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The Top 9 Network Sandboxing Solutions

Network sandboxes let you understand how code will behave when executed, without damaging your live environment. Explore the top network sandboxing solutions, their key features, and their ideal use cases.

The Top 9 Network Sandboxing Solutions Include:
  • 1. Check Point SandBlast
  • 2. ESET Protect Complete
  • 3. Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection
  • 4. Fortinet FortiSandbox
  • 5. Hillstone Cloud Sandbox
  • 6. Symantec Content Analysis And Sandboxing
  • 7. Trellix Advanced Threat Defense
  • 8. Trend Micro Deep Discovery Analyzer
  • 9. Zscaler Internet Access

Network sandboxing solutions are tools used to investigate the behavior of unknown software. A sandbox is an isolated, secure environment where suspicious code can be run. The code’s behavior is then analyzed to decide whether it’s malicious or not. If the code is safe, it can be executed on a user’s device. If, however, it is deemed to be malicious, it will be unable to affect a user as it has been deployed within a secure environment. The code can be deleted, and its signature added to a database to make future identification easier. 

Network sandboxing solutions are effective, hands-free tools, that can ensure that organizations do not install or deploy malicious code on their networks. Often deployed as one feature of a wider, more comprehensive network security tool, sandboxes are advanced and complex solutions that conduct detailed analysis of unknown threats.

You may not deal with a lot of code, or not see your organization as a particular target for sophisticated cyberthreats. However, malware doesn’t take much sophistication to deliver; it can be deployed as simply as a user clicking a link in an email or downloading a file from the internet. Therefore, organizations of all sizes should consider investing in a sandboxing solution. 

In this article we’ll explore the top network sandboxing solutions, in each case, focusing on the tool’s key features and use cases. 

Check Point

Check Point has been developing advanced and reliable cybersecurity tools since 1993. SandBlast is their zero-day protection tool that allows you to implement a high security standard, whilst reducing costs and ensuring productivity. The platform uses pre-emptive user protection, AI, and threat extraction to prevent threats from harming your network. SandBlast also combines CPU-level detection with OS-level sandboxing. This multi-level protection helps to secure your endpoints with a high degree of accuracy.

One of the key benefits of Check Point SandBlast is that it is a comprehensive and holistic solution. Rather than focusing solely on sandboxing technologies, SandBlast is part of Check Point’s Harmony Endpoint suite of tools. The platform’s other features include phishing protection, automated attack containment, and the generation of forensic reports. Overall, we recommend Sandblast to medium sized organizations that need a comprehensive threat solution that goes beyond sandboxing technologies.


Founded in 1992, ESET is a software development company whose solutions protect over a billion users in over 200 countries. ESET Protect Complete is a comprehensive protection platform that secures your endpoints, applications, and email accounts. ESET provides full disk encryption and a cloud sandboxing tool that can analyze the majority of new samples in under five minutes. This ensures that productivity is impacted as little as possible.

ESET’s dashboard is concise and allows admins comprehensive visibility and control over initial configuration, and ongoing management and threat detection. The platform is easy to integrate with your existing security and email tools – this ensures that there are no gaps in your coverage. The solution is highly effective and detects a wide range of threats, before carrying out effective remediation. We would recommend this solution for small- to medium-sized organizations that need a reliable and comprehensive solution.


Based in Austin, TX, Forcepoint is a provider of cloud-native, zero trust security infrastructure for both businesses and governmental organizations. Their Advanced Malware Detection solution is a technically advanced solution that allows you to identify and prevent unknown and zero-day threats from impacting your network. The platform provides prioritized risk alerting and correlation, with each event mapped against the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Forcepoint has developed a highly effective and robust solution that accurately identifies the majority of threats. The platform tracks all the actions that malware takes, ensuring that its impact can be fully identified and addressed. For threats that require further investigation, Forcepoint’s sandboxing capabilities are accurate and robust. Forcepoint’s solution is further enhanced by collecting and sharing intelligence among their customer base; once a threat is detected within one of their customers’ environments, it’s automatically blocked among their other customers. We would recommend this solution for medium to large organizations that require a robust and comprehensive sandboxing tool.

Based in Sunnyvale, CA, Fortinet has developed innovative solutions to protect your endpoints, networks, and accounts. FortiSandbox is a robust and effective sandboxing solution that utilizes ML to identify and remove threats in real-time. The tool assesses any suspicious content, from network traffic to files, URLs, and other malicious activity. FortiSandbox integrates well with your existing technology stack to automate the identification and testing of suspicious content.

FortiSandbox uses a two-stage process to give you a high degree of certainty regarding the veracity of a file. First, suspicious files are compared with a database of known threats, enabling the platform to quickly identify and block known malware. Second, the software is deployed in a logically separated environment, where ML technology analyzes it to identify attack indicators. This two-stage, dynamic approach makes the solution both effective and quick. We would recommend FortiSandbox for medium to large organizations that require an effective and resilient sandboxing tool.

hillstone logo

Hillstone Networks is a Santa Clara, CA, based cybersecurity organization specializing in protecting assets and infrastructure. Their solutions are used by over 26,000 enterprises worldwide, giving them access to a large amount of threat data, which allows them to identify emerging attack techniques promptly and remediate them across their customer base. Hillstone’s Cloud Sandbox is comprised of three elements: static analysis, behavioral analysis, and cloud intelligence.

The Hillstone Cloud Sandbox is straightforward to deploy and configure, connecting to different authentication servers like LDAP and RADIUS. As this is a hosted service, you do not need to worry about maintaining or managing the service. The analysis is comprehensive, providing a good anomaly detection rate. We would recommend Hillstone Cloud Sandbox for SMB organizations looking for an efficient and effective sandbox solution.

Symantec Logo

Symantec, by Broadcom, has been in operation since 1982. They develop an array of enterprise security and productivity tools. Content Analysis and Sandboxing monitors traffic to identify suspicious traffic and send it to a sandbox environment. The solution uses Symantec Proxy – their custom malware analyzer with dual sandboxing- to inspect traffic at multiple layers for more effective threat detection.

The solution is able to identify indicators of compromise (IOCs) and share this information with endpoint technologies, ensuring that remediation can be targeted and effective. The platform’s alert prioritization means that admins are only alerted to genuine threats, rather than every unknown or suspicious piece of content, helping to reduce alert fatigue and improve response times. The platform is easy to configure and will scale as your organization does, ensuring that you are always protected. We would recommend Symantec’s platform for organizations of all sizes that need a comprehensive, robust, and effective content monitoring and sandboxing tool.

Trellix Logo

Trellix is a global cybersecurity provider, perhaps best known for their XDR platform. Today, Trellix protects over 40,000 business and government customers worldwide. The platform is not only a detection and sandboxing solution, but it has advanced malware analysis as well as the ability to share threat intelligence with the wider IT environment. This ensures that the solution can respond quickly, shut down command-and-control communications, quarantine compromised systems, and block additional threats. The solution uses in-depth static code analysis, dynamic analysis, and machine learning to provide effective coverage.

Trellix Advanced Threat Defense is easily integrated with other relevant security tools through REST APIs. The solution is highly secure, and compatible with standards like Structured Threat Information eXpression (STIX) and Trusted Automated eXchange of Indicator Information (TAXII). Trellix’s solution is easy to use, with clear graphic visuals to illustrate network status. We would recommend Advanced Threat Defense for medium-sized organizations across all industries that need a versatile and effective threat detection solution with sandboxing as one of its components.

Trend Micro Logo

Trend Micro is a leading provider of enterprise cybersecurity solutions. They have products spanning from cloud to network, endpoint, and XDR services. Deep Discovery Analyzer is Trend Micro’s sandboxing tool; it creates virtual images of endpoint configurations to accurately understand the effects of malware on your network. The tool can be deployed flexibly so that up to 60 sandboxes can be managed within a single appliance.

Deep Discovery Analyzer goes beyond just sandboxing technologies; data gathered can be sent to Trend Micro’s other tools to respond and address a range of attack types. The platform effectively monitors all network traffic, allowing it to act quickly to investigate suspicious content. The solution also carries out URL analysis and document content analysis using advanced detection methods such as heuristic, static, and behavioral analysis. We would recommend Trend Micro Deep Discovery Analyzer for organizations of all sizes that need a robust and comprehensive sandboxing tool.

Zscaler logo

Zscaler is a San Jose-based cloud security provider that offers two prominent products: Zscaler Internet Access and Zscaler Private Access. The platform is used in over 185 countries, giving Zscaler an large amount of data to detect signals. One of the tools in Zscaler Internet Access’s arsenal is its cloud sandbox; this uses AI-quarantine to carry out effective identification and powerful analysis of web and file-based threats. This tool is part of Zscaler’s Transformation and Unlimited packages, or available as an add-on for Business.

Zscaler’s user interface is straight-forward and easily navigable. As this is predominantly an internet security tool, users benefit from the platform’s other capabilities such as data loss prevention, secure web gateway, and a cloud access security broker. With Zscaler, policy and configuration changes can be rolled out instantly, ensuring that your whole network is operating in sync, and admins can reduce workloads through automating security tests and related tasks. We would recommend Zscaler Internet Access for medium to large enterprises that need an effective solution with additional web-based security features.

The Top Network Sandboxing Solutions