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The Top 10 LMS Software For Employee Training

Discover the top ten best LMS software for employee training. Explore features such as multi-media content libraries, course customization, employee testing and advanced administrative reporting.

The Top LMS Software For Employee Training include:
  • 1. Absorb LMS
  • 2. Docebo Learn LMS
  • 3. Growth Engineering The Academy LMS
  • 4. HireRoad Learn
  • 5. iHasco
  • 6. Infopro Learning Unlock LEARN
  • 7. Learn Amp
  • 8. LearnUpon LMS
  • 9. SAP Litmos Training
  • 10. Talent LMS

Learning management systems, or LMS software, are platforms that enable organizations to store virtual training content, deliver it to their employees, and track employee interactions, progress, and test results. With an LMS, IT admins, HR staff, and security teams can manage the entire lifecycle of each employee’s training via a single platform. They can also monitor and prove return on investment on employee training by actively tracking the achievement of learning goals at a user level and as an organization.

In today’s digital-first, hybrid workplace, virtual and blended learning—a combination of virtual and in-person training—are becoming increasingly popular. Virtual training can be delivered at any time and from any location, reducing the cost of travel expenses for the instructor, while ensuring all employees receive a consistent training experience. It also makes training more accessible by allowing employees to complete it at a time that works for them, rather than having to block out multiple hours or even days at a time from their schedules. 

However, delivering and monitoring employee training can be tricky without the right tools. An LMS solves that challenge by providing a single platform from which admins can create custom training courses, schedule them for delivery, monitor employee progress and engagement, and produce reports on the effectiveness of the training. 

In this article, we’ll explore the top ten LMS software designed to help you organize and deliver employee training. We’ll look at features such as user experience, content hosting, customization capabilities, mobile learning, data tracking, and reporting. We’ll also give you some background information on the provider, as well as the type of customer that each solution is most suitable for.

November 2023 Update: This list has been updated to reflect new features, product acquisitions, and platform updates. This list of the best LMS software for employee training is regularly re-evaluated as support for new features—such as AI-powered content personalization—continues to roll out.

Absorb LMS logo

Absorb LMS is a cloud-based, scalable eLearning management platform that focuses on aligning user development and training needs with business demands. Their LMS software enables employees to easily access personalized training materials on demand, so that they can train around their day jobs, while enabling admins to gain deep insights into training progress.

Absorb LMS Features

Absorb LMS offers granular customization options that both increase learner engagement and enable admins to gain more useful insights into their training data. Admins can set up user groups with uniquely designed learning portals, determined by location, user group, department, and more. This enables different parts of the business to experience the most relevant learning environments to them. Absorb LMS also uses AI to personalize each user’s experience: the Intelligent Recommendations feature shows users content that is likely to interest them based on their previous activity.

The solution comes with a free iOS and Android app, which enables users to complete their training on the go. This also enables users to access training content offline: they simply download it to their device, and the completed content syncs with the LMS once they re-connect to the internet. This enables employees to easily fit training around their work.

Admins can customize their own reporting dashboards to display the data that they need as soon as they log into their portal. This can be done at a per-user level, or at a group level for admins in different departments or groups. Dashboard data includes insights into course enrolment, user logins, competencies earned, and custom widgets created in plain text or HTML.

Absorb LMS also features more in-depth reports into training progress. These include out-of-the-box templates, as well as the capacity for admins to build custom reports. Admins can share reports with others in their organization, including those without access to the LMS’s analytics, by scheduling regular emails of custom reports to key stakeholders.

Absorb LMS Deployment

Absorb LMS is cloud-hosted, and comes with an iOS and Android-compatible mobile app. It features integrations with existing HRIS an CRM data to enable efficient onboarding, as well as turnkey integrations with web services, apps and market-leading content libraries.

Absorb LMS supports SCORM, xAPI and HTML5 content.

Absorb LMS Summary

Absorb LMS is a highly customizable LMS software that can be configured to mirror the brand of any organization, from logo and colors to the terminology used across the platform (such as choosing between “Courses” and “Labs”), in order to deliver a unified training experience to all users. Available in 25 languages, and with offline learning capabilities via the mobile app, we recommend it to any-sized organization that needs a flexible LMS that supports learning across hybrid office environments, based across a number of office locations.

Docebo logo

Docebo offers a suite of tools to help organizations create, manage, deliver and measure their employee training content. Learn LMS is Docebo’s flagship LMS that leverages AI and automation to help organizations create personalized learning paths, enabling employees to take control of their own training and freeing up admin time to focus on improvement, rather than implementation. Learn LMS is flexible; delivered as-a-service, it can scale with your organization. Additionally, Docebo’s mobile app allows users to access training content at any time, from anywhere.

Learn LMS Features

With Learn LMS’s Discover, Coach and Share feature, users can share content that they enjoy with their colleagues, encouraging engagement during and post-training. Users can access their training content whenever best suits them via the desktop app or Docebo’s Go.Learn mobile app. The intuitive interface offers content recommendations, as well as delivering progress alerts and reminders. These include achievement tracking, which helps motivate and engage users.

Training is delivered via learning paths, which admins can build with their chosen content via Docebo’s drag-and-drop interface, and customize with their organization’s branding. Admins can create their own paths or choose from Docebo’s role-based templates for quicker course creation. Learning paths support Docebo’s own content, as well as content from third-party vendors. This includes quizzes and assessments, which admins can schedule and set deadlines for.

Admins can generate custom reports into program completion at an employee and organizational level, as well as reports into which content users are engaging with the most. These insights help to prove ROI, as well as improve user experience by incorporating more content that they enjoy.

Learn LMS Deployment

Learn LMS is deployed as-a-Service as both a desktop and mobile application. This, along with its unlimited cloud storage, makes it highly scalable. The platform comes with over 35 integrations, delivered with pre-built APIs via Docebo’s marketplace. These include administrative integrations with CRM systems, payment portals and web conferencing tools, as well as security integrations such as single sign-on (SSO) and two-factor authentication (2FA). Additionally, Learn LMS integrates with third-party content providers, enabling admins to choose and add content to learning paths quickly and easily.

Learn LMS is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems, and supports AICC, SCORM and Tin Can API specifications.

Learn LMS Summary

Learn LMS supports over 40 languages, making it easy to localize training programs to offer equal training opportunities, no matter where an organization’s employees are based. This makes it a strong solution for businesses with offices in multiple countries. We recommend Docebo Learn LMS for mid-sized and large enterprises looking for a scalable LMS to help them organize and manage their employee training.

Growth Engineering logo

Growth Engineering provides online training solutions founded on research into neuroscience and educational psychology, which they use to create training tools that encourage users to learn and share knowledge more effectively. The Academy LMS is Growth Engineering’s LMS offering. It combines Growth Engineering’s research with gamification to help inspire users to adopt better behaviors in line with their organization’s goals.

The Academy LMS Features

Within the management panel, admins can configure content and permission settings to ensure that all learners are able to access the content they need. To assist with this, admins can also organize the LMS’s content library into groups, categories and curricula, making it easy for end users to find the course they need.

The Academy LMS also encourages users to interact with their training. When a user completes a section of their training, they can leave comments on it. This encourages users to engage with the content, but also gives admins useful feedback as to which types of content their employees are enjoying the most. Additionally, admins can grant subject matter experts (SMEs) within the organization ‘Expert’ status. Users can ask Experts questions directly via a live chat function as they complete their training.

The Academy LMS includes built-in assessments, with randomized questions, time limits for completion and recording of results to help meet compliance needs. Admins can view the results of assessments and leave feedback or administer further training if needed. Admins can also generate on-demand or scheduled reports for assessments and filter the results by question to highlight knowledge gaps across the organization.

As well as assessment reporting, The Academy LMS generates reports into user behavior, including login and course completion information, which can be used to track progress and ensure compliance.

The Academy LMS Deployment

The Academy LMS is a cloud-hosted platform and stores data with third-party hosts such as AWS. All client data is logically separated and encrypted via SSL, TLS or SFTP standards whilst in transfer to ensure security.

The platform features robust integrations with a range of authentication and SSO tools, as well as Active Directory, which ensures a secure, seamless onboarding and management experience across your applications. Growth Engineering are also able to develop custom integrations to meet your business need.

The Academy LMS supports SCORM and MS Office files, PDFs, videos, audio and image files.

The Academy LMS Summary

The Academy LMS holds ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certification. Additionally, Growth Engineering is GDPR compliant. We recommend The Academy LMS for mid- to large-sized organizations looking for a user-friendly LMS that will help them meet their compliance needs, whilst still encouraging user engagement with training materials.

HireRoad Logo

HireRoad, formerly Acendre, is an HR management software vendor that offers a suite of cloud-based solutions designed to help HR teams manage their organizations’ recruitment and training processes and improve organizational performance, by streamlining onboarding and development. HireRoad Learn is their LMS, designed to help organizations keep up with training requirements for compliance, reduce the administration involved in employee training, and boost employee productivity by creating an optimal learning environment.

HireRoad Learn Features

HireRoad Learn’s (mobile-friendly) interface features a customizable dashboard for all system roles, allowing admins, managers and learners to access the information they need quickly and easily. For users, this means accessing learning paths and tracking their individual progress. For admins, this means accessing the admin console.

HireRoad Learn’s multi-tenant architecture enables admins to manage multiple LMS portals via one centralized console, enabling them to deliver personal experiences to multiple audiences via a single subscription. This is particularly useful for training companies looking to sell their content to other businesses.

The platform also features robust reporting capabilities: admins can generate reports of all data managed in the system, using multiple filters and sorting functions. Dashboard widgets, including graphs, offer quick insights and access to favorited reports. All reports can viewed in the console or exported as a CSV or XSL file for distribution. Certain reports can also be generated and distributed automatically according to a given schedule.

HireRoad Learn also encourages user engagement and collaboration through its “Wall” feature: a forum within which users can post ideas, questions and feedback, and reply to others’ posts. Admins can set up Walls to require moderation, so that all posts are approved before being displayed.

HireRoad Learn Deployment

HireRoad Learn is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-hosting infrastructure, ensuring proven stability and also the ability to scale rapidly on demand.

With the HireRoad Learn API, admins can integrate the LMS with third-party applications such as directories and CRM tools in order to streamline the deployment and onboarding process. Additionally, HireRoad Learn offers integrations with payment processing tools, video conferencing software and other third-party eLearning vendors, allowing admins to host all of their training content from multiple vendors in one place.

HireRoad Learn is SCORM 1.2 an SCORM 2004 compatible, and can create SCORM wrappers to host non-SCORM content such as video, PowerPoint and PDF files.

HireRoad Learn Summary

Inquisiq is available in two versions: LE and Pro, which includes the social learning features, advanced permission assignment, task assignments for users to complete and upload, and a learning path customization feature. We recommend HireRoad Learn as a strong solution for any sized organization that needs an LMS with powerful reporting capabilities.

iHasco logo

iHasco is a UK-based eLearning provider specializing in Health & Safety and HR Compliance training. Their platform is an end-to-end solution that includes an extensive content library of video-based training materials, and a user-friendly LMS that gives admins useful insights into the status of their employees’ training. iHasco’s solution has a strong focus on compliance, both in terms of their training content and their reporting functionality to ensure that organizations are meeting all of their training-related compliance requirements.

iHasco Features

The iHasco LMS is designed to be easy to navigate and use, both for administrators and end users. From the management dashboard, admins are given an immediate overview of training progress at an organizational level. iHasco also generates detailed training reports that provide a more comprehensive, granular view of employee progress. These reports can also be viewed in real-time, enabling admins to check progress against various filters including course name, date range, user group and other custom filtering options.

Admins can also set up automated email alerts to ensure that employees start, complete and renew their training, and each of these emails are documented to demonstrate that the organization has taken steps to implement mandatory training.

iHasco’s LMS and course materials are both mobile, laptop and desktop compatible, enabling users to train in the office, at home or on-the-go. The platform also has a strong focus on inclusivity and accessibility; the LMS is screen reader compatible and integrates well with browser accessibility tools, and it includes closed captions and interactive transcripts for all content, making it accessible to users who are deaf, hard of hearing, or simply need to keep the volume down.

Additionally, both the LMS and captioned course content are machine translated into 25 languages, enabling users in different countries to receive a unified training experience.

iHasco Deployment

iHasco deploys in the cloud, which enables easy scalability as your organization grows. Admins can enable users to self-register or use iHasco’s client API to import and sync user information from the organization’s existing HR systems. The API allows for two-way data transfer, so admins can also easily import training record from the LMS into their Performance Management system.

iHasco’s LMS supports their own video-based, SCORM-packaged content, designed specifically to meet organizations’ Health & Safety and HR Compliance needs. Their courses are IOSH, ROSPA and IIRSM approved, and CPD accredited.

iHasco Summary

Customers praise iHasco for its ease-of-use, both from an end user and admin perspective. The LMS enables users to complete training flexibly around their work schedule, while delivering strong compliance reporting capabilities for HR teams. We recommend iHasco as a strong LMS for small- to mid-sized organizations looking for an LMS focused on HR compliance.

Unlock LEARN logo

Infopro Learning is a global market-leading eLearning provider that offers corporate training solutions designed to improve business performance, employee engagement and organizational agility through learning. Unlock LEARN is Infopro Learning’s LMS, offering a robust corporate-centric feature set including role-based dashboards and custom data visualization so that organizations can access the data they need.

Unlock LEARN Features

Unlock LEARN empowers organizations to get the most out of their training data. Because of this, a lot of the platforms features are designed with administration at heart.

The platform features an AI-powered search function that enables end users to quickly and easily find the information they need, whilst minimizing support requests for the admin team. This tool learns over time to produce quicker and more relevant results for the most common searches.

All training content is available via Unlock LEARN’s intuitive dashboard, which admins can customize to fit their brand and provide users with a familiar learning environment. As well as accessing content, users can leave comments; this encourages engagement, as well as helping to build a community support forum amongst employees. All comments can be moderate by admins.

Content is delivered via learning paths that automatically enable users to move from course to course while tracking their progress. These consist of learning content and quizzes, which both test the users’ knowledge and can be used to generate progress reports.

From the management portal, admins can add and edit courses easily and create a library of certificates to be delivered automatically on course completion. This creates a sense of achievement among learners, boosting motivation to complete courses with little administrative resource thanks to the automation.

Unlock LEARN features a variety of pre-built reports and also enables admins to create custom reports based on granular filters, to help them drill into the data they need the most. These reports can be integrated with other platforms to create a seamless data stream that’s easier to monitor. They can also be exported to Excel.

Unlock LEARN Deployment

Unlock LEARN is delivered as-a-Service and hosted in the AWS cloud environment, allowing them to assure their customers a reliable, quick and secure LMS service.

The platform can host SCORM and PDF files, as well as YouTube links, in order to maximise user engagement by supporting a variety of content types.

Unlock LEARN Summary

As well as their core LMS features, Unlock LEARN also offer 24/7 support via their help desk, phone, chat and their team of live reps. Their LMS offering also includes extensive training, both online through webinars, documentations and videos, and in person. Because of this, we recommend Unlock LEARN as a strong solution for mid-sized businesses looking for an LMS that’s easy to learn and use, even for teams that aren’t very familiar in using LMS systems.

Learn Amp logo

Learn Amp is a market-leading learning specialist that offers a suite of solutions including an LMS, social learning and collaboration tools, and employee performance and career management tools. Learn Amp’s LMS combines traditional LMS tools with learning experience platform (LXP) features to maximize reporting capabilities without sacrificing user engagement.

Learn Amp Features

Learn Amp’s feature set can be split into two categories: those that focus on user experience and those that focus on management. The platform uses social tools such as in-app messaging and discussion board to encourage a user community an self-generated content. Admins can assign “Curator” status to SMEs, enabling them to upload content and approve content uploaded by users. This encourages self-directed learning without straining admin resources or limiting control.

Training is delivered in two ways. The first is via a library collection that users can search for topics they find interesting or that are relevant to their role. Learn Amp uses machine learning to give users recommendations of content they might enjoy, based on their personal preferences, to maximise their engagement. The second delivery method is and via learning paths created by admins, which encourage users to follow a specific learning journey. Admins can add check points, quizzes and exercises to learning paths for users to complete. These are used to generate reports into user progress, from quick-view dashboards to granular reports filtered by teams, user groups, locations and more.

Reports can be saved, and also scheduled to run on a cycle for regular updates.

Learn Amp Deployment

Learn Amp can be deployed in the cloud as-a-Service, and as a Windows- and Mac-compatible desktop version, and supports Azure Active Directory, PeopleHR, HiBob and BambooHR integration for seamless user onboarding. As well as HR integrations, Learn Amp integrates with a range of workplace collaboration tools, SSO providers and third-party content providers.

The LMS supports SCORM 1.2 and 2004, xAPI, AICC and CMI5 to ensure a seamless learning experience across all of an organization’s training systems.

Learn Amp Summary

We recommend Learn Amp as a strong platform for SMBs and enterprises that want a solution that combines LMS and LXP features to create a unified learning environment. It’s also suitable for training providers looking for an LMS to host their content.

Learn Upon LMS logo

Headquartered in Ireland but with offices around the world, LearnUpon LMS is an industry leader in training delivery. Their LMS is designed to meet the needs of large enterprises, but also be accessible enough for growing SMBs to leverage. Because of this, their customer base ranges from small businesses right up to Fortune 100 companies. LearnUpon LMS combines easy course creation with powerful reporting functionality to ensure that admins can deliver an engaging learning experience whilst still meeting their compliance needs.

LearnUpon LMS Features

With LearnUpon LMS’s native course building tool, admins can easily create learning paths without any prior technical expertise. The LMS can also integrate with existing authoring tools for further ease of use. Learning paths comprise training content and assessments, which admins can create using the LMS’s in-built exam and assignment tool.

Admins can ensure that all users complete their training by configuring required training and video tracking, and setting progression criteria. Once a user completes their course, they’re awarded a personalized certificate generated by the certification engine and automatically notified when they need to top up their training.

Admins can coordinate training via user roles, groups and other filters in order to provide personalized training experiences for each user. Additionally, each user (including management and admins) logs into a unique learning portal tailored to their group, configured by admins.

LearnUpon LMS features strong reporting capabilities, offering a range of out-of-the-box reports for both large-scale monitoring at an organizational level, and per-user progress tracking.

The platform also offers powerful automation for user onboarding, training deadline notifications and re-certification notifications, which help free up admin time for active monitoring and management.

LearnUpon LMS Deployment

LearnUpon LMS is delivered as a cloud-hosted solution within the AWS cloud architecture, and also comes with an iOS-compatible mobile app. The two-way API enables admins to easily onboard users and sync them with their existing directory. LearnUpon LMS also have a team of onboarding specialists to provide platform training and guide admins through deployment.

Additionally, the platform offers integrations with third-party SSO providers, CRM systems such as SalesForce, payment gateways and webinar tools for a unified management eperience.

LearnUpon LMS Summary

LearnUpon LMS is ISO27001:2013 certified and SOC 2 compliant, making s a strong solution for organizations that must adhere to strict compliance standards.

Customers praise the platform for its strong customer support, delivered via their help desk, online forums, knowledge base, chat, phone and 24/7 live support team. For this reason, we recommend LearnUpon LMS not only for larger enterprises, but also SMBs looking for a powerful yet user-friendly LMS.

SAP Litmos logo

SAP (originally System Analysis Program Development) is a global leader in producing business process management software that helps organizations to streamline their data processing and information workflows. Their product suite spans HR, finance, CRM, supply chain and business technology use cases. SAP Litmos Training is their cloud-based LMS software that provides over 22 million users in 150 countries with targeted learning that helps drives customer experience and improve organizational performance.

SAP Litmos Training Features

With SAP Litmos Training, users can access over 300 ready-to-go, interactive sales, service and leadership courses. These focus on a variety of topics, including compliance, productivity, safety, IT, finance, marketing, communications and leadership. As well as choosing from SAP’s pre-prepared courses, admins can easily create their own using the LMS’s drag-and-drop editor and built-in course creation templates.

While creating and assigning courses, admins can choose to award users with achievements for progress and course completion, such as points and badges, which can be added to a leaderboard. This increases user engagement and motivation, making the learning journey more fun for them, whilst also helping to increase course completion rates for compliance.

Learning paths comprise training materials and assessments in the form of quizzes or video assessments, which involve the user uploading a video of themselves delivering presentations such as elevator pitches. These are then marked by admins, or by LAP Litmos Training’s AI functionality, based on use of given key words and the rate of speech.

Admins can track each user’s progress and activity as they complete courses and assessments through the SAP Litmos Training reporting dashboard. Here, they can gain one-click access to popular reports, view real-time results and create custom reports which are delivered by email.

SAP Litmos Training also features powerful automation functionality: admins can automate user enrolments, notifications and escalations, as well as schedule regular reports into user progress.

SAP Litmos Training Deployment

SAP Litmos Training deploys in the cloud, and offers applications in 35 languages for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS operating systems, enabling a unified, responsive training experience for all learners, no matter where they’re based.

Admins can onboard users through SSO, in bulk or one at a time. To speed up the onboarding process and simplify data exchange, the platform integrates with a number of HR systems. It also supports integrations with conferencing apps for an increased variety of content mediums.

SAP Litmos Training helps to ensure GDPR and SOC 2 compliant data security.

SAP Litmos Training Summary

SAP Litmos Training offers a wide range of functionality designed specifically for an organizational use case to help business train their employees. We recommend it as a strong LMS for any sized organization, and particularly those with remote workers or offices in different countries who are looking for a unified learning experience across a diverse workforce.

Talent LMS logo

Talent LMS is a global eLearning management provider that focuses on delivering a learning experience that’s engaging and accessible for the end user, whilst being easy to manage and deliver the reporting functionality that HR and IT teams need. The Talent LMS platform offers a range of user- and admin-focused features, which they deliver to over 11 million learners worldwide.

Talent LMS Features

Talent LMS supports a wide range of content types to heighten user engagement, and allows admins to gamify training courses by building quizzes, tests and assignments into learning paths via the drag-and-drop course editor. Admins can then set up point and badge systems that are linked to leaderboards to increase motivation to complete courses. As well as offering badges, admins can offer professional accreditation through the Talent LMS certification management tool.

Employees are also encouraged to interact with content and one another via forums and discussion boards.

Via the intuitive content builder, admins can easily create custom learning paths, schedule automatic reminders and invite learners to self-register. They can also customize each page that users will view, including adding their company loo and brand colours, pointing the Talent LMS account to the company domain, and setting the platform to match each user’s language and time zone. These features can be further configured with HTML, CSS and Javascript integrations, to create a unified learning experience across all employee accounts, no matter where the user is based.

As well as automating course reminders, admins can auto-assign and remove courses, set expiration dates, arrange course sequencing and deactivate inactive users – all of which free up valuable resources to monitor user progress.

To enable this, Talent LMS generates a range of real-time, schedules and custom reports, including infographics and exportable Excel spreadsheets. This allows admins to view and share the information they need, whenever they need it.

Talent LMS Deployment

Talent LMS deploys in the cloud and admins can onboard users easily via the platform’s API. Admins can import users in bulk from existing systems or invite them to self-register, before sorting them into groups to automatically assign courses to them.

Talent LMS supports a variety of integrations with videoconferencing tools, eCommerce gateways, SSO, HR an CRM tools, as well as web apps through Zapier. It also integrates with other eLearning platforms so that organizations can host content from multiple providers in one place.

The platform supports SCORM, Tin Can (or xAPI), cmi5, Aiken and Gift files.

Talent LMS Summary

Talent LMS is a chameleon LMS solution: highly scalable, with granular customization options, we recommend it as a strong platform that can be tailored to meet the needs of any sized business wanting to manage their employees’ training.

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