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The Top 7 Product Data Management (PDM) Software

Assess the top product data management (PDM) software offering centralized data storage, version control, and collaboration features to streamline product development and lifecycle management processes.

The Top 7 Product Data Management (PDM) Software for Businesses include:
  • 1. Aras Product Data Management
  • 2. Autodesk Vault
  • 3. OpenBOM
  • 4. Oracle Fusion Cloud PLM
  • 5. PTC Windchill
  • 6. Siemens Teamcenter

Product data management (PDM) software helps businesses to organize, store, and track all information related to a product. However, not all PDM software delivers the same level of comprehensive features and capabilities – finding the right one for your organization can be challenging.

PDM systems should streamline your product data management process, centralizing product-related data and processes. They should allow you to track revisions to software, manage change orders, and facilitate the calculations of Bills of Materials (BOMs).

Our team at Expert Insights has identified the top product data management platforms currently available, making it easier for you to find the right solution for your use case. We have evaluated vendors based on:

  • User experience: The simplicity and intuitiveness of the software
  • Admin controls: Tools for admins to monitor data changes, enforce rules, and manage users
  • Additional features: Other benefits like integration capabilities, scalability, and customization options
  • User feedback: Reviews and feedback from end customers
Aras Logo

Aras Product Data Management (PDM) is a secure and comprehensive solution that efficiently manages the creation, modification, and archiving of all information, whether CAD data, parts, or documents. With PDM, all data and documents are safely stored for convenient recall, categorized by product.

Aras PDM features effective integration, securely managing data across popular MCAD and ECAD tools, as well as Microsoft 365. It ensures that data is accurate, up-to-date, and readily available to all users, promoting efficiency during design reviews, engineering changes, and defect investigations. Part and BOM items are automatically extracted and linked to the corresponding CAD and document items in Aras.

The solution also includes visual collaboration tools that encourage teamwork by enabling in-context discussions. This expedites the review and approval processes, leading to higher quality products with reduced time to market. Aras PDM also offers related capabilities, such as Bill of Materials, change management, and document management.

In summary, Aras PDM enhances efficiency and data security, making information swiftly accessible around the globe. This platform supports global product development and supply chain collaboration, and its robust PDM capabilities ensure consistent access to correct information, preventing errors and eliminating delays.

Aras Logo
AutoDesk Logo

Autodesk Vault is a product data management (PDM) software that integrates with Autodesk design tools and various CAD systems. It serves as a central source of organized data, augmenting collaboration and streamlining workflows across multiple teams such as engineering and manufacturing.

Key functions of Autodesk Vault include automating design and engineering processes, controlling data access, and editing permissions, as well as keeping track of revisions and design history. It also offers a broad range of administrative support capabilities, such as configurable email notifications, promoting organizational norms related to data creation, reviewing processes, and release procedures.

Autodesk Vault also offers cloud and remote collaboration features via Project Sync with Autodesk Inventor and Fusion. This enables users to maintain access permission control, versioning, and traceability, while allowing stakeholders to share native files and design updates bi-directionally. In addition, with the Vault client and mobile app with Vault Gateway, the solution allows data access from anywhere and on any device without a VPN connection.

Overall, Autodesk Vault enables faster response times and reduces errors through process automation and easy data access. The software can be bundled with Autodesk Fusion Manage to extend its capabilities to new product introductions, quality, and supplier collaboration. This elevates Autodesk Vault from a PDM solution to a comprehensive product lifecycle management tool.

AutoDesk Logo
OpenBOM Logo

OpenBOM is a cloud-based software designed to manage parts, files, bills of materials (BOMs), inventory, and purchases to streamline product development processes. It is widely trusted by engineers and companies globally, facilitating faster product development powered by accurate data.

OpenBOM stands out for its comprehensive, integrated feature set, which brings together CAD, parts, document management, and BOMs with procurement planning and vendor management. OpenBOM also provides a rich set of integrations with CAD, PLM, ERP, and other enterprise platforms, capitalizing on its flexible data architecture. The software’s multi-tenant data model is both flexible and scalable, allowing for customization and facilitating global collaboration.

Additional strengths of OpenBOM include its real-time file and data sharing capabilities, enabling simultaneous collaboration regardless of teams’ geographical locations. The software also supports change management and offers predefined data models to manage BOM, orders, vendors, and purchase orders.

In conclusion, OpenBOM is a well-rounded platform for product data and lifecycle management. From real-time collaboration and agile product development to comprehensive product data and vendor management, OpenBOM is a valuable tool for any engineering or production enterprise. Its integration capabilities ensure seamless data capture from various platforms, making it ideal for new product development and mitigating risks.

OpenBOM Logo
Oracle Logo

Oracle Fusion Cloud Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a collaborative software solution aimed at improving product design and release processes. The platform helps businesses develop and commercialize products and services by standardizing and organizing essential data and procedures across global supply chains. It easily integrates with CAD systems and ensures efficient management of items, products, documents, requirements, and engineering change orders.

Oracle Fusion Cloud PLM enables businesses to capture and evaluate ideas from various sources, manage innovation concepts, and optimize their product launching processes. It also helps to balance innovation initiatives, align resources, mitigate risk, and achieve strategic objectives. In addition, it provides compliance enforcement capabilities that can rapidly adjust to changing global standards.

Additional strengths of Oracle Fusion Cloud PLM include closed-loop quality processes, data-driven insights, integrated issue management, streamlined preventative actions, centralized document management, and product commercialization. It offers a predictive view of product quality across lifecycle and supply chain processes, root-cause analysis of quality issues, corrective action processes, and a single source of truth for standard operating procedures and industry regulations.

Oracle Fusion Cloud PLM provides complete visibility into product evolution, real-time adjustments to changing global standards, and detailed analysis of quality events, contributing to the improvement of productivity, quality, and profitability of processes and products.

Oracle Logo
PTC Logo

PTC Windchill is a comprehensive and scalable product lifecycle management platform that facilitates real-time data sharing, dynamic data visualization, and collaboration. With its standardized, out-of-the-box functionality, the software allows manufacturers to realize immediate value.

Windchill is built on an open architecture, which allows straightforward integration with other enterprise systems, including IoT devices. The system comes with extensive out-of-the-box functions, offering customizable role and task-based applications. It allows non-experts to access traceable product data, simplifying their interactions with the platform, while avoiding unnecessary complexity and customization.

Additional strengths include the wide range of role and industry-specific applications that can be leveraged, plus the secure and smart collaboration features for seamless interaction inside and outside the enterprise. Windchill also provides visualization, validation, and review functions, enabling users to interact with all forms of digital product data in 2D, 3D, and augmented reality.

Overall, Windchill is an effective solution for manufacturing businesses seeking to streamline product development and improve collaborative processes. It enables real-time information sharing, dynamic data visualization, and collaboration with a high degree of automation and interoperability for cross-discipline configuration management. This powerful platform can be delivered on-premise or in the cloud, making it a flexible choice for businesses of all sizes.

PTC Logo

Siemens Teamcenter is a leading product lifecycle management solution that helps businesses develop and deliver innovative products. Focusing on the use of digital twins, the software optimizes processes for design, system alignment, software development, simulation, and visualization, enabling the early identification and resolution of potential problems.

Teamcenter automates and streamlines product lifecycle processes, enhancing visibility for stakeholders and enabling development teams to make more informed product decisions. Teamcenter can also adapt to business disruptions, continuing to drive product innovation by providing a single, reliable source of product information for all users.

The software is flexible in its delivery, offering on-premise or cloud options, managed either by the client’s own IT team or Siemens’ in-house staff. This includes an instant-on SaaS option, Teamcenter X, which is designed specifically for growing startups, allowing them to manage their product digital twin efficiently and bring innovative products to the market faster.

Overall, Siemens Teamcenter is a versatile, user-friendly platform for strategic planning, development, and product delivery, fostering innovation, collaboration, and efficient product lifecycle management in businesses of various sizes.

Solidworks Logo

SOLIDWORKS PDM is a streamlined data management system designed for storing and organizing an extensive range of engineering CAD data and other documents in a central repository. The platform is built into Windows Explorer, which enables users to work within an environment they’re already familiar with.

Key functions of SOLIDWORKS PDM include efficient file management with automatic version updates, comprehensive design reuse with inbuilt search tools and high-performance data retrieval from a relational database, and conflict-free revision control through live update notifications.

The platform also offers advanced customization based on organizational requirements, and is available via three different packages. SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is designed for smaller organizations, offering features like tracking changes, creating automated PDFs, and integrated file previews. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional is ideal for larger, geographically diverse teams, offering additional capabilities such as remote access, email notifications, multi-CAD support, and BOM support. SOLIDWORKS Manage adds project management features to the mix, along with process management, item management, and insightful data dashboards.

Overall, SOLIDWORKS PDM is a robust data management solution that delivers efficient file management, version control, and a range of customization options. It reduces time spent on data search, ensures secure access, prevents out-of-date version usage, and facilitates remote design updates, making it an excellent tool for collaborative team environments.

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The Top 7 Product Data Management (PDM) Software