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The Top 10 Managed Security Services

The best managed security services available, explore the best vendors and key features to look for when choosing a solution.

The Top 10 Managed Security Services include:
  • 1. AT&T Managed Security Services
  • 2. Broadcom Symantec Managed Security Services
  • 3. Check Point Infinity Global Services
  • 4. IBM Managed Security Services
  • 5. Netsurion Managed SOC Service
  • 6. NTT Security Managed Security Services
  • 7. Secureworks Taegis
  • 8. SecurityHQ
  • 9. Trustwave Managed Security Services
  • 10. Verizon Managed Security and Event Management

Managed security services are network security services that are provided, managed, and maintained by a service provider. These vendors, referred to as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), can deliver effective, custom, and robust security infrastructure to protect your organization. By outsourcing this task, your organization can benefit from not having to employ a dedicated IT team, as well as paying directly for the security tools and their management.

MSSPs offer advanced security features, a team of in-house experts, access to intelligence and data from sources all over the world, extensive threat knowledge, and threat mitigation. MSSPs combine threat detection, incident response, vulnerability management, and compliance support into one space, which can be purchased on a yearly or monthly rolling fee. Ultimately, MSSP take care of your security worries, so you don’t have to.

In recent years, threats and attacks have grown in sophistication and complexity. More money, time, and specialist knowledge is needed to help businesses protect themselves. Not every company, however, has the ability or resource to do this in-house. For those unable to meet this ever-growing security demand, investing in a managed service may be the answer.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of some of the best managed security services on the market. We’ll explore their key features, before breaking down some of the key questions in our FAQ sections.

at&t logo

AT&T Business Managed Cybersecurity Services offers a comprehensive range of security solutions. With an emphasis on facilitating digital transformation. The company provides strategy, risk, and managed cybersecurity services. AT&T Cybersecurity is recognized as one of the largest Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) globally, working in partnership with prominent security technology providers and nurturing emerging innovators to deliver top-tier managed cybersecurity services.

AT&T Alien Labs, provides continuous threat intelligence, powered by the Open Threat Exchange and in coordination with the AT&T Chief Security Office. This collaboration aims to equip businesses with the latest insights into the evolving threat landscape, enabling them to remain agile and aware of the shifts in cybersecurity threats. By offering 24/7 monitoring through the AT&T Global Security Operations Center, this platform aids businesses in maintaining a robust cybersecurity posture, without the need for an extensive in-house team.

AT&T Cybersecurity is a strong solution for businesses looking to navigate continuously changing attack surfaces and adapt to the ongoing transformations in laws and regulations concerning personal data and information.

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Broadcom Logo

Broadcom Symantec Managed Security Services (MSS) is a managed security service designed to secure and continuously monitor an organization’s assets, reputation, and operational viability. The service is customized to address the unique security concerns and business objectives of each organization. It employs a global team of security professionals, with a range of industry experience, dedicated to ensuring your organization is secure at every phase of the threat lifecycle. The team works hand-in-hand with clients to enhance existing security infrastructures as well as identifying unique issues that are relevant to individual organizations.

At the core of Symantec MSS is the Symantec Global Intelligence Network (GIN). This is a large threat intelligence database that aggregates data from diverse sources, providing a clear view into the global threat landscape. Through the integration of this network with DeepSight Intelligence, company data is correlated with data from across the globe to recognize potential threats, assessing their frequency and risk levels. This information aids the MSS analysts in identifying global trends and critical incidents that demand attention. Additionally, the MSS analytics engines scrutinize a massive volume of logs each day to identify patterns of malicious activity, offering a 360-degree view across all monitored security devices.

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Check Point

Check Point Infinity Global Services offers comprehensive managed security solutions for organizations seeking to strengthen their defense against cyber threats. This includes an array of services including assessing the current level of security maturity, optimizing security infrastructures, enhancing team knowledge, and preparing response playbooks for potential cyber incidents. Their services are designed to assist organizations at various stages of cyber security readiness, from initial assessment, to advanced security strategy developments.

At the core of Check Point’s service offerings are a suite of assessments aimed at identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities across different domains (including IoT infrastructures and supply chains). These assessments, guided by industry frameworks, facilitate the identification and quantification of risks, enabling organizations to take informed steps towards enhancing their security posture. Check Point also offer a range of optimization services, which include the provision of security blueprints for hybrid cloud environments and proactive cyber health monitoring to prevent threats and preserve system uptime.

In addition to assessment and optimization, Check Point Infinity Global Services aims to strengthen the expertise of security teams through their master services, offering training and certifications in various areas such as cloud security and hacking skills. The company also assists organizations in developing and improving incident response plans through their respond services. This encompasses activities like digital forensics, malware analysis, and incident response plan development. Check Point’s approach is centered around providing agile and flexible solutions that allow organizations to benefit from a range of services that meet their technical and budgetary requirements.

Check Point
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IBM Managed Security Services provides continuous information security monitoring and management. This service operates on a global scale, detecting and protecting users against security threats. IBM’s managed security solution can enhance existing security programs with specifically tailored services that encompass various domains including threat, cloud, infrastructure, data, identity, and response management.

IBM offers several key features. These include managed detection and response (MDR) that provides around-the-clock protection against endpoint threats, backed by proactive threat hunting. Additionally, the service delivers managed cloud security services that cover the entirety of a hybrid cloud through both managed and advisory facets. Another key aspect is the managed identity service that facilitates ongoing improvements and optimizations for identity and access management programs.

The IBM team also stands ready to assist organizations in initiating transformative processes to enhance their security protocols for long-term efficiency and protection. Their managed network security services encompass several dimensions such as secure access service edge (SASE) and managed firewall services, all designed to modernize network security with the assistance of a globally recognized leader in managed security. The ultimate goal is to build a resilient enterprise environment capable of preventing unauthorized network access and safeguarding critical data assets.

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Netsurion offers a Managed SOC Service that functions as a seamless extension of your existing team, facilitating around-the-clock coverage. This service provides various security features, including vulnerability management, endpoint security management, and security information and event management (SIEM), complemented by extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities. The goal is to ensure a robust security stance through proactive threat hunting, continuous security monitoring, and advanced threat detection.

At the core of Netsurion’s platform is a SIEM system that comprehensively logs and correlates events, thus ensuring a complete view of security events. This is augmented by user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) that utilizes machine learning to pinpoint anomalous behaviors exhibited by users or systems, enhancing the overall security framework. The 24/7 SOC monitoring is carried out by a team of security experts; this adds another layer of protection, ensuring continuous vigilance and immediate response to any threats.

Netsurion’s service is designed to be adaptable, aligning with your business’s specific risk tolerance, performance criteria, and data protection needs. It aims to provide a comprehensive protective shield against the persistent threats in today’s digital landscape, offering a balanced co-management approach.


NTT Security offers an array of managed security services designed to bolster the resilience and safety of your organization’s digital infrastructure. NTT integrates security solutions that adhere to your business objectives and enhance the overall security lifecycle of your organization. At the core of NTT’s services is a cloud-native platform that merges security, automation, and observability, offering a comprehensive view of your network, infrastructure, and cloud applications’ security health through analytics dashboards.

NTT offers a suite of advisory services to help you crafting robust cloud security policies and workflows. NTT’s managed detection and response solutions provide real-time insights that pinpoint and tackle threats, fostering a secure environment for both your workforce and clients. NTT also offer SAP services to enhance the performance and migration processes, aiming to boost the efficiency of your business operations.


Secureworks Taegis offers a range of services, tools, and expertise to safeguard enterprise operations. At the core of its offerings is the Taegis ManagedXDR, a robust cybersecurity solution that facilitates comprehensive monitoring across various platforms including endpoint, network, and cloud. This system is particularly adept at integrating threat information from both existing and potential future security investments, thereby averting vendor lock-in and promoting enhanced visibility.

The platform offers a personalized approach to managed detection and response (MDR), characterized by sophisticated analytics and machine learning capabilities. These features facilitate the identification of covert threats, helping businesses to efficiently prioritize and address the most critical issues. The platform also delivers an extensive database of threat indicators and countermeasures, covering a wide spectrum of the MITRE ATT&CK framework. This puts you in the perfect position to identify and respond to an attack as soon as it occurs.

Complementing Secureworks’ MDR solution is their Counter Threat Unit (CTU), a team of over a hundred threat researchers who meticulously track active threat groups globally. This data is accessible to clients, with security experts available through live chat functionality, ready to offer guidance. Secureworks also provides a series of assessment and advisory services, including vulnerability and ransomware readiness assessments, designed to help organizations identify potential weaknesses and fortify their security measures accordingly.


SecurityHQ is a global Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) specializing in offering an extensive array of security solutions, designed to work cohesively and facilitate businesses as they mitigate risks. The platform also assists organizations as they streamline operations by continuously monitoring and analyzing network activities. In its suite of services, SecurityHQ incorporates Managed Detection and Response (MDR), a service committed to providing a comprehensive view of your digital landscape, facilitating the rapid identification of,  and response to, threats.

SecurityHQ also offers user behaviour analytics (UBA); this acts as an additional layer to bolster your security by monitoring and detecting any unusual or potentially malicious activities within your network. The service portfolio also includes extended detection and response (XDR), managed endpoint detection and response (EDR), managed incident response, managed firewall, AI-powered email security, managed data security, phishing attack simulation.

SecurityHQ’s services work cohesively to ensure seamless network visibility and protection of critical data across various environments. The services are supported by the robust SHQ Response Platform, featuring a real-time dashboard and collaborative incident notification system. This enhances the efficiency and speed of threat response and containment.


Trustwave Managed Security Services is a managed security service that helps businesses improve their security infrastructure. This service aims to extend the capabilities of your existing team, helping you create a more secure and resilient operational environment, despite the constraints of a limited budget or staff resources. At its core, the service is enriched with the insights and expertise of the Trustwave SpiderLabs global threat intelligence team.

The Trustwave Managed Security Services portfolio includes a wide range of security solutions, including managed detection and response, a co-managed security operations center with SIEM capabilities, managed database security, security technology management, and managed application control. These services are tailored to work flexibly, catering to various business needs while aiming to optimize threat detection and minimize cyber risk.

Trustwave provides around-the-clock support, aiding clients globally to navigate their security challenges and propel their business forward. With a substantial client base, they leverage a wealth of data to refine their methods, focusing on identifying potential attack vectors and indicators of compromise across a wide range of industries.


Verizon Managed Security Information and Event Management (Managed SIEM) is a service that is designed to amplify your existing cybersecurity infrastructure. Verizon’s service integrates seamlessly with your existing technology to enhance your existing monitoring and analytics capabilities to a scale that meets future security demands.

At the core of this product are the analytical and monitoring capabilities housed within Verizon’s Security Operations Centers. This facility works together with your in-house SIEM, analyzing the collated data to pinpoint potential security threats with heightened precision. The collaboration does not end at identifying risks, it further extends to providing expert advice through Verizon’s seasoned security professionals. This facilitates a quicker response time, proficient incident management, and deeper insights into security intelligence and reporting.

Verizon offers a scalable solution that can adapt as your business evolves. It is supported round-the-clock by a team of skilled professionals stationed at Verizon’s secure facilities. Leveraging Verizon’s Managed SIEM service not only grants you access to a wealth of security intelligence, but also allows you to capitalize on the company’s substantial experience of over 25 years in the security sector, processing an average of 61 billion security events annually from their nine Security Operations Centers worldwide.

The Top Managed Security Services In 2023