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The Top 7 Network Detection And Response Solutions

Explore the top Network Detection and Response Solutions featuring real-time threat detection, automated response actions, and comprehensive network visibility to defend against advanced cyber threats.

The Top 7 Network Detection and Response solutions include:
  • 1. Arista NDR
  • 2. Cisco Secure Network Analytics
  • 3. Corelight Open NDR
  • 4. Darktrace DETECT
  • 5. ExtraHop Reveal(x)
  • 6. Lumu
  • 7. Vectra

Network Detection and Response (NDR) solutions enable a company’s IT team to detect, investigate, and respond to potential threats in real time. NDR solutions detect suspicious behavior or anomalies and automatically respond to neutralize any emerging threat. This involves smart utilization of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to identify patterns and suspicious activity. They can use information gathered from previous attacks, in addition to identifying new and emerging attacks to your network.

The embedded response capabilities of NDR solutions can automatically isolate affected systems to prevent the lateral spread of an attack within the network. NDR tools provide visibility into encrypted traffic, deep packet inspection, and advanced threat detection capabilities. The data gathered by NDR solutions can be used to implement more robust security measures and precautions. This improves your security posture and means you are better equipped to protect against future threats.

In the case of a breach,NDR solutions also provide powerful analytics and forensics for root cause analysis to help prevent similar attacks in the future.

There are a number of leading NDR solutions available, often delivered as part of a broader security package, with measures like firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). In this list, we will review the top NDR providers based on their features like network visibility, threat detection, automated response, integrations, usability, and customer feedback.

Arista Logo

Arista NDR is a next-generation NDR solution designed to streamline zero-trust secure networking. The solution carries out rapid analysis of data, helping teams to quickly identify unusual activity or potential threats.

Arista NDR uses AI to recognize and learn from malicious activity. It provides deep visibility into potential threats and intuitive response guidance for security teams. The solution provides a comprehensive overview of every user, application, and device, and tracks their movement across the network for malicious intent. Arista automates threat hunting, supports custom detection models, and offers actionable insights with relevant forensic artifacts and timelines.

Key benefits of the solution include improved detection and response times, a significant reduction in false alerts, rapid threat investigation, and effective encrypted traffic analysis. The admin console provides a simplified single-pane viewing for high-risk incidents. Arista NDR also integrates easily with existing security tools. The platform can be deployed in just a few hours, providing comprehensive coverage that eliminates the need for agents

Arista NDR provides a deep understanding of the full cyber threat landscape, allowing comprehensive visibility and improved threat detection.The solution is a strong choice for IT Managers aiming for enhanced security and more efficient incident response.

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Cisco Logo

Cisco Secure Network Analytics provides comprehensive network visibility. It analyzes network activities, uses behavioral modeling, machine learning algorithms, and also assesses global threat intelligence to baseline normal network activity. It can detect various threats such as Command-and-Control attacks, ransomware, Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks, illicit cryptomining, unknown malware, and insider threats. Its comprehensive threat monitoring ensures the identification of threats in encrypted traffic and even those that bypass existing controls, keeping the network safe and secure.

The Secure Network Analytics solution provides advanced features such as real-time alerts, policy enforcement, instant detection of unknown malware, insider threats, and even sophisticated attacks. The system’s integration with Identity Services Engine allows for smarter segmentation policies and detection of unauthorized access. It supports SaaS-based visibility, and threat detection across both on-premises and major public cloud platforms. It simplifies security operations by offering a quick detection system and prioritizes responses based on impact.

In addition to threat detection, Cisco Secure Network Analytics assists in remote worker monitoring by providing continuous visibility into mobile remote worker endpoint activity. Its integration with Cisco Identity Services Engine accelerates group-based policy adoption efforts, providing a streamlined management system. It also offers encrypted traffic analysis which helps to detect threats in encrypted web traffic without requiring decryption.

In summary, Cisco Secure Network Analytics offers holistic visibility across private and public networks, without needing everywhere sensor deployment. By using behavioral modeling and global threat intelligence, the system reduces false positives and focuses on actual threats. It provides real-time threat detection and scales according to business needs. It comes with the SecureX platform for enhanced threat investigation and response capabilities.

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Corelight is a comprehensive Open Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform. It combines open source technology with proprietary software to deliver intrusion detection, network security monitoring, and Smart PCAP solutions. The platform is available in both on-premises and SaaS versions, with integrations allowing for seamless monitoring and analysis alongside existing SIEM, XDR, or cloud-based tools.

Key features of Corelight include the ability to fuse alerts and packets with context to create trustworthy evidence, and machine learning and behavioral analytics to reduce false positives and accelerate detection times. The platform’s detections and visibility engineering are guided by community input, which further enhances the robustness and adaptability of the software.

The platform offers detailed monitoring of all network connections, including SSH inferences, DNS query/response, file hashes, TLS connection details, and HTTP content. Its sensors also monitor all network traffic, delivering security-specific evidence stretching back months.

In summary, Corelight is a robust network security solution that offers comprehensive visibility, powerful analytics, and efficient incident response. Its community-driven approach and deep integration capabilities make it a valuable tool for any organization focused on accelerating detection and response times to security threats.

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Darktrace Logo

DarkTrace is an AI-based security solution developed for business cybersecurity. Utilizing Self-Learning AI, it monitors and understands unique patterns within your organization, granting it the ability to identify abnormal activities that signal potential threats.

The platform offers continuous threat detection by analyzing thousands of metrics to identify subtle deviations that might indicate an emerging threat. This includes both unknown attack techniques and new malware. DarkTrace is simple to deploy across the entire enterprise or in just specific areas such as email. As it adapts to the unique patterns of your business, it continues to learn and adjust its threat monitoring over time.

A unique feature of DarkTrace is the Cyber AI Analyst. Trained on a growing dataset of expert cyber analysts, it emulates human investigation processes to sift through potential incidents. By doing so, it reduces noise and streamlines the security incident review process for human teams. It also Integrates closely with DarkTrace RESPOND, allowing for a coordinated, AI-driven security response that can neutralize threats before they disrupt operations.

In summary, DarkTrace brings proactive security protection by harnessing the power of AI to understand your business operations, detect threats, and respond promptly. Key benefits include continuous threat detection, an intuitive investigation platform with the Cyber AI Analyst, and high integration with response mechanisms, freeing your team to focus on strategic tasks.

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ExtraHop Logo

ExtraHop Reveal(x) NDR is a dynamic cyber defense solution designed to enhance visibility and fortify security control over various assets across an organization. It utilizes network data as an essential source of truth to help contain and prevent cyberattacks.

Reveal(x) NDR adopts a robust, multi-environment approach, compatible with self-hosted, hybrid, multicloud, IoT, and containerized environments. It uses cloud-scale AI to offer detection and response capabilities that identify threats swiftly and quickly remediate. The platform promises greater visibility into high-priority threats, assets, and targets, even in SSL/TLS encrypted sessions.

Reveal(x) incorporates both rule- and behavior-based analytics for accurate threat detection and triage. The system enables effortless investigation workflows and extensive automation, enhancing the capabilities of your Tier 1 analysts. The platform stands out for its real-time decryption of SSL and TLS 1.3 encryption, maintaining visibility even when using the latest encryption protocols.

Reveal(x) NDR offers comprehensive visibility, real-time detection, and intelligent response augmented by advanced machine learning and AI. With features like automated inventory of all devices and hybrid cloud security, it provides a frictionless threat defense that bolsters security without hampering operations.

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Lumu is a SecOps optimization software, engineered to provide unparalleled visibility across an entire digital network. By tracking and managing security incidents, Lumu helps organize and enhance your cybersecurity processes. This cloud-based platform also interfaces with over 80 cybersecurity tools, enabling automated responses and efficient cyber threat management.

Key functions of Lumu include automated threat hunting across all connected assets (such as cloud environments and remote devices). In addition, Lumu offers deep insights into each incident, providing granular details about potential threats. The system generates concise, actionable data, boosting the efficiency of threat hunting and informed defense strategies.

Notable features of Lumu include the incorporation of the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix, enabling users to understand in detail how their organization is being targeted. Additionally, Lumu allows for secure remote workforce management, continuously assessing the network for evidence of compromise. This platform also combats alert fatigue by offering incident grouping, where all contacts from a particular IoC are grouped into one incident.

In summary, Lumu presents an efficient, all-encompassing solution for SecOps, enabling streamlined incident management and robust threat defense. By providing granular insights into security incidents and a platform for enhanced collaboration, Lumu can assist in improving your cybersecurity posture and managing cybersecurity operations.


Vectra is an AI-powered Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution aimed at uncovering threats in real-time across hybrid networks. It automatically scores, ranks, and prioritises in an organization’s defense efforts.

Vectra’s AI technology enables detection and response to threats across different areas in an organization’s internet environment such as accounts, public cloud, and SaaS. Their AI-driven triage technology helps to identify three times as many threats compared to conventional methods and reduce false positive alerts, allowing IT staff to focus on high priority incidents.

In addition to threat detection, Vectra also collects and reports comprehensive cloud and network metadata, enabling detailed and accurate investigations. It integrates with existing security tools for a targeted response to threats, making it a useful addition to any company’s cyber-defense arsenal.

In summary, Vectra offers an AI-powered solution for defending against sophisticated cyber threats across hybrid networks. Its powerful attack detection and response capabilities alongside enriched metadata provision results in improved visibility and control, leading to enhanced cyber defense strategies.

The Top 7 Network Detection And Response Solutions