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The Top 10 Order Management Software Solutions

Explore the top 10 Order Management Software with capabilities including order processing, inventory management, and order tracking to streamline sales order fulfillment and improve customer satisfaction.

The Top 10 Order Management Software include:
  • 1. Blue Yonder Luminate
  • 2. Brightpearl by Sage
  • 3. Cin7
  • 4. Fluent Commerce
  • 5. IBM Sterling Order Management
  • 6. Kibo Commerce
  • 7. Manhattan Active Order Management
  • 8. QuickBooks Enterprise
  • 9. SAP Order Management Foundation
  • 10. Zoho Inventory

Order Management Software streamline and automate the order fulfillment process, making business processes more efficient and ensuring customer satisfaction. The work by consolidating orders from different sales channels, processing them effectively, maintaining inventory visibility, and ensuring prompt delivery, all with just a few clicks. Businesses can easily manage, track, and fulfill orders while ensuring a seamless shopping experience for their customers.

Using Order Management Software means that you can monitor your orders at every stage of its journey. This begins with order entry, through inventory picking, shipping, and delivery. The automated system records all data points, minimizing errors and reducing order turnaround time. OMS solutions meant that you don’t have to juggle between different applications or maintain piles of paperwork.

Each Order Management Software can provide different features and capabilities. Some come bundled with comprehensive e-commerce platforms that also offer other functionalities like customer relationship management (CRM), payment processing, multi-channel selling, and customer management. In this guide, we will explore the top Order Management Software available based on user ratings, technical evaluations, and customer feedback.

BlueYonder Logo

Blue Yonder Luminate is a supply chain management platform that enuses and machine learning to make supply chains more streamlined, giving businesses the tools to predict and prevent disruptions effectively.

Key features of Luminate include real-time inventory visibility, order management, and adaptive fulfillment & warehousing. The platform provides real-time information on product availability and order status, while also allowing businesses to optimize delivery dates, last-mile options, and fulfillment decisions. With its augmentative, domain-centric microservices, the system is designed to be scalable and versatile, ensuring consistent performance and the capacity to process thousands of transactions per second.

Luminate provides complete visibility into order fulfillment and driving any necessary improvements. The implementation of AI and ML algorithms offers insights into potential issues, with suggestions of how these can be solved. The components that make up Luminate are designed to provide an industry-leading level of inventory data accuracy, streamlined order fulfillment, and personalized customer experiences.

Overall, Blue Yonder Luminate provides US-based CISOs, IT managers, and developers with an intelligent, flexible, and seamless supply chain management solution. It supports quick decision-making, efficient order cycling, and customer satisfaction, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and business growth.

BlueYonder Logo
Brightpearl Logo

Brightpearl by Sage is an enterprise-grade inventory and order management platform that is focused on reducing operational complexities. The comprehensive automation features facilitate management across multiple channels and locations, allowing the user to spend less time dealing with orders, and more time focused on their core business needs.

Brightpearl simplifies complex, multi-channel order fulfilment, streamlining workflows and processes for faster outputs. Its inventory management accommodates multi-location including warehouses, 3PL, and FBA, giving recommendations for warehouse transfers based on sales forecasts. Additionally, the system supports smart forecasting and inventory planning, providing reliable buying recommendations driven by factors including demand predictions, seasonality, and marketing events.

Brightpearl delivers tools for partial-cycle counts to maintain inventory accuracy, negating the need for labor-intensive full cycle counts. The solution’s plug-and-play feature enables seamless integration with various e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and shipping carriers. the platform also delivers flexible returns workflows, accounting options, and integrated analytics features.

In summary, Brightpearl is a strong solution for inventory and order management, offering automation, integrations, and management tools to enhance operational efficiency and scalability. The platform’s robust features ensure that users to stay on top of their inventory, while maintaining accuracy, making for more intelligent business decisions.

Brightpearl Logo
CIN7 Logo

Cin7 is an order management software designed to ease business complexities at scale. The software inventory management and order processes, helping you manage increased sales, various locations, and complex workflows more efficiently.

Cin7 offers a wide range of order management and automation functionalities suitable for diverse product sellers. It simplifies fulfillment with features like ecommerce order downloads, 3PL pick requests, and notifications. The software facilitates inventory replenishment by triggering branch transfers and sending purchase orders when inventory dips below a certain level at branch locations. Cin7 also provides automation bots that decrease the time for sending sales order emails, replenishing stock locations, and batching ecommerce orders.

The software ensures minimal data entry errors, guaranteeing timely and accurate order delivery. Cin7 automates routine tasks, freeing up resources to enhance your brand value. With this system, you can eliminate the need for maintaining multiple spreadsheets and apps for inventory accuracy.

In summary, Cin7 is an efficient tool for managing complex workflows, particularly for businesses aiming to provide an omnichannel customer experience. It ensures your inventory remains updated as it swiftly moves more products through your system, allowing for customer-centric order fulfillment.

CIN7 Logo
FluentCommerce Logo

Fluent Order Management is a comprehensive platform that is designed to assist in business growth through effective order management. It integrates seamlessly with existing systems, reducing training and change management needs. Additionally, it provides universal access to stock availability information, which enables improved customer service.

Key features of Fluent Order Management include capacity for uniting data across all systems, accurate stock details across all sales channels, and customer self-service functionalities. Staff can manage customer orders, view stock availability, and map customer, order, inventory, and location data from any application. Customers have access to detailed order status, order editing options, and return management.

Among the platform’s advanced features, it houses sophisticated fulfillment logic controls and data processing capabilities. Fluent Order Management allows for optimization of sourcing and allocation, managing of buffer stock levels and split shipment, automating order consolidation, and offering sustainable delivery options. In addition, you can control how your data updates – products, inventory, orders, and payments are managed across all your systems.

The Fluent Order Management platform uniquely merges functionality and efficiency to improve business operation and customer experience. Its ability to integrate with existing systems, display real-time inventory, and provide customer self-service options have set it apart as a robust tool for comprehensive, flexible, and efficient order management.

FluentCommerce Logo
IBM Logo

IBM Sterling Order Management is a comprehensive, cloud-based order fulfillment solution designed to streamline omnichannel operations. It supports complex procedures such as real-time inventory management, store shipping, and curbside pickup. Add-ons (which integrate flawlessly with the core system) enhance its functions, making it suitable for e-commerce management and fulfillment center operations. The primary objective of IBM Sterling Order Management is to consolidate all your sales channels onto a single platform for efficient inventory tracking, customer order organization, and cost-effective shipping.

Key features of IBM Sterling Order Management include the integration of an intuitive interface that provides easy access to functionality, AI-driven insights for scaling e-commerce, automation of processes, and workflows for increased stock levels and minimized shipping expenses. The platform supports user-friendly customer engagement across multiple e-commerce orders channels. The Supply Chain Resiliency add-on further augments the system’s capabilities by providing comprehensive end-to-end supply chain visibility and AI-assisted disruption anticipation.

Additional features offered include product provenance traceability, product carbon footprint reporting, and management of suppliers’ emissions. Aging inventory detection, order orchestration automation, and the utilization of store performance dashboards are some of the benefits that add to the system’s operational strength.

IBM Sterling Order Management is a transformative order fulfillment solution that offers seamless management and execution across every channel. It promises improved operational margin, accelerated business transformation, and enhanced customer experience as its key benefits. Additionally, the supply chain resiliency feature ensures optimized merchandising imbalances and better revenue management.

IBM Logo
Kibo Logo

Kibo’s eCommerce Order Management System is a comprehensive solution designed to help businesses deliver complex customer experiences, while maintaining operational efficiency. The system simplifies order management, providing a unified view of real-time data across different locations. It also includes features like an intelligent order routing UI engine for optimal inventory sourcing and a customizable Fulfiller UI for order completion obligations.

The system offers modular capabilities for an easy, tailored approach to eCommerce order management challenges. This ability permits network-wide inventory visibility and facilitates the launch of programs like dropship or BOPIS. Additional features include real-time segmentation and allocation of inventory, intelligent sourcing, and order routing to meet SLAs and control costs, as well as flexible and customizable fulfillment options.

Kibo further enhances customer service and care by enabling CSRs to view customer profiles, manage order details, and update account information. The system also supplies companies with rich reporting and analytics, allowing for a 360-degree view of business data for more informed decision making.

In summary, Kibo’s eCommerce Order Management System provides a comprehensive solution for businesses to streamline their eCommerce operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive operational efficiency.

Kibo Logo
Manhattan Associates Logo

Manhattan Active Order Management is a cloud-native platform that is designed to optimize profits by promoting precision in inventory visibility and orders. It offers a comprehensive solution for tracking and managing every item within a business network, including those in transit. It also allows administrators to create multiple stock views based on any channel, order, or customer attribute.

This platform uses in-memory caching technology to accelerate the performance of omnichannel fulfillment. It smartly considers real-time inventory, promotions, labor resources, and geographical attributes to source products from the most suitable and cost-effective location. The offering is natively integrated with Google’s Shopping Content API, allowing users to provide shoppers with accurate information about product location and delivery times across all Google platforms.

Manhattan Active Order Management stands out through using machine learning for real-time, accurate data for commerce solutions. This can reduce cart abandonment, and thereby increasing the conversion rates of online transactions. The platform also has unique features for fulfillment health monitoring, whilst streamlining order servicing processes such as capture, modification, cancellation, return, and exchange.

In summary, Manhattan Active Order Management provides a sophisticated, cloud-native framework for businesses looking to streamline their order management process and reduce costs. Its features (such as global inventory visibility, intelligent fulfillment sourcing, and smart pickup and delivery) make it an essential tool for businesses aiming to optimize their profitability.

Manhattan Associates Logo
Intuit Quickbooks Logo

QuickBooks Enterprise is a comprehensive order management software that drives efficiency and productivity by handling various components of the sales process, including order processing, forecasting, inventory management, and invoicing. The software facilitates order fulfillment by providing automated solutions that reduce human errors and expedite operations.

QuickBooks Enterprise includes automated order management, reducing the steps between order receipt and delivery. The system sends pick/pack instructions to mobile barcode scanners, prints shipping labels with pre-existing customer and company details, and syncs with Salesforce CRM to avoid data duplication. The software facilitates working from anywhere by providing cloud access, ensuring real-time updating of protected data across various devices.

In addition to order management, QuickBooks Enterprise optimizes inventory management, providing visibility across systems to make real-time business decisions. The solution’s order entry mechanism adapts to diverse customer preferences, facilitating order placements via phone, in-store, or online. A central dashboard aids in tracking and managing orders from inception to conclusion, including functionalities like printing or scanning for shipping labels and status updates.

Overall, QuickBooks Enterprise is a powerful tool that integrates order management, inventory control, and simplified invoicing, optimizing business productivity. Its various features foster improved decision-making and automation, ultimately leading to more efficient operations and faster payments.

Intuit Quickbooks Logo
SAP Logo

SAP Order Management foundation is an omnichannel execution enabling software, designed to create consistently unified orders across different platforms within an enterprise. It integrates with your business’s existing sales channels and fulfillment systems, offering a simplified access model with streamlined order processing.

Key features include cloud deployment, cloud-native integration points for sales channels, and routing of orders to various systems, channels, and nodes. It also supports centralized order process monitoring and analytical tools, encouraging real-time insight into the business’s order processes and performance indicators like order fulfillment rates.

In addition, the solution allows for effective orchestration across systems, creating a unified order for your omnichannel enterprise. It provides a cloud-native integration point for sales channels, helping your business tap into new markets or business models. The software is also pre-integrated with various SAP systems such as SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP S/4HANA.

Overall, SAP Order Management offers increased revenue and customer satisfaction through an agile omnichannel execution, the ability to meet targeted demand with an efficient supply, and enhance business agility and operational efficiencies with strategic automation processes. It also ensures high-level security as it is deployed in the cloud and accessible via any web browser as a SaaS.

SAP Logo
Zoho Logo

Zoho Inventory is an order management solution designed to streamline sales and purchase operations. This versatile platform centralizes your multi-channel sales, simplifying order handling from platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify. Users can set reorder points and receive regular inventory updates to prevent stock shortages. The built-in packaging and shipping functionality enables users to create packages, print slips, and fetch real-time rates from 30 shipping services.

In addition to core features, Zoho Inventory also incorporates valuable tools for shipment tracking, payment integration, and data-driven insights. Users can monitor the status of shipments, thereby enhancing customer communication capabilities. The system supports online payment integrations for a secure transaction process. In addition, Zoho Inventory allows users to create detailed reports, providing valuable insights into profitable items and sales trends.

Zoho Inventory also excels in maintaining order efficiency with features like drop shipment and back ordering. Users can initiate purchase orders from sales orders or directly ship goods from the manufacturer to the customer. In summary, Zoho Inventory is a comprehensive order management software that offers a one-stop solution for sales, purchase, shipment, and customer relationship management, thereby driving efficient order handling and business growth.

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The Top 10 Order Management Software Solutions