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The Top 6 Managed Network Solutions

Discover the best managed network solutions designed to reduce the burden of managing a network, whilst ensuring reliable and secure network performance. Explore features such as end-to-end network monitoring and management, optimization services, and technical support.

The Top 6 Managed Network Solutions include:
  • 1. BT Managed Services
  • 2. HCLTech NextGen Networks
  • 3. NTT DATA Managed Enterprise Networks
  • 4. Orange Business Managed Services
  • 5. Tata Communications Network Services and Solutions
  • 6. Wipro Managed Network Services

Managed network solutions enable organizations to outsource the management of their IT network infrastructure. These solutions typically encompass a range of services including network deployment, management and monitoring, as well as technical support. These solutions manage everything from routers, switches, and servers to cloud-based systems and wireless networks. Some solutions also offer security features, such as threat detection and data backup. By leveraging the specialized tools and expertise of a managed network service provider, organizations can spend more time focusing on their core business operations.

By implementing a managed network solution, organizations can benefit from improved network performance and uptime through continual oversight and maintenance, as well as cost savings from avoiding the need to hire and train in-house IT staff. These solutions also enable businesses to leverage advanced technologies without significant upfront investment.

In this article, we’ll explore the top managed network solutions designed to help reduce the cost of managing your network, whilst improving its reliability and security. We’ll highlight the key use cases and features of each solution, including network deployment, management and monitoring, security measures, issue resolution, and technical support.

BT Managed Services provides tailored tech solutions for businesses with a focus on operational flexibility and efficiency. BT’s services help organizations to manage their complex IT systems by providing expert-driven support and streamlining operations, allowing businesses to focus less on administration and more on achieving their primary goals.

With BT Managed Services, users are supported by experienced IT experts who ensure optimal performance, as well as carry out 24/7 service monitoring using advanced tools. This assures continuity and minimizes downtime, while continually tracking performance for potential improvements. Another key part of the service is the continual innovation and improvement plan designed to deliver process optimization and service excellence. The service provides customers with a secure e-service portal for managing their BT services online, offering simple but robust control.

BT Managed Services is a reliable solution for businesses looking for expert IT support, without having to hire and train in-house resources. The service helps ensure optimal performance and reliability. It offers a range of packages—Standard, Plus, and Enhanced—to ensure that any sized organization can access the support that best fits their needs.

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HCLTech is a systems integrator that offers a robust suite of network management solutions and consulting services called NextGen Networks. Designed to help infrastructure and operations leaders handle the various challenges within their networks, NextGen Networks’ team of seasoned network consultants guide organizations in designing and implementing networks using advanced technology like SDN, SD-WAN, SASE, SD-LAN, and private 5G.

The first of HCLTech’s NextGen Networks services is Managed WAN/LAN, which helps organizations improve reliability and performance amidst remote work and diverse data applications. The NextGen Networks product suite also includes Sensus, an SD framework that facilitates end-to-end data center network transformation; managed SD-WAN services for organizations looking to upgrade from their legacy WAN architectures; and DRYiCE NetBot, a workflow driven network automation product that enhances enterprise agility.

In summary, HCLTech NextGen Networks is a suite of scalable and flexible network management and consulting services. Their comprehensive offerings cover all aspects of network management to help improve connectivity and user experience.

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NTT DATA’s Managed Enterprise Networks is a managed network suite that blends both software-defined and traditional technologies, specifically in multi-vendor infrastructures. With a focus on providing high performance and availability, NTT DATA’s Managed Enterprise Networks suite offers three key managed network solutions: managed SD-WAN, managed underlay, and Communications Lifecycle Management.

The Managed SD-WAN solution is an end-to-end network platform that utilizes SD-WAN infrastructure to offer connectivity and integrated security. With this solution, users can quickly and easily set up distributed workplaces, utilize predictive analytics to anticipate future network requirements, and scale bandwidth across the network to address evolving demands.

The Managed Underlay solution provides real-time, on-demand managed underlay network and security services for corporate WAN, delivering performance, flexibility, resiliency, and security. With Managed Underlay, users can optimize internet performance and improve end-user experience via access solutions such as MPLS, 5G, 4G, broadband, and SSL VPN.

Finally, the Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution optimizes management and decision-making across the organization’s communication estates. To achieve this, CLM offers data-backed recommendations regarding the user’s communication assets and expenses.

In summary, NTT DATA’s Managed Enterprise Networks is a unified suite of solutions that deliver high network performance, operational security, and optimized network management, enabling businesses to effectively scale and manage their IT infrastructure and communication assets.

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Orange Business Managed Services is a comprehensive and secure suite of services that offer end-to-end management of cloud IT systems, taking responsibility for their availability and performance—regardless of complexity.

Orange Business Managed Services seamlessly handles complex architectures and systems, with a dedicated team ensuring operational efficiency. Its robust technology and unique tooling systems provide efficient system scaling across all layers. The suite also ensures the availability of mission-critical services and business processes through its fully redundant solutions and data centers.

The platform is operated by experts in Europe under the strictest data protection rules and complies with EU and National regulations, ensuring high levels of security. It also offers complete visibility of the user’s network and engagement through its dedicated customer portal.

In summary, Orange Business Managed Services is a suite of solutions for information system management. With its complete service responsibility, maintenance of mission-critical services, and guarantee on business continuity, we recommend this suite as a secure option for effective cloud service management.

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Tata Communications’ Network Services and Solutions is a comprehensive suite of networking systems developed to help businesses expand and scale effectively. Acting as a versatile hub for digital operations, this suite integrates five core managed network services: private lines, cloud connectivity, business internet, managed LAN/WAN, and hybrid WAN.

Tata Communications private lines service helps enhance a businesses’ global expansion with private lines that enable dedicated point-to-point connectivity. The cloud connectivity service optimizes cloud operations by managing multiple cloud instances and offering significant savings on egress costs. The business internet service comprises of Internet Leased Line and Enterprise Broadband, offering reliable and fast internet connectivity.

The managed LAN/WAN service ensures a secure and uninterrupted connection, optimizing network performance, enhancing security, and streamlining business processes. Finally, the hybrid WAN service—IZO Internet WAN—is an internet access network system that enables flexible, fast, and reliable connectivity.

In summary, Tata Communications’ Network Services and Solutions provide reliable, scalable, and effective networking services that blend private network, internet access, cloud connectivity, and managed services, making it a robust platform for organizations that want to optimize and scale their digital infrastructure.

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Wipro Managed Network Services (MNS) is a comprehensive networking solution designed to enhance the reliability, effectiveness, and cost-efficiency of an organization’s networks. Utilizing the ServiceNXT framework and tools, it efficiently manages, administers, and reports on LAN, WAN, Wireless, Voice, and Video infrastructure, supported by robust Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and adjustable pricing.

Wipros MNS’ Next Gen Cyber Command Center includes an AI-powered Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. This service provides 24/7 security operations center monitoring and thorough threat detection and response coverage to bolster cyber resilience.

In terms of application security, Wipro MNS focuses on creating highly secure applications set within compliant environments. This is achieved by leveraging the Wipro team’s industry expertise, high-quality platforms, and scalable processes. The Managed Network Services suite also includes Managed Digital Trust services and platforms that detect and mitigate cyber threats, whilst helping to reduce enterprise costs.

In summary, Wipro Managed Network Services provides a suite of robust network management solutions, built to provide businesses with increased efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. With its extensive service offering—from threat detection to risk management and compliance—we recommend Wipro Managed Network Services for organizations looking for a managed network service with a strong focus on protection and response mechanisms that will help improve their cyber resilience.

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The Top 6 Managed Network Solutions