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The Top 11 Log Management Software Solutions

Log management solutions gather and analyze information from across your IT stack. Explore the top solutions, their key features, and our judgement of what organization they would best serve.

The Top 11 Log Management Software Solutions Include:
  • 1. Dynatrace
  • 2. Graylog
  • 3. LogicMonitor
  • 4. LogRhythm Next-Gen SIEM
  • 5. ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer
  • 6. New Relic
  • 7. Paessler PRTG
  • 8. Progress What’s Up Gold
  • 9. Sematext Logs
  • 10. Splunk Observability
  • 11. Sumo Logic

Log management tools or log management systems are used to gather and aggregate data from disparate programs and applications. This data can then be used to identify anomalies and technical issues, ensuring that resources are properly allocated and that there is capacity within the system. This, in turn, helps optimize network performance.

Log management systems are primarily used by IT teams, DevOps, and SecOps teams to gain valuable insights into network functionality. As they centralize log data, they make it easier for these teams to navigate log databases, as well as identify connections and links between logs and events across the whole network.

In this article, we’ll explore the top log management tools and identify some of their key features. For each solution, we’ll explain what sets them apart from other competitors, and suggest the type of organization that they’d be best suited to.

Dynatrace Logo

Dynatrace’s log monitoring solution automatically identifies hosts, VMs, servers, containers, and other data sources. It provides deep observability alongside AIOps to intelligently assess and analyze gathered information. The AI capabilities also manage process automation, thereby ensuring that operations are delivered quickly, securely, and without issue. Dynatrace is a powerful solution that provides you with detailed, actionable insights concerning log data, allowing you to improve management experience and workflow processes.

The user interface is clear, ensuring that admins can spot and understand issues quickly. Real-time statistics are provided in relation to baselines, allowing you to gain a contextualized understanding of your network. We would recommend this solution for medium to large organizations that manage a lot of data and need support analyzing their log data, as well as collecting it.

Graylog Logo

Based in Houston, TX, Greylog is predominantly a SIEM tool, with the capacity to log and analyze data from across your network. The GUI has a range of graphs and widgets to clearly visualize log and event data. Notifications can be configured to alert you of relevant or particularly notable findings. This GUI also lets you build custom reports where you can highlight key findings and statistics. The tool also integrates a correlation engine to ensure you are getting a comprehensive understanding of your data.

The platform has impressive search capabilities, allowing you to search large amounts of data for answers to complex queries in milliseconds. You can even search for factors like WHOIS, IP, geolocation, and other threat intelligence types. Graylog is easy to set up and configure, with proactive customer support teams on hand to offer advice if needed. The alerting capabilities are versatile and can be delivered in a variety of ways including email, text, and Slack. We would recommend this solution for small to medium organizations that need a versatile log management tool as part of a SIEM solution.

LogicMonitor logo

LogicMonitor is a cloud-based network monitoring and logging platform with the dual capabilities of monitoring the network in real-time and identifying opportunities for growth through further optimization. Admins can access contextualized and correlated logs from a single, unified platform. According to LogicMonitor, the platform’s powerful analysis enables you to reduce alert noise by 90%; this means you can minimize distractions and focus on critical issues.

LogicMonitor offers tiered data retention options – you can utilize unlimited retention and hot storage options. The platform has over 2,000 integrations, modules, and pre-built templates for on-premises and cloud environments. The user interface is clear and precise; it can be used by both technical and non-technical users. We would recommend this solution for medium sized organizations.

LogRhythm Logo

Based in Boulder, CO, LogRhythm empowers security teams to connect data gathered from across their network to identify threats and processes that can be optimized. LogRhythm’s Next-Gen SIEM tool uses machine learning to sift through vast amounts of data, accurately pinpointing anomalies and threats. The gathered information then feeds seamlessly into the incident response workflow, allowing admins to address issues and inconsistencies swiftly.

The platform can be deployed as a self-hosted, or cloud-native tool. Getting started is easy, thanks to a series of out of the box integrations and suggestions. Despite these preconfigured settings, LogRhythm Next-Gen SIEM gives you a good deal of control to configure the solution appropriately. The platform is also competitively priced, whilst being a fully featured and effective solution. We would recommend LogRhythm Next-Gen SIEM for organizations of all sizes that require an effective and versatile solution.

ManageEngine logo

ManageEngine has developed a gamut of network management and auditing tools. EventLog Analyzer allows you to collect, monitor, and analyze system logs whilst remaining compliant with regulatory standards. The platform is used by over 10,000 customers worldwide. It offers comprehensive visibility with data being logged from 750 sources straight out of the box.

EventLog Analyzer is easy to install and configure, and ongoing management is straightforward. The dashboards display results and trends clearly, allowing you to easily identify and respond to urgent issues. Logs can be automatically encrypted and stored, ensuring that your organization remains compliant with data protection regulations whilst providing a central log database from which you can easily locate specific data. We would recommend ManageEngine EventLog Anlyzer for medium sized organization in need of a clear and highly functional solution.

New Relic Logo

Based in San Francisco, CA, New Relic is a platform for identifying and monitoring network status and events. Its log management capabilities give you extensive visibility, rapid search functions, and added context to help you to make sense of findings. The platform uses machine learning to sift through logs so that it can identify trends and patterns. Then, admins can create custom queries, alerts, and dashboards to find information specific to their use case.

New Relic automatically scales as your organization grows – this ensures that you always have capacity, without paying for space that you do not require from the outset. The platform is comprehensive, allowing you to gain insights across your entire data stack at a high level, as well as drill down into the findings for deeper analysis. We would recommend New Relic for medium sized organizations in need of an intuitive and reliable log management solution.

Paessler Logo

German software developer, Paessler, has developed PRTG, a powerful log monitoring solution that tracks and monitors events across your network. The solution provides you with real time status updates to ensure that admins have an up-to-date understanding of how processes are operating across the network. You can begin monitoring straight out of the box, allowing you to gather data and intelligence easily.

PRTG provides comprehensive and insightful data gathered across your entire stack. Paessler has made it easy to deploy and configure the solution with pre-sets for popular applications. All gathered information can be analyzed through customizable dashboards, allowing you to monitor findings in a way that suits you. Paessler offers a range of subscription plans optimized for a diverse range of environments and deployment use cases. We would, therefore, recommend Paessler for organizations of all sizes, but suggest contacting them to find the optimal solution.

Progress Logo

Progress Software is a technology provider based in Burlington, MA. Whatsup Gold is their tool for managing and monitoring complex IT infrastructure. The platform identifies all devices connected to the network, including servers, storage, cloud devices, virtual and wireless devices, and routers. It then collects syslogs for all connected devices, enabling admins to filter, search, and alert on logs. This data can then be archived to any storage location for unlimited retention periods to comply with regulatory standards.

Whatsup Gold gives you the power to identify meta trends such as changes in log volume. The platform stores all log data securely, and retention periods and storage locations can all be customized, ensuring that you are compliant with data protection regulations specific to your organization. The platform has an efficient search capability that allows you to sift through information with ease. We would recommend Progress WhatsUp Gold for medium sized organizations looking for a straightforward and customizable log management tool as part of a wider network monitoring solution.

Sematext Logo

Sematext has developed a straightforward, secure, and scalable monitoring and logging platform. The tool unifies and consolidates information gathered from across your network, then displays this information in a series of detailed graphs. Sematext Logs makes it easy to investigate data using versatile search functions. Complex searches can be saved, allowing you to run specific investigations over time.

Sematext Logs utilizes a modern and clean UI to present all your data clearly and concisely. This eases access to information, allowing you to identify issues faster, thereby improving productivity. Sematext offers three pricing plans for their Logs solution, ensuring that businesses are only paying for the features they need. We would recommend Sematext Logs for small to medium sized organizations that need a versatile and efficient log management solution.

Splunk Logo

Splunk is a software developer based in San Francisco, CA. Their observability platform empowers organizations to identify and respond to issues across their full technology stack. By using ML and AI, Splunk can identify issues with a high degree of precision and accuracy. It is also able to predict and detect problems from small indicators, to improve issue resolution and ensure that customers are not affected. The platform will ingest data from your hosts, containers, and cloud providers, allowing you to gain comprehensive visibility across your network.

Splunk Observability presents you with highly accurate and detailed information concerning emerging threats. It focuses on issue identification and resolution and will direct you to new issues and suggest how these can be addressed. The platform makes it easy to set up custom searches, then download results as a CSV or JSON file. We would recommend this solution for medium to large organizations that need a comprehensive and precise log management tool that works across their entire technology stack.

Sumo Logic logo

Based in Redwood, CA, Sumo Logic has developed a comprehensive platform that combines log analytics, SIEM, SOAR, and APM technology to enable organizations to monitor, troubleshoot, and secure their on-prem or cloud environments. The platform gives you extensive visibility of unified logs, events, and metrics, allowing you to better understand your data. This is enhanced through advanced analytic capabilities and ability to interrogate data through search functions.

Sumo Logic correlates information from various sources to give more comprehensive insights into your network as a whole. The platform utilizes in-built predictive analysis to identify trends before issues impact users. The GUI presents a variety of key metrics in real-time, allowing you to understand your network. We would recommend Sumo Logic to medium and large organizations that need a comprehensive and advanced log management tool as part of a wider network security and observability solution.

The Top Log Management Software Solutions