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The Top 10 Mobile Device Management Solutions For iOS

Explore the top Mobile Device Management Solutions designed for iOS devices, offering features such as device enrollment, application management, and security controls to manage and secure iOS devices within organizations.

The Top 10 Mobile Device Management Solutions for iOS include:
  • 1. Addigy
  • 2. Cisco Meraki System Management
  • 3. Hexnode
  • 4. IBM Security MaaS360
  • 5. Jamf Pro
  • 6. Kandji
  • 7. ManageEngine Mobile Device Management
  • 8. Microsoft Intune
  • 9. Mosyle
  • 10. VMware Workspace ONE

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions play a crucial role in managing and securing iOS devices within business settings. These solutions provide businesses with a range of features for controlling, securing, and enforcing policies on iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices used by employees. This can be used for company devices, or for companies utilizing BYOD policies. MDM solutions allow IT administrators to ensure security measures are adhered to, that software is updated uniformly, and business network access is granted appropriately (and securely).

MDM solutions for iOS work by integrating with Apple’s native mobile management framework, allowing for the administration of device features, network and security settings, app distribution and setup. When an iPhone or iPad is enrolled in an MDM solution, IT administrators gain the ability to enforce company approved policies on the device. These can be configured so that they are appropriate for each company’s own use-case and needs.

From an employee’s perspective, MDM on their iOS device means that they can safely access corporate networks and data from their personal devices without risk. It allows for a clear distinction between work tasks and personal tasks on BYOD. Not only does this ensure that sensitive data is protected and secure, it also allows individuals to maintain their privacy.

The MDM market is filled with numerous providers, each offering a unique set of features, designed to meet specific needs and use-cases. These solutions can be delivered as part of a broader Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution, which also takes care of device support, application management, and remote troubleshooting. This guide will highlight the top MDM solutions for iOS based on their features, user interfaces, security standards, and technical reviews.

Addigy Logo

Addigy is an advanced real-time monitoring and management solution for Apple devices, empowered by live features including LiveDesktop, LiveChat, and LiveTerminal. The platform allows IT managers to promptly resolve issues, deploy policies, and maintenance scripts, thereby enhancing device performance and security.

The key features of Addigy include the GoLive tool which provides a comprehensive overview of a device status, including over 100 data points on hardware, software, and security compliance. Its LiveTerminal feature facilitates instant, browser-based command line access. User communication is enhanced through real-time notification.

Addigy ensures that onboarding is easy through automated device enrollment that works alongside Apple Business Manager. Compliance and network settings are pre-configured for each new device, facilitating zero-touch deployment, and promoting company policy compliance. Addigy allows users to authenticate themselves through integrations with platforms such as Azure AD, Office 365, Okta, and Google IDP.

Overall, Addigy is a comprehensive and proactive Apple device management solution that offers real-time problem resolution, simplified onboarding, and enhanced user communication. It offers robust management possibilities for businesses requiring rapid, secure, and efficient Apple device administration.

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Cisco Logo

Cisco Meraki Systems Manager is a dynamic and secure remote management solution geared towards safeguarding devices via a solid, cloud-first mobile device management approach. It unifies endpoint, network, and app security under a single platform, acting as the groundwork for a zero-trust security model that can secure iOS devices to ensure data privacy and security.

The solution delivers features to automate network security and simplify endpoint management by assessing risk in real time. In addition to this, features include full device wipe capabilities, live diagnostics tools, hardware and software inventory management, and native network integration. Automatic user authentication (facilitated by SM installation status with Duo) allows administrators easier management ability. The solution can roll out policies efficiently, allowing for scalability and intelligent automation.

Cisco Meraki Systems Manager offers comprehensive security coverage across devices, applications, and networks. It focuses on endpoint management, giving users a centralized, cloud-based interface to deploy and manage a diverse ecosystem of platforms in today’s mobile-centric environment.

Overall, Cisco Meraki Systems Manager’s comprehensive range of robust features make it an effective and useful MDM tool. It ensures that you can use your iOS devices, safe in the knowledge that data is secure and privacy is protected.

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Hexnode is a User Activity Monitoring (UAM) solution that utilizes Apple Business Manager (ABM) to provide visibility and control over the IT environment. It allows for granular management of iOS devices, ensuring that policies are specific and appropriate. This results in an effective means of securing and monitoring iOS devices, making them suitable for use within the work environment.

Hexnode UAM features robust remote management capabilities, allowing you to deploy, configure, and manage all corporate devices from day one. This is achieved through seamless ABM integration, simplifying bulk device enrollment and handling application management, ensuring absolute control throughout the lifecycle of an Apple device.

Hexnode can be deployed across macOS, iOS, and tvOS devices, while also allowing bulk purchases of applications and iBooks using Apple’s Volume Purchase Program. In addition, the application of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) permissions from the ABM portal promotes internal security.

In conclusion, Hexnode presents a power-packed UAM solution for Apple devices that combines extensive features of Hexnode with ABM for full-circle management of IT configurations, delivering a secure and hassle-free experience. Its features span remote deployment to policy automation, and integration with Apple TVs, making it an key asset to control and secure corporate devices.

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IBM Logo

IBM Security MaaS360 is a comprehensive mobile device management (MDM) solution designed to improve an organization’s security posture by managing various endpoints and users. This user-friendly tool is equipped to handle all device types and operating systems (including iOS devices), making it a suitable choice from small business to enterprise levels. With its scalability and machine learning capabilities, MaaS360 offers inventory visibility, device management, as well as content and data protection features.

MaaS360 delivers an array of functionalities including management for iOS, Android, and iPadOS. It provides mobile security and IDaaS, offers MFA, and utilizes AI powered real-time alerts and security policies to maintain data quality. This software also enables remote control, application management, and integration with third-party apps. All these features unite to ensure comprehensive visibility and effective management over a wide array of devices and operating systems.

Additional strengths of MaaS360 include the employment of easy, over-the-air device enrollment for convenient remote management actions. This feature assists Apple Business Manager in streamlining the device onboarding process for Apple devices including the iPhone and iPad, as well as working on Android devices. All these features are accessible through the MaaS360 console, allowing easy management.

In summary, IBM Security MaaS360 is an effective MDM solution that offers a range of features from device management to increased security measures. It caters to various businesses, providing the tools necessary for secure and efficient remote management. MaaS360 transforms complex device management into a more streamlined and user-friendly process, making it a solid choice for organizations looking to improve their mobile device management strategy.

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Jamf Logo

Jamf Pro is a robust Apple (iOS) device management tool designed to manage and secure Apple devices, providing end-user productivity, and a unified ecosystem management experience. It grants organizations additional control and management of iOS devices, as well as ensuring that users have the tools that they need to succeed.

The software offers comprehensive and ongoing device management capabilities, using policies to provide optimal user experience and assuring security. Jamf incorporates an automated secure app management system, an in-product remote screen-sharing experience for assisting end-users, and an inventory management that collects hardware, software, and security details of devices.

In addition, Jamf Pro provides a zero-touch deployment feature that permits hands-free provisioning for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. It supports secure BYOD programs and offers the self-service feature that enables users to install apps, update their software, and maintain their device without requiring help desk support. It also delivers a robust security system that restricts dangerous software and automatically patches Apple devices.

In summary, Jamf Pro offers an all-in-one Apple device management solution that combines user-friendliness and efficiency, helping IT teams assure security and effectively manage devices, while enabling users to get more from their Apple devices. The software extends user productivity with broad functionality, provides a secure technology environment, supports hands-free device deployment, and a range of native security features and self-service capabilities.

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Kandji logo

Kandji provides an Apple Device Management and Security Platform which allows companies to manage devices and strengthen security. This comprehensive platform is easy to navigate and reduces manual workflows significantly. By controlling what applications are installed on devices (and how they are used), Kandji can improve productivity and enhance operations.

Kandji offers a streamlined initial user experience, setting up new devices with appropriate apps, controls, and security measures. Its flexible blueprints allow devices to be organized by team, department or location, and an enrollment portal allows for easy user registration. This customization ensures that the tool can be used across a range of business environments. Its MigrationAgent simplifies the transition to Kandji from previous MDM solutions. Additional advantages include a Lost Mode for iPhone and iPad, which reactivates upon device reset and alerts administrators of significant movement.

Overall, Kandji offers a secure and efficient platform for the management and security of Apple devices. It’s an effective solution that provides reliable, easy-to-use MDM functionality, with extended features such as MigrationAgent for a smooth transition.

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ManageEngine logo

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is an integrated solution that is designed to manage and secure enterprise devices, apps, and data. It enables firms to enhance employee productivity, while maintaining high levels of corporate data security. The solutions is compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, TVs, and rugged devices, as well as supporting Android, Windows, and Chrome OS, as well as iOS.

Key capabilities include effortless device enrolment for BYOD and corporate devices, easy access to an overview of the entire device ecosystem, policy compliance enforcement for Wi-Fi, VPN, and real-time device troubleshooting. With the tool’s seamless app distribution and management feature, enterprises can distribute and manage in-house and store apps.

Additional strengths include secure access to company emails, document management and distribution, as well as secure viewing of email attachments. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager provides a robust security network with role-based device usage permissions and customizable corporate account access. By separating work and personal profiles on devices, this solution can ensure data integrity.

Overall, ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus offers user-friendly and highly secure enterprise device management. With easy app distribution, enhanced device policy compliance, and rigorous corporate data security, ManageEngine ensures user productivity without compromising on information safety.

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Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based unified endpoint management solution designed to offer robust data protection across various devices, including iOS ones. The suite of tools includes Intune Advanced Analytics, Intune Enterprise Application Management, and Microsoft Cloud PKI, all designed to streamline endpoint security.

At its core, Intune offers expansive visibility into the health, compliance, and security status of your connected devices. These comprehensive capabilities give admins complete control and visibility over how iOS devices are used. Intune is a highly adaptable solution that offers granular configuration, ensuring that policies match organizational needs.

Whether it’s company-owned or personal devices belonging to employees, Intune provides secure access control, policy enforcement, and sensitive data protection while allowing management of a diverse set of applications. It also ensures that employees are using the most secure and up-to-date versions of their apps.

Overall, Microsoft Intune is a comprehensive solution that can optimize hybrid work experiences and driving down the total cost of ownership. Intune provides a superior endpoint experience through zero-impact deployment and flexible mobile application management. It allows for greater visibility and control over mobile device usage, ensuring that organizational policies are deployed smoothly.

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Mosyle Logo

Mosyle is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for managing and protecting Apple devices in an enterprise environment. By focusing exclusively on Apple hardware, Mosyle enables deployment, management, and security of macOS, iOS, ipadOS, watchOS, and tvOS platforms at the workplace. It utilizes lightweight agents alongside advanced iOS and ipadOS applications to deliver a tailored and fine-tuned management experience for Apple devices.

Mosyle’s features include security tools that deliver automated hardening & compliance, antivirus, and privilege management. This suite of security measures caters to all business sizes using Apple products, ensuring their devices are well protected and compliant. Mosyle also implements an Apple-specific Online Privacy & Security solution, that provides always-on web privacy and security to workplaces utilizing Apple devices.

Mosyle’s management capabilities also extend to identity management & single sign-on (SSO) with Mosyle Auth 2; this simplifies controlling identity as well as integrating with a variety of platforms like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 for Business. Mosyle also offers robust app & patch management to manage OS Updates and application installations effectively, providing a “set and forget ” methodology, ensuring continuous protection.

Overall, Mosyle is a reliable and efficient tool that offers businesses a comprehensive solution for deploying, managing, and securing a wide range of Apple devices, thereby enhancing productivity, security, and user experience.

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VMWare Logo

VMware Workspace ONE is a digital workspace platform designed to deliver and manage any app on any device. With a focus on simplicity and security, the solution has intelligence-driven features that enables the safe and secure use of iOS devices.

The primary features include automated IT, utilizing AI and ML for efficient end-user experiences. It also offers a comprehensive digital employee experience, providing IT visibility into how employees interact with digital tools. VMware Workspace ONE focuses on security, guaranteeing unified protection across users, devices, applications, and work locations. The solution consolidates device and app management through its unified endpoint management solution.

Beyond these key features, Workspace ONE continues to impress with its self-service workspace and rich insights & analytics. This involves a centralized catalog for delivering apps and notifications. Using an AI and ML-powered data science engine, it gathers, correlates, and visualizes data from the digital workspace.

The solution delivers an intelligence-driven platform, making it easier for admins to understand device status and ensure that policies are rolled out effectively. It helps in modernizing endpoint management, facilitating the deployment, management, security, and overall support for remote devices.

Overall, VMware Workspace ONE aims to deliver flexible and secure digital workspace technology, without compromising on functionality. The platform empowers organizations with comprehensive endpoint management, advanced security measures, and actionable insights, all geared towards enhancing overall productivity and digital experience.

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The Top 10 Mobile Device Management Solutions For iOS