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The Top 10 Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Software

Explore the top Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Software offering strategy formulation, goal setting, and performance tracking features to facilitate strategic decision-making and organizational alignment.

The Top Objectives and Key Results Software include:
  • 1. 15Five
  • 2. Asana
  • 3. Betterworks
  • 4. Lattice
  • 5. Microsoft Viva Goals
  • 6. Peoplebox
  • 7. OKR Management Software
  • 8. Quantive
  • 9. Workboard
  • 10. Wrike

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Software provides features like strategy mapping, goal setting, and progress tracking, giving organizations key insights into how processes are going. This allows you to streamline and automate the strategic planning process. This helps to ensure that teams are in alignment with their strategies and business goals, helping organizations to identify any issues and adjust plans accordingly.

Objectives and key results software are tools that allow businesses to plan, track, and implement strategic goals fluidly and effectively. They facilitate the tracking of clear, transparent Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) linking employee success to business outcomes. Having a clear strategic plan is essential for forward-thinking companies as it sets their direction, establishes priorities, and determines resource allocation. Effective strategic planning tools help organizations maintain alignment between their day-to-day actions and long-term objectives.

In this guide, we will explore the top objectives and key results software, considering their core features, integration capabilities, usability, and customer satisfaction. We will outline the top strategic planning solutions you should consider, helping you to select the right platform for your use case.

15Five Logo

15Five is a comprehensive performance management solution that aims to enhance employee engagement, performance, and retention within businesses. It leverages generative AI, custom analytics, and human-centered principles to provide HR leaders with actionable insights and recommendations. The platform includes features like performance reviews, engagement surveys, goal tracking, manager coaching, and continuous feedback tools.

15Five also provides the ability to set, track and manage company OKRs easily. The platform’s goal-setting capabilities are designed to be easy to create, connecting individual employees to specific company OKRs, allowing everyone to work toward common objectives. Users can also examine the progress of each OKR in real-time to maintain a strong focus on important tasks, helping to keep teams and individuals on track. 15Five encourages a communicative, supportive work environment through interactive functions, including real-time feedback, weekly check-ins, and best-self reviews that allow for continuous employee development. The solution also helps to identify roadblocks and swiftly negate them, motivating teams through its parent-child OKRs.

15Five is a dynamic performance management tool that enables businesses to create a more engaged and productive working atmosphere. This software provides essential, coherent tracking of OKRs, synchronized team goals, and provides a valuable framework for optimized performance.

15Five Logo
Asana Logo

Asana is a robust enterprise work management platform designed to boost efficacy within organizations. By offering a centralized hub to connect goals, strategic initiatives, and daily tasks, Asana fosters connects company-wide objectives and executional groundwork.

With Asana, teams can establish and track goals, streamlining their workflow by linking each goal with supporting projects and portfolios. The goal tracking feature reflects team’s progress in real-time, enabling instant identification of roadblocks. Asana also provides a comprehensive platform to manage every project stage, with utilities to distribute tasks, organize worksites, and accurately gauge time consumption on tasks. Additional strengths include Asana’s capability to automate routine tasks and standardize work requests optimally. This helps teams to focus on more imperative tasks. Bundles are another key feature that affords the luxury of easily creating, applying, and updating processes throughout various projects concurrently.

Asana is a strategic tool that is capable of aligning the entire organization’s work processes, tasks, and goals. It offers the unique advantage of facilitating an efficient internal communication system, real-time progress tracking, and work automation. Its cloud-based deployment assures easy access to tasks and goals, making it a one-stop solution for team collaboration and project management.

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Betterworks Logo

Betterworks is an adaptable SaaS platform designed to enhance employee performance and engagement in business objectives. The platform helps organizations fulfil their potential by using comprehensive tools geared towards improving manager effectiveness and employee performance, which facilitates better business results and higher employee retention.

The Betterworks system features generative AI and data analytics, allowing businesses to make evidence-based decisions related to performance, calibration, career development, skill development, and succession planning. The system offers a Goal and OKR software solution, fostering strategic alignment and employee performance through adjustable goal-setting processes. This infrastructure helps businesses to prioritize objectives, interact with employees, save time, and implement strategies efficiently. Betterworks encourages transparency within the organization, providing clear visibility of business targets to employees, teams, and departments. It also offers insights into goal progress, alignment, stakeholder details, and relevant analytics which aid in continuous performance improvement, and can adapt to your company’s preferred goal-setting methodology and accommodates changes in business priorities.

Betterworks is a robust tool for enhancing corporate culture and facilitating communication and collaboration. It’s intuitive features and seamless integration with other commonly used apps offer clear insights into goal progress, fostering a conducive environment for continuous performance assessment and improvement.

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Lattice Logo

Lattice is an AI-powered platform designed to streamline HR operations and boost productivity by aligning teams around key objectives. Key features of Lattice include the ability to incorporate OKRs into routine activities like status updates and performance check-ins, rather than keeping them in spreadsheets.

Managers and business leaders can use Lattice to monitor goal status and progress, formulating strategies to keep the company progressing efficiently. The platform provides the capability to integrate with commonly used tools such as Jira, Salesforce, and Slack, ensuring that OKRs remain relevant and in focus, as well as the identification of top-performing talent and equipping each person with the necessary tools for succeeding in their roles. Compensation plans can be linked to performance, rewarding high achievers effectively. The platform also contains a comprehensive employee record system that ties high-impact talent programs to complete employee profiles. It promotes career growth by converting managers into career mentors and stimulates employee engagement using AI-powered insights to create a positive work culture.

Lattice provides an all-in-one, AI-empowered people platform, uniting strategy, goals, performance, and talent management. By interlinking these aspects, Lattice enable more efficient business outcomes, top talent identification, employee development, and a richer company culture.

Lattice Logo
Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Viva Goals is a progress and management software designed to assure efficiency. Its main purpose is to align teams with strategic objectives, thus promoting better results and a positive work environment.

The software uses an Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) framework to help individuals and teams organize and track their goals, offering the functionality to create new OKRs or utilize pre-defined templates. An integral part of its offering is the ability to gain visibility into goals across the organization, from team to individual levels. It also includes approval workflows and customizable views for comprehensive monitoring and management. In addition to the primary features, Viva Goals offers a range of integration and communication tools. With this software, daily work can be linked to team and organization’s objectives through its integration with Microsoft Teams, Power BI, Azure DevOps, and external apps such as Asana and Jira. It also facilitates regular check-ins, progress sharing, and presentations with customizable templates.

Microsoft Viva Goals offers an extensive goal management solution for organizations, ensuring alignment with overall strategic priorities. Not only does it provide comprehensive goal setting and tracking functionalities, but it also emphasizes communication and collaboration, integrating seamlessly into existing workflow systems.

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Peoplebox Logo

Peoplebox is an OKR, Performance Management, and People Analytics Platform that offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to managing business and people data. It connects multiple sources and structures data for efficient analytics and strategic decision-making. It can also integrate seamlessly with existing tools and workflows for added convenience.

Among its standout features are goal alignment and performance management. Peoplebox provides a single platform where all company and individual goals are consolidated, and real-time updates are made. This solution allows for HR teams to conduct holistic performance reviews easily, providing a tailored approach to assess team performance. Peoplebox enriches meaningful 1:1 collaboration between managers and employees by assisting in discussing points and tracking action items. Its specialty lies in providing actionable insights on various HR challenges from talent acquisition to retention. Over 50 parameters are considered, all synced in real-time with your HRIS, payroll, and performance management tools.

Peoplebox is a one-stop solution for talent management and people analytics. It offers unique customization, top-notch customer support, enterprise-grade security, and access control, making the implementation of people strategies efficient and effective.

Peoplebox Logo Logo is an integrated OKR software that incorporates performance management, task management, and employee engagement. This solution is designed to facilitate superior organizational governance, driving growth, and creating a healthy work culture.

A key component of is the OKR Management Software. It bridges the gap between strategy and execution through agile alignment, quicker adaptation, and guided weekly check-ins. It also offers a customized performance review process to help cultivate a high-performance work culture and identifying and cultivating talents within the organization. In addition to these core features, encompasses a user-friendly task management software component that helps to align daily tasks with overarching OKR’s, making it easier to manage team’s workflows as well as streamlining project execution. The software also offers an employee engagement feature which includes rewards and recognition, pulse surveys, and a company news feed for improved communication and recognition of achievements. provides a comprehensive solution to manage tasks, performance, and engagement within an organizational setting. With a focus on aligning strategy and execution, enhancing employee performance, and effectively managing tasks, offers a robust tool for 360-degree organizational governance. Logo
Quantive Logo

Quantive is a versatile OKR management software, engineered with robust capabilities to help businesses align teams on company-wide goals and measure performance. This flexible system allows businesses to configure and tailor their OKR processes, from defining ownership and limitations to visualizing OKR alignment across various departmental and individual levels.

The software fosters a collaborative environment with features to engage and motivate teams. It keeps business programs on track and helps to maintain high employee engagement by allowing users to easily assign tasks, set due dates, recognize performance with badges, and link tasks to OKRs. Quantive offers multiple ways to track progress, including dynamic key results and benchmark reports. It integrates with third-party apps, allowing auto-updates of OKRs with real-time data. The system also provides unlimited view-only users, creating transparency across the organization with team profiles, progress showcases, and an audit trail of OKR changes. The application has over 160 integrations to streamline workflow, including Slack and MS Teams for real-time goal alignment, and mobile apps for seamless on-the-go access.

Quantive effectively combines technology and data to drive, track, and measure strategic goals, contributing to its role as a robust tool in modern business operations.

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Workboard Logo

WorkBoard’s Strategy Execution Platform is a digital operational tool used by organizations worldwide to create clear strategies, improve alignment, and provide growth insights. The service uses a combination of platform, playbook, and expertise to offer accelerated results by aligning objectives and key results (OKRs), simplifying business reviews, and leveraging analytics.

Key functions of the Strategy Execution platform include the generation of OKRs and Goals for faster alignment. It also produces Dependencies Lists to minimize friction and Executive Briefings to reduce meetings. The Platform also delivers Scorecards, Status Summaries, and Employee Progress Snapshots to save time and aid coaching efforts. WorkBoard’s platform uses Generative AI (GenAI) to simplify and improve strategy alignment and execution. The role of change management is incorporated within the Strategy Execution framework, recognizing the continuous transformations happening in the business world. It addresses key issues such as ensuring managers are equipped for today’s fast-paced business environment and preventing strategy translations from being lost in communication.

WorkBoard’s Strategy Execution Platform is a versatile tool that helps businesses align their strategies, simplify processes, and leverage analytics for intense scrutiny and growth. It’s an essential solution for companies that focus on outcome-oriented objectives, efficiency, and in-depth analysis to navigate the ever-changing business landscape.

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Wrike Logo

Wrike is a robust work management platform designed to foster collaboration, creativity, and enhanced performance among teams. It empowers organizations and teams to be strategic and effective in their operations, facilitating an efficient objective and key results (OKR) management system.

Wrike allows teams to create and track OKRs at multiple levels, typically across the individual, team, department, and company. This enables comprehensive and holistic management of objectives, ensuring alignment with organizational goals. The platform also offers real-time dashboards for immediate visualization of OKR milestones, helping teams to quickly focus on high-priority tasks. Wrike also provides an automated report delivery feature, lending transparency to progress tracking by sharing reports directly with executives. The platform also centralizes all OKR-related activities, allowing stakeholders to easily view progress at any time. Its potential to facilitate real-time progress monitoring and coordinate cross-team activities makes Wrike an invaluable resource for completing projects in a timely and organized manner.

Wrike harmonizes and simplifies goal orientation, planning, and tracking, improving the efficiency of project management. The platform offers user-friendly templates, making it a key tool for teams to seamlessly manage their objectives, adopt an iterative approach, and foster an agile work environment.

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The Top 10 Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Software