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The Top 10 Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solutions

Discover the top privileged access management solutions. Explore features such as password management, role-based security, real-time notifications, and reporting.

The Top 10 Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solutions Include:

Privileged Access Management (PAM), or privileged account management, is the process of assigning, monitoring, and securing access to critical business systems and applications.

The Challenge: Privileged accounts have higher levels of access to critical systems that contain sensitive or valuable business data. When threat actors steal or crack the login credentials of a privileged user account, they can access all the sensitive data available to a legitimate user.

How PAM Works: PAM solutions enable IT and security admins to monitor and secure access to critical systems by enabling them to grant elevated privileges “just-in-time”, i.e., only for as long as the user needs them to do their job. Once the user signs out of the system, the privileges are revoked.

In this article, we’ll highlight:

  • The best PAM solutions designed to protect critical business systems against unauthorized access
  • Standout features of each solution
  • Who they are best suited for
JumpCloud logo

JumpCloud’s open directory platform securely connects privileged users to critical systems, applications, files, and networks. 

What We Like: This is a full suite of identity, access, and device management tools that enable organizations to monitor and manage privileged and standard identities from a single console. JumpCloud can be used as a core directory or integrated with an existing directory such as Google Workspace and Azure AD. 

Best Features:  

  • Granular authorization policies (with MFA and SSO) that govern what resources privileged users can access once logged in 
  • Password and SSH key management allow administrators to set password complexity controls 
  • Complete mobile device management capabilities alongside PAM 
  • Alerts for brute force attempts against privileged accounts 

We Recommend: JumpCloud is suitable for enterprises of all sizes that are looking for an efficient and easy to use solution for privileged access management. Having been used by over 200,000 organizations worldwide, the platform is consistently ranked as a top solution for comprehensive visibility and control to privileged accounts.

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Heimdal Logo

Heimdal Privileged Access Management simplifies the process of securing user access to privileged accounts, while proactively remediating identity-related threats.

What We Like: Alongside PAM, Heimdal offers a full suite of identity, endpoint, email, application, and web security products that can be deployed via one platform and agent, giving organizations unified, comprehensive visibility into their entire threat landscape.

Best Features:

  • Automatically ends privileged sessions when a threat is detected on the user’s device
  • Granular visibility into privileged account use, including average escalation duration, which users or files were escalated, and actions carried out during the session
  • Intuitive dashboard with controls to assign role-based permissions, remove local admin rights, live-cancel admin rights, set escalation periods, and log sessions
  • Automated workflows for approving or denying privilege escalation requests (plus option to approve/deny manually)

We Recommend: Heimdal PAM is suitable for any-sized organization looking for an easy way to manage and automate their privilege escalation processes, as well as monitor the activities of privileged users within high-tier systems.

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Arcon Logo

ARCON | PAM allows enterprise security teams to secure and manage the entire lifecycle of their privileged accounts.

What We Like:  

All privileged access is just-in-time; this reduces the threat surface by favouring access as needed over standing privileges. ARCON offers 24/7 support to all of its clients as a base support offering, and they don’t differentiate between tiers for technical support.

Best Features:

  • MFA-protected password vault automates frequent password changes and generates and stores strong, dynamic passwords
  • Native, software-based One-Time-Password (OTP) validation to verify users’ identities, with Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Advanced session monitoring allows admins complete insight into privileged account activities
  • Reporting engine provides a complete audit trail of privileged activities, with in-built analytics

We Recommend: ARCON | PAM is a highly scalable, fully featured PAM solution. As such, we recommend it for any sized organization looking for a robust PAM solution.

BeyondTrust Logo

BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access enables users to manage and audit internal and third-party remote privileged access, without the need for a VPN.

What We Like: BeyondTrust’s credential injection features allow the platform to securely inject credentials from the vault directly into a session, meaning that users don’t expose credentials at any point during sign in.

Best Features:

  • Robust password storage options include a secure, cloud-based, on-appliance vault, or integration with BeyondTrust’s Password Safe
  • Strong monitoring capabilities, with audit trails and session forensics
  • Customizable alerts for admins to approve access requests and monitor usage
  • Desktop consoles for Windows, Mac, and Linux, plus a web-based console and mobile app

We Recommend: This is a great solution for organizations with remote workers who need to access privileged systems. With a wide range of deployment and installation options, privileged users can access critical systems remotely, and admins can approve or deny access from anywhere, at any time.

Broadcom Logo

Symantec Privileged Access Management (PAM) helps organizations more easily monitor and govern access to high-tier corporate accounts, in order to reduce the risk of credential-related breaches and ensure compliance with industry standards.

What We Like: This tool not only enables admins to secure their accounts with preventative measures, but also allows them to respond to breaches if they do occur, with in-built behavioral analytics and automated remediation workflows.

Best Features:

  • 2FA-protected vault stores all privileged credentials, including root and admin passwords and SSH keys
  • Continuous ML-powered activity monitoring compares current actions to historical behaviors to identify suspicious or anomalous behavior
  • Automatic remediation of suspicious activity within privileged accounts
  • Audit data captured from each session – with the option to capture video recordings – is stored in an encrypted vault

We Recommend: Symantec PAM is suitable for large enterprises looking to prevent credential-related breaches and lateral account compromise attacks. The platform is also well suited to businesses already leveraging Broadcom/Symantec’s other security technologies.

CyberArk Logo

CyberArk Privilege Access Manager provides multi-layered access security for privileged accounts, enabling IT teams to secure, manage and record privileged account activities.

What We Like: This solution is great at preventing repeat attacks. If suspicious behavior is identified, it terminates the session and automatically rotates the account’s credentials, ensuring that bad actors or compromised account can’t re-gain access to the system.

Best Features:

  • Continuous network scanning identifies the use of privileged accounts, giving IT teams total visibility
  • Validates access attempts either by adding them to a queue for the IT team to review, or automatically rotating accounts and credentials based on the company’s policies
  • Privileged session recording with full video playback and keystroke monitoring, with records stored in an encrypted repository
  • Automatic termination of privileged sessions based on risk level of detected behaviors

We Recommend:  With on-prem, cloud, and SaaS deployment options, this is a strong option for any enterprise looking for a trusted, flexible PAM solution with a strong focus on session monitoring and remediation.

Delinea logo

Delinea Secret Server enables organizations to monitor, manage, and secure access to their most sensitive corporate databases, applications, hypervisors, security tools, and network devices.

What We Like:  Rather than just focusing on authentication, this solution places a strong focus on authorization, i.e., managing what activities users can carry out once they’re logged into a privileged account.

Best Features:

  • 2FA-protected, encrypted vault stores all privileged credentials
  • Granular, role-based access controls ensure users can only access the credentials they need to do their job
  • Policy controls available for password complexity and credential rotation
  • Option to provision or deprovision privileges on-demand for just-in-time access, or via custom workflows that delegate access requests automatically (inc. for third parties)
  • Powerful session recording capabilities enable organizations to monitor privileged activities

We Recommend: This is a strong solution for enterprises looking to secure and centrally manage access to their critical systems, accounts and applications, both to prevent account takeover attacks and to ensure compliance with federal and industry data protection standards.

ManageEngine logo

ManageEngine PAM360 combines access management with automation, transparent policy creation, robust integrations, and compliance readiness to secure privileged access to critical systems, applications, and services.

What We Like: Session monitoring and auditing capabilities make this a strong solution for organizations that must comply with strict data protection regulations, such as healthcare, government, and financial services organizations.

Best Features:

  • Automatic discovery and onboarding of privileged users, accounts, and resources enables admins to immediately identify standing privileges
  • Support for NIST, PCI-DSS, FISMA, HIPAA, SOX, and ISO-IEC 27001
  • Least privilege workflows automatically provision access based on role, attribute, or policy to deliver just-in-time access
  • Full audit trails, real-time session recording, and session shadowing with AI- and ML-driven anomaly detection capabilities

We Recommend: PAM360 is particularly well-suited to ManageEngine’s existing customers; its integrations with ManageEngine’s other products make it easier for admins to securely provision access and gain deeper insights into access events across the network from a single place. However, this is a strong tool for any organization looking to secure their privileged accounts.

Saviynt Logo

Saviynt Cloud PAM combines Privileged Access Management with Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) to deliver just-in-time access to on-prem, web, and cloud assets, eliminating standing privileges across the entire infrastructure.

What We Like: This solution doesn’t compromise usability for security; it’s real-time account, workload, and entitlement discovery make it easy to set up, and its user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop workflows makes it easy to manage.

Best Features:

  • Secure password vault stores credentials, keys, and tokens, with options to implement password rotation and role-based access controls
  • Zero-footprint session monitoring with keystroke logging
  • Risk scoring of system access right and active session termination help stop unauthorized sessions
  • Granular, AI-informed reporting on privileged access data, with governance-driven risk insights

We Recommend: This solution for any organization looking for comprehensive yet easy-to-use PAM. Saviynt Cloud covers both preventative security measures (e.g., credential rotation) and responsive measures (e.g., session termination). It delivers all of these features via an intuitive, modern interface that’s easy to navigate.

Saviynt Logo
OneIdentity Logo

One Identity offers a suite of PAM solutions that are available as individual modules or as an integrated package, allowing customers to build new capabilities into their existing measures. Their Safeguard solution allows organizations to secure, control, and audit privileged accounts for the entire duration of the session.

What We Like: End users can access their privileged and non-privileged resources from a single account, which removes friction for them whilst minimizing the risk of error in provisioning access. Session recordings are very accessible; admins can search them like a database for specific events across sessions.

Best Features:

  • Privileged credentials are stored in a secure credential vault, protected with centralized authentication and SSO
  • Analyzes user activity using machine learning – both at the time of access and throughout the session – and records keystrokes, mouse movement, and windows viewed
  • Customizable levels of authentication at a user level, from requiring full credentials through to limiting access with granular delegation for just-in-time or least-privileged access
  • Automatically grants privileges according to the user’s role

We Recommend: This solution is ideal for larger enterprises looking for more control over privileged activities. Its session recording and analytics capabilities enable organizations to detect unauthorized use of critical business systems, with automations to help reduce friction for the end user.

The Top 10 Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solutions