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The Top 10 Mobile Device Management Solutions For Android

Explore the top Mobile Device Management Solutions for Android devices, offering capabilities such as device inventory, remote management, and compliance enforcement to ensure security and productivity.

The Top 10 Mobile Device Management Solutions for Android include:
  • 1. Android Enterprise
  • 2. Cisco Meraki Systems Management
  • 3. Citrix Endpoint Management
  • 4. Hexnode
  • 5. IBM Security MaaS360
  • 6. ManageEngine Mobile Device Management
  • 7. Microsoft Intune
  • 8. Miradore
  • 9. Scalefusion
  • 10. VMware Workspace ONE

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions allow IT departments to manage and secure Android devices, giving them control over data security and the applications that employees can access on work devices. They provide a level of control and visibility that enables IT teams to enforce corporate policies, manage device features, and secure sensitive data on Androids. This can be deployed for organizations running BYOD policies, or for organization supplied devices. MDM solutions also help in inventory management, application distribution, and security policy enforcement.

MDM solutions work by deploying an application on to an Android device that can monitor and manage the way it behaves. Through this application, administrators can remotely configure settings, enforce security policies, and even wipe data from lost or stolen devices. They can be operated from a single unified console, simplifying the process of managing multiple devices and making it possible to keep track of the entire device fleet. These dashboards give admins a good oversight of all devices, ensuring that company security is prioritized.

In this article we’ll explore the top MDM solutions for Android, reviewing each based on features, compatibility, user-friendliness, and overall effectiveness, helping you to select the right solution for your use-case.

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Android Enterprise is a comprehensive mobile device management solution that is designed to provide businesses with the control and flexibility necessary to manage mobile fleets. This solution can be used for a range of workplace needs; be it distribution of company-owned devices or allowing employees to use their own devices in work activities.

The solution grants varying levels of control over corporate devices, with options for full lock-down experiences or limited oversight over business data and apps only. In addition to corporate devices, Android Enterprise permits employees’ personal devices to be used seamlessly and securely for work. It facilitates an Android work profile, assuring data segregation between work and personal uses.

For device deployment, Android Enterprise offers enrolment options from simple QR codes to the innovative zero-touch enrolment. This deployment feature facilitates a seamless and secure setup process for any scale of device deployment – whether for a single device or thousands.

In summary, Android Enterprise, with its robust features and flexible management solution, streamlines device management while ensuring data security, granting businesses the power to navigate the mobile world without compromise.

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Cisco Meraki Systems Manager is a flexible, cloud-based solution for managing devices remotely whilst maintaining a proactive emphasis on security. Integration with the Meraki dashboard provides a unified IT management solution, overseeing endpoint, network, and app security from a single interface.

Some of Cisco Meraki’s key features include automated network security that adjusts access and enforces policies based on device compliance. It also simplifies endpoint management with real-time risk evaluation and troubleshooting capabilities. In addition to securing networks, the platform can control access to applications, with automatic authentication based on installed status.

Overall, Cisco Meraki Systems Manager provides a comprehensive solution for IT management across an organization’s network, endpoint devices, and applications. Meraki Systems Manager include efficient scalability as it can automatically import and deploy configurations across a multitude of devices. With its intuitive, streamlined interface and powerful automation capabilities, Cisco Meraki allows efficient and secure management of IT resources.

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Citrix Endpoint Management is a unified endpoint management platform designed to offer a flexible, secure workplace experience. This solution allows employees to work using their preferred devices, while providing IT managers with the power to oversee every app, device, and platform from a single location.

The solution offers over 300 policies for enhanced security and advanced mobile device management compliance, ensuring a firm grasp on infrastructure management and control. In addition, Citrix supports high-tier experiences across all significant mobile devices and maintains separate personal and work profiles for better user privacy. IT managers still have control over work profiles and can manage granular VPN settings, device compliance, mobile apps, and SSO requisites to secure company data accessed through those devices.

Whether cloud-based or on-premise, Citrix Endpoint Management caters to all endpoints ensuring employees have timely access to essential resources. While handling infrastructure, scaling, monitoring, and delivery, the system significantly reduces IT workload delivering updates swiftly for enhanced productivity and fewer support calls.

In summary, Citrix Endpoint Management is a comprehensive platform offering an optimized blend of flexible working conditions for employees and robust controls for IT managers. It delivers a secure, productive environment with significant uptime and swift system updates.

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Hexnode is a unified endpoint management solution designed to maximize security across all enterprise devices. It facilitates the management of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and corporate devices, ensuring that this process is secure and intuitive. With Hexnode, enterprises can manage every aspect of device usage without physically handling the device, thereby delivering an entirely touch-free experience.

Key features of Hexnode include strong security measures like secure app distribution and management, enterprise app store creation, and stringent control over application usage. This includes the ability to install whitelisted applications or block unnecessary ones. Hexnode utilizes Android Enterprise to enhance security by providing a Trusted Execution Environment and Verified Boot to validate device integrity.

Additionally, Hexnode stands out with its Android tablet kiosk capabilities. It offers multiple lockdown modes, peripheral control, and a secure browser for kiosk mode. Enterprises can remotely lock, wipe, and secure data, as well as manage cellular expenses for teams, ensuring complete control over key assets.

Overall, Hexnode is a comprehensive solution that blends unintrusive device management with rigorous security measures. It offers a high level of control over corporate and BYOD devices, making it a robust choice for enterprises looking to enhance their digital security infrastructure.

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IBM Security MaaS360 is a comprehensive mobile device management solution aimed at enhancing the security posture of organizations by enabling robust management of users and endpoints. The platform is user-friendly and scalable, allowing organizations to manage multiple device types. It operates across multiple platforms, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

The software offers operational functionality across iOS, Android, and iPadOS, as well as including features like mobile security, IDaaS, and MFA. AI powered alerts and security regulations are pivotal aspects of the system, ensuring high-quality data management. The software also delivers capabilities for remote control, application management, and third-party app integration. This helps to provide comprehensive visibility and effective management of a diverse range of devices and operating systems. MaaS360’s additional features include over-the-air device enrollment that enables easy remote management.

Overall, IBM Security MaaS360 is a robust and user-friendly mobile device management solution. With a broad range of features (from device management to enhanced security), the platform caters to diverse business requirements, providing necessary tools for efficient and secure remote management. MaaS360 is a well-suited solution for organizations looking to simplify and upgrade your mobile device management strategy.

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ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is a comprehensive mobile device management solution designed to optimize enterprise workforce’s productivity while ensuring corporate security. In addition to effective management of Android devices, ManageEngine works for other smartphones, laptops, and TVs across multiple operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows. This management process ensures a secure environment for remote working practices.

Key highlights of ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus include easy device enrollment and authentication, overseeing the entire device-usage landscape within an organization, enforcing compliance with policies, and enabling real-time troubleshooting. The solution makes app distribution and management easy, allowing organizations to effectively separate corporate and personal data profiles, ensuring data integrity and professionalism.

It can remotely monitor devices, detect compliance issues, and safeguard networks through role-based device usage permissions. ManageEngine also provides secure access to the organization’s email, while complying with Conditional Exchange Access and supports document sharing and management on mobile devices.

In conclusion, ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus provides a holistic approach for empowered and secure enterprise mobility management. Its suite of features focuses on enhancing productivity and optimal utilization of technology, while maintaining a stronghold on security and compliance protocols.

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Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based unified endpoint management solution designed to manage and secure all endpoints within an organization. It provides extensive visibility into the health, compliance, and security status of both cloud-connected and cloud-based endpoints. Part of Microsoft 365, it reduces costs and complexity with a built-in tool that can manage any device.

Key features of Microsoft Intune include cross-platform endpoint management, built-in endpoint security, mobile application management, and endpoint analytics. In addition to managing devices, Intune also provides Mobile Application Management (MAM), enabling data protection at the app level on both company and personal devices. This extends beyond just Android devices, to include smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Intune’s support covers various app types and platforms, including iOS/iPadOS and Android.

Additional strengths of Intune include its ability to control access to organizational resources, enforcing compliance policies, as well as managing app settings and updates. It ensures employees are using secure, up-to-date versions of their apps, protecting sensitive data from inappropriate sharing or leakage. Intune enhances the user experience through zero-touch deployment and proactive recommendations based on Microsoft Cloud data.

In summary, Microsoft Intune is a powerful tool for data protection and unified endpoint management. It simplifies endpoint management, strengthens Zero Trust security architecture, and enables improved user experiences while managing a diverse set of applications. Its effectively secures hybrid workforces through enhanced Android device management capabilities, ensuring the centralization of endpoint security and identity-based device compliance.

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Miradore is an Android Device Management (Android MDM) solution that facilitates effortless administration of Android devices and applications. This comprehensive software supports Android smartphones and tablets running 6.0 or newer. Miradore offers a diverse array of security features, including remote passcode enforcement, device locking and wiping, storage encryption, and Android system updates management.

Miradore integrates with numerous pivotal Android device management tools. This suite includes Android Enterprise for unified Android management, Managed Google Play Store for controlled application usage, and Android Zero-Touch Enrollment for streamlined setup of company-owned devices. Each tool offers unique advantages, ranging from removing device manufacturer variations to automating system setup.

The breadth of Miradore’s management tools makes it suitable for a range of work device scenarios. For personal devices, a secure “work profile” separates work data and apps from personal content. For company-owned devices, “fully managed device” mode offers comprehensive control over device settings. Devices used for both can benefit from a “fully managed with work profile” setting that combines the best of both modes.

Overall, Miradore serves as a robust tool for managing, securing, and controlling Android devices across an organization. It offers an array of useful features and settings, resulting in a flexible and dynamic management environment.

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Scalefusion Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software allows IT teams to secure, manage, and monitor corporate and employee-owned devices that are accessing corporate data. This comprehensive device management solution offers capable security for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows systems and accommodates a range of ownership models, including corporate-owned and BYOD scenarios.

The software’s powerful control features include Single and Multi App Kiosk modes to limit device functionality to specific applications – this ensures that work devices are used for work purposes. Scalefusion’s Android Management App allows for the distribution of company apps, access management, and seamless collaboration within the security of the app. Companies can customize the look of their kiosk devices to reflect their brand.

Additional strengths include an array of security policies to prevent data leakage and ensure data security. Specifically, these measures include strong passcode policies, SafetyNet Attestation for device checks, remote wipe or factory reset options, and data sharing restrictions. Additionally, Scalefusion’s software can detect compliance violations, control screen captures, and monitor security breaches.

Overall, Scalefusion MDM Software is a robust, wide-ranging device management solution suitable for businesses using diverse device types in varying ownership models. It emphasizes simplicity, personalization, and productivity enhancement, coupled with robust security features to prevent data leaks and maintain corporate data safety.

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VMware Workspace ONE is an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform that delivers and manages any app on any device, seamlessly and securely. The solution is designed for a decentralized workforce, enabling IT administrators to oversee digital tools used by employees working in varied locations.

This platform offers key features like comprehensive digital employee experience, automated IT processes using AI/ML, and unified security across users, devices, and work locations. The platform integrates Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub that offers a central enterprise catalog for applications, notifications, and self-service resources. Notably, Workspace ONE also leverages an AI/ML-powered data science engine for rich insights and analytics across the digital workspace.

Workspace ONE UEM simplifies IT operations, secures endpoints, enhances the employee experience for diverse devices, including Androids. Its inherent security infrastructure delivers granular access controls that are easy to configure and immensely scalable.

Overall, VMware Workspace ONE provides a unified solution for managing and protecting the digital workspace, fostering employee productivity, and maintaining security protocols. There are several subscription/pricing options on offer, ensuring optimal flexibility. The platform is designed with the remote and hybrid workforce in mind, enabling complete control over endpoint devices from anywhere, at any time.

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The Top 10 Mobile Device Management Solutions For Android