resolution – helping your team to save time and money.

BigTime is a comprehensive tool that allows business to more efficiently manage projects and allocate resources. Its capabilities help to streamline processes and support growing teams.

BigTime Logo
Float Logo

Float is a resource management tool designed to help you optimize workforce productivity. The solution provides a real-time view of schedules and workloads, allowing you to easily allocate tasks, confirm due dates, and assign budgets.

Float offers detailed team monitoring a that tracks actual hours worked, allowing budges to be monitored in real-time. Float also features bulk editing tools for adjusting schedules and provides notifications when work schedules are changed.

Standout features of the platform include an optimization process for allocating work based on team members’ skills and capacity, workload balancing with insight into scheduled versus available hours, and projections for capacity and expenditure.

Overall, Float is a capable tool for managing resources, projects, and workloads efficiently. It can also be easily integrated with existing tools and workflows (such as calendars and project management), ensuring it can be used for a range of business requirements.

Float Logo
Kantata Logo

Kantata Professional Services is a resource management tool designed to help you manage projects more efficiently and effectively. It supports all stages of resource management, including forecasting demand and managing staff,  identifying skills gaps, and highlighting staff development requirements.

Kantana provides real-time forecasting tools, enabling more efficient resource planning. The solution can be used to help ensure the right team members are matched to the right projects by highlighting the best-fit options in real-time. This works by predicting future pipeline needs and mapping those to user skill sets.

Kantata is designed to identify the right resources for your projects and provide opportunities to expand team capabilities for improved project completion. It offers functionality to manage both internal and external resources. The platform also provides tools for effective scheduled hours management and makes resource recommendations based on detailed criteria to ensure the most suitable person is assigned to each task.

In summary, Kantata Professional Service is a versatile tool that provides centralized resource management, improved visibility across staff and contractors, thorough performance tracking, and strategic resource assignment. It simplifies the process of building and managing project teams, helping to enhance project outcomes across the board.

Kantata Logo
Paymo Logo

Paymo helps to optimize team performance and productivity with advanced resource management features. It helps managers team members’ work, and enables quick identification of overbooked staff.

Key features of Paymo include an automatic scheduler which allows you to view your team’s schedule in a single visual timeline. It supports real-time team scheduling and automatically generates ‘ghost bookings’ based on previous task details. Additionally, the software shows who is overbooked or underbooked, and allows you to directly adjust bookings on the timeline.

The software also includes a fully featured time off/holiday planner, allowing managers to easily schedule and view leave days for any employee. Paymo supports hourly level bookings for time-sensitive work, as well as a drag & drop tool for planning unscheduled tasks.

Overall, Paymo brings together a strong range of features to aid in team management and work progress monitoring. It helps manage project tasks, time tracking, and invoicing, making it an all-in-one solution to improve overall productivity and efficiency.

Paymo Logo
Resource Guru Logo

Resource Guru is designed to assist in forecasting and scheduling. The platform helps teams to optimize employee workloads by providing a bird’s eye view of your team, allowing for the analysis of workload balance, thereby improving resource management and scheduling efficiency.

Key features of Resource Guru include its intuitive drag and drop system that allows for fast and easy adjustments to schedules and projects. It offers a unique clash management and waiting list function that helps to prevent resource over-allocation as this is one of the leading causes of project failure. With the use of powerful filters, the right individuals for the job can be identified easily based on skills, department, location, or another custom fields. This ensure the most efficient path to task completion is selected.

Other strengths of Resource Guru include its capabilities to quickly handle large amounts of data. It provides flexible booking options and delivers the ability to schedule resources (like meeting rooms or equipment), as well as people. The tool also offers seamless integrations with Google and Outlook Calendars, allowing for a single view of team availability.

Overall, Resource Guru is a comprehensive solution for resource scheduling and management. It is designed to efficiently distribute workloads, improve project timelines, manage expectations, and reduce work stresses.

Resource Guru Logo
Smartsheet Logo

Smartsheet is an online platform that allows teams to build efficient project management processes, map and forecast budgets and ensure timely project delivery. Smartsheet incorporates a familiar spreadsheet interface, making it easy to instigate projects by importing existing work from various sources like Excel, MS Project, Trello, or Google.

The platform has a robust feature set that enhances flexibility and promotes collaboration. Users can choose from multiple views to find a style that suits their way of working. This includes grid, Gantt, calendar, and card views. The collaboration feature supports real-time project sharing with numerous internal and external stakeholders.

In addition to the basic project management tools, Smartsheet offers a suite of additional features such as critical path identification, milestone tracking, notifications, reports, dashboards, automated actions, resource management, attachment capability, and mobile app support. The platform can be integrated with a range of tools already in use, including Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, Jira, and Salesforce.

Overall, Smartsheet is a comprehensive tool for managing project schedules, collaborating, and making data-based decisions. It simplifies task management, tracks project advancement, and boosts productivity through its streamlined processes and flexible features. It provides a single, streamlined solution for businesses looking to optimize their project management processes.

Smartsheet Logo
Teamwork Logo

Teamwork is a resource management solution that helps teams to plan and manage projects. The platform supports both for both long-term  project forecasting and short-term task allocation, helping to improve productivity and employee wellbeing.

Teamwork’s includes forecasting and allocation features to plan out for projects stretching over months, quarters, or years. This feature enables management to optimize business capacity by ensuring the right staff are available at the right time. Additionally, it offers tools to track the pipeline of potential work, enabling risk mitigation through scenario planning and early adjustments to resource allocations.

The platform can help track workloads and identify areas where additional employees are required. It helps users understand team’s short-term capacity, providing a complete picture of workload and availability. This allows managers to quickly adjust tasks to avoid bottlenecks. Teamwork provides a drag-and-drop planning tool helps to accommodate changes in deadlines or project scope.

Teamwork stands out for its comprehensive overview and management of team capacity. This enables managers to visualize team performance, make informed decisions regarding task allocations or hiring, as well as plan future work with precision. Teamwork ensures effective usage of your talent, and can also help to promote employee work balance.

Teamwork Logo
The Top 7 Resource Scheduling Solutions