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The Top 7 Physical Visitor Behavior Intelligence Platforms

Explore the top Visitor Behavior Intelligence Platforms offering user behavior tracking and conversion optimization features to understand and optimize customer interactions.

The Top 7 Physical Visitor Behavior Intelligence Platforms include:
  • 1. Aislelabs
  • 2. Beonic Insight
  • 3. Cisco Spaces
  • 4. Flame Analytics
  • 5. HPE Aruba Location Services
  • 6. Juniper Mist User Engagement
  • 7. Purple

Complimentary WiFi is fast becoming a customer expectation. One way of transforming this overhead into an asset is through the implementation of a physical visitor behavior intelligence platform. These systems enable all customers visiting your organization in person to access WiFi networks in exchange for data on their behaviors and habits.

By combining complementary WiFi networks with people counters and cameras, physical visitor behavior intelligence platforms can be used to understand how many visitors you have to a physical location and the amount of time they spend there (dwell time). They can also help you improve your organization’s marketing and outreach by requiring users to sign up to mailing lists when accessing the complimentary WiFi network.

The market for visitor behavior intelligence platforms has become competitive, with multiple companies offering insightful analysis of visitor numbers, engagement, and behavior when in a physical space. This guide will delve into the top physical visitor behavior intelligence platforms, evaluating their features, integration capabilities, analytic tools, and user feedback.

Aislelabs Logo

Aislelabs is a WiFi-powered solution that is designed to help organizations optimize marketing, analytics, and loyalty programs. The solution uses complimentary WiFi networks to gain insight into usage and behavior.

Aislelabs offers real-time, visit-triggered messaging to three essential visitor personas: new visitors, frequent return visitors, and visitors absent for extended periods. The platform’s “Retail CAPTURE” feature leverages free WiFi to expand email marketing lists, segment users, and create a tenant advertising revenue stream. Through WiFi hardware, Aislelabs also provides critical insights on dwell time and traffic count by space and tenant, which can be valuable data for leasing teams. Finally, the Aislelabs platform also integrates with an extensive range of WiFi and people-counting hardware platforms.

Overall, Aislelabs turns free WiFi into a profitable marketing engine and offers robust insights into customer behavior and location performance. It enhances loyalty programs, provides strategic visitor engagement messaging, and offers critical intelligence such as dwell time at locations. It is a versatile and practical solution for organizations aiming to elevate their marketing tasks through insightful data analytics.

Aislelabs Logo
Beonic Logo

Beonic Insight is an AI-driven analytics platform designed to improve venue management through enhanced visitor insights and smarter marketing strategies. It aims to deliver in-depth understanding of user behaviors, preferences, and interactions, facilitating growth in revenue, cost-effectiveness, and improved health and safety measures.

Beonic’s Insight incorporates a broad range of features catering to all aspects of venue management. Powered by AI, its real-time analytics provides key insights into visitor behavior, operational performance, and marketing strategies. It offers standardized and customizable reporting frameworks to help support data analysis and decision-making.

Beonic Insight also integrates with Beonic Engage, which fosters intelligent and efficient marketing strategies, and with Beonic Connect, which centralizes venue data, contributing to well-informed and intelligent decisions. Throughout the entire suite of tools, Beonic places a strong focus on data security and privacy compliance, ensuring that processes adhere to legislative requirements.

In conclusion, Beonic Insight provides comprehensive analytics that organizations to effectively understand how customers behave. Its adaptive model allows seamless integration of physical and digital information, making it a smart choice for venues seeking growth and improvement.

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Cisco Logo

Cisco Spaces is a cloud-native platform that offers personalized digital experiences for visitors across various locations. It comprises a suite of applications designed to convert walk-ins to potential customers and help brands understand and connect with their visitors more efficiently.

Key functionalities of Cisco Spaces include automatic Wi-Fi onboarding using the OpenRoaming app, and visitor segmentation based on location behavior through the Location Personas app. The Engagements app delivers data-driven, behavior-based multichannel visitor engagement, while the Right Now and Behavior Metrics apps provide real-time visitor counting and monthly insight generation on visit behaviors across numerous sites. In addition, the Impact Analysis app allows users to assess the effects of specific events on visitor behaviors.

The platform also facilitates captive portal integration, allowing the solution to be integrated with CRM software. This enables users to better manage customer interactions and relationships, and build a comprehensive customer database.

In summary, Cisco Spaces ensures a secure and personalized connection between the location, brand, and visitors. It can analyze visitor behavior in real-time, allowing for increased productivity, personalized customer interactions, and efficient marketing efforts.

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Flame Analytics Logo

Flame Analytics is a marketing automation platform designed to boost customer loyalty and engagement. The system obtains contact information and delivers personalized marketing campaigns keyed to location, interests, demographic details, and behaviors.

One of Flame Analytics’ key features is its customizable connectivity option, Guest WiFi, which lets businesses gather customer information like names, emails, age, visit frequency, etc., all the while ensuring GDPR compliance. The platform’s location-based marketing lets users create and send customized campaigns via email or SMS. The Mobile APP SDK integrates with mobile apps for personalized campaign delivery, even without captive portal authentication.

Flame Analytics also offers corporate WiFi, allowing temporary internet access for visitors without interfering with the company’s WiFi control. Another significant feature is its ticket integration (OCR) for loyalty marketing programs in shopping malls, where customers can validate purchases via their mobile devices and earn rewards according to their loyalty profiles.

Flame Analytics allows businesses to organically grow their followers and generate genuine customer databases, allowing them to carry out well-targeted marketing campaigns. With data integrated from various sources like WiFi, IoT sensors, and ERPs, Flame Analytics helps businesses make informed decisions via its powerful dashboard and standard API, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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HPE Aruba

HPE Aruba Location Services is a suite of technologies and tools to manage location services at scale. HPE offers solutions to facilitate asset tracking, wayfinding, and customer engagement via Bluetooth (BLE) and fine time measurement (FTM). These technologies allow you to enhance a customer’s experience, ensuring that they receive appropriate and geographically specific benefits.

HPE Aruba Location Services allows organizations to understand customer footfall with details on peak times, allowing them to deploy proximity marketing and send sales associates to assist customers. It can also be used to optimize traffic flow, send welcome messages, help with wayfinding, and better manage staff deployment.

Aruba’s system also increases operational efficiency by utilizing self-locating APs, reducing significant amounts of IT effort. The platform also simplifies application deployment using universally acceptable latitude and longitude frameworks, which Google, Apple, and Bing Maps can easily incorporate.

In summary, HPE Aruba Location Services is a multi-functional solution that streamlines location service deployment and operation. It assists in enhancing customer interaction and boosts operational efficiency across a variety of business environments.

HPE Aruba
juniper logo

Juniper Mist User Engagement is a cloud-based service that utilizes Virtual BLE (vBLE) array technology and machine learning to improve the accuracy of real-time indoor location services. It is designed to reduce deployment costs and to be easy to deploy, scale, and deliver high accuracy.

Key features of Juniper Mist User Engagement include location-based interactions with users, indoor navigation, and proximity messaging. The service can also trigger IoT devices based on user location, and can direct employees to resources such as meeting rooms. Additional features include real-time wayfinding, proximity notifications, total programmability through SDK, and a data analytics feature for analyzing up to 30 days of network data.

Juniper Mist User Engagement is characterized by the integration of an open SDK for full automation, seamless integration with other products, and a 16-element vBLE antenna for low latency location estimates at high scale. This cloud-based AI technology delivers real-time location services for mobile applications, offering a variety of use cases across retail, healthcare, higher education, and enterprise businesses.

Overall, Juniper Mist User Engagement provides a highly accurate, scalable, and cost-effective solution for real-time indoor location services. It equips businesses with valuable insights and capabilities, facilitating improved user engagement and enterprise efficiency.

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Purple Logo

Purple is a WiFi analytics tool that offers precise insights about visitors within physical spaces. Purple compiles valuable data – including demographic details, visitor behavior, and return rates – to provide an insightful overview of visitor metrics and behavior within a specific venue.

Purple’s user login allows visitors to share their information in exchange for WiFi access. This information helps in creating detailed digital profiles of visitors, enabling you to better understand them, how often they visit, and how they interact within your physical space.

In addition, Purple provides robust analytics and reporting dashboard. Users can generate custom reports within the platform to track trends like new versus repeat visits and frequency of visits across various venues. The tool also allows users to compare results and trends across their different venues.

One of the standout strengths of Purple is its ability to send personalized communications to visitors, thereby fostering increased loyalty and customer engagement. It lets you welcome repeat visitors personally, then launch advertising and marketing campaigns based on authentic customer data. This feature enables businesses to deliver a holistic and seamless customer experience both online and offline.

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The Top 7 Visitor Behavior Intelligence Platforms