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The Top 6 Proxy Network Software

Discover the top proxy network software with features like IP masking, geo-fencing, and bandwidth control.

The Top 6 Proxy Network Software Solutions include:
  • 1. Bright Data Residential Proxies
  • 2. F5 NGINX Plus
  • 3. IPRoyal
  • 4. OxyLabs Residential Proxies
  • 5. SmartProxy Residential Proxies
  • 6. SOAX Residential Proxies

Proxy network software solutions enable users to secure and streamline their internet activities. They use proxy servers—also known as “proxies”—to forward user requests to web servers (and vice versa). This means that all traffic flows through the proxy server before it reaches the user’s computer, when a user searches the internet. This allows users to anonymize their browsing activity, which helps to protect the data they share over the internet and can allow them access to geo-restricted websites. Proxy network software solutions can also encrypt web traffic, scan it for malicious activity (such as malware, phishing, and DDoS attacks), and block access to certain websites—all of which help safeguard confidential data from unauthorized access.

As well as securing users’ browsing activity, proxy network software can help streamline it. By compressing traffic, blocking ads, and caching data to speed up common requests, proxies can improve browsing speeds and network performance. 

The proxy network market is rapidly expanding, with software providers offering different types of proxies that each offer unique capabilities catering to various organizational and individual needs. To help you navigate this market, we’ve put together a guide to the best proxy network software solutions. We’ll highlight the key use cases and features of each solution. Common features include support for HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS protocols, data encryption, IP masking, access control, caching, and web filtering. 

BrightData Logo

BrightData offers a comprehensive range of proxy and scraping infrastructure solutions for data collection. BrightData’s residential proxy network comprises 72+ million IPs across 195 countries worldwide. These residential IPs are contributed by real people who opt-in and receive rewards in exchange for lending their IP to the network. This enables users to access hard-to-reach websites with local IPs from target areas, helping in data collection and web browsing as a genuine user would.

Ideal for business intelligence, competitor analysis, ads verification, and browsing sophisticated target websites, BrightData’s residential proxy network offers a high success rate with 99.99% uptime, providing exceptional stability. With unlimited scaling and customization possibilities from any city or country, users can easily manage IPs through the BrightData Control Panel or API. Additionally, BrightData’s residential proxy network is fully compliant with all relevant data protection legal requirements, including the European Union’s GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) of 2018.

BrightData also offers a user-friendly proxy manager with a straightforward interface, allowing users to easily organize proxies and integrate with third-party software. Custom rules can be defined for optimized results, and the proxy manager is supported by comprehensive documentation, making it an ideal solution for developers and enterprises alike.

BrightData Logo
f5 Logo

F5 NGINX Plus is a software load balancer, reverse proxy, web server, and content cache designed to meet the needs of modern app infrastructure and development teams. A cloud-native solution, NGINX Plus expands upon the features of NGINX Open Source, adding enterprise-grade capabilities such as high availability, active health checks, DNS system discovery, session persistence, and a RESTful API.

As a full-featured application delivery controller (ADC), NGINX Plus brings enhanced functionality to the web-server capabilities of its open-source counterpart. Features like session persistence, caching, and multiple algorithms allow NGINX Plus to maximize speed and capacity, providing enterprises with the necessary resiliency and scalability. The software’s active health checks and enhanced security also add a layer of defense against security attacks. NGINX Plus supports a wide range of reverse proxy use cases, thanks to its intelligent request routing, request modification capabilities, and the ability to add or delete headers.

Key features in NGINX Plus include load balancing, health checks, request routing, request and response rewriting, caching, compression, SSL/TLS processing, and live activity monitoring and logging. The platform provides users with a choice of multiple load balancing algorithms and supports both passive and active server health monitoring. NGINX Plus can also cache responses, compress content, and handle SSL/TLS decryption and encryption, making it a comprehensive solution for organizations in need of a versatile yet user-friendly ADC.

f5 Logo
IPRoyal Logo

IPRoyal offers a residential proxy service with a network of over 2 million unique IPs sourced from 195 countries. The service allows users to target specific countries, states, or cities and supports both rotating and sticky sessions. With a high success rate of approximately 99.7%, IPRoyal ensures that users have a secure and reliable connection for their various online activities.

The residential proxies provided by IPRoyal give users the privacy and flexibility of browsing without restrictions or blocks. The service operates on a pay-as-you-go basis with no contracts or monthly minimums. With options for instant IP changes, automatic rotation of IPs, and sticky sessions up to 7 days, users can easily manage their online activities. The platform is also suitable for unlimited concurrent sessions and allows users to access any website—as long as it is legal to do so.

IPRoyal’s residential proxies can be used for a range of applications, including demographic research and data scraping, as well as consumer activities such as gaming. The global network enables users to gather information efficiently, while maintaining anonymity. Additionally, the advanced caching technology used by IPRoyal can enhance online browsing experiences by speeding up load times. Overall, IPRoyal’s residential proxy service offers security and flexibility for a variety of online activities while maintaining user privacy.

IPRoyal Logo
Oxylabs Logo

Oxylabs Residential Proxies is a solution designed for web scraping projects, offering a rotating pool of over 100 million IP addresses. These proxies are high quality and come from ethical sources, allowing users to easily bypass geo-location blocks and access content from 195 countries. Oxylabs supports HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 protocols to meet a range of user requirements.

With Oxylabs, users can leverage unlimited concurrent sessions without any hidden fees or limitations, enabling easy scaling of web scraping projects. The service also features a single backconnect entry, ensuring an average success rate of 99.95% for scraping tasks. The integration process is hassle-free, thanks to an endpoint generator. It provides developer-friendly documentation, compatibility with third-party software, and proxy user management through a Public API.

Oxylabs’ dashboard allows users to control and monitor their data usage, with the ability to access detailed proxy usage statistics, create and manage sub-users, manage proxy subscriptions, and whitelist IPs. Additionally, free proxy management tools are available for the Chrome browser and Android devices. The technology behind Oxylabs’ Residential Proxy network is supported by a patented solution, which enhances the speed, reliability, and security of the network, delivering a seamless web scraping experience.

Oxylabs Logo
SmartProxy Logo

SmartProxy Residential Proxies offers a pool of over 55 million ethically-sourced residential IP addresses from 195+ locations worldwide. These rotating residential proxies are derived from real devices, ensuring minimal issues with IP bans or CAPTCHAs. The proxies are designed for rapid response times of 0.6 seconds and come with dedicated 24/7 support.

SmartProxy’s large IP pool provides full anonymity and security, allowing users to maintain their privacy while accessing local content from various locations. Users can target specific countries, cities, or mobile carriers to experience the internet like a local. With an emphasis on quality and stability, SmartProxy’s residential proxies support HTTP(s) and SOCKS5 protocols and deliver a 99.47% success rate.

SmartProxy Residential Proxies cater to a range of tasks, from small projects with the Pay As You Go option, to handling data-heavy tasks with unlimited connections and threads. The service simplifies authentication via username/password or whitelisted IPs, offers integration with third-party software, bots, and scripts, and provides usage statistics for easy monitoring.

SmartProxy Logo

SOAX offers a residential proxy network for businesses, with a focus on simplifying integration and management. With 155 million premium residential proxies, SOAX users are able to scrape data easily, without being blocked. The SOAX platform allows users to efficiently integrate residential proxies into their workflows, with set-up taking as little as five minutes.

The platform features a user-friendly dashboard for effortless proxy management, including monitoring usage, assessing network coverage, and accessing the API. SOAX proxies offer unlimited concurrent sessions, automatic IP rotation for a seamless scraping experience, and support for multiple protocols, including HTTP, SOCKS5, and UDP. The platform also provides a 99.9% network uptime guarantee, ensuring minimal disruptions.

SOAX is committed to delivering reliable and ethically sourced proxies, while also providing an API for easy and efficient proxy management. Its comprehensive platform eliminates the need for time-consuming setups and allows users to focus on their core business activities.

The Top Proxy Network Software