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The Top 6 Outage Management Solutions

Explore the top Outage Management Solutions offering real-time outage detection, incident tracking, and restoration planning to minimize downtime and improve service reliability.

The Top 6 Outage Management Solutions include:
  • 1. GE Outage Response
  • 2. Minsalt ACS Onesait OMS
  • 3. Oracle Utilities OMS
  • 4. Schneider Electric OMS
  • 5. Siemens Gridscale X LV Insights
  • 6. Survalent ONE OMS

Outage Management Solutions (OMS) are tools for companies operating within the utilities and energy sectors. They help organizations manage, analyze, and resolve power outages, with capabilities for outage prediction, automated service restoration, real-time tracking, and customer communication. Implementing an effective OMS improves system reliability, significantly reduces outage duration, and offers better customer service.

The function of an OMS is not just reactive, but they will also identify and predict issues before they come to fruition. By identifying potential problem areas before they escalate, maintenance and network upgrades can be prioritized and planned effectively, ensuring that services suffer minimal disruption.

OMS are mutually beneficial for operators and consumers: operators can save on costs and improve service reliability, while customers have fewer service disruptions and better information about outages when they do happen.

In this guide, we’ll cover the top outage management solution providers, analyzing the features, integration capabilities, and overall reliability of each. This article should help you to understand what each platform offers, making it easier for you to select the right one for your unique use case.

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GE Outage Response is an integrated solution designed to maximize grid reliability and minimize network downtime for electric utilities. It enables utilities to accurately assess network damage, coordinate repair actions, understand resource requirements, dispatch repair crews, and share crucial restoration information.

The platform goes beyond conventional Outage Management Systems (OMS) thanks to comprehensive integration with various tools to help in the assessment, dispatching, reporting, and power restoration caused by both everyday operations and severe weather events. GE Outage Response is particularly useful during high-volume storm conditions, where efficient management of outage response and order dispatch is crucial to minimize costs and the effect of disruption.

Additional strengths of the solution include the capability to effectively manage over 250,000 calls per hour. It also optimizes crew dispatch, saving around 100 monthly truck roll outs at a 2M customer electric distribution utility.

Overall, GE’s Outage Response is a comprehensive solution aimed at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of outage management and response. It not only aids in outage anticipation and swift response, but also proves instrumental in cost reduction and resource optimization.

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Onesait Outage Management System (OMS) is a robust platform designed for modern utilities requirements. It efficiently manages outage life cycles, improving reliability and customer service by reducing outage duration and impact. Onesait OMS is backed by a scalable, high-performance platform and recognized by utilities worldwide.

Key features of Onesait OMS include a browser-based call ticket management system that simplifies customer call and ticket handling. It uses data from multiple sources to predict outages accurately. With a streamlined work order management system, Onesait OMS can carefully manage both outage and non-outage work orders. This includes tracking, logging, and executing customized utility forms. Outage statuses and restoration progress are relayed through a public outage map to keep customers, public agencies, and the media updated on developments.

Onesait OMS can be paired with an existing SCADA system or operate as a segment of the Onesait Advanced Distribution Management System platform. It enables easy access to critical information for enhanced situational awareness, optimized outage life cycles, and reduction of operational costs. The platform is also able to integrate with a wide range of third-party platforms.

Onesait OMS presents a comprehensive solution for outage management, reducing the impact of outages on customers, while driving down operational costs for utilities.

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Oracle Utilities Outage Management System (OMS) is a software designed for utilities to effectively manage outages and restoration for electric, gas, water, or wastewater networks. It delivers efficient performance during storms and provides real-time situational information to operators and field crews, thereby improving the response and resolution process.

The system’s core functions range from fast and reliable restoration to real-time control for operators. It allows quick outage management in collaboration with field and management teams, using either manual or automated mode for network switching. This feature helps maximize system dependability and minimize the impact of planned and unexpected outages.

An additional benefit is the system’s intelligent reporting and prediction capabilities. This offers real-time data on service issues, interruptions, and outages, allowing leaders to accurately estimate restoration times, make informed decisions, and keep customers updated. Oracle Utilities OMS is a scalable solution, delivering improved responsiveness using real-time visibility, and a multi-channel communication system. Together, these capabilities ensuring top-level customer service.

Overall, Oracle Utilities OMS is a comprehensive tool that provides real-time control over outages and restoration. It incorporates mobile integration, improved responsiveness, and robust customer service to deliver an efficient solution for utilities management.

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Schneider Electric’s Outage Management System (OMS) is a comprehensive tool designed to help organizations to quickly recover from outages with analysis and enhanced responses. The system uses an advanced prediction engine and real-time network data to inform and streamline outage responses, enhancing safety and improving communication with both customers and regulatory bodies.

OMS can track outages automatically, predict their source, and deliver this information utility-wide. This results in both individual outage duration reduction and a lowering of duration averages via the automatic identification of outage locations. By integrating data from the call center and field crews, alongside AMI and SCADA systems, outage locations are identified with increased precision and speed.

Further enhancing its capabilities, Schneider Electric’s OMS provides all necessary parties, including regulatory agencies, public entities, and customers, with timely and accurate restoration time estimates. In addition, it helps reduce outage and crew management associated costs by generating historical statistics and information.

In summary, Schneider Electric’s OMS is a comprehensive tool for enhancing outage response efficiency and effectiveness. Its integration of advanced systems, prediction capabilities, and multi-source data, results in reduced outage durations, increased safety, and improved communication. This has operational benefits for companies through more cost-effective processes, as well as reduced impact on customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

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Siemens Gridscale X LV Insights is a dedicated SaaS solution that can facilitate scalable and adaptable management of low-voltage (LV) grids. It enables the creation of a digital model of your grid using existing data for optimized grid status monitoring, outage management, critical segment identification, and cross-departmental informational sharing. This service is a part of Siemens Xcelerator portfolio.

The key features of LV Insights include the ability to efficiently build a digital model of your physical LV grid, with automation and visualization tools offered for parameter enrichment and electrical consistency validation. It integrates data from various sources and allows easy model updates across teams.

In addition, LV Insights offers detailed low-voltage monitoring capabilities, aiding reliable grid state assessment and outage handling. The platform enables grid operators to identify outage zones, manage field crews, and track progress efficiently.

In summary, Siemens’ Gridscale X LV Insights, with its innovative and efficient capabilities, augments the management of LV grids. It leverages high-end digitalization and automation, making it a beneficial tool for operational and planning purposes, while promoting data-driven decision making across departments..

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SurvalentONE OMS is a comprehensive outage management solution for use within utility companies. This solution helps to reduce the extent and length of power outages by providing efficient tracking and effective management services.

This software solution provides predictive outage analysis, enabling operators to identify probable fault locations. This helps in the quick deployment of field crews for repair and restoration tasks. SurvalentONE OMS also promotes a transparent communication channel between the control room and field crew. This is in addition to features for swift damage assessment to ensure that teams have sufficient resources to address the outage.

The solution integrates with SurvalentONE’s SCADA and DMS applications. This ensures data sharing across all platforms, allowing operators, dispatchers, customer service reps, and executive team members to have access to all information relating to outage statuses and restoration activities.

In addition, the solution offers advanced customer communication capabilities, such as automated text messaging and social media updating to supply clients with real-time outage and restoration progress information.

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The Top 6 Outage Management Solutions