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The Top 6 On-Premises Endpoint Security Solutions

Discover the top on-premises endpoint security solutions. Explore features such as attack detection and prevention, unified management, risk assessment, and incident response.

The Top On-Prem Endpoint Security Solutions include:

Endpoint security refers to the process of securing all endpoints and end-user devices such as desktops, laptops, mobiles and workstations against today’s advanced cyber threats. Cyber threats are on the rise, as indicated by the 2022 Cyberthreat Defense Report in which 85.3% of surveyed organizations claimed to have been affected by a successful cyberattack. It’s important for organizations of all sizes to ensure they have an effective cyber security plan in place to detect and mitigate these attacks which, if left unchecked, could have serious negative consequences.

An important step towards better security is implementing strong endpoint security on all company devices, with a management portal that lets you monitor and update these endpoints from anywhere. Endpoint security software brings together cybersecurity and custom privacy controls for business devices—all managed effectively from one unified dashboard.

Instead of installing software on all of the organization’s computers and devices, endpoint security solutions secure these devices at the network level to protect the entire IT infrastructure. Endpoint security solutions work to protect corporate device from malicious applications, malware, and ransomware, and will also investigate security incidents.

In this article, we’ll explore the top on-premises endpoint security solutions. We will examine key features such as the management console, advanced attack prevention, risk assessment and mitigation, and incident response. We’ll give you some background information on the providers as well as an overview of the specific features and capabilities of each solution, with our recommendations of who we believe each solution is best suited to.

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ESET is a market leader in antivirus and endpoint security software, known for their powerful yet lightweight security solutions. Their ESET Endpoint Security software is an on-premises and cloud-based application that offers powerful multilayered protection for endpoints. The solution detects malware pre-execution, during and post-execution of the lifecycle for heightened security, and offers cross-platform support including Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

ESET Endpoint Security is managed from one unified management console and uses threat intelligence information based on ESET’s global presence to identify and block new threats before they are delivered anywhere else in the world. The solution has mitigations in place to prevent fileless attacks, detect and block brute force attacks, improve detection of known vulnerabilities, and safeguard assets via a layer of browser protection.

Users praise this solution for being lightweight and adaptable, requiring no extra hardware and offering the admin console in 21 languages, with localized support in 38 languages. For this reason, we would recommend ESET Endpoint security to organizations with a global workforce, as well as those utilizing a large number of BYOD devices.

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Avast Logo

Avast Business Security is a leading endpoint security solution that is designed to cater to small businesses’ needs. The platform offers endpoint protection, ransomware protection, and phishing protection. The platform can be managed via an on-premise admin console offering control over antivirus policies on endpoint devices, centralized device management, and a complete overview of the entire environment, with alerts.
Key features of the solution include a comprehensive admin management console, strong endpoint and antivirus protection, VPN features for protecting transmitted data on public Wi-Fi, USB protection against unauthorized storage device use, and patch management automation for fixing application vulnerabilities.
Avast Business Security stands out for its ease of setup, intuitive subscription management, robust device protection across platforms, while offering customer-specific privacy tools and award-winning antivirus protection. With Avast, businesses can secure all devices against malware, phishing, ransomware, and other cyber threats.
Avast offers three package options – Essential, Premium, and Ultimate Business Security. It is compatible with desktops, laptops, or servers. Avast is a strong on-premise antivirus solution to improve endpoint security and features enhance overall cyber resilience.

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Bitdefender logo

Founded in 2001, Bitdefender is a cybersecurity leader and a provider of best-in-class threat prevention, detection, and response. Bitdefender GravityZone is an all-in-one endpoint protection platform which utilizes machine learning for behavioral monitoring and attack prevention, blocking threats that are often missed by traditional endpoint protection and antivirus technologies.

Bitdefender GravityZone incorporates a range of key security functions which serve to enhance cyber resilience, including advanced attack detection, threat prevention, risk assessment and mitigation, and security incident response. Both Bitdefender’s cloud (Software-as-a-Service) and on-premises deployment options rely on a single console/single agent architecture.

Bitdefender offers a free trial and has a flat rate pricing model across two pricing plans: GravityZone Business Security starts at $184.99 for 5 devices and 1 year, VAT not included; GravityZone Business Security Premium starts at $409.99 for 5 devices and 1 year, VAT not included. Prices for both plans will differ depending on number of devices and the number of years it is bought for.

The solution’s strengths include its threat research, ease of use, and strong threat protection. Bitdefender GravityZone is popular with small and mid-sized businesses, as well as larger enterprises, and we would recommend it to organizations looking for an easy to manage endpoint security solution.

SentinelOne Logo

An elite team of cybersecurity and defense experts founded SentinelOne in 2013, with the goal of developing an innovative approach to endpoint protection. The solution can be deployed on-premises or across cloud environments, bringing together prevention, detection, response, remediation, and forensics in one unified platform powered by AI. SentinelOne also provides detailed reports to give admins enhanced network visibility.

SentinelOne delivers autonomous endpoint protection across all major vectors via a single agent. Two features which sets SentinelOne apart are “Ranger”, which is a real-time network attack surface control solution that identifies and protects unmanaged endpoints in real-time, as they appear, and the rollback feature which enables files that have been maliciously deleted or encrypted to be restored with a single click.

SentinelOne provides a next-generation endpoint security solution which is fully featured and rigorously compliant, with an 100% on premises solution. We would recommend this solution to organizations in sensitive sectors, like finance, who need to adhere to strict regulations and guidelines.

Sophos logo

A worldwide leader in next-generation cybersecurity, Sophos protects millions of consumers and more than 500,000 organizations in over 150 countries from todays most advanced and prevalent cyberthreats. Sophos’s endpoint security offerings include an on-premises solution called Sophos Intercept X, which provides anti-malware, application control, host-based intrusion prevention systems (IPS), data loss prevention (DLP), and mobile device management (MDM) features.

Sophos Intercept X requires the Sophos Enterprise Console to be installed by administrators on a server in their on-premises data center, giving administrators a single console from which to install software and manage endpoints. The Enterprise Console supports the creation and deployment of policies, provides users with endpoint status information and events, and provides remote endpoint remediation. It can also be used by administrators to manage endpoint protection clients via the web.

Sophos offers organizations a 30-day trial of their solution, which is fully functional and includes the enterprise management console. Sophos Endpoint protection is licensed per user, not per device, and can be purchased through a Sophos sales team member or through a Sophos partner.

Due to the solution’s strong ransomware protection capabilities (including the ability to roll back file changes made by successful ransomware attacks), and the significant administrative overhead required to manage the solution’s highly granular configuration requirements, we would recommend Sophos Endpoint protection to larger enterprises.

Symantec logo

Founded in 1982, Symantec is an industry leading cybersecurity company. Symantec is the enterprise security division of Broadcom, and Symantec Endpoint Security Complete delivers comprehensive and integrated endpoint security as an on-premises, cloud, or hybrid solution. Key features on this solution include protection for all endpoints, adaptive protection, single agent for attack surface reduction, attack prevention, breach prevention, and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).

Another useful feature is their Global Intelligence Network (GIN), one of the world’s largest, which delivers real-time threat information and analytics, as well as content classification and comprehensive threat blocking data. The solution integrates with other Symantec solutions through Symantec ICDx as well as third-party applications such as Microsoft Graph and Open C2.

Pricing for Symantec Endpoint Protection sits at around the industry average cost when compared to competitors. Customers can choose from a few flexible plans, with the basic cost of a license starting from $30 a year, per user. A free custom quote is available, with a breakdown of cost based on your business needs.

Symantec Endpoint Protection mostly serves US companies in the Information Technology and Services industry, most of which are small- and medium-sized companies. We would recommend this solution to companies looking for advanced protection technology powered by one of the world’s largest civilian threat intelligence networks.

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The Top 6 On-Premises Endpoint Security Solutions