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The Top 7 On-Premises Password Management Solutions

On-premises password management solutions store passwords locally, rather than in the cloud. Explore the top on-premises password management solutions, their key features, and use cases.

The Top On-Premises Password Management Solutions Include:

The number of passwords that a user has to manage and keep track of is expanding rapidly. To be secure, a password should be between eight and 64 characters long, and include a mix of capital and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters. But while this makes it more secure, it also makes it harder to remember. Because of this, users often use simple passwords that are easy to crack, or re-use one password across multiple accounts, enabling an attacker to access all those accounts with a single credential theft attack. Password managers can help mitigate these risks. 

Password managers are software tools that store your passwords securely, generate unique and complex passwords, auto-fill credentials, and monitor for password breaches. They allow users to improve their password hygiene, without sacrificing productivity or stress. 

Password managers come in two different forms: on-premises and cloud. Currently, many providers tend to focus on cloud-based solutions. These are a good option for companies that want to prioritize flexibility and remote working, because cloud password management providers allow users to log in to their password vaults from anywhere. However, this option is not ideal for all organizations. 

Some organizations need to store their data locally in order to comply with certain data privacy regulations. For these organizations, an on-premises password manager deployment may be the best option because they store your passwords on-premises, where you can have total control over their security. As your passwords never leave your local storage, the prospect of them being stolen during transport is eliminated. 

In this article, we will explore the top password managers that store your passwords locally. Some of the providers also allow for cloud storage. For each solution, we will highlight some of the platform’s key features that make it stand out from the rest. We will then suggest the type of organization that would benefit most from using each platform.

Bitwarden logo

Based in Santa Barbara, CA, Bitwarden is a password management solution designed with a range of use cases in mind. The platform uses an open source development model, thereby opening the platform up to scrutiny and providing visibility into processes and protocols. Bitwarden audits and provides vault health reports to flag any vulnerabilities or misconfigurations. Admins are able to access detailed event logs to monitor user and group access to sensitive data. By default, Bitwarden stores data in the cloud, but it also offers you the option to host it yourself.

Beyond securely managing passwords, Bitwarden stores other types of sensitive data that can then be shared with other authorized users with end-to-end encryption. The platform also undergoes annual third-party audits to provide assurances that it is as secure as advertised. Bitwarden is compliant with GDPR, SOC 2, HIPAA, and CCPA standards, meaning that it can suit a wide range of sectors and use cases, including those that handle sensitive data such as PII and PHI. Security and compliance are at the forefront of this platform; we would therefore recommend it for medium to larger organizations that need a particularly secure solution.

Bravura Security logo

Bravura Security is a Canadian identity security provider. Bravura Pass provides self-service management of credentials – from passwords to tokens – and other sensitive data. The platform’s key features include password synchronization, self-service password reset, policy enforcement and effective authentication. Bravura Pass can be deployed on-premises, or via the cloud – this ensures that the platform is flexible and can suit a range of use cases. Organization’s have the option of storing data on-premises or on the cloud.

Some users comment that Bravura Pass is complex to install, but that it is an effective and reliable tool. Once set up, the platform is easy to use, ensuring that proper password hygiene is enforced by default. Bravura Pass is a responsive and user focused solution that we would recommend to mid-sized organizations and larger enterprises whose users need secure, yet streamlined, access.

Delinea logo

Delinea is a well-known and widely used identity provider based in San Francisco, CA. Secret Server is their privileged access management (PAM) software, available as an on-premises or cloud-native solution. The platform is quick to get started and can be customized to adhere to your organization’s unique requirements. It allows you to establish and manage credentials in a local, encrypted vault. Admins are also able to identify and monitor privileged users, ensuring that they have only the appropriate level of authorization required for their job role.

Delinea Secret Server facilitates the use of your organization’s on-premises data center or virtual private cloud instance. Both of these options afford you more control over your data and how it is stored. The platform is efficient and straightforward to use, thereby ensuring that organizations can benefit from its implementation from day one. We would recommend Delinea Secret Server for medium to large organizations that need a comprehensive and effective PAM solution, with robust, yet customizable, password management tools built in.

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Enpass Logo

Enpass is a software development company that has designed a powerful password management solution. With Enpass, you can easily store your data and passwords using established cloud storage providers like iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, or you can store them offline entirely, on trusted, organization-managed servers. The tool facilitates serverless deployment, thereby removing the need for ongoing maintenance and patching, and users can be automatically provisioned via SCIM, with support for Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin, and JumpCloud.

As Enpass stores your data locally, it makes it much simpler to ensure compliance with data protection regulations. The platform is also designed in accordance with ISO 27001, GDPR, and part of the FIDO alliance. Admins have the ability to roll out policies across all managed users; they can control vaults, encryption, security, item sharing, and password hygiene. The platform also allows the creation of personal vaults and offers breach monitoring and password auditing capabilities to manage password hygiene. We would recommend Enpass for individuals to small and medium sized organizations that require an effective and straightforward password management tool.

JumpCloud logo

Colorado-based JumpCloud is a widely used access platform that streamlines the login process whilst maintaining and enforcing stringent security requirements. Their password management tool allows users to create, store, and protect credentials locally on their devices.  JumpCloud has embedded IAM into the heart of their solution by making it easy for admins to manage groups, devices, and directories. The platform also facilitates SSO and MFA, ensuring that user passwords are secure, whilst being easy for the authorized user to access. You are able to store data on-premises or in the cloud.

JumpCloud Password Manager makes it easy for users to manage their accounts and maintain good password hygiene. There is an inbuilt password generator tool, as well as autofill passwords and 2FA tokens. This ensures that robust security measures are easy to achieve consistently. We would recommend this comprehensive and effective password management solution for medium to larger organizations that require a secure solution that enforces best practice across the password lifecycle.

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Passwork Logo

Passwork is a self-hosted password management tool with a host of useful features to improve password management processes. The platform can automatically flag and eliminate unsecured, old, weak, or compromised passwords, thereby ensuring the integrity of user accounts. Admins are able to set custom policies and permissions for vaults and folders to ensure that management is in-line with organization-specific rules, such as meeting a requirement for role-based access. The platform is also relatively easy to deploy and manage thanks to its user-friendly interface and API integrations. You can store data in the cloud, or in store it in self-hosted storage areas.

The Passwork platform allows you to import passwords easily using a CSV file. This focus on UX is carried across to the mobile application and browser extension that allows users to manage their passwords on the go. A comprehensive user log allows admins to gain insight on password hygiene and usage. Passwork has a range of subscription and pricing plans to suit organizations of different sizes, but we would particularly recommend this solution for small teams and start-ups that are looking for a reliable password management solution.

Psono Logo

Psono is an esaqa GmbH company based in Germany, that has developed a self-hosted password management solution. The tool can be hosted on your own servers, allowing you more control over security and implementation. Psono’s code is open source, giving you an increased level on transparency around how the platform works and its security. Multiple layers of encryption make the platform highly secure; there is a client-side encryption layer and end-to-end encryption, in addition to SSL and storage encryption.

Psono Password Manager is a feature-rich solution that allows you to secure and share passwords effectively. Users can authenticate against your company’s LDAP server, SAML, or OIDC IDP. In addition to this, Psono makes auditing simple through the generation of clear and precise compliance reports. Psono Password Manager is a flexible and capable password manager that puts security at the forefront. We would recommend this platform for small to medium sized organizations looking for a reliable and versatile open source solution.

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