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The Top 7 Managed XDR Solutions

Managed XDR solutions allow organizations to outsource their security to a third-party provider so they can benefit from advanced security, explore the top MXDR solutions, their key features, and who the solutions are best suited for.

The Top 7 Managed XDR Solutions Include:
  • 1. BlackBerry CylanceGUARD
  • 2. CrowdStrike Managed XDR
  • 3. ESET Protect MDR
  • 4. Heimdal MXDR
  • 5. Palo Alto Unit 42 MDR
  • 6. Todyl MXDR
  • 7. Trend Micro Managed XDR

Managed Extended Detection and Response (Managed XDR or MXDR) solutions allow your organization to benefit from extended detection and response (XDR) security coverage, even if you don’t have the technical resource in – house to manage and maintain an XDR solution yourself. Highly effective at identifying and blocking threats at multiple network layers, XDR solutions are at the forefront of unified cybersecurity tools, but they can be complex to configure precisely.

While XDR is the gold standard for security coverage, its complexity and advanced configurations require a good level of resource and time to be dedicated to installing and managing the solution. This level of technical ability is not viable for all organizations. For organizations that are unable to meet these resource requirements – where there isn’t sufficient skill, budget, or time in house – managed security service providers can make all the difference. They allow smaller companies to outsource the management of their security tools, augmenting their in-house resource so they can still benefit from high levels of security. 

It is essential that organizations of all sizes are adequately protected using advanced security measures, as company size does not preclude you from being a target for a cyberattack. Attackers know that small and medium sized organizations will have valuable assets but are less likely to be protected adequately, due to limited budget and resource. This can make them easy targets in comparison to larger companies that have a more robust security infrastructure.

In this article, we’ll explore the top MXDR solutions that are currently available. We’ll highlight the key features and use cases for each solution, before suggesting what type of organization would be best suited to their use. 

It is worth noting that MXDR is an emerging area of technology, with MDR providers expanding their coverage to include more than just endpoint security, and XDR providers offering their platforms as a managed service. Equally, there is an uptick in the number of dedicated MXDR providers on the market. Over the next few years, we expect this space to grow as the need for comprehensive, advanced security increases. 

Blackberry Logo

Widely known for its popular range of smartphones in the early 2000s, BlackBerry transitioned to cybersecurity enterprise software in 2016. CylanceGUARD is the company’s 24x7x365 managed detection and response solution for enterprise environments. This managed service is built onto BlackBerry’s own Cylance endpoint technology – a cybersecurity infrastructure that uses AI to detect and respond to a broad range of attacks quickly.

Although BlackBerry takes responsibility for operating and managing your XDR solution, your organization is kept in the loop with real-time metrics and findings presented in a unified dashboard. BlackBerry’s Cylance technology, coupled with their security experts, results in a comprehensive and effective XDR solution. We would recommend BlackBerry CylanceGUARD for governmental or public sector organizations in need of a reliable and comprehensive XDR solution.

Crowdstrike Logo

CrowdStrike is a reliable and effective provider of cloud security, threat intelligence, and endpoint protection tools. Falcon Complete XDR is the company’s comprehensive and robust extended detection and response tool, which provides managed coverage 24/7. The event-driven platform monitors your network to identify threats and prevent breaches. Once threats have been identified, the tool pushes prioritized, actionable notifications to relevant users.

CrowdStrike Falcon Complete XDR utilizes native and third-party telemetry to provide extensive analysis and predictions across your entire network (this includes endpoint, identity, email, network, and cloud). The solution provides real-time visibility and investigation of threats, helping to reduce mean time to respond (MTTR). Through the straightforward UI, admins can gain a critical understanding of network events and context. CrowdStrike Falcon Complete XDR has a proven track record of identifying and preventing potentially devastating breaches. This is an effective and robust solution that we would recommend to organizations of all sizes that need reliable protection and advanced security capabilities.


ESET is a technology company that protects over a billion users worldwide. Although described as a an MDR solution, ESET Protect MDR has the extended security capabilities of an XDR solution. The platform allows you to prevent zero-day threats, track vulnerabilities, and shield an organization from threats. ESET’s solution provides additional capabilities such as full disk encryption, advanced threat defense, and patch management.

ESET’s platform is comprehensive and feature rich, despite being a lightweight solution that does not require vast amounts of memory or CPU to run effectively. The antivirus and encryption capabilities are particularly effective, as are the services offered by ESET’s threat hunting and investigation team.  We would recommend ESET Protect MDR for organizations looking for a versatile and responsive MXDR solution.

Heimdal Logo

Based in Copenhagen, Heimdal is a well-established cybersecurity vendor. Their managed extended detection and response solution provides precise and targeted monitoring of your assets to effectively identify and resolve cybersecurity threats. The service comprehensively covers your endpoints, networks, emails, identities, and data, ensuring that threats are identified at the earliest opportunity. Heimdal use the MITRE ATT&CK framework to guide remediation and ensure that alerts are clear to understand.

The Heimdal team manage your security 24×7, ensuring that you are always protected. Coverage includes vulnerability management, communications security, and network security, in addition to the threat hunting and endpoint security that we would expect from an XDR solution. The platform gives detailed analytics and insights that allow you to better understand organizational risks and the specific vulnerabilities. We would recommend this solution for medium sized organizations looking for an effective and reliable security solution.

Palo Alto Logo

Palo Alto is a trusted security provider that has developed a range of next-gen firewalls and cloud security tools. The company is based in Santa Clara and was founded in 2005. Palo Alto’s Unit 42 service is built upon their Cortex XDR infrastructure; this provides fast and effective identification, incident management, and threat detection. While the Unit 42 security experts are responsible for managing and operating your security tools, you have a direct communication channel with the SOC to discuss issues or remediation events.

Unit 42 provides comprehensive and insightful security coverage, ensuring that even the most complex threats are identified and dealt with. The Cortex XDR backbone uses AI and ML to provide advanced behavioral analytics, thereby enhancing your security insight. Globally, Unit 42 and the technologies used by them analyzes 500 billion events per day. This extensive visibility ensures that new attacks can be identified quickly, thereby preventing the spread of an attack. We would recommend Palo Alto’s Unit 42 to organizations that require an effective and intelligent solution to detect and prevent attacks or breaches from the smallest, earliest signs.


Todyl Logo

Todyl is a Colorado-based security and networking platform that spans SASE, endpoint technology, and MXDR capabilities. The service provides ongoing, broad-spectrum threat hunting to identify all the threats that affect your network. Not only does Todyl MXDR respond and react to security events, but it takes a proactive approach. Security posture analysis and ongoing countermeasure recommendations ensure that your organization is always prepared to deal with an attack should it strike.

Todyl provides their customers with a dedicated account manager who understands how your organization operates, where your data resides, and the threats you face. They work with you to develop an effective approach to security, ensuring that your organization can respond to the threats it faces. Monthly security reviews and meetings with your account manager ensure you understand context and security posture. We would recommend the Todyl platform for organizations looking for an innovative and responsive XDR solution, aided by knowledgeable and effective security analysists.

Trend Micro Logo

Trend Micro is a Japanese cybersecurity company, best known for its Tend Micro One unified security platform. The company also offers a managed XDR service that empowers organizations of all sizes to benefit from enterprise grade security. The service searches for IOCs and IOAs 24/7, giving organizations comprehensive and holistic security. Extensive analysis is provided through synthesising data from across your network to develop a granular understanding of threats.

Trend Micro offers their MXDR customers a dedicated service manager; this is your go-to contact who understands how your organization works and the unique threats that you face. This improves productivity and efficiency as you can ensure that the solution is always optimized. Trend Micro also provides incident response and investigation for assets that are protected by Trend Micro or a third-party. Trend Micro’s Managed XDR is an effective solution from a reliable and trusted vendor. Consequently, we would recommend the tool for organization of all sizes, looking for a powerful and comprehensive MXDR solution.

The Top 7 Managed XDR Solutions