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The Top 7 Mobile Data Security Software

Explore the top mobile data security software with features like remote wipe, device encryption, and malware detection.

The Top 7 Mobile Data Security Software include:
  • 1. Broadcom Symantec Endpoint Security Mobile Threat Defense
  • 2. Check Point Harmony Mobile
  • 3. Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security
  • 4. Sophos Intercept X For Mobile
  • 5. Trellix Mobile Security
  • 6. Trend Micro Mobile Security For Enterprises
  • 7. Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense

Mobile data security software plays a crucial role in safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining the privacy of users. This task is made all the more important (and complex) given the widespread use of smartphones and tablets for both personal and professional use. Mobile data security software solutions protect mobile devices from various risks including data breaches, loss, theft, malware, and unauthorized access. By implementing mobile data security tools, organizations can more effectively manage and secure corporate and employee-owned mobile devices, ensuring sensitive data is protected across various applications and services.

Mobile data security software often comes as part of a broader suite of tools known as Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) or Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions. These platforms tend to incorporate multiple security tools such as Mobile Device Management (MDM) for remote control and monitoring, Mobile Application Management (MAM) for securing and deploying applications, and Mobile Content Management (MCM) for protecting access to sensitive data. It is important that you select a solution that delivers effective integration with your existing systems, compliance with industry standards, cross-platform compatibility, and robust encryption technology.

In this guide, we will explore the top mobile data security software solutions available today. We’ll consider various factors including, ease of use, pricing, and customer reviews.

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Broadcom Logo

Broadcom Symantec Endpoint Security’s Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) is part of Broadcom Symantec’s Endpoint Security Complete and Enterprise solutions. It is designed to protect mobile devices from a range of existing and unknown threats. MTD utilizes layered security and predictive technology to deliver accurate insights. In addition to this, it uses crowd-sourced threat intelligence, device-based, and server-based analysis for protection against malware, network threats, and app or OS vulnerability exploits. The solution is able to operate with or without an internet connection.

Broadcom’s platform is designed to integrate with leading Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions, as well as providing real-time visibility into threats and attacks originating from public Wi-Fi networks, OS or app exploits, malicious apps, and user behavior. The combination of MTD and UEM enables centralized security and compliance management, with policy enforcement based on real-time risk assessments. Additionally, Broadcom Symantec Endpoint Security’s MTD delivers enterprise-grade deployment capabilities, easy management, and streamlined maintenance, as well as enhanced mobile security analytics. This results in a well-rounded and secure mobile threat defense solution.

Broadcom Logo
Check Point

Check Point Harmony Mobile is a market-leading Mobile Threat Defense solution designed to secure corporate data by protecting employees’ mobile devices across all attack vectors, including apps, files, network, and OS. This comprehensive security solution supports any device-ownership program and integrates with any mobile management solution. This makes it highly scalable and easy to manage within a broader security infrastructure.

Harmony Mobile provides complete protection by preventing malicious app downloads, phishing attempts, and network attacks. It is also capable of detecting advanced jailbreaking, rooting techniques, and OS vulnerabilities. The platform prioritizes user adoption and privacy, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience without impacting personal data.

The solution’s simplified management and scalability is clear from its zero-touch deployment. This allows for easy installation on employees’ devices through existing MDM/UEM solutions. The cloud-based management console offers insights into mobile risk posture, thereby enabling admins to set granular policies. Harmony Mobile’s user-friendly approach acknowledges the importance of privacy and user experience, ensuring that no personal information is collected or analyzed and that device usability remains unaffected.

Check Point
Lookout Logo

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security (MES) is a leading platform that offers advanced mobile Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) for businesses. The platform was developed using telemetry data from over 185 million mobile apps and 200 million devices running on iOS, Android, and ChromeOS. Lookout MES addresses the evolving security requirements of mobile devices in compliance with expanding industry standards.

The solution provides visibility Into the risks posed by mobile devices and users within an organization, covering both managed and unmanaged devices. It offers in-depth analysis of privacy risks, security issues, and application origins, thereby safeguarding against threats targeting mobile users. The Lookout MES platform also helps mitigate the risk of credential and multifactor authentication compromises.

MES equips businesses with comprehensive security, extending zero trust policies to all devices and users with access to corporate data. The platform continuously evaluates user risk posture throughout a session, taking appropriate actions to minimize risk exposure. The platform also delivers robust mobile Endpoint Detection and Response. It integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure, including mobile device management and SIEM solutions, as well as protecting against a wide spectrum of mobile risks.

Lookout Logo
Sophos logo

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile is a mobile threat defense solution developed for Android, iOS, and Chrome OS devices. It offers effective device, network, and application security that is enhanced through using deep learning technology from Intercept X. The solution can be managed through Sophos Central, which also hosts a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform.

The platform delivers continuous monitoring of device health, notifications for compromised devices, and detection of jailbreaking or rooting. It can also perform real-time examination of network connections to prevent Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks, web filtering, and to detect SMS phishing attempts. In terms of application security, the solution detects malicious and potentially unwanted applications on Android devices and integrates with Microsoft Intune for conditional access policies.

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile can be centrally managed and configured through Sophos Central and deployed using existing app stores and UEM tools like Sophos Mobile or third-party Enterprise Mobility Management options. The platform delivers additional security tools including the Authenticator, Secure QR Code Scanner, and Privacy Advisor, as well as integration with Microsoft Intune conditional access.

Sophos logo
Trellix Logo

Trellix Mobile Security is a comprehensive solution that is designed to protect mobile devices running on Apple iOS or Google Android platforms. This platform detects threats and vulnerabilities on devices, networks, and applications, ensuring real-time protection both on and off corporate networks.

Utilizing machine learning capabilities, Trellix Mobile Security analyzes data gathered from millions of devices to identify emerging threats and attacks. The sophisticated on-device protection covers network safety, application intelligence, and potential privacy risks, thereby reducing the risk of data loss and ensuring secure connections.

Integrated with the Trellix ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) software, Mobile Security enables seamless management of mobile devices alongside other endpoints within an organization’s network. The ePO central management platform provides security dashboards, policies, tasks, and reporting features that will adapt to an organization’s specific requirements.

Trellix Mobile Security works with major enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendors, allowing integration of critical mobile data and remediation against security threats. The solution also integrates with security information and event management (SIEM) platforms (such as Trellix Enterprise Security Manager) to enhance visibility and forensic capabilities for mobile devices, effectively resolving mobile blind spots.

Trellix Logo
Trend Micro Logo

Trend Micro Mobile Security is a part of Trend Micro’s complete user protection solution. It aims to provide a balance between user productivity and IT risk. This mobile security solution offers full visibility and control of mobile devices, apps, and data through a single built-in console.

The platform’s key features include Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management, Mobile Application Reputation Services, and Device Antivirus for Android devices. Trend Micro Mobile Security reduces complexity and costs by integrating layers of data protection to secure corporate data, such as encryption enforcement, remote lock and wipe, and password enforcement.

Through a centralized management system, Trend Micro streamlines administration and offers a single view of enterprise users from desktop to mobile devices, helping to detect advanced threats targeting users. The solution also provides mobile device security with features such as malware protection, firewalls, and intrusion detection system (IDS). It can block malicious web content and sites, as well as monitoring for unauthorized access or breach attempts.

In addition, Trend Micro Mobile Security also offers mobile application management. This prevents the use of unauthorized and risky apps, provides inventory management and reporting of apps, and can identify and block apps that pose a security risk. Central to the complete user protection strategy, Trend Micro Mobile Security allows IT departments to maintain control, while empowering mobile employees to improve productivity.

Trend Micro Logo
Zimperium Logo

Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense (MTD), previously known as zIPS, is a privacy-focused mobile security application designed for enterprises. It aims to protect corporate-owned and BYO devices from advanced persistent threats without compromising privacy or personal data. Zimperium MTD actively safeguards devices against primary attack vectors, even in the absence of network connection. This is achieved through analyzing risk factors including risky apps and device jailbreaks before permitting access to corporate resources.

With its on-device, machine learning-powered detection, Zimperium MTD offers comprehensive security across four main threat categories: device compromise, network attacks, phishing content, and malicious apps. The system integrates with leading UEM, SIEM, SOAR, and XDR platforms, providing visibility and forensic data for Incident Response teams. This allows them to monitor and address mobile threats effectively. Zimperium MTD’s detailed forensic capabilities minimize the risk of an isolated device compromise evolving into a larger outbreak.

Zimperium MTD is built using a privacy-by-design approach. It offers customizable user settings and transparent insight into collected data used for threat intelligence. The solution is compatible with various cloud, on-premise, and air-gapped environments, and can be deployed according to local data laws and compliance needs. Additionally, Zimperium MTD also enables zero-touch deployment for employee and contractor mobile endpoints. This streamlines the activation process without complex user intervention and provides comprehensive device attestation to enhance Zero Trust architectures through existing integrations.

Zimperium Logo
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The Top Mobile Data Security Software