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The Top 8 Organization Charting Software

Compare the top 8 organization charting solutions. Features include design tools, data integration, and collaboration features to create and visualize organizational structures effectively.

The Top 8 Organization Charting Software include:
  • 1. Built
  • 2. Canva
  • 3. ChartHop
  • 4. Creately
  • 5. Lucidchart
  • 6. Microsoft Visio
  • 7. Pingboard
  • 8. SmartDraw

Organization charting software creates a visual snapshot of a company’s structure, outlining job roles, departmental divisions, and communication lines. Organization charting software usually integrates with HR systems, drawing upon employee data to auto-generate org charts.

These org charts can then be updated and modified to reflect changes in structures. They can be accessed by users across the company to help efficiently understand employee details and their role within the organization. Not only do organization charts streamline internal communication, but they can be used to enhance strategic planning, optimize workflow processes, and facilitate swift onboarding for new hires.

Organisation Charting platforms offer a range of features, including seamless integrations, easy customization, analytics, drag-and-drop interfaces, and real-time updates. This guide will explore into the to organization charting software solutions available today. We will provide a snapshot overview of each software, detailing key features, integrations, ease of use, scalability, and customer feedback.

Built Logo

Built provides interactive and dynamic organization charts for businesses. It offers a suite of features that allows organizations to create up-to-date and data-driven organizational charts, using integrations with existing systems such as ERPs, HRIS, ATS, or other tools.

Built’s org chart solution is easy to use and update, with drag-and-drop functionality and the ability to add people, departments, and reporting relationships. It offers full customization, enabling users to choose what data to display and gives metrics like span of control, headcounts, and open positions. The software is easily searchable, allowing you to explore your organization and search for people by name, title, or skill. It helps in visualizing patterns and trends by using color codes for different data elements.

Additionally, Built enables future planning with unlimited scenario charts, enabling businesses to generate, analyze, and test potential developments, restructures, or acquisitions. Users can merge their planned scenarios back to the official chart or export these changes to their ERP or HRIS. The platform also provides collaboration features, advanced permissions, and sharing options to involve stakeholders in the planning process and maintain data confidentiality.

Overall, Built is a comprehensive tool for creating visual, searchable, and data-driven organization charts. It helps businesses in planning, collaboration, and strategic decision-making, while promoting data visibility and accuracy.

Built Logo
Canva Logo

Canva’s Organizational Chart Maker is a tool that helps visualize a team or company’s hierarchical structure. It displays the relationship between roles and functions using text boxes and connecting lines, providing a clear view of reporting lines and collaboration within the team or organization.

The tool uses text boxes to represent people, departments, or functions, which can be personalized with photos, text, names, logos, or avatars and hyperlinked for additional detail. Lines or arrows are used to depict authority flow, accountability, and communication between entities, with options for multiple line types to signify different relationship types.

In addition to mapping out a team’s structure, Canva’s tool allows for resource and workforce planning. It visually outlines gaps in resources and workforce, facilitating efficient hiring. The org chart also allows users to add details like email addresses and phone numbers, which can be a useful employee reference guide.

Canva’s Organizational Chart Maker is a useful tool for visualizing team structure, aiding in resource planning, and serving as a comprehensive directory.

Canva Logo
ChartHop Logo

ChartHop is a comprehensive people operations platform that consolidates all your organization’s HR data, analytics, and operations in one easy-to-use platform. The system is a helpful directory for all employee data, and also offers a variety of analytical tools and automated workflows.

The ChartHop platform allows for increased transparency through dynamic, data-rich organizational charts and headcount planning tools. These tools assist in modeling, forecasting, and executing various growth scenarios, smoothing the process of planning headcounts. Other features (such as Compensation Reviews and Performance Reviews) provide clear guidelines and benchmarks within the workflow, helping managers to understand the details of their workforce, ensuring that they can maintain org health and growth.

ChartHop is a one-stop hub for managing people data, providing valuable insights for making impactful decisions. The range of tools and features provided by ChartHop not only streamline HR functions, but also fosters a more efficient, data-driven approach to people operations.

ChartHop Logo
Creately Logo

Creately allows teams to build visual representations of organizational structures, workflows, and related elements. You can design team structures using various frameworks, with collaborative, real-time commenting capabilities.

Key functions of Creately include its intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, which is accompanied by advanced styling and color options. This feature simplifies the representation of reporting structures, hierarchies, and levels of management. The platform also provides a centralized canvas for planning human resource efforts, including recruitment, screening, onboarding, and training workflows.

In addition, Creately offers a shared workspace for collective decision making. This feature is complete with view and edit permissions, exporting visuals in multiple formats, and adding context to conversations via pinpointed comments and live cursor views. Creately is easy to edit, allowing you to make changes and accommodate growth, restructuring, and personnel changes within the organization.

Creately is a handy tool for CISOs, IT managers, and developers seeking to clearly visualize their organizational structures and workflows. It is a dynamic platform that facilitates effective collaboration, efficient HR planning, and comprehensive visualization of key organizational processes and structures.

Creately Logo
Lucid Logo

LucidChart is a cloud-based diagramming tool designed to help teams communicate complex ideas, collaborate in real time, and enhance innovation. It allows for the easy creation of organizational charts, diagrams, and other visuals.  LucidChart also offers collaborative features including real-time co-authoring, in-editor chat, shape-specific comments, and collaborative cursors.

Key functions of LucidChart include AI and automation features, data linking for in-context insights, auto-visualization tools, and compatibility across various devices, browsers, and operating systems. These features collectively facilitate the smooth mapping of processes, identification of gaps, and planning of future steps. Additionally, LucidChart integrates seamlessly with many popular apps including Google Workspace, Atlassian, Microsoft Office, Asana, and Slack.

A notable strength is LucidChart’s scalability for growing teams. It also has a focus on account security through centralized account management and document retention. With the ChatGPT plugin and AI Prompt Flow, users can more quickly build accurate charts. The platform can help remote development and creative teams brainstorm, plan and launch new products.

Overall, LucidChart is a comprehensive platform for visualizing complex systems and accelerating collaboration across teams. With its intelligent features and intuitive functionalities, it efficiently promotes better communication, clearer data visualization, and streamlined decision-making processes.

Lucid Logo
Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Visio is a diagramming and vector graphics application that’s integrated into Microsoft 365, allowing users to create and organize professional diagrams. The application is accessible to Microsoft 365 commercial subscribers, making it convenient to use from any location and at any time.

Users can choose from a variety of premade templates, starter diagrams, and stencils in both desktop and web apps. It facilitates the creation of intricate flowcharts, org charts for visualizing structures, floor plans, conceptual diagrams for brainstorming, and detailed network diagrams. The application also supports in designing various other schematics for broad understanding and impactful storytelling.

As part of Microsoft 365, Visio pushes for extensive productivity with features that allow real-time collaboration on diagram creation and decision making. The application ensures enterprise-grade security and privacy with features like Information Rights Management (IRM), ensuring safe, collaborative work on diagram files. Visio also integrates with touch-enabled devices to provide a natural drawing experience.

Microsoft Visio is an efficient tool for creating, collaborating, and organizing visual data. It encourages effective data visualization, decision making, and process execution, all of which enhance productivity across the business.

Microsoft Logo
Pingboard Logo

Pingboard is a comprehensive organizational chart creator tool that is designed to provide insightful visualization of a company’s structure. It offers a bird-eye view of reporting relationships and departmental alignment, with individual employee profiles for additional information about team members.

Key features of Pingboard include automatic updates to the chart when integrated with HR or IT software, ensuring the accuracy of roles and names. It also functions as an internal job board, highlighting open positions and potential career path opportunities. The Teams Matrix offers a visualization of cross-functional teams and their interactions, supporting accurate forecasting of resource needs.

 Pingboard supports planning for the future by enabling private org chart collaboration. These charts are useful for visual exploration of potential organization restructuring, preparing hiring plans, and updating available opportunities.

Pingboard is a resourceful tool that enables an interactive visualization of the company structure, while streamlining internal recruitment and future planning. Its flexibility and automatic updates ensure role accuracy and promote seamless communication across company levels.

Pingboard Logo
SmartDraw Logo

SmartDraw is an online organizational chart maker designed to help users arrange and visualize employee data effectively. The tool allows you to generate org charts from existing data in Excel, Workday, BambooHR, and Azure AD.

This product is user-friendly, with features that support automatic maintenance and rearrangement of org charts as you add, move, or remove employees.  You can divide large org charts into smaller, manageable sub-charts for different departments or teams, for a more digestible view of the organization. The tool can also enhance charts with data related to shapes, including conditional formatting.

SmartDraw works with a variety of applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, as well as Atlassian’s Confluence and Jira. SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, and Box are also supported, allowing you quickly to save your charts to cloud storage platforms.

 SmartDraw promotes easy collaboration through link sharing and the capacity to facilitate discussion. The tool also integrates with communication platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Confluence for more effective team collaboration.

SmartDraw Logo
The Top 8 Organization Charting Software